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  1. I love CJW's cameo in CLOY, it was a pleasant surprise. I might have missed the conversation here in this thread, but I think the writer was trying to hint about the ending for SRxJH right?
  2. Our Ducklings praising and sending love to our SR/YJ dong mu I really wish I can meet SYJ in real life, she's been praised by so many of her sunbae and hoobae. From all the comments I've read so far she's such a wonderful, cheerful, silly, positive and inspirational person. I wish her all the best with her upcoming endeavors.
  3. Just want to quickly share some of my thoughts (for CLOY i'm ok with cutting off my lunch break for this :)) ) 1. On Seo Dan's fate in the finale episode So I was just passing by all your comments and saw a few theme among those who talked about SD and SJ's ending. Some called it "painful and tragic fate of Seo Dan." I read a comment on instagram yesterday that pointed out a pretty new and positive perspective on this position that I agree with and would like to share here. The ending for SD is actually an opportunity for her to learn again how to love herself first since she focused so much of her life (at least 7 years) on staying loyal to her engagement with RH and to RH himself. With this ending she's no longer bound to the responsibilities of: 1. Making her mom happy by committing to the engagement even though it took so long to confirm a final date (and it was delayed again when he left to find SR in SK) 2. Keeping up her image of a successful woman (successful as in engaged to JH and no longer being single; as defined by her friends in the coffee scene) in front of her 'friends' (since they were talking to her about the engagement and trying to degrade her by asking why it's taking forever for SD and JH to finally engage) 3. Keeping up with her own pride and ego The fact that she met SJ showed that she could find a man who could give her the love she deserves but only so much better. Although SJ's no longer there physically (some talked about the possibility of perhaps he didn't die and would be hiding somewhere else far away so SD could meet her, I personally think this sounds illogical but we are free to create our own imagination), he became a part of her life like a gift (just like how SR came into JH's life like a gift too) and created precious memories with her within a short period of time. Those happy moments were enough for her and would be cherished by her forever. I think the scene of her looking so badass, wearing the cello case (back to one of her passion), smiling and looking content in the epilogue illustrates a finally carefree and happy SD even if RH or SJ or any man is no longer a part of her life. She's let go of her unhappy and rigid past and looks toward a new future of 'freedom' (both literally and figuratively). 2. On character withdrawal post-CLOY and actually resting I read an article where Son Ye Jin talked about calling acting a "marathon of consuming emotions." She talked about how in some of her roles she was so into the characters that by the end she finished filming she felt so exhausted emotionally. She even felt depressed of whether she was able to move on from that character to go back to her own self and prepare for a new role. Seeing how much we are all suffering through this condolence and withdrawal period post-CLOY, I hope the cast themselves will get time to rest and move on to new projects when they are ready. I hope they won't dwell too deep into the character withdrawal period since CLOY has so many great achievements and will continue to be loved and talked about by many people. 3. NIS agent On a different and lighter note, I actually think this NIS agent guy is a really fun and sweet addition to the last few final episodes of CLOY. He didn't seem so extra or unnecessary at all, I love his character.
