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  1. Blind item #1 Blind item #2 Blind item #3 Blind item #4 Blind item #5 Blind item #6 Blind item #7 Blind item #8 So after using my last two brain cells
  2. @partyon and @Lmangla thanks for the tag I have a bittersweet relationship with blind gossips, it seems like a paper filled with 'out of syllabus' questions. I guess it's a high time that I should work on my principles. Also my mental state right know
  3. @partyon thanks for this Halloween special tag I do love horror and the 3 things I consider is crisp screenplay, not so over the top overacting of actors with ugly makeup and no loud BGS for jump scare. In the given list I have seen a lot of them. Here are some if my pick 1. Scary one The stranger from hell, I like Woolie here better than goblin, (my personal opinion) The guest ( this is the drama where I got a thing for hot priests, you know what I mean right) The cursed ( lots of blood shed it was painful to watch people die eve
  4. @partyon Let me have my liberty to choose Ajusshi oppa ( please don't mind the order) My ultimate mature oppa And Kim Jae wooki My ultimate younger oppa
  5. Can't I have all
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