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  1. @Biology Lesson, ha ha, I knew you would find something amiss with this show that I didn't . It was fun to me, once I overloked the dubious morality of the character's actions. She goes on to do ever more morally dubious things so if you hate her now, you would hate her even more later on, if you choose to continue to watch, which I am sure you would not, judging from your reaction. Anyway, after that I have not more recommendations and I am bored stiff myself and looking at some C-Dramas out of sheer desperation.
  2. Aaa, I've been wondering about that myself, so I second the question! Itseemed to me actually like a bobby pin with this bit of ribbon tied on it. I think it is worn not only by young girls/daughters but women of all ages who are the direct mourners (those greeting the guests and staying in the chamber with the photograph). Men wear white armbands with black horizontal stripes, pinned to their sleeves. Well, I can understand the armbands, as it set them out, but the tiny ribbons? Please please, anybody?
  3. @dramafan33, I am joking about this soju thing, I am sure I would be able to visit without speaking a single word in Korean . However, I would like to visit places where there are no subways. Also, I firmly believe that language is the key to the culture. Do you remember our talk about kissing in Korea? That your friend told you that it is a new thing to Koreans which I think is confirmed by the fact that they use loan word for kissing (키스 - kiseu)? And the same goes for "wife"! As often as not a "wife" in K-Dramas is called 와이프 (waipeu)! Why? I would like to understand it one day. And the entire honorific system which cannot really be translated into English. I would like to experience it myself, first hand. Of course, this is just a vague plan of mine. I dream that I am meeting JH and chatting with him in Korean . I wonder how should I address him then. Jang Hyuk-sshi would be too familiar and not respectful enough. I think the best choice would be to call him the equvivalent of "artist-nim", if only I could find or hear the proper word. This is really complicated....
  4. I suspect that he had time to interfere and improve things up about episode 9. Ending with this infamouns scene of his climbing the wall of the meantal health facility. And It was clear to me that the producers had no freaking idea what to do with the show after JH ceased to tell them what to do. DO you remember how this show ended? With a scene which was taked from an episode in the middle of the show (the imaginary crime scene)! I mean, how lacking in imagination is that? A flashback to an imaginary scene? No closure, no showing of his face without these horrible scars. The show was a mess and I suspected it early on , and I remember you telling me to wait, we are still midway through the show, for sure there will be some character development... Oh well. Ha ha, we've been having this discussion not too long time ago. The asexuality, inability to show desire and mature relationship, couples living together and not having sex. And you also brought up that in K-movies there is actually a lot of sex. It still reminds a mystery to me. I plan to visit Korea one day (once I learn enough Korean at least to order soju in a bar) and see for myself.
  5. I am positive it was the stylist. Actors are not really allowed to wear whatever they want for a photoshoot. There is the director, agency, stylist and photographer to take care of these things, actors have little or no say in this. Also - I would rather think it was the stylist who put these clothes on him and not something that he has in his closet, because it would prove he has no fashion sense, lol Well, Hyena is not slow and boring, for starters (I think you complained that My Mister is slow). Secondly, I believe the relationship progresses in a natural way however the emotions are not showed down the audience's throats. Do not want to get your hopes high, though - because there might be something that I missed which you would dislike This is a subject that I have not yet vented my feelings - the fashion in K-Dramas. How many times I saw these lovely slim willowy girls with a waist I would die for dressed in the most horrible way, as if the stylist wanted to make them look fat and awkward? I thought it is impossible to dress a slim and shapely person in an unattractive way, but little did I know. I see nothing freaking neat in this haircut . On the contrary, it is messy and ugly. He was looking neat with his hair long and silky smooth.
