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  1. Yes I think they've mistaken BAA 2019 with BAA 2020 In BAA 2019, Binnie was rushing off ALONE. In BAA 2020, Hyun Bin was WALKING TOGETHER with Son Ye Jin and they did not appear to be rushing with Binnie waving to someone and another actor saying he was able to chat with both HB and SYJ, AFTER the awards. While last night, I think he was rushing home to celebrate with SYJ
  2. Nice suit Binnie! He would look good in any attire, but I love that he wore the Tom Ford suit - an ode to CLOY, the outfit chosen by YSR for RJH. I wonder if it was his initiative or suggested by his stylist - it was posted on Belma Kang's IG story (not sure what the Korean caption means but I assume it's praising him or his attire). I'm sure it was also Jinnie-approved. https://ibb.co/v36L0xt Congratulations on your award and continuous success Binnie! Keep flying high to our OTP!
  3. Oh wow! The synchronized posting again! 2 hours apart. And both in black and white. They're telling us something.
  4. Wow! Ye Jin's recent updates keeping fans alive! This endorsement is such a tease for my delulu mind.. Apparently the dress she wore for her Smart photoshoot came from this brand: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEDheSAJbPH/?igshid=1mu4txu1mg3tm Nice to see her CFs and endorsements from different fields (beauty/cosmetics, telco, healthcare, clothing, etc.)
  5. Congratulations team CLOY! Another excellence recognition on its hat. (For a moment I confused the award with the ongoing voting awards as they're both AAA. But yeah the Asian Academy Creative Awards is based in Singapore). The national winners were judged by local experts in each country. I hope they win in the grand finals as well. Apparently awarding will be held online this December. What a stellar cast and production for The Cross. Ye Jin must be so excited. She will now be one of the Korean actresses and actors who have made a presence in Hollywood.
  6. Our OTP radiates happiness because they bring out the best in each other or inspire each other to be even better versions of themselves professionally and IRL. HB as mentioned in his previous interviews, has been inspired with how YJ conducts her acting. I think when you meet someone who captures your admiration and respect, you will be enthralled by him/her. And it starts from there. As we shippers believe, they are influencing each other on and off the camera, even some hobbies (i.e. golfing) and habits (eye smiles, hand gestures) rubbing off on each other. Plus they already have commonaliti
  7. Very well said. It would have been easier for them to say they met up to discuss a project, but no they didnt say that. Because it's so weird for them to travel all the way to LA to discuss. they cant make up an excuse to that extent. How others choose to ignore the obvious and think of theories that don't make sense
  8. Too many COINCINDENCES even from before.. really destined and meant to be But post CLOY incidents (which can never be construed as media play) - choosing to be identified with each other by wearing the same brand together at the awards, holding the same award when they can choose not to, endorsing the same Smart brand upon recommendation of "close friend" aka Hyun Bin (when they are individually picky of their endorsements), liking/viewing directly related to BINJIN posts - Ye Jin post Baeksang, BinJin cake, Song Yoona, and recently Vast - these are deliberate actions Grocery incident
  9. So he was the guy pictured holding the sign to SYJ on the screen during the fanmeet.. thanks for the info. I was wondering who he is when I saw that picture on Twitter. For me, what convinced me further aside from the grocery pics was the airport incident going to Mongolia.. i thought it was so suspicious why would they ignore each other when (1. they were co-workers who knew each other, leads currently filming the drama, 2. Hb and manager and Syj manager at the drop off area have already nodded to each other, 3. they clearly arrived at the airport right after the other, 4. they wo
  10. I also did not expect any revelation during the fan meet.. As always try to be very "professional" during their public appearances, not mixing their professional and personal. I remember reading somewhere that SYJ in her 20's was so wary of dating or blind dates because she was afraid that the other party will spread rumours about. So you can see how she really tried to protect herself from rumors. I read somewhere on Twitter the other day, a shipper who also used to ship Rain and Kim Tae Hee, it took them 4 years shipping, starting from dating rumors and it was the bits of sightings that allo
  11. Happy birthday Oppa Binnie! We always hope and pray for your good health, continuous success in your career and happiness in your personal life. May you continue to achieve all of your heart's desires because you deserve the very best! Your loved ones and fans are always here behind you supporting you. We look forward to each of your projects! Some clips from ig https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFhehsGJ59P/?igshid=1j4zj3lysgeug https://www.instagram.com/p/CFhhMb5Jj6A/?igshid=3hc69mi9aa2w https://www.instagram.com/p/CFhdoUAppWm/?igshid=1m4i4bgq0s2r
  12. On her own merit, for me we all know SYJ's admirable qualities: 1. Career - longtime Chungmoro/movie queen and new Hallyu queen (to me, it doesnt matter if it's just recent or if there are others. No one has a monopoly over who brings on the hallyu wave. The impact of her being a hallyu leader now is immense). I prefer a steady career, then going on an fabulous incline than a great start then going on a decline over the years - same goes for a relationship (even HB and SYJ ) slow and steady wins the prize. :-) The amount and quality of work she has put in over the years has even earned her
  13. Thank you for all the translations here! I see that the line "the love that you've all given me.. " was not translated in English in the actual IG post so thank you @celest1al. Our sweetest girl YJ, always so appreciative of fans in her most personal, sincere and direct way of expressing herself (whether through her IG or awards acceptance videos). Truly heartwarming That's why fans love her/them even more! She and Binnie always so thankful and thoughtful. Binjin cake FTW! Binjin nation is blessed!
  14. So satisfying for me to see their individual and joint ads. The support that brands are giving them in Korea and abroad individually and together means a lot to their careers and their fans. For the Smart ads, I wonder why Ye Jin's is like a two-part CF (or it's really a build-up to a joint cf)? And maybe if there will be fourth joint CF for them, it will be a new contract in the works since HB's Smart ad last June was done first separately. Or will a joint CF be too much to hope for (or too much for them in the same storyline)? In any case, we all know what is the bottomline we are hoping for
  15. SYJ had a rare poker face while HB was answering for both of them.. trying not to let any emotion show.. @QueenieBee i think @DrBooger is from the other ship with all his unamused reactions
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