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  1. @peachietime Your comment made me think a bit more about HH and JK's relationship. Did it seem to you or anyone else watching that HH had a naive view of his 10 year relationship with JK and how it had been perceived by others or what his role would have been if he successfully married into that family. I thought it was telling when JK's Dad and Grandmother where having lunch and she asked him the rather insightful question of how it felt to be in a place where he didn't belong...not the restaurant but his role in a Chaebol household having come from a humble farming background. So, for Grandmother, with JK inheriting the Foundation, is JY any better of a suitor for JK than HH? Would Grandma be more open and accepting of this relationship? In regards to the triangle between JK/JY/HH. Why did JK choose HH? All of the flashbacks from previous episodes show a lukewarm relationship - yet the flashbacks of JK and JY are deep with shared loneliness and comfort. The blame of this triangle lays at the feet of JK. She KNEW that JY liked her all along...you can't deny 15 years of CD's. She did not put a stop to his feelings. She allowed it to continue because JY provided something for her that HH did not. JK hurt both HH and JY. You know what they say, "hurt people hurt people." @Aziraphale I agree with your comment. Why does SA need to get a Masters in music? Why does she need to stay in a place that constantly puts her down? I love music and art. I'm no Van Goh - or Mozart but I still love it and enjoy it as often as I can. So why does she have this masochistic need to be there - to get this degree? Can't loving it and enjoying it be enough? I think that for SA the reason that she is there is because she hopes that by being successful in something that she loves - it will give her definition. Music communicates, and as much as SA tries, she can't. She struggles with communicating verbally at times just as she must struggle with communication musically. I thought that it was interesting that she was ok playing the violin piece alone but when the piano accompanist tried to play with her it was awkward and difficult. So, seeing JK and JY playing so beautifully together - that was a type of communication that SA longs deeply for with others and especially with JY. I've read a few predictions on a break up. I think that JY has the most pressure at this point. Like the flashback (not sure which episode 9 or 10) He is going to be put in a situation where he will have to completely focus on the competition and SA's wavering along with Manager Park's machinations will just add fuel to the fire. I think that JY will have to walk away in order to focus and SA will have to get strong, say no to people for a change and decide what to do about her musical career.
  2. @Jillia Its interesting that there are several examples of 'teachers' on this show. Will JK be the type of teacher like JY's professor Yoo "Being a good teacher doesn't always make a great performer" or the lazy, jealous and scheming professors Song and Lee. Full of self importance and deep resentments. Do any of them love music anymore? I'm sure they did not start as they have ended up, but it makes me think that with JK's personality and her "talent" having gone AWOL...are we maybe seeing how she might end up? As to the update on the big reveal with SA/DY/MS/JY/HH (hard to keep all of these names straight) The heart wants what it wants. It's a bit arrogant for HH and MS to be as angry with SA and JY because they liked DY and KJ. DY and MS had been broken up for awhile, and she seemed more angry because SA held a secret back from her. Same can be said for HH and JY. Main point is that SA and JY where true friends. They stayed still, supported their friends, comforted and counseled and didn't cause heartache or drama. They were unselfish and showed true love - hopping others could be happier with their chosen mates. I have no patience for them.
