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Quick Poll: Dramas You are Looking Forward To

Sleepy Owl

Quick Poll: Dramas You are Looking Forward To  

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  1. 1. Which dramas are you planning on checking out in Feb - April ? (Choose as many as you like)

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Chingus, 2021 had a good start when it came to Kdramas. Some really good dramas like "Mr. Queen", "Secret Royal Agent" started late in 2020 and continued to 2021. The upcoming dramas of 2021 look quite promising and we decided to put a poll for the dramas which you are looking forward to in Spring (Feb-April). 


This poll is part of a new recurring event called Quick Poll, where each poll will feature a new theme and will be shorter than the normal polls, being open for 36 hours. 


We are looking forward to see your votes, I for one have been quite excited and looking forward to "Beyond Evil" and "Vincenzo" since they were announced. Feel free to comment below and tell us why you have been excited about the dramas you votes for, is it the plot, is it the cast or is it both. It could also be info about the cast and the stills/posters of those dramas too. Maybe you could tell why you find the plot interesting and inspire the other members to watch that drama too, so we are looking forward to reading your comments. 




Suggestions for events are always welcome, and if you have suggestions for Quick Polls, please do reach out to your friendly neighborhood and resident EOs :kiss_wink:




re: @Lmangla, @partyon  





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For me - I will watch Vincenzo and River Where the Moon Rises but after many episodes in or when it is near the end since I am a bit too busy in RL now. I can only commit to a few drama at the time since I want to also read some books and play games too. 

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thanks @Sleepy Owl and @partyon - thanks for the kind effort in putting up the quick poll for us.


I like ongoing one -  L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (2021) - it made me recall the world famous Frankenstein's creation story - the crazy and obsessed scientist created ML as a monster to show the world that he is a superior than the rest , but he forgot that his piece of artwork still carried human emotion and that the monster is not a purely evil being. A sad story but I love the OST so much - the music rhythm so matched well with the running pace.  Must listen. pls click the video link and enjoy it. :getmygrooveon:



Storyline and Casts are my top priority list when choosing drama.


Sisyphus: The Myth (2021) - i will watch this because of the lead actor and actress. They both have good taste in choosing script. I hope this one will not disappoint us. The sci-fi and thriller genres are always what i am looking forward. 


Beyond Evil (2021) - same because of the lead actor and the thrillers suspense storyline. I am looking forward to a plot twist, the unusual way.


Times (2021) - same because of the lead ML and the thrillers suspense storyline but i suspect the story may be similar to "Kairo" that related to two different timeline using phone to communicate with each other.


‎Vincenzo (2021) - I like Song Joong Ki, he is very selective in choosing drama and movie, and I watched some of his movies. Some of the best ones he did were : "A Werewolf Boy" and "The Battleship Island".  I read about this drama plot synopsis, it has something very refreshing content and with the 2nd ML handsome and popular actor, Ok Taecyeon, I look forward to the plot twist and achieves social justice, too. 


Mouse (2021) - I watch because of lead ML Lee Seung-Gi, it will surely an action packed, but again, it seems going to be surrounded with psychopath murder case, using MOUSE as title may sound the cat and the mouse chasing story. Let's see.


Penthouse S2 - although not my top favourite type, I will continue to watch since already started watching. :D


I am waiting for Arthdal Chronicles S2, no news yet, not sure if they will release 2nd half of the year, or postpone till next year. Let's see. 

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I am just jumping from one forum to another to check out good dramas. 

A conundrum though... good drama and hardly anyone there, but awful drama and everyone getting into a tizzy. :surprisedwut:


I am looking for a good 16-20 episodes type. Sisyphus is one that I've been eyeing, ummm, not sure now.


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Hello everyone! Thank you @Sleepy Owl for tagging me. I am always interested in Soompi Forums polls!


I've already started watching Sisyphus: The Myth because I love Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi genres a lot. And planning to watch Monthly Magazine Home next month as it's a sweet rom-com. I've watched Penthouse 1 for Lee Ji Ah but is she starring in Penthouse 2?? I've not started the drama yet! Miss her a lot!


Happy watching, chnigus!!


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Congratulations @Sleepy Owl as our latest Event Organizer.


I look forward to watch these two dramas the most based on the article that I've read through Soompi.  This does not mean I'm not looking forward to the other dramas, these are just the top 2 on my list.


Sisyphus: The Myth 




I've already love the leads plus there are BTS/ARMY related items and song in the drama. I'm curious.  :wub:


River Where The Moon Rises


Love the leads  and the story. It has been a long time since I last saw Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun in a drama.  Plus I always love historical drama.





