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  1. Hyunie changed her ig profile to one of her Marie Claire photoshoot @babyval22 we are rational shipper,right ?! Wookie's ig updates! haha Poor Bangchingu
  2. This Attitude, what makes we love and attached to them. Keep humble you two credit to the owner
  3. Hahaha I remembered when she posted this on her SNS ,we created a new term for this couple "SUSFISHY COUPLE " credit to the owner
  4. Yes ,its from this interview " I have no favorite .I like it all " credit to the owner
  5. Haha I have the same thought & he received this "irrelevant questions " that made haters banged their head to the wall credit to the owner
  6. And his selection of script answer resembles of Hyunnie's answer in Esquire 2018 magazine too .U can't stay rational forever ,Val !
  7. Yes ,my friend bought it without the couple discs .huhu and she was quite disappointed because most of the gems are inside the couple discs
  8. I don't think pure NamJi shippers will sell that DVD cut because all the contents there are GOLD & never get OLD .Maybe those who jumpshippers /antis /pure fans who hates Namji gonna to sell it because its too much & hurt for their heart to keep it
  9. Wookie's interview for Marie Claire will be out in this issue credit to the owner
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