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  1. @sadthe1st you are cute and creative, Chingu My boyfriend once asked me, why women like to watch kdrama, and my reply to him was : "some drama plot allow women "think out of the box" and explore possibilities" i was not sure whether he felt off from the chair after hearing this but i did hear sound from the other end."
  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion in a different light. Each person has the every right to have different points of view. (Disclaimer : I have nothing against actors, in fact I like both actors [one acted in Voice S1, one from Kim secretary], otherwise, I won't pick up watching their recent drama, "Her private life"). The problem lies on the storyline written was too weak, and in my opinion, watching their kissing scenes became not so enjoyable. If their daring behaviour including the bed scene was pre-planned by the PD/writer, then i was even disappointed on this drama because their talents and professional skills were not fully utilised, they should have deserved a better plot/lively storyline written by the script writer. (Disclaimer : this is merely my personal opinion, no intention to offend any fans that support on this drama) However, I enjoyed watching the 1st leading actress office attire, her silky hair and her accessories. I may be the odd one mentioned in my earlier post when choosing drama. I choose my favourite actor/actress, if i find the story line became ridiculous or boring, i will probably drop it or may continue depends on my work schedule. However, if I find the storyline is so intense, despite if there is a new or unfamiliar actors, I will finish the drama because the story is so fantastic or appealing, and this is my personal choice. Why I like TJ-MR this storyline is because they create roller-coaster ride, they entice the audience with hate, love and sadness, and it came with surprised plots at the end of each EP. Why most of us are longing for their sweet moment and their kissing scene, is because it was not on many occasions, not often appeared in the drama, that's why we find it precious and we pray for more and more sweet kisses scenes from the writer. If the kissing scene is too often, there is nothing appealing. But the writer is using the "carrot to fish the rabbit" (audience) to make the plot more interesting. The same analogy when we see a naked woman versus a woman with a low cut V shape clothing, which one is more sexy, tempting and appealing to us? God creates disparity for human to make the world wonderful as it complement each other because of different views, otherwise we will look like robot, everybody the same.
  3. From the hug on last EP, we could see both still have feeling for each other and on the next preview EP, we can see TJ has started to pour out his feeling again for reassurance. MR character need lots of emotional support assurance and sense of security. Back to the kiss, I pray hard to see it on next few ep but i doubt the writer will give it to us unless it is a necessary one because KSY is just newly wed. It is a norm for Korean woman to behave conservative in any kissing scene unless the role or storyline requires it. Look at the drama "Her private life", there were so many kissing scenes for both actors, and they are not even married and attached outside the drama and thus they behaved so daring on the scene. To be frank, i don't really enjoyed that drama, I am not a fan of too fantasy and unrealistic romance story. I watched it because of both actors but the story is sooo weak. I am a sucker for thriller, suspense, intense, unexpected storyline....am I the odd one?? One thing for sure, i noticed this writer always gave us surprise plot at the end of each EP, e.g. the stolen kiss in the elevator, the hugging at the apartment corridor, MR back to office with chairman Han....these are few surprising plots and I loved it.... Back again, I look forward to expect the unexpected scenes from the writer
  4. Yessss........ I saw that, but the scene was too short... Few things to highlight in this variety show : 1. The happy home crew already spotted LSW had a feeling for KSY during the lunch gathering when he gave her lots of cucumber on her lunch set just because she loves to eat. This was highlighted by KSY in the variety show. 2. HJH was very envy when he knew that both of them developed love or went courting after the HH drama ends. He wish to have someone special met in drama or anywhere else. 3. HJH displayed a very innocent and cheerful look in the variety show, like a big kid.