However, I've told myself to stop watching KDrama temporarily after Mr Queen ended last weekend in order to complete my RL tasks and later binge watching everything  :D (if I can..) 


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some seasons, there hardly seems to be any good dramas but this season, there are quite a few that seems interesting but time is an issue. so just clicked on the dramas I would like to check out but not sure if I will at this time. lets see.

river where the moon rises -- this looks like a version bidam gets the girl. hahahahha... if you don't know the character I am referring to, it is from the saeguk Queen Seon Deok

sisyphus, vincenzo, mouse, times, beyond evil all sound interesting from the synopsis.

miss montecristo is already looking like fun crazy daily drama. :D chingus, if you are looking for a fun revenge drama, join us!

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@sadthe1st Chingu, no turkish Oppa here, and I hope the dramas you will watching here, will be interesting enough keep you glued till the end. 


@Yinye Chingu, I will be watching those dramas too, and I really hope your RL schedule will not be as busy and allow you time to watch maybe more dramas or read more books and play games. :heartxoxo:


@lebeaucouple Chingu, I am yet to watch the latest 2 episodes of LUCA, but I am already liking the plot and loving the OST. They have been using the OSTs quite well, and I was too impressed by it.


Just like you, I also prioritize Storyline, and then the casts.:approves:

Sometimes I even check out the writers to see their past works in order to get the idea of how the story telling could be. Helps a lot, at least to me. 


Sadly there is no news on Arthdal Chronicles S2 and I am worried if we'll be getting one anytime soon :cry:


@gm4queen Chingu, I just read about "Monthly Magazine Home" last night. I find its plot interesting, and the casting seems solid too, might give it a try when it airs. Not sure about Penthouse S2, I didn't watch its first season too, but checking out Asianwiki, I can see Lee Ji Ah in the "Additional Cast Members", so maybe she will having a rather small role in this season compared to the screen time she got in S1. :rubchin: 


@YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ Chingu, thank you :kiss_wink:

Seems like we are planning to watch same dramas (although I will be watching some more from the list). Its okay to take some break due to RL, and start watching again. I for one, love Binge watching dramas, sometimes when there are too many on-going dramas that I want to watch, I leave a couple of them for binge watching as soon as they end. :wow1:


@chococarmela Chingu, my most favorite genre is "psychological thrillers" and I have been waiting for "Beyond Evil" since reading its synopsis months ago. 



1 hour ago, seunhyel said:

Done voting!! Ofc River Where The Moon Rises first! Favorite Period Drama PD Priority plus Lee Hae Young as cast hehe Penthouse 2 second because I saw the season one hehe Vincenzo and  Times next for Acting Bets' Drama. 


Chingu, "River Where The Moon Rises" has got some really good casting, and adding Lee Hae Young makes the cast just great. I like the 3 kingdoms era a lot and look forward to dramas based in that era. Vincenzo too has got an interesting plot and good plot. Hopefully both the dramas will be good. :wow1:


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Miss Montecristo & The Penthouse 2 - always looking forward to more makjang dramas :tounge_wink: 

Vincenzo - can't wait to watch Song Joong Ki again! 

already watching River Where the Moon Rises & Sisyphus: the Myth (1st ep gives me Vagabond vibes) the cinematography looks good in both of these dramas 

Mouse - was disappointed Choi Jin Hyuk wasn't in the cast list anymore but I liked Lee Hee Joon in a few other dramas before so am still interested in the drama


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I promised myself I won't watch another big-box kdrama (the ones with large budgets and a hot cast) until the drama is more than half-way done with a majority of good reviews. I've been let down a few times this year (Alice/Start-Up *dies inside at the mention*) so no more jumping headfirst.

If all goes well, I might check out Vincenzo (I'm getting my Nice Guy nostalgic vibes from joongki) and maybe slightly Sisyphus (If i'm assured it's not a romance drama).

Other than that, my months ahead will be very dry drama-wise.  :tears:



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Hello everyone. So many above the list are unfamiliar to me but I am not gonna watch any drama that are familiar even. But I will definitely monitor closely their progress rating wise. Hehehe. I don't know how and when I just got more interested in Reading about them rather really watching them.

I am thinking about watching Beyond Evil some time later in life. But the genre is not my favourite, so I want to check it out as far as I remember it's protagonist is JI Sung and I want to watch him in a new project as I have READ a lot of good things about his acting talent especially from Kill me heal me. That also I have yet to watch. 

I am waiting for Hospital Playlist #2 impatiently this year. That I am actually going to watch.

