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  1. Rookie Bang Eun-jung confirmed her appearance in the movie "The Child Who Can Die." Confrontation with Jang Hyuk Bang Eun-jung, a rookie, has been cast in "The Child Who Can Die." The agency Woongbin NS announced on the 21st June that it has begun preparing for filming in earnest, reporting the appearance of Bang Eun-jung's film "The Child Who Can Die." The movie "The Child Who Can Die" is a film adaptation of Bang Jin-ho's novel of the same name and tells the story of a retired killer who uses violence to protect an adolescent girl whom he suddenly takes charge of.
  2. Should be episode 17 Next week will be episode 18 Didn't SHJ say he had been saying it since 10 years ago? Haha... anyway his next movie "The Kid Who Deserves to Die' is still action, and I believe the drama 'Red Loyal Heart' will have lots of action too? Unless he is going to act as the King's advisor instead of a general.
  3. But in this case he was sacrificing a life for a chance to speak with the President. I would not classify it as common sense here.
  4. The Won Boxing Gym Two Champions Go to Action School. The Won Boxing Gym in Gangnam is the representative player! Korean lightweight champion Kim Moo-hyun and WBC Asia Silver Champion Geumdong Ho-soo stars in the movie 'The Child Who Can Die' starring actor Jang Hyuk. The punchline stunt team that coached our players' action performances. A commemorative photo with the martial arts director! Director Kim, good job. I'm going to work with Jang Hyuk. He's going to work. Our players will do their best to show you. Thank you again Jang Hyuk for gi
  5. So, is sacrificing some lives for the 'greater good' considered a noble cause? Isn't Im Hyung-rak killing ppl for the sake of the country too? How about those ppl who sacrificed some lives to develop some great cures or vaccines, are they justified in doing so?
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