  4. How are we going to move on if TVN keeps on slowly releasing photos from time to time!
  5. ^ They aren't not having the reward vacation because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) breakout. It's better to be safe. Me T_T, it's on my repeat playlist for the morning and night before I go to sleep now. I'm addicted to IU's song, I feel so sad every time I listen to it. It really would be a great and fitting song for the wedding scene (if there is any at all). You're not the only one, I love his flat and bowl hairstyle in CLOY. I actually prefer it over all of his other hairstyle in his previous works :)) The simplicity of that bowl cut hairstyle hairstyle just brings out his sharp facial features. Though for the hair styled back, throughout CLOY I thought he looked good with that as well. It gave him a cosmopolitan look, which was very fitting for the scenes in SK. I think his hair in the final Switzerland scene made him look older too, which could be intentional by the hair stylist because it was 3 years after their final farewell in SK, so naturally he has to look older anyway. He didn't send her text messages every single day. He only scheduled the messages to be sent once a month for that 1st year they were separated. His last text to her was sent on her birthday, Feb 2021. Photos by the amazing Hyo Seon Our Villain, CCG aka actor Oh Man Seok, according to Son Ye Jin, is a hilarious man in real life. You'll see HB and YJ having alot of fun joking around with Oh Man Seok in the early BTS clips. I love this character, he didn't appear alot but was one of those who strongly believed SR didn't die. Did anyone see his make up in the early episodes of CLOY though? The make-up artist intentionally put on his dark circles so dark that he looked like a panda for real. I thought the driving scene where SR offered him a job was really touching. More BTS photos by the crew
  6. Wait, are they referring to the wedding scene that was supposedly deleted from the final episode? I had some doubt that perhaps the 'secret' source saying there was a wedding scene wasn't true, but looks like SR and PD are actually talking about that here? I find it funny how in this BTS HB just wants to stay away from all the lovey dovey physical moments. Doesn't want to do the jumping hug, just wants to stand and look at the Switz lake instead of hugging or kissing YJ... He's probably joking and teasing YJ and PD-nim, but I guess since this was filmed way earlier when production just started, he still needed sometime to get into the mood. Unlike our experienced YJ the melodrama queen who's always so bubbly and joking back with HB and PD-nim. This trio is so adorable :)) Here are all the heroes behind the camera who made CLOY happen. A big round of applause to all these hard working people.
  7. The scene where SR finally met JH after paragliding, but from the crew's POV
  8. Dooly when pronounced in Korean is "2-ri" (Doo = 2; ly = ri), which refers to the Ri-Ri couple. At the same time, they were also referring to this character when jokingly said "Are you going to dress up as Dooly?" :))
  9. Manbok and his family will be moving to Pyeong Yang for his new job at a film studio. I'm not sure what exactly his job is, but with his past work I think he'll be recording ASMR sounds of the surrounding to add additional sound effects to movies/dramas. The fortuneteller was right about MB not coming back to the village, she just left out the part about the entire family leaving with him for a better place. I'm really happy for him. I love this analysis. No need for mothers pulling each other's hair and being evil to their children. They just show unconditional love and give support whenever and wherever their children need. *** HB once said Secret Garden was a special work for him because it was a closure to his 20s and it received lots of love. It was one of his breakthrough moments before he officially left for the military. Now that he's 38, or 39 in Korean age, CLOY will probably be the closure to his 30s. He's filming an action movie soon and I doubt he'd jump into another Rom-Com drama so quickly before reaching his early 40s. What a way to end another milestone in his life with so much positivity and love from colleagues, friends and fans.
  10. I have fallen in love with SYJ through CLOY, I'm so sad I didn't watch her closer in her previous works. She just continues to shine in her own career path right now. She is a smart, humble and talented woman/person/actress. I'm so happy she gets to do what she loves and receives so much love and praises from her colleagues, friends and fans. This might sound crazy but I can't believe how good she is at crying. Her tears just flow and flow, she makes me want to cry with her too when she cries. And she still looks so beautiful crying (in some scenes in CLOY she looks like an innocent child), oh my who cannot fall head over heels for her?