  5. @larus Have you watched "Let's Eat Dinner Together" by HJH and KSY's on ep 129 sub? When the host asked her how did her husband (Lee Sang Woo) react when he saw his wife kissing scene inside the elevator on TV, she said LSW was holding a cold beer got from the fridge, he was "acting cool " .....I missed Lee Sang Woo, the handsome actor. But I don't watch all his drama, except happy home where I got to know him. KSY must have done many good deeds before that she deserves a caring, down to earth and handsome husband
  6. Oh dear, you raised a valid question about the marriage in this drama. It's a wide topic to discuss. Marriage life encompass many joys and frustrations. The key point is not about two persons happily staying together after married, it's about two families. It's all surrounding the couple's two families. Talking about the kdrama, i fully agreed that the husbands are not so desirable in this drama, but it's truly reflecting what the couple and their families facing in this current society. If you may ask, is there a perfect husband or a perfect marriage, the cruel answer is NO. Not even TJ character can turn up to be a good husband, he needs to grow with MR and it takes time. The drama pointed out the family issue but the story ultimate intention is to show compromises, tolerance and understanding among their family members. It's better to have open communication to make things work. We can't take things for granted. Marriage takes two hands to work together, it requires lots of commitment, compromises and courageous and it also needs to have mutual understanding and constant communication too. Never chase for a perfect husband, find someone that is suitable for you.
  7. Yes. Agreed. That's the reason I was hoping so badly that the writer must put them back together in the same office environment , then it will make more sense for them to reconcile slowly. TJ character in the eye of the writer still remain the same : diligent, confident, stubborn and persistence. He will fly high with the help from MR. Their roadblock is from IS, always adding more salt to the wound. If there is nothing constructive to say, she should keep quiet..... well, that's Kdrama...
  8. OMG, i like the latest EP 24, i am so happy that they work together closely , while seeing each other everyday, the growing feeling for each other is unavoidable. The last part of hugging was a surprise but i like it. I hope TJ continues his daring behaviour towards MR. My only worry will be this office romance will eventually spill over to others within the department and to chairman Han. The best part that I enjoyed was the meeting with the senior executives from the subsidiaries . We could see there will be a rival to fight on the VP role in headquarter. I am sure MR wil help TJ in this arena, but may involve in office politics. Office politics isn’t something we can avoid it in senior management level. The highly political arena is where not understanding politics and being unwilling to engage with others can expect a price to pay , especially he is the heir of the Hansung Group. Let's see how MR can help him. I am more a person who like to watch business strategy applied in an organisation storyline rather than the mother and daughter conversation which can be quite tiring to watch at time. Looking forward to see next week EP showing TJ did not give up pursuing MR. Don't give up, TJ , you must overcome her thick wall, give us more sweet moment Watch below link : enjoy it https://dramafast.com/drama/mother-of-mine/
  9. After watching the sub for yesterday ep, I love the executive meeting part, the four of them had a tension created among themselves. Obviously TJ will be the one who gets torn away between the two women in the organisation going forward....and the mastermind behind is laughing all the way. If the Chairman han knows IS is the birth mum of MR, it will be more interesting to see. I want more twisted story..... He may make use of these two women to fight between themselves to achieve what he wants. Both mother and daughter had a very high pride, only until yesterday EP the mum apologised to her daughter but with an agenda to ask her quit the company because she knows chairman Han is not an easy person to deal with. He may not keep his promise. Ultimately, IS still need to redeem what she had done to her daughter so far. Hitting her own daughter in the apartment was even a wrong move. In this Kdrama, i want her to be back with TJ in the same company and working closely with him and assist him to grow the company together. Some possible chances that MR will forgive TJ on later part : 1. Life and death will easily see truth love - Both went on a business trip and met an accident, but TJ go all the way to protect her by getting himself injured badly in the accident. (may be towards the end) 2. IS or someone create a huge crisis in a company, and Chairman Han blame MR for the fault, again TJ stand up to protect MR by all means and take up the responsibility. 3. Time jump towards the end of the drama may be possible because all parties need time to heal. Generally, life and death is the only way to forgive a person who loves you deeply. When four of them are entangled, I can only see more suffering on MR side, she is building her wall getting thicker especially when she is alone with TJ. When a person went thru the state of distress or hardship, and they even need to face each other often in office, this is called mental suicide, only a strong person can handle to say sorry or to forgive someone you hate most.. Forgiveness is something that when you do it, you free yourself to move on....a very powerful word that we learn each day...and I am sure the key message to take away from this drama is crystal clear at the end.
