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  1. I enjoy reading this forum discussion from the cheating topics expanding to the responsibility of housework (e.g. cooking and washing) between couples and both ends brought up their real life event examples. I love it. @airgelaal I sympathize with your girlfriend who is always forced to do washing at home, this is really sad..... thanks for sharing the real life example Surveys and research consistently point out that although many women work outside, they still tend to do most of the housework . Husbands and wives are arguing about who is doing what at home, almost like the
  2. @admonike - my dear, you have such a long list to watch kdrama, may i know how you survive through? How do you remember the plots and characters if you are watching simultaneously? Fast forward key?? @ktcjdrama - Sell your haunted house, i stopped on first 2 ep because it is not really my genre of drama, even though I find the male lead quite handsome....I am quite particular when choosing a drama and also depend on the mood for watching. Besides Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) S2, I am now watching MINE. I am waiting to watch the upcoming drama : The Devil
  3. Unfortunately i did not watch this show "Sell you haunted house" because i found it too boring to watch many ghosts. What are the drama you are watching now? After beyond evil , undercover and Move to Heaven which I marked 3 of them as my best favourite drama in 2021 (1st half) so far. What are the drama you are watching now?
  4. @partyon - May be the writer has run out of idea and to create more screen time for the stepmum, I still like the idea calling the ghostbuster to catch it ! So who will be the ghostbuster, her stepson? I missed the song ghostbuster
  5. Yes, that's right. Ego may be a toxic in any relationship, and it can ruin it if we don't fix it carefully. Love is the key to overcoming self-limiting self-belief. If you find that your relationship is faltering, try to start with your relationship with "yourself"; not the self, but the true self. The immortal, eternal nature of your existence. The idea is not to eliminate the ego (it is part of our birth, whether we like it or not). Just try to understand it, explore it with child-like curiosity, and go beyond the aspects of it that restrict our growth and hinder our relati
  6. Frankly speaking, I don't want this couple in the 50s to get back together. Writerim, pls give that woman a break or a kitkat My reason is - she spent nearly half a century to serve her husband and children well (look at everyday's meal she prepared for them), and worked very hard to buy a house and a car for her family. She should live a better life and enjoy the rest of her life on other activities (when her children grow up), such as expanding her social circle, learning new things, travelling around the world, enjoying dating, doing volunteer works in the community, etc.
  7. Thanks for your interesting sharing I think the 3 couples and the 3 mistresses storylines are more like real events in our daily lives, which may just happen to our family or friends around us. The only thing most viewers (so far) feel disgusting is that the stepmother and the appearance of her "ghost" husband caused more controversial discussions on any social media platform. I don't know why the writer planted the "ghost" in this S2 - the story may suddenly turn upside down and become illogical if the "ghost" husband appeared. Will the phantom drive the stepmother felt guilty and confes
  8. @confusedheart326 Thank you for sharing your detailed findings about this drama. 1. You asked a very good question whether the men in this show are selfish. Frankly speaking, selfishness applies to all men and women, depending on their degree. When we act selfishly, it is because we are insecure in the relationship. Look at the mistresses, even if they feel guilty, this behavior applies when they destroy other families. Only one woman in her 50s expressed unconditional love for her husband and children, but in the end, what would she get? This once again made all traditional women
  9. I am surprised but yet interesting to see the 40's wife has a wild imagination with the sound engineers during her "dream" (the swimming pool scene). A very bold scene today telling us that any "perfect wife" with a so called "perfect family" could have such "dream" too, because it is normal for any woman to suppress desire as they know where their position are. I would say the writer is very brave to bring up a controversial theme in this drama, not just triggers our emotions, but in fact, it is true for anyone. (The thin line between good and evil lays in the decisions we make)-
  10. @larus and @bedifferent I agreed with both that there are plenty of good drama and actors/actresses in this 57th Baeksang Arts Awards nomination list. Just for fun and for my wild guess, although i know all the contestants are good in their own way. Best drama hard to guess - it will be between Beyond evil and It's okay to not be okay (there are different genre, but my guess that the higher chance will go to Beyond evil) Best actor - my personal thought, it will go to Shin Ha Kyun Best actress - my personal guess, it will go to Kim So Yeon
  11. Solidworks for this drama.... Beyond my expectation Beyond my words..... after watching the final EP, this drama would be one of my best favourite drama of 2021, at least for the 1st half of the year. No other drama can compare with this at the moment. "Mouse" was a bit disappointed after knowing the writer created something illogical sense, brain transfer from one psychopath's to another one Besides the two male leads, I must highlight some of the fabulous and amazing supporting actor roles, they are so good not to miss out their credits to the whole
  12. @raziela Yes, I don't think I am the only one felt that the winning side has to be on win/loss scale, just like we are watching a competition match. It has been very one sided with Vincenzo outsmarting them every single occasion and I felt the villains need a win to make the endgame more interesting and unpredictable. I expect the writer to make twist plot instead of repetitive and predictable plot. May be my expectation is high since it is merely a black comedy drama , but there again, we hope writer can give us some plot twist or unexpected character appeared. If h
  13. We have two super eye-candy male leads in this drama, and I almost forgot some of the plot holes. In this drama, I may have unpopular opinion, I like this villain dude more than the role of Vincenzo. Everyone knows that Vincenzo is an Italian Mafia, he is so smart, handsome and almost unbeatable, while Jang Joon-Woo was an intelligent, charisma and handsome CEO of Babel group. However, it seemed that the writer did not make Vincenzo's rival the same level of capabilities and talents as he is, I don't feel the thrilled when Jang Joon-woo defeated by Vincenzo once again
  14. My guess is correct. The real murderer is Han Ki-Hwan - hit and run driver, but why he was threaten by both Jeong Je's mum and the Lee Chang Jin, there must be something happened among the three of them on that night, we shall see on the next EP. Jeong Je drove while he was drunk that night, he didn't notice there was a dead body lying on the ground and he thought he might have run over her body accidentally (the first time was hit by Han Ki-Hwan) - he called his mom for help and his mom called Lee Chang Jin to dispose Yu Yeon's body. Lee Chang Jin probably order his workers or Kan
  15. I noticed SHK performance was from his previous work called, "Less than Evil" --- you should pick up that drama too. Very good. But I would say this current one is beyond my expectation, it was even better than "less than evil" - the credit must give to the writer and director too, not just the lead actor. The collective intelligent and efforts bring shine to the project, bravo !!!!
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