@Sleepy Owlwhere have you taken from this gif of JJS from? I know it's from LOTBS. But is it from the BTS scenes? Can you plz give me a link for that BTS? I want to watch it so badly. I remember I tried to search for the BTS of the JJS cameo part so hardly on YouTube and on other media. But no luck.

ALSO AS I SEE A LOT OF LOVE on RWTMR . If you people want to watch it purely on the basis of the cast then good luck but if you are gonna watch because YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SAGEUKS, then I am gonna take this opportunity to suggest another beautiful but underrated sageuk drama NOKDU FLOWER. It is not very old just from 2019. I watched it because of Jo Jung Seok but I totally Loved it because of its story and each of the cast was brilliant. Special shout out to Yoon Shi Yoon. Watched him for the 1st time and he was OUTSTANDING. This drama DEESERVES more love and recognition. And it has a GOOD ENDING. So plz check it out sageuk lovers.


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1 hour ago, JJS's Fan-atics said:

@Sleepy Owlwhere have you taken from this gif of JJS from? I know it's from LOTBS. But is it from the BTS scenes? Can you plz give me a link for that BTS? I want to watch it so badly. I remember I tried to search for the BTS of the JJS cameo part so hardly on YouTube and on other media. But no luck.



For this Chingu, you will need to contact @Abs_ triggered Chingu. She is the one who made this gif from what I know. 


20 minutes ago, chococarmela said:

Hmm, what is the drama about, dear friend?


Chingu, this is basically based on serial murder happening in a small city, and these serial murders are the same as the ones that happened 20 years ago. You can read the synopsis provided by Asianwiki below. 


Lee Dong-Sik (Shin Ha-Kyun) was once a capable detective. He now works at the Manyang Police Substation in a small city and does all the tedious chores at the station. His life is quiet there. One day, Detective Han Joo-Won (Yeo Jin-Goo) is transferred to the same police substation. He is assigned to work as Lee Dong-Sik’s boss and also his partner. Han Joo-Won is an elite detective and comes from a distinguished background. His father has a good chance of becoming the next chief at the National Police Agency. Han Joo-Won also has a secret.


A serial murder case takes place in the small, peaceful city. The case is the same serial murder case that took place 20 years ago and changed Lee Dong-Sik’s life. The two detectives work to catch the killer.

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@Sleepy Owl - LUCA only has 12 EP in total, i am sure you will catch up soon if not binge watch all the way...:D


I am so glad you like the LUCA OST too. In fact, the marriage lyric and music OST melody  - "memory"- also not bad.


I am also happy to find someone who is too waiting for the Arthdal Chronicles S2, appreciate the ancient historical fantasy story :D


I missed out voting for "Joseon Exorcist"- i will watch this when i have more time. I like the actor Jang Dong-Yoon, who acted in the "SEARCH" :) - i read the Plot Synopsis - quite similar to old drama "The Emperor: Owner of the Mask". And "Joseon Exorcist" is about two princes, one of which need to fight with the evil spirit, while another one enter into a contract with the evil spirit.


I hope i have time to watch.

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Watching/Anticating the following from above list:

  • River Where The Moon Rises: Because of the Ji Soo and Kim So-Hyun pairing. KSH is a great actress, and I like Ji Soo. And I liked their dynamic and chemistry in Page Turner! So far, so good, 2 Episodes in. 
  • Vincenzo: MAFIA! I hope Song Joong-Ki's character is badass. An anti-hero! Hopefully the storyline will make sense and is not outrageous. It looks more a serious drama than comedy, despite the writer from The Fiery Priest (right?)
  • Sisyphus: The pairing of Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye caught my eye! And to be honest, the name of the drama. From a greek myth. I didn't really check out the storyline, and having watched 1 Episode, I AM VERY CONFUSED. However, it is entertaining so far. 
  • Love Alarm 2: I saw Season 1. It was entertaining enough, and it is Kim So Hyun! The concept is interesting at least, though I'm not that into the pairing.
  • Maybe checking out, but not sure:  OH!Master (Nana, though the story looks cliché), Beyond Evil (Shin Ha Kyun, psychology thriller?), 

Other dramas I'm waiting for:

  • Red Sky: Looks great from trailer, and Kim Yoo Jung!
  • How to be 30: The name of the series! The story.
  • Pachinko: read the book!
  • Yumi's Cells: read the webtoon :D
  • Hospital Playlist Season 2: Haven't finished Season 1 yet, but I like the vibe!
  • Black Sun: NAM! GOONG! MIN!
  • Law School: Just to see people suffer through law school lol
  • Signal 2: I really should start with Signal 1 in the meanwhile... 
  • Juvenile Judgement: Love Kim Hye Soo and the pairing with law! 

