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  1. Tancookie's ig updates.We can just see Hyunnie's fingers there.Haha why it is so difficult to see her face . Count down to Wookie's birthday credit to the owner
  2. They were also playing footsie in this clip /bts .Sorry because of the Soompi's new rule I just can paste the ig link https://www.instagram.com/p/B36ZmAXJf5B/?igshid=x4m5knwg0rqg https://www.instagram.com/p/BuGwyy3hj1Q/?igshid=weanyus12hkj credit to the owner
  3. Haha I tried to help you but this is impossible to look for because I end up getting lost and watching random SP clips on YouTube . And I come across this 1 million viewers fan made video
  4. hehe better late than never By the way ,just noticed this Laundry Kiss & SP Bed scenes has 32 Million viewers .Haha considered this one as a welcoming treat for you credit to sbs drama youtube channel
  5. Welcome on board dearie .Hehe it's never too late to ship this couple & wow you read all 1708 pages ?! Daebak
  6. Our rice wreaths to support Wookie new drama .Good luck Wookie & Backstreet Rookie drama team
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