  3. @Jillia @Abirami Ramakrishnan thanks for your comments on what I recently posted. It also gave me some food for thought. I definitely will continue to enjoy the drama with all of you and post when I can. I want to preface my comments by saying that I really like both SA and JY and love them as our MC. I think they are great together and that they will both grow individually to make the best partner for each other. That being said, my comments are more about how I see them having issues that will cause difficult moments that will resolve them into more mature characters leading to growth and a healthier love. @Jillia I agree, JY has more on his plate than who he accompanies. I was caught up in the moment - when JY asked her to wait for him, and came and told her that he was going to help JK. It was not what either she nor I expected. I thought he would have said that he was going to help her (SA). At that instant I felt a sense of betrayal on behalf of SA. The timing of the confession seemed a bit "manipulative" or perhaps it was "bad timing" especially after the bomb he dropped. What he said had hurt her, and she was leaving and to stop her he blurted it out kind of surprising both of them followed by ...a great kiss scene. I kind of felt like it was putting a band aid on the situation - like he had to say something because it hurt her (SA) and she was leaving. I also agree, that in KY's eyes he doesn't see his actions as a betrayal of SA but a way to help his friend work through her painful past, one that he is intimately familiar with. I also don't think that JY can fully comprehend what it means to SA to continue her musical dream because he doesn't fully grasp what it means to not have talent. Even though both work hard, the "talentless" aspect is foreign to him as per the scene earlier in the show when he complained to SA about his life on the road and how he wished that things had been different. Perhaps he will start to learn a bit more about how it feels to meet others with more talent as he starts to chase after the new/hot right now pianist (Min or Ming) who he will probably face in the Tchaikovsky Competition and by that process becoming more fully and deeply invested in helping SA achieve her dreams and maybe he will have to surrender his control and aim for more of the 2 judges giving him 10's (like the woman conductor told him in the first ep) than the 7-8's across the board. Letting himself go and letting passion and the love of music to return and not just a "job" to keep his head and that of his families above water. So, I'm going to continue to side with SA on this one. Now, both JY and DY have chosen another before SA. (I suspect that after DY has confessed to SA you will see him getting more involved to help SA achieve her goals which will also put more pressure on JY- and never mind that as far as SA is concerned JY will be spending more time with the woman he loves/ed and who now has no reason to hold back on her pursuit of JY - where does that leave SA?) So, who really supports SA's dream? Off the top of my head, DY and maybe...a bit...her father. Her story arc and issues that need to be addressed surrounds her lack of confidence. Is this atmosphere (music) the place for her to build her self-confidence if she is always coming up short. She is the opposite of JY. She loves music and practices hard but without the natural talent she is at her limits. So maybe her path will be one of working within the music industry (like the foundation) and celebrating her love for music that way where she was able to shine by giving good advice, supportive and caring of others and able to think quickly on her feet. Anyway, SA has just started to stand up for herself...at the very least, even though she doesn't stand up for "herself" she stands up for her "dream". I would like to see her work through this enough that she can "walk away" from JY at this point and believe that she deserves more - someone who will support her first. Her walking away would only help JY finally break away from JK's control. He needs to do that because I think that he may like SA but he still loves JK and JY and SA can't be together until his feelings for JK are finished. @Abirami Ramakrishnan I agree, that JY does feel like he should or needs to help her after all of their years/feelings/relationship. For JK, HH and JY are the perfect "man." She has both in her life because they offer her something she needs and wants. HH is not complicated he does everything for her. Perfectly supportive with no expectations of her (unlike her family) and JY is her emotional support yet it's hard for her to be reminded that she can't or couldn't achieve his greatness or live up to her mothers legacy. (funny thing that both JY and her mother are/where piano prodigy's hence the weird symbolism with JK's mothers piano going back and forth) So here is my question. Why do you think JK secretly gave JY's mother/father money? Why did she encourage the Chopin competition which took him out of her life for long? Finally, I think that in the "real" world the best way for JY to get through this would have been to not "help" any of them. Then the chips would fall where they should. 1) JK would either get the job on her own or not 2) HH wouldn't have to be hurt further by having his friend and his ex team up against him to take away his chances of a wonderful job that would help him move up economically and socially above his current station (and a way to honor his parents sacrifices) 3) SA would pass or fail - more than likely fail. Maybe that is what may need to happen for SA. Maybe music isn't her dream. Maybe her path to happiness isn't to continue in a field where she is constantly insulted, undermined and dis-respected.