  10. You are not alone, i felt the same when Chairman shown his lustful eyes to MR in several occasions (even the china lady WW mistakenly thought that he was interested in her) and also his sarcastic comments to IS, he is a horrible and a sly fox...but isn't it he has successfully portrayed the role well? When any audience turn into hatreage or sympathy after watching the Kdrama, they already caught the attention and won the heart from the audience. Actors should portray in that way....I am glad we have all the good actors and actresses in this drama, except TJ needs to improve his facial expression further, but i will give him sometime to improve because he is still very young in his acting career.
  11. Really? Thanks for your kind sharing Wow....Yes he is an incredible actor.....I did not watch all his previous projects. I only know him thru this drama. So now you know that I am not k-drama fever. I watched this drama because of Kim So Yeon. My current kdrama watch list is : Voice 3 , Song Joong ki "Arthdal Chronicles" (OMG, this drama got 3 seasons to chase ) and this one. But I can see you watch many kdrama, how you manage so many ...
  12. At this moment, the winner is the chairman han, a sly fox able to see thru the greed for money and power from IS and the ambitious and determination to succeed from MR. He is making use of these two women to fight against each other obviously, whoever wins will benefits the company based on his theory... He is the mastermind behind...I like the story getting interesting and the 4 characters roles entangled together in the storyline. In any Kdrama, someone must be in a villain role to make story interesting, Chairman Han played a vital role in this twisted storyline, he deserved an applause for his excellence acting (many years of experiences), whenever he laughed, his creepy look at MR and IS, his cunning words of speech will make you hate him so much. If IS is hypocrite, then Chairman is sanctimonious in the company. The writer has successfully created a wonderful and distinctive character for this chairman role and I like it. To create an imperfect person in drama is much easier than to create a perfect person.
  13. Thanks for the kind sharing @Kiara1110. My guess is correct, hurray, always expect the unexpected outcome as mentioned in my earlier post on Friday. Moreover, in Kdrama , it does not make sense for MR to go abroad so soon and not present for the few ep because the whole story are entangled with the inter-related 4 key character roles : MR, TJ, IS, and chairman Han. If one party leaves the story, there will not be having any conflict in this complex relationship, how can the story continues in the next 30 EP...all in all, it has to be aligned with the story objectives that planned out by the writer. For MR short hair new look, I personally disappointed with this new look because this hair style made her look even older than TJ (unless with some fringe on her forehead). she looks more like a teacher with her outfit...anyway because of her high position in place, so she needs to change hair style due to the change of image... Looking forward to expect the unexpected ones........
  14. Me too, i don't like, at least must first obtain my permission. I am not sure about korean culture, no privacy allowed in family drama? .......Now the passcode has made known to : TJ, SJ, her eldest and IS. She should change her passcode often It's not easy being a career woman today. MR excels in her job, a sole female director in the male dominated Hansung Executive line up. She loses her post to the Chairman’s son , TJ, someone she loves who hide the truth (nothing but the truth), and also even her bio mum did not tell her earlier, and i applause that scene when she trash it out with her hypocrite mum in the studio apartment. She had to let her know what she had done to her daughter terribly and miserably in the past and all these while... Nowaday education has allowed women to have their own jobs or find their dreams but there are limitation to where they can climb up to the corporate ladder. Those who climb further are normally single women who devote their entire life to work diligently. This is where all big MNC or big local enterprises (like LG, Hyundai, Samsung, KIA motors, just to name a few) are the go to careers for women intending to succeed in life. If she is lucky or using her "personal connection" it will get her to climb up even faster. MR and her bio mum, IS are spending their whole life devoting to their career, just that they are using different methods. kdrama is often intentionally making a mess to make audience like us, addicted and frustrated whenever storyline moves on.... I once discussed with my korean friend and he told me, some drama contents are true but some are not. As for all women characters and events in this drama, although are fictional story, some characters believed are possible happened in real life, eg. SJ and IS I have a feeling that MR will come back to work but may be much later EP, simply because she is the brand ambassador for ALL-FOR-YOU.
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