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  1. True. I suspect that those who are making a fuss about the photo are not real fans of SYJ and Binjin. Maybe they just want to stir up negative press about them. Real fans would know (how many old and new photos of SYJ have we seen where she is always linking arms with friends). I checked the guy's IG as well, married with 2 toddler kids, and photos of SYJ and SYA have appeared since 2015 - I guess he is a longtime common golfer friend of theirs). Happy that SYJ is sharing personal tidbits of her life with us outside of acting thru her IG. Photos with friends, even showing her previously
  2. I wonder which songs from the OST will be sung and if any of the actors/actresses from the series will make an appearance
  3. Son Ye Jin x ValentinoDiVas Wow! Classy, elegant, beautiful! Each of SYJ's photo exudes a vibe that draws you in to look closer and tells a story. A luxury brand that fits her perfectly. From maisonvalentino IG The #ValentinoDiVa lives in the power of her values, and observes a modern mantra of empathy and connection. DIVA =DIfferent VAlues "Empathetic, Intelligent, Highly Romantic." Also, love her slicked back hair here.
  4. Just want to say, Wow! Her beauty is so evident in this picture. Son Ye Jin is really versatile, she has a totally different aura in each of her pictorial /endorsements. Different aura in the Glass magazine photos (cool and editorial), different from her Bau by Bride and You campaign (feminine, pristine aura), from Crocodile Ladies (smiling, carefree aura). Smart cf (giggly, lady in love). Binjin/HB fans who sent the Food Truck to CA2 filming, what a great idea to show support! So exciting to know that Hyun Bin was so delighted with the food
  5. Now they can send their souvenir photos in one frame because they've already confirmed their relationship Ms Jane from Smart confirmed that Binjin sent this to her already in one frame.
  6. I just love these clips of BinJin.. Them looking so close together, and just happy Shoulder to shoulder, leaning on each other https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQqmqcJaUJ/?igshid=19s0lumiz5ocj https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQt9SGpQjM/?igshid=1nbmw7lia3xkh Like the candle holding scene in CLOY, HB looks for SYJ in the Smart cf raising his phone.. I was almost afraid toward the end of the cf that SYJ will remain a hologram (the chase) but worth it at the end when they were actually together giggling (inevitable that they end up together). And this
  7. We will finally be able to see BinJin in one frame tomorrow after a few months! Yey! For those who also have SNS accounts (IG, Twitter, Youtube), let's show our support by sharing, commenting, using their hashtag, retweeting, viewing their CF including on the official Smart accounts.
  8. That Under Armour cf showed off Binnie's assets! Whew! when he was wearing UA at the airport going to and from Jordan so much attention was put on his outfit at that time. So maybe they were already in talks then. It fit him so well. For his visual and physique. Nice change to see him in a cf in sporty attire, and seeing him in action. He looked so handsome, fit and young. Excited for the Smart joint cf, it was just wishful thinking from fans then. Now it is coming true! BinJin in one frame. This is gold. BinJin nation truly blessed!
  9. So happy to read the writer's thoughts or analysis of some of the scenes in CLOY.. coming from the writer, the rationale of favorite scenes Hb' subtle and sensitive portrayal of rjh, syj's excellent acting as well.. the romantic scenes which were some of my favorites too, the scene at the market when ysr was lost but found by rjh, their nighttime bike ride, scene at the border.. thanks @celest1alfor the translation.
  10. Kmedia eagerly anticipating the next moves of the couple.. when you are in a serious relationship and of age, people will be expecting after confirmation of the relationship, when will you get married, then moving into a new home, having kids.. as mentioned in the other posts, these speculations also happened to other k-ent couples. As binjin shippers/stans, i think that's true that this is the easy part for us, as we know in our hearts that that is where our binjin couple is heading towards.. what the new home means is obvious to us (and again common sense).. again just a matter of time
  11. Aww.. the admiration and respect that HB has consistently expressed towards SYJ over the years.. their partnership is really extraordinary in reel and real life. They simply bring out the best in each other! Congratulations HB for your big win! Happy that CLOY cast gome some well deserved recognition locally. That representatives from RJH's squad and YSR's ahjumma group got awarded too. They were all fantastic in their roles. Also thinking like some, SYJ was so iconic in her YSR role she deserved best actress for cloy too. Anyhow, with her large sum of best actress awards over
  12. Whoa!! It's going to be a great weekend! BinJin confirmed to be attending Apan??!! So excited to see them together after xx months.. and to see what knockout outfit Jinnie will wear this time and hb will of course be handsome as usual.. will they be wearing matching or complementing outfits again?!
  13. If it's true, I imagine the pride and excitement in saying 'my son is going to marry Son Ye Jin so I'm looking for a newlywed house..' when it could have been said as just 'my son is getting married so I'm looking for a newlywed house'
  14. Happy happy birthday to our best girl and HB's best girl.. a kind, smart, funny, talented, vibrant person who claimed our hearts. You deserve all the happiness today and always. Wishing you good health and a continuously flourishing personal life and career. YJ now free to like and show appreciation on matters related to her and Bin
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