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  1. Thank you for such a fun list and the extras added by all the Chingus! My two cents 1. As long as you are the lead you can be a swordsman, marksman or archer - or all of the above 2. Makeup that stays on whether you wash your face, have water thrown on you or get caught in the rain 3. Its actually okay to get caught in the rain - someone will appear with an umbrella - as long as it is destiny 4. Bus stops are surprisingly romantic
  2. Regarding VC and Cha Young, as I had mentioned earlier I liked their relationship and the way it was built up. I am not very clued up on international law or the laws of SK. Surely VC will always be a criminal and wanted man in SK. As much as I agree he could have used another identity or even his birth name, and has the connections to do so - he would pretty much be living a lie. He absolutely will always be Vincenzo and is a member of the mafia. That is how VC identifies himself. Cha Young can always move to be with him or in the interim "visit" him. How
  3. Hi Chingus I have been a lurker but just wanted to say something now that the show has ended. I was someone who had no intention to watch Vincenzo . The last time I watched SJK was in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I did not even know that JYB played the reporter in Save Me. A couple of weeks later, I just thought I would give it a try...then I got hooked! The production was top-notch; I was as surprised as anyone else that the Italy scenes were CGI. The camera work, the clothes, the sets, the acting, actors and actresses...all just great!
  4. Thank you @kdramagrandma @Lmangla and @Sleepy Owl for the response Blind Item #1 Blind Item#2 Blind Item#3 Blind Item#4 Blind Item# 5 Blind Item#6 Blind Item #7 #Blind Item #8 #Blind Item #9 Blind Item #10 Blind Item #11 Blind Item #12
  5. Hi Chingus Are we allowed to change our answers if we guessed the blind items already?
  6. #Blind Item #7 #Blind Item #8 #Blind Item #9 Blind Item #10 Blind Item #11 Blind Item #12 - This one is just a wild guess
  7. Blind Item #1 Blind Item#2 Blind Item#3 Blind Item#4 Blind Item# 5 Blind Item#6
  8. Hi Chingus I have been a very silent lurker on this thread, but thank you so so so much to all of you that have kept this thread going and providing insights for the rest of us!!! I had been on a bit of a K-drama slump the last few months of 2020, probably for the first time in my 8 years of being an avid watcher. Mr. Queen certainly brought me out of that slump. This was genuinely a comedic series, and what a joy to watch week after week! Equally, my week would get filled up watching the behind the scenes, IG updates, YouTube updates. The series
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