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  1. Guys, please stop with all these wonderful posts. My hands are getting sore from liking them, my heart feels like it’s going to burst with happiness, and my teeth are going to rot with all the candies thrown at me. We’re so blessed, so so blessed. Not sure how I’m gonna handle all of this once the marriage announcement is out!
  2. Ah, I’ve been keeping myself to just reading everyone’s post quietly since a few months ago, but now seeing YJ’s IG update with a BinJin cake... I feel so blessed with all this sweetness that I can’t help but let it out here. HB and YJ’s love for each other and for us is so sweet, it makes me feel so content. What a wonderful way to end my tiring Monday.
  3. Behind the scene photos are starting to surface on the interview - released by the crew. Rumor has it that the confidentiality clause in the contract/agreement has finally expired now, thus photos are spreading. Credit to the original owner as well as edelweiss2511, crashlandingonyoudrama, and callmebymyrealname on instagram
  4. ncly

    My corner of Soompi

    Thanks @Lmangla for the tag! I finished watching Stranger 1 in early September, got my mom hooked half way into the drama and now we're both watching Stranger 2. We plowed through Stranger 2 on Netflix so quickly that now we have to wait every weekend for new episodes, and so the wait isn't very pleasant for my impatient mom :)) The World of the Married just released on Netflix (in my region) so I just got through ep. 4. Good thing all episodes are out so I can watch as many as episodes as I want without having to wait for another week. I'm joining the Moon Embracing The Sun rewatch and to be honest, it's so good that I finished watching it already :)) It's probably going to be a while until I return to watch another drama of similar style/era. These are the only two I'm watching so far, not sure if I can take more since watching 2 is already a heavy load for me.
  5. Our Goddess <3 Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea https://www.cosmopolitan.co.kr/article/48481 LUNA Cosmetics
  6. A sneak peek of Seo Yea Ji’s photos from Cosmopolitan’s upcoming September Issue this year Credit to the original owner (tagged on the photos) and re-shared by hyunjisupremacy on instagram *** Sneak peak of SYJ's interview from Cosmopolitan's September issue. Rough Translation by chaebinseu and re-shared by hyunjisupremacy on instagram Interviewer: Since the beginning of the drama, it has become a hot topic with Kim Soo Hyun. I wonder how the chemistry was in reality. Seo Yea Ji: The moment Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) enters the filming site, the staff would explode in laughter. Soo Hyun-sshi is very playful, very humorous, he’s a real mood maker. But the moment he starts to act, he makes me immerse to the character right away. He’s also my best partner. After the second half of the drama, Mun Yeong’s family history was revealed and it took a lot of emotions, he (Kim Soo Hyun) helped me a lot through his acting and emotions. Interviewer: Is there anything you want to say to your 20-year-old self? Seo Yea Ji: “Don’t get hurt.” “Get through it.” “You’re beautiful.” No more, no less. I’d like to tell her these three things. On whether she's been able to watch each episode live. Seo Yea Ji: Actually, because of our drama filming, I never watched it live, except for the last episode where I watched it at home. Rather than monitoring my acting, I saw it from the audience’s point of view and seeing the healing of the wounds after a long time was really heartwarming. Interviewer: What are your future plans? How are you going to spend the rest of the year? Seo Yea Ji: I don’t have any special plans. I usually think about things, study characters, or do my hobbies when I’m at home. But this time, I’m going to let myself rest and take a break. As I spent my time (first half of 2020) filming IOTNBO, I’m going to spend the rest of the year comfortably. First of all, it’s good to get a lot of sleep at home.
