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  1. Are they holding hands here? How is it that it's not shown in the teaser but fans are able to screenshot it?...:)) V @QueenieBee OMG I'VE BEEN FOOLED ! Wow this is a crazy edit!
  2. (Lunar) New Year wishes from MSTeam Actors with Yejin talking starting at 3:08. https://youtu.be/X1SfOZJgE9o
  3. (Lunar) New Year wishes from MSTeam Actors with Yejin talking starting at 3:08. https://youtu.be/X1SfOZJgE9o
  4. Bigger version of Bin's new GQ Korea x Under Armour photos *I love his arm muscles hihi Credit: GQ Korea
  5. New update from HLScience Bin's NY greeting with eng sub
  6. I'm again so blown away by BinJin's visuals, what a killer couple. So many things to look forward to, SMART joint CF, perhaps SMART BTS photos/clips?, more Under Armour updates, CA2 updates...Thank you all so much for these lovely updates!!! For those that celebrate the Lunar New Year, happy new year! May 2021 be prosperous and kind to us. ***** New HLScience CF HB's NY greeting w/ eng sub
  7. WOW, that Under Armour x GQ Korea clip just totally blew me away. I've always wanted to see more of Bin's biceps since he likes to tease us with those almost-revealing-biceps-but-dont-want-to-short-sleeves t-shirts of his, and so glad to finally get a few seconds of seeing the fit man in action, in sleeveless shirts!!! I'm hoping that more photos/videos and BTS will be released. ^ And of course, another WOW, so excited for the SMART CF! It's been so long and we finally get to see our BinJin together in one screen again!
  8. HAPPY MONDAY! *Please note: Bin indeed did post a new message on The Space saying that he's filming. Per VAST/The Space's policy, please refrain from sharing any of the actual content outside the platform. Another new CLOY BTS photo CTTO and reshared by yejinnluv on insta CTTO and reshared by cloverleafinafans_official on insta One of my new fav fanart of BinJin Cr : Kfanghorl on Twitter and reshared by cloverleafinafans_official on insta
  9. VAST just released a BTS clip of the Omega shoot. He’s perfect.
  10. Haha so trueeeee. Here we go with BinJin writing an alternative script of their life story :)) Hold up gotta go get my popcorn for this.
  11. Hahaha best comments here since the news of the new house. Happy for Bin, as usual, about the new house. It is indeed humongous for one person to live. Apparently house contract was already signed in June but ownership didn't transfer to Bin until January this year.
  12. This new BTS photo of BinJin reviewing CLOY script is surfacing insta and looks new to me. CTTO and re-shared by 2licouple on insta
  13. Back from the weekend madness and now ready for the new week madness. What a way to end the weekend and start the week with such great news about BinJin. I'm super happy and proud of them. They have both really worked hard and deserve all this love and recognition, not only from their fans but also their peers, colleagues, experts and audiences in general. HB's speech, oh his speech. I don't know what else to say, you all have said what I wanted to say. He's forever humble, respectful and thankful of those he's worked with. And of course, his final thanks to Yejin shows that you d
  14. Thought HB wanted to take a longgggg break but here he is again with Confidential Assignment 2! Very happy for him, will be seeing lots of HB in action when his movies are in theatre. Also, he seems to have a thing for agents/soldiers (particularly NK solders) in general, isn't he :)) Funny how in one of The Swoons interviews HB said he should stop doing movies with such short names (because YJ was able to recall 3 of his movies in less than 3 seconds) yet he keeps on falling into that trap again and again :)) What, I'm so outdated, didn't know there's an ori
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