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  1. What the h*ll is happening? Lee kyu kills Lee Hun.. ??? OMG.. where is the king that thay said used to be good king and wise... (like the queen's father said) Is there any preview for the next episode? Anyway.. thank u for the live recaps @SeGafanlady
  2. No please... oh drama god.. please don't make the guard dies... But I think the guard will help ha seon.. and the king absolutely want to kill the guard
  3. Anyway.. Sorry for the OOT.. but I think I need someone can help me to the answer my question.. LOL Beside Yi Heon punished and killed his little brother, why don't he just punish the queen dowager?
  4. Oh really??? I hope Yi Kyu will do something, so everyone can safe.. hearing this thing makes me little bit calm we can not really predict what will happen for the next story, besides the story still far away to the end... I hope the director or producer won't disappoint us..
  5. Aaaaaaaaakkkkkk...... How could it be????? YH is back and still be crazy ????? The director really know how to make me be impatient for the next episode
  6. Sorry for out of topic.. but I always imagine that Yi Heon is the same person as Grand Prince Gwanghae at Warriors of Dawn movie.. LOL... and Yi Heon should be a great king We can't deny that Grand prince Gwanghae and Yi Heon was played by the same person... And the queen ... OMG... she described the stories really well, how the king was really love her before
  7. Just want share my opinion.. maybe.. it just LH's shadow, or just dream from HS, because he knew that Queen's love is not for HS
  8. ahhh... thank you for the synopsis... and Yash... as my prediction.. Sowoon had a good times with Yi Heon in the past, don't know when.. whether when Yi Heon as a crown prince or already as a King and I think Yi Heon was a great man when he was a crown prince
  9. Hello... I'm a new in this forum, I love this drama when I accidentally watched TCC at my streaming online application Anyway... tvN already upload synopsis for this night story but.. in hangul, is there anybody can translate it please https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs4pgu8B9eJ/
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