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  1. I am more addicted to this drama after the time skip, I haven't noticed how handsome Seo Ha Joon actually is until he became Jung Min (looks younger with different hair/wardrobe and without glasses) LOL. The end of ep 24 omg I am feeling SLS Se Hoon has a heart problem?! Did they hint this in the beginning episodes or did I miss this part (I've been watching multiple dramas at the same time so I probably forgot some details)
  2. I wanted to watch this for Kim Jin Woo since I liked him in Left-Handed Wife but the plot didn't interest me with the first 8 episodes... can anyone tell me how much screentime does he have and what episode does he show up? At least I want to see a glimpse of this actor even if I'm not watching it or someone can convince me if I should pick it up again
  3. The drama looks OK so far, even though I never heard of the original one before. I was also wondering what's with the white streaks of hair they are so distracting. The drama looks "old" probably because the camera/lighting looks more dull in SBS dailies compared to KBS' dailies.
  4. I loved the last arc with Noh Poong Shik, it was exciting to watch! He really did look terrifying there, kudos to the actor. The teamwork was fun to watch and Sung Rok/Wang Wei interactions with KMY are hilarious (I should call him Kang Min Ho now but I feel like Kim Moo Young sounds like a catchier name and KMH is more like his human identity while KMY is his zombie identity?) My top 3 favourite characters of CJH are from Zombie Detective, Devilish Joy, and Gu Family Book, I fell in love with his characters within the first 30 mins of the 1st episodes What's with the post credi
  5. Forget Yoo Jung, I ship Tae Poong & Seo Joon instead I like their bromance, just hope they don't become enemies later. I also find it funny seeing him reject Yu Ra, and that uncle is fun to watch too. What happened to Joon Seok and when is he going to show up again?
  6. false, I am not interested in watching that drama ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ NP dislikes the new Facebook layout
  7. how did they even notice the secretary guy from that ambulance footage - I was having mixed feelings about this drama but I'm hooked by the end of ep 20! Why am I always so addicted to these makjang dailies It's interesting watching Lee Il Hwa in this drama and Lie After Lie at the same time. I want to see her team up with TP and get revenge on Lady Joo.
  8. love this catwalk scene when he threw away his gloves and hat lol look at that old man in the background giving him a thumbs up who else started laughing when they heard "Almost Paradise" Choi Jin Hyuk looks so hot as a chaebol I want to watch a full length drama of his character like this please even better if it's a makjang again-- "This chicken. That chicken. Get rid of them all. I'm sick of raw chickens." The background music in that scene (B Rosette - Kim Soo Jin) was also played in Eulachacha Waikiki 2 before (I think it was a scene with Joo
  9. loving this drama so far! The latest eps seem to be a spoof on Save Me (k-drama) He is just too cute using that air freshener spray on himself "From what I saw on TV, characters like Grim Reapers or aliens all had their own cars and houses, but what is up with me?" also laughed at him hiding meat under his clothes and hat and the Zombie yoga position: "It gives you a physical sense of freedom that you can't even tell if you're dead or alive"
  10. This drama is so fun that I keep re-watching Choi Jin Hyuk's scenes not really feeling the FL either yet but maybe I'll like her later (like with the FL in Are You Human Too?) I laughed at Train to Busan, The Last Empress & Goblin references! The tongue twister rap in the cave LMAO That dance was sexy when he took off his jacket idk why that rap song in the tunnel makes me laugh, Shazam doesn't work on it so it's not released yet?? hope the rest of the drama is just as good as the first few eps!
  11. that's it?? I was expecting a hug or kiss at the ending well at least JH and his dad can be happy together in jail. moving onto the next daily drama...
  12. I love revenge/makjang/lakorns, I find them addicting! I must be an ahjumma lmao oh wait I've said this in Fatal Promise page too before it started airing Hopefully this will be as addicting as The Last Empress & Come! Jang Bo Ri - I loved those dramas so I'm hyped for this one! Meanwhile I'm watching Eugene's older drama A Hundred Year's Inheritance, I'm surprised by how young Lee Jung Jin looks there compared to in TKEM...
  13. wow the drama is reaching episode 90s, but I am still wondering about ED/TI.. more than half the show was about them but they barely got any screen time together after she got "married" to JH
  14. False Next person wants to lose weight
  15. found this song with Shazam in a store again!
  16. cookies and cream (I even like the Hershey's cookies & cream chocolate bar haha) and maybe red bean ice cream too
  17. I found this song while using Shazam in a store
  18. false. I've never eaten mochi.. TNP has never watched a daily drama before.
  19. ep 76 - am I the only one who laughed when Tae In's father threw those bean sprouts at Hye Won's mom call me crazy but I'm still hoping Eun Dong/Tae In can be together in the end?? I was shipping them before she and Ji Hoon feel more like friends to me.. Also late comment but the actress for Seo Ju looks kinda like Go Bo Gyeol
  20. Omg am I the only one who was excited when Jang Mi Kwan showed up in today's episode?! He was also the stalker in Manhole and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I was wondering what happened to this actor now he shows up suddenly in a daily drama
  21. false NP has an iPad
  22. false NP watches dramas everyday
  23. whenever there's a cute moment out in the street with ED & TI I'd be like but then Jun Hyuk's face shows up I'm like ugh get off my screen man
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