  4. Thanks @nubianlegalmind for your thoughts on these couples. It's been a long time since I have posted on this forum, but still have enjoyed watching dramas when I can, and thinking about complex characters and their motivations makes for more interesting shows. These are definite love triangles as well as the triangle of talent, dreams and hard work. With more similarities than at first glance, yet some differences which keeps it dynamic. JK/JY/HH (2 boys one girl) DY/SA/MS (Two girls one guy) and how all have some aspects or all aspects of the dreams/talent/and hard work ethic thrown in. You have some great things to add to the conversation but I have to disagree with one idea. I don't think that HH and MS knew that JY and SA liked JK and DY respectively. I think that HH and MS are completely focused on their feelings, and needs and are unaware of their friends feelings or the pain that they have caused. For HH, JY has always been there a part of their trio. Supporting and caring regardless of his fame. JY has always been alone...while HH and JK have had each other. Therefore, it comes as a shock to HH that JK is wavering in her feelings for him and that her feelings for JY are strong enough to cause this rift. Regarding this trio (HH/JY/JK) you can see through out the show, JY's care for his friends. In one episode we see JY care for HH after HH is drunk and even then HH asks him how long he is going to stay in Korea and then he tells him to leave. Poor JY, basically, "go back - kill yourself touring and continue to be alone so that I can continue my relationship with my girl without you confusing her" As far as JK is concerned. I found her to be incredibly selfish, self-centered and destructive. She wants what she wants both professionally and personally and the heck with consequences. "I don't want to be a Director, I want to teach" (girl you have so much money think about other people maybe needing the job...?) "I want to be a teacher so bad that I don't care who I hurt along the way..." But wait a minute? Didn't you kiss JY in New York because you were "Jealous" of him being on stage under the lights and getting loved and adored by everyone...is that when you realized he was for you? Or that it was your place to be up there? Now, she wants to further destroy HH and JY's relationship by getting JY to be her accompanist and therefore to ace out HH for the job. How absolutely horrible for HH. She has known all along that JY has loved her...you can't deny it when you see her looking at all of the birthday CD's JY sent her or the code to his apartment being her birthday 07/15. She has known all along....she has had both guys at her beck and call for many years....it's her due...the only one she cares about is herself - look at the cruel way she broke up with HH - she doesn't care as long as she gets what she wants/needs. As far as DY/SA/MS. I think it's truly MS not knowing about SA's feelings. It looks to me like whenever they are together its MS talking about DY - how much she likes him, how he hurt her, confessing that they slept together in order to get support, advice and perspective from SA. It's not all MS' fault as SA has never shared with her that she liked DY...SA has kept her feelings close to her heart. SA did share with MS her feelings for JY and MS encouraged her but on a superficial level not understanding or caring about the complexity of SA's situation. I would suspect that within the next couple of episodes MS will find out that DY likes SA and you will see a rift between MS and SA - which will mirror HH and JY. The real dog here is DY. He liked SA and then slept with her friend hurting both SA and MS. Kind of like JK. Lastly and finally (sorry for the long post but I needed to get this off my chest) I'm not happy with how the last episode ended. I know it's exciting that JY confessed to SA that he liked her and it was a fabulous kiss - BUT!!! what happened before that confession and kiss. That to me was the most important part. Someone in the forum's post (sorry if I did not capture your thought and give you credit but it was a great thought so it came to mind as I was writing) that it mirrored the "I like you" confession btw JY and SA and not the hollow "I love you" confession btw JK and JY. To look at actions instead of words and here I agree with this completely. How can you like someone and not support their dreams? Is JK's dream more important than SA's dream? Earlier in the episode SA hinted at the possibility of JY accompanying her at her Master's recital (which we all know is a reach because it was all a ploy to get close and an in with JY) Isn't her dream to continue her musical education? It's what brings joy to SA's life. For this dream, she has gone against her mean spirited family, been humiliated by her peers on a daily basis - reminded that she doesn't have what it takes by conductors and students younger than she is - rich spoiled girls...on and on. Yet the shy, sensitive SA continues forward keeping the small, sputtering flames of her dreams alive graciously and with a heck of a work ethic. JK knows this. HE KNOWS THIS. Yet, he steered her politely away from the point and didn't let her ask him to accompany her. He didn't want to cause waves with his jerk and controlling piano instructor who I might add besides trashing SA also trashed JK and HH. So when JK tearfully asks him to help her. To help her get the teacher slot to accompany her so that she can get what she wants (and the heck with poor HH) what does he do? He says OK. He goes against his teacher, his friend HH and against the girl who has been his friend - the girl he likes. Again, I ask - Is JK's dream more important than SA's? JY just proved that it was. If I where SA I would have walked out. Like someone said before. Actions speak louder than words and he, in my opinion, just did.
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