  11. Hyun Bin is doing so well in his career right now. The Negotiation and now Crash Landing On You receiving such great responses and love from the viewers. I'm so happy for him! Does anyone know when he'll start filming for the new movie 'Bargain' and how long it will take before promotions begin? I feel funny knowing that he'll be in the role of an NIS agent, with a name that's fairly similar to 'The Negotation' :))
  12. Such a beautiful photo of SR/YJ. Hyo Seon is such a gifted photographer, I love all of her CLOY photos. Thank you so much for sharing! So glad to finally hear the Swiss song and all the instrumental songs used through out the drama. It was a surprise to hear the full version of JH's piano piece written for his brother as well. Does any know if there's any news about the crew and cast having a reward trip? I know not all k-drama casts do so but CLOY has achieved so many breakthroughs, I hope they all get a break and a vacation trip together as a reward. Day 1 of the 6-month condolence period guys...How's everyone doing? I'm holding up just ok so far
  13. I asked myself "why didn't they think of this earlier" while watching as well, but there were a lot of things that they weren't sure of. Here's my theory: 1. SR had no way to get in contact with JH after he went back to NK. She wasn't aware of the OneKorea email, couldn't call him or text him; she only got his pre-scheduled message once a month. 2. JH himself wasn't sure of how exactly he would meet her again before going back to NK. He wasn't sure if he would be prisoned or punished when he goes back to NK with the ducklings (remember he left NK without any permission and was also threatening his family safety. Even if CCG died, there were still other elites in NK who wanted to take down his dad using JH's 'mistake'). 3. If JH stayed safe in NK, he needed to find ways to get out of his situation then (being in the military and holding onto huge responsibilities as a leader and the son of one of the Generals). He probably gave himself 1 year to figure things out before scheduling that message to SR saying "lets meet where edelweiss comes from though I'm not sure how and when we'll meet." On a different note, I'm getting emotional on how far (and i mean geographically literally) CLOY has taken me. From SRxJH first met in NK, to then moving the plot to SK, then final ending for the two leads in Switz. Along the way I've gotten to peak into the lives of so many people and understanding more about NK and SK with insights into the political scenes (not much but still very enlightening). This is so crazy, it's like years of everyone's lives running before our eyes in just two months, and took us through so much ups and downs. What a bittersweet feeling. I can't imagine what it would feel like for the casts and crew members who spent 6-7 months together to film this. So much friendship and love built for one and another, I hope they continue to produce and shower us with many more great works in the future. Here's the recap of SRxJH since the early days in NK
  14. Back from watching the finale with subs. Can't believe the writer and director managed to solve most of the problems within just one episode. There was so much to handle. I'll just comment on the main leads for now. While watching SR going back and forth between SK and Switz, I got confused about how long SR and JH were separated for, but finally the fortuneteller solved that mystery by saying "3 years" when she told SD's mother via the phone about how SD "lost the love of her life (aka SJ) 3 years ago." 3 years of JH and SR staying loyal to each other despite not knowing when exactly they'll meet again. Honestly guys, in real life, being in a long distance relationship like that and not knowing the whereabouts of the other person is just the worst way to mentally and physically torture yourself. JH and SR are love warriors. Their unconditional love just outshines all obstacles along the way. About the open ending, it's definitely a happy ending and it leaves us to go wild with our imagination, which I think is pretty awesome. We don't get stuck with just one option (since us fans are hard to please with just one hard option), and I'm liking how everyone here is building their own version of SRxJH happy forever-after life. It took them 3 years to get to meet each other for 2 weeks initially, they are both smart and powerful people in their own territories, I believe they surely will find more ways to finally be together full-time. For me, I'm thinking that the 2-week program is a pilot program first, then SR will find ways to make it 1-month program, then 3 months, then one full year. Perhaps SR might just build one academy herself and 'hire' JH to be the director/instructor there. Or like someone has said in the previous page, it doesn't have to be a once-a-year-2-week-program, that 2-week program can occur monthly or bi-weekly and all. :)) Let's let our imagination go wild; we all know now that they are happy and forever in love and that is all that matters. FYI: Regarding JH's status in the military, from my understanding (and from watching the episode with sub): - He got discharged from the military (correct me if I'm wrong) and joined the national symphony team as a pianist (finally his dream came true); thus, this allows him to travel internationally with the symphony team to perform. - If he's no longer bounded to the military tasks, it's going to be a lot easier for him to travel around as a pianist. Which means he doesn't have to just go to Switz. If the choir gets invited to other places, he may find ways to let SR know before hand and meet her there too. Of course, I'm letting my imagination run wild again
  15. CLOY's fantastic crew in Switzerland. It took so many people and their hard work to make all of this happen. Kudos to the crew and all the cast! After watching CLOY I've decided I have to visit Switzerland and all the places SRxJH have been to someday. This place is just too breathtaking! Manbok's son with the leads I love Hyun Bin's signature by the way :)) See more here: https://www.instagram.com/hankyul_oh0601
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