  7. Thank you, @Jillia, for helping me with my questions. I really appreciate it! Sad that a Princess's status isn't valued as high as the King's. Isn't it ironic though? That a Prince Consort isn't allowed to participate in politics and state's affairs to avoid war over power or the throne it self, but a Queen's father still can, but doesn't he pose a threat too if he's also ambitious? Hence you saying that he can manifest that power by having a daughter marry the king, and hence why Minister Yoon was so eager about wanting his daughter to become the Crown Princess. I just feel so bad for the rest of the girls who don't make it though, having to stay single for the rest of their lives even though the future King will never return his love. I actually haven't read or seen any dramas that mention a King who's forever faithful to just one Queen, and I totally understand that it's important to have many children, especially sons, to ensure future Kings. *** I'm assuming that she is though? Right in the 1st episode she ordered to assassinate the King's half brother so she can ensure the present King has no competition who can take over the throne. The Queen Dowager cares a lot about the royal blood and only cares about her son aka the present King, so I'm 100% sure that she's the mother. I believe she wants to strengthen and continue the Yoon clan in the palace, so she prefers that Minister Yoon's daughter becomes the Crown Princess. She thinks by doing this it'd be easier to control the future King. She also never liked Scholar Heo anyway and thus never cared about Yeon Woo or wanted her to be the Crown Princess/Future Queen
  8. Hi chingus, As I dwell deeper into the episodes and learn of the Joseon traditions, I have a few questions I’d like to ask for your insights: 1. Why is it that a Prince Consort (husband of the Princess) not allowed to participate in the palace’s state affairs and politics? How is it that perhaps a Queen’s father can still participate but Prince Consort can’t? Please help draw the line on who and who cannot participate in the palace’s state and political affairs. 2. Is it really true that once a Crown Princess is chosen, the rest of the candidates in the final selection round who aren’t chosen can’t get married anymore? 3. In history, has there ever been any cases of King staying faithful to just one Queen and never having any Royal Concubines? Or is it normal that Kings usually have Concubines in there lives? My knowledge about Korea’s history is limited so I would love your clarification on this so I can understand the drama deeper when watching it.
  9. I'd have to say, whoever idea it was to lighten and thin out SYJ's eyebrow, wow, massive kudos. The power of how eyebrows can shape your look is crazy. Credit: LUNA cosmetics
  10. Oh you guys, the love between the Crown Prince and Yeon-Woo is so pure and adorable. Their innocence but wiseness makes them too perfect to be real. And the Crown Prince/Future King's eunuch, I loveeeeee that guy. I just finished watching ep. 4 and was appalled by how women are perceived in the old times in Korea. I can totally understand because I'm from an Asian country too, but wow, some of the conversations just really put down the women (beyond what I can imagine). I'll make a list soon and would love to ask if they were all true because if it is then to me it seems like women really had much tougher lives compared to men back then!
  11. Oh oh good question! The last time I watched a drama with similar style of setting/timeline is Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love (2013), but I feel like a more suitable comparison to the style of filming in METS would be Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) (2003). Not sure why but I can see the way the cinematography is handled made the drama itself have an old feeling to it, which is great, because the drama has a historical element to it, so I find this perfectly fine to me. It wasn't difficult to watch an older drama, but like I shared, when I watched ep. 1 of METS, it took me awhile to get used to just everything showcased in it. Even the way they speak with each other was done so formally, there was none of the "Yah" or "oppa" or "jagiya," all the cheesy ways of calling and speaking in today's k-world, you know :)) Although I don't stand much Korean, yet alone we're talking about traditional and formally speaking style right here, I do feel there's a bit of a struggle for me to get used to that unfamiliar verbal style. But other than that, I enjoyed ep. 2 and already 1/3 through ep. 3. Weekend should come quicker so I can have more time actually sitting down and watch through a whole episode without disruption!
  12. Our queen is badass!!! Putting all of SYJ's RIETI photos in spoiler cuz I know most of them have been posted above already. But just in case we're missing any.... *Click for full resolution since these are really big
  13. I finished ep.1 right on the 1st day I got the invitation from @partyon @Lmangla :)) I'd have to be honest, it took me a while to get used to watching a historical drama again. Last time I watched a drama like this was Kingdom early this year, but it was filled with action and horror so it was a different feel. After that it was just a lot of Hospital Playlist, CLOY, and IOTNBO and so going back in time with the instrumental/traditional Korean music as the OST and seeing characters wearing Hanboks gave me a complete new feel. I miss KSH and want to see him soon, but I know I have to stay patient and it'll be worth it when he and the rest of the grown-up characters show up. I'm excited for the stories, all the political drama, the internal palace fights, the romance - all of that to slowly unfold so I'm trying to stay as patient as I can. I'd have to say that the teenage actors/actresses are doing a very great job. I love the Crown Prince's little sister - she's got some wit :)) Watching ep.2 now and will be back with more thoughts as I'm seeing new character developments right here!
  14. A compilation of SYJ's/KMY's "ohs" and "wows" and "woahs" https://www.instagram.com/p/CEA12plpuBf/ CTTO
  15. I'm so confused, isn't her real hair short now? Doesn't she have shoulder length hair now? But her hair is still long here? Didn't they have the party after they finished filming? Perhaps she's wearing a wig...Was she filming for something else (non-IOTNBO) that requires long hair? Anyway, she gives me so much KMY vibe here with that black dress (it look similar to the black dress that she wore in that passionate kissing scene with KSH), and then we have dorky boy KSH who wears bucket hat and black shorts :))
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