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  1. Oh no! But why is ot 50 eps? What about the ban then? But maybe it was filmed earlier and waiting for its tur, as you said... 376
  2. No,50 eps is definitely too long for me I have heard of Wang Yibo, though, I might watch The Legend of Fei, with him and Zanilla Zhao. -2
  3. Yes, I saw that scene in Dating in the Kitchn and it was hilarious the way they spoke Korean. Both of them. BTW, fun fact - in Taiwanese dramas you can hear that Taiwanese actually mix in their Mandarin both English and Korean expressions. In Amenalism the ML's mother called her neighbours Ajummas. In THe Masked Lover a little kid speaks in English to one guy, and he says 뭐 (what?). And in Lost Romance the FL says 안돼! (strong no!) 386
  4. I had to check who Li Qin is - Chun'er - yes, she also grew up nicely and had her arc. The actress is very beautiful, too. I noticed that shs is in this recent drama The Wolf , but I can't bring myself too watch it too long of course. 386
  5. I signed up for Beautful Love Wonderful Life. That was 50 eps weekly. And 24 eps for a C Drama is like 16 eps for K drama, because C drama is 40 min per ep and for K drama 1 ep is usually 1 hour+ . 388
  6. The link is in Chinese, so I cannot read it, but I also saw some news about the PA sequel with different cast. Well, it won't be the same watching experience, I am sure. The cast for PA was absolutely unique. Who did you like most? For me it was Yanxun - his transformation from the careless prince to the god of revenge was really stunning. Visuals were great, too. As for Renascene, for me it has some PA vibes - not the story or characters, but the dyamics - love and revenge. However, I really do not know why the production value was rather low.Usually costume C-Dramas have really nic
  7. I have just checked the weather forecast for your place. I do not see this -20 tomorrow, on the contrary, the temperature will be slightly rising starting at sunset on Saturday. Please let me know which report was correct! On the other hand, we are going to have a cold Sunday, -15 but with clear skies. Right now it is about -5. 394
  8. Princess Agents was the first C Drama that I saw as well! I even got the DVD! Yes, checking the ending of the story is what I do too. I hate bad ending or open endings. I think PA was supposed to have a second season but the production was involved in a copyright suit and then I think it was too late for a sequel. Which was such a shame. I have a feeling that C Dramas used to be famous for their bad endings but it all changed now. All the recent dramas (2019-2020) I saw had happy endings. BTW, I am watching The Romance of Tiger and Rose right now - and in ep 10 about 26th
  9. This was just an extract of main points for several Cdramas that i watched over Christmas. Poisoned love Put your Head on my Shoulder Love in time Another drama I cannot remember the name, remake of K-Drama full house Love is sweet Love designer Go go squid Well intended love and a few more I believe Actually I cannot remember the plot for any of them, they all seem to blend in my mind into this one image that I described.... Actually, I do not mind it all that much. I would not watch Renascence it it had been 70 eps. I on
  10. Ekhem, Sorry my dear , I do not quite get what you mean? You mean 진짜? (really) but really what? That C-dramas are like that? I have recently read in the forum thread for my recent favourite C-Drama Renascence, that there was a ban for dramas more than 40 eps long. Anyone knows why? they were saying in the thread that this is to avoid fillers but why? You can have plenty of fillers in a 20 eps drama too. So Renascence got cut from 70 eps to 36. These days most new releases are about 24 eps. And my oh my, aren't they addictive. I am currently watching The Romance of Tiger an
  11. H there @iksunijini, @sadthe1st! 462
  12. LOL, are you serious in expecting realism in in a C-Drama? I have been binge watching C-dramas over the last month or so and I can say that C-Dramas like that have exactly zero realism. According to C-dramas modern China is populated only by very slim and petite young girls and boying handsome and very tall guys. All of them CEOs or doctors or celebrities. Having money to spent on manicure, vinyl records and lattes. Or European luxury cars, in the case of boys. I would love to live in such a place. Then I could eat all the instant noodles and never get fat. As to the ki
  13. Ha ha ha, quite a lot of people in my village have snowmen in their gardens. I suppose it is the winter version of a garden gnome... hi @mirmz! 542
  14. Hi there @Sleepy Owl Got to go now, see you all later! 558
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