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  1. At the end of ep 1, Do-wan experienced some headache and flashback to a train even before he was hit on the head by the step-brother. Is that the reason why he was seeing a doctor and taking medicine?
  2. Haha I was trying hard to rememember the dates too. Maybe you can help me, Do-won deduced there were 5 victims after seeing the Stop, Danger, Mirror, Traffic Lights etc signs. But how did he deduce it was related to the Bukgyeon name? Yeah I dont think it was his father who killed her father either. But there was a police woman who knew his father's fingerprints was found at the scene right? She covered it up?
  3. New pics from official site http://program.tving.com/tvn/hometownflex/6/Board/List
  4. If you remember, JH mentioned he likes to watch movies at home and he has a huge DVD collection of them. My guess it he was just random posting some of his favourites. And as @fiesty8001 said, it just mean nothing, haha.. Actually I was thinking, maybe Swordsman is showing soon, that's why his mind is on movies???
  5. He is wearing his own new fashion brand - CANOT WAIT
  6. A video of how William took Yang Mi's picture has been released. Captions say : We are serious about shooting a good picture How do you take such a good picture? Step 1 : Adjust the prop Step 2 : Find the perfect angle Finally William seeks Yang Mi's opinion "Will this do?"
  7. First episode of Gagman on YT. It is updated every Sat night 7pm on Tencent Video official channel