I probably forgot one or two. Oh well!


Edit to add (saw SleepyOwl's signature lol)

  • Jiri Mountain: Ju Ji Hoon! Jun Ji Hyun star power ! More because of JJH. 
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So Chingus, here are my choices and reasons for choosing them. 


River Where the Moon Rises




I always look out for dramas based on the Three Kingdom Era. You get to the see the political tensions and at the same time, if it is the central country is Gogoryeo, their internal politics and power struggle makes things more interesting. For those who don't know, Gogoryeo had 5 main tribes, and was established by initially unifying these tribes, but the founder Jumong was not from any of these tribes and so these 5 tribes always looked at the Royal family as outsiders and caused a lot of problems for them. 


The same was shown in the first episode of this drama. Another thing that makes things more interesting is the fact that even though it is based on fiction and famous folk tale, it features actual historical figures. I hope this drama will live up to its expectations, having a young yet experienced and promising main cast. 


Hello? Its Me!




I got interested in this drama when Choi Kang Hee accepted the FL role in it. Then when I read the plot, I got the "18 Again" vibes, it of course would be a lot different from that drama when it comes to plot and story, but it is similar concept. The FL meeting her younger self who was much more enthusiastic, bright and totally different from what she is now. The message of it could be kind of similar to the one which "18 Again" wanted to convey but in a different way. 






The plot is promising and the cast is solid. Too solid in my opinion. It does give out some "Lawless Lawyer" vibes too, but I hope it will be much better than that drama. 


Beyond Evil




Beyond Evil has a very typical psychological thriller plot which we can say has been used a lot as the basic plot. But this what makes them interesting, a serial murder suddenly stopped happening, the lead detective of it now no longer a detective mainly due to guilt of not solving it, a rookie detective and BOOM the serial murders happening again.


I had been waiting for this drama for a long time now. Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo would already make a good duo and I look forward to their partnership as cops in this drama. Yeo Jin Goo has proved to be a good selector of scripts and I hope he has selected a great script again. 


Sisyphus: The Myth




When I decided to watch this drama, it was labeled as a sci-fi which now I think is changed to fantasy. Maybe my Chingu @pompyavi could comment on this. I am yet to watch the first episode of it. The whole curiosity of how they will fit the Myth of Sisyphus or the sisyphus cycle/task led to me choose this drama along with Cho Seung Woo being the lead. Both these factors led me decide watching this drama, and I hope it will be an enjoyable one. 


Dear M. 


This drama seems to have a fresh concept to me with kind of interesting plot. So I will try this one out too. 





Joseon Exorcist 


The stills of this drama look good 









The point of Joseon Era they have chosen for this one is interesting. The early stages of a newly established Kingdom, two sons of a King or mainly tyrant known to have ruled the country with Iron Fist. The fourth King of Joseon, Sejong the Great was not the first son of father and the ML here plays young Sejong who was initially called Prince Chungnyeong or Lee Do if his real were to be said. 


It is quite interesting overall since he was actually not the Crown Prince initially and later on when his elder brother was stripped of his title he become the Crown Prince. So including the super natural element in already a full of power struggle and political tension situation of that time, I think it will be quite interesting and I believe it will be a good drama. 


Monthly Magazine Home


As I mentioned before too, I just read about this drama yesterday and found the plot interesting, so I will give this drama a try. 


I might also try out, "Times" and "Mouse" when I get sometime, maybe leave them for binge watching. Although I will do so after checking out the initial comments and reactions on the first few episodes of them.


@lebeaucouple I am not sure whether I have seen that happen before too, but using slow music and OST like that in action scenes, makes them much better, sometimes it kind of portrays what the ML is actually going through and I have really liked its OSTs till now. One of the main reasons I decided to watch it was that it has 12 episodes, so the plot would be rather fast. 


Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music too has good OST. 


41 minutes ago, lebeaucouple said:

I am also happy to find someone who is too waiting for the Arthdal Chronicles S2, appreciate the ancient historical fantasy story :D



Same here Chingu, I am not sure where, but I had read somewhere that the main writer of it wanted Arthdal Chronicles to be three seasons long with each season being 18 episodes long, making the drama 54 episodes one. Which I think makes sense, since the first season was mostly about the introduction of characters, their desires, new tribes and kind of expanding the universe they are showing there. It was a fresh concept, but they ended it abruptly. I really hope they will go for a second season since the story is far from conclusion. I think if the ratings would have been higher, we would have gotten news about the second season already. 

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