  6. @dramafan33, LOL, my mother was the opposite - she favoured the theory that if you wear too tight clothes it makes you look thinner. It left me with a permanent impression that I am always too fat, rather than the correct conclusion that my clothes did not fit and were too tight. It took me thirty years to finally find out what exacly was wrong with my clothes, lol. Come to think of it, the way JH looks in these pictures is the early nineties look which sadly makes a comaback these days. It reminded me of the outfit worn by young Keanu Reeves in Paula Abdul videoclip "Rush Rush" (1991). The same oversized jackets, loose ill fitting and too short slacks. And I absolutely hate this style, because that was in vogue in my late teens/ early twenties and I wore my share of shoulder pads and high waisted slacks pleated up front - the fashion which can only be pulled off by very tall and thin persons. Oh well. I am going to mourn JH's dark locks. @Biology Lesson, how about Hyena? Have you tried it? As I said, I found it very entertaining, if morally dubious.
  7. My dear sushi, I've been doing gradually better until I saw our JH new coiffure. And I have just watched the ending of Voice (could not stomach the entire show), and he does look like he is doing VOice 4 as the speculation goes here. Big yick Well, Voice 4 would be a big no no for me. I would rather watch BM for the umpteenth time and pretend this never happened. Yes, this entire "lewk" is horrible. Whoever the stylist was, he/she should be fired. Firstly, why would anyone dress JH in oversized clothes all over? Ill-fitting too short trousers in the most horrible light grey - it is the colour I believe that gives the impression of sweatpants. And denim jacket on top, hiding his figure? Poor thing looks like a fashion victim....
  8. @thistle, hello. I think I will give this drama a go. It is fun, it is not taking itself too seriously, and I hope there won't be too much social commentary (although there was some in ep. 1). Ok, I will go and watch eps 2-4 now, see if I can stick for the ride
  9. Really? I love his clean shaven face, crisp short hair and pinstripped suits. Well, de gustibus non disputandum est, as the old Latin adage goes. @The Reel Life, I finaly got round to watching the last 30 mins of ep 16 of Voice. OMG. My comment is - if Bad Papa was not bad but made you feel bad, this was bad and made you feel bad. Of course, JH teared up beautifully, I was really greatful for the close-ups of his short upper lip, aquiline nose and flawless teeth. However, they did uglify him here to the extreme - and the jagged fringe covering his entire forehead and eyebrows contributed much to this. Also - if I had been the serial killer I would have at least smacked the girl to stop her from uttering corny cliches in a monotone voice. She deserved that as being the only person with whom our JH lost his cool . All in all - thanks for the tip, it was probably the only emotional moment that was worth watching in the entire series.
  10. I think the lighting and the picture angle makes him look thinner. I do not like the setting of the picture, his face is too much in in the shadow. So, no news of a new project yet? I've been busy with family situation over the last week so had not time to browse the forum. Also - @Biology Lesson, I've been very stressed and down, so I remember you telling me that he two last eps of Misaeng are uplifting. So I contined watching The sufferings of a young corporate worker, hoping for these uplifting two last episodes. I am currently at 53rd minute of episode 20 and I haven't seen a single upliftimg moment yet. I totally blame you for this, you know.
  11. Yes, yes, I am watching. And I will continue, for the love story(ies) if nothing else. I really, really want Ye Eun to be happy, poor dear. Well, why shoudn't he be married? A It's been 15 years and he is rich and handsome... It would be weid if he had no wife. But my heart sank when I heard "wife" only to be uplifted again at the "ex wife". Yes, and I loved that he followed her - Yes, it is definitely suspicious that he has so many cuddly toys in his car
  12. I've "seen" ep 7 (actually, fast forwarded most of it). Two things: So Chan Mi was forced to break up with YSY?? What is the contract that the men in black talked about when then stopped her from seeing him at the funeral (or maybe it was explained only I missed that bit - quite probable). And the next ep seems like fun, with quite a lot of development between WW and YE!
  13. Oh no! Well, the whole thing about marrying your half sister is too weird and creepy for me . Also - I have been thinking if the ending where the Gaebong stays as one of the Wang So wives would work for me and I decided that perhaps the idea of polygamy on top of marriage with half sister is a bit too much for my modern sensibilities. Of course it is historically correct and was perfectly normal in the past. However, maybe the writers also thought along these lines as well, that it would be too much to swallow for the modern audience....
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