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  1. Thanks for sharing your POV. Unfortunately, we had this type of husband in the society when I was dealing with the case. Husband is a "habitual type" or "rather lazy type" or "dependent type", everything relies on his wife, never taking initiative in the family. There are few viewers commented earlier on this thread that the wife is like his caring mother, or a housemaid (?) Have you wondered what made a monster or a spoilt child become who he is now? Likewise, what made this 50s husband constantly on the receiving end and become the trash? If this "dependent type" o
  2. YEsss, my dear, your comments always so comical and I love it...........But why 10 years so long, it should be much earlier. We want her to stay happy after kicking out the husband. A thank you letter to both husband and mistress. Not just mistress. - A message saying that "A can returned with unopened but expiry" - means husband original condition but expiry....
  3. I am looking at two ends of the spectrum, men and women at different perspective. For ladies POV, yes, I fully agreed with you that 50s husband is way too selfish and keep finding reasons to cover his mistake. He enjoyed all the "fruits" that the 50s wife had been working hard for him all these years. Their relationship is not healthy and clearly imbalance. Like what @partyon mentioned before, 50s wife is the one who may be "ignorance" - forgot to convey all her needs and wants to her husband, she is the only one who gives and gives and sacrifice herself to her family, sad to say.
  4. @foreverempress - well said, I agreed with your point. I am too less interested in knowing about the mistresses. (if for fun guessing to play along, I am fine with it) , I am more keen to see how the couples handle their crisis at this point. The mistresses issues are merely the tips of the iceberg. Their encounters with the mistresses can either make the couple U-turn or make them split way.
  5. That's true, my dear friend Some drama or movies give direct and profound meaning, while some drama or movies gives vague meaning or open ending, but open up the opportunities for us to interpret. How we perceive the meaning, just like how we perceive a piece of artwork, be it a vague picture in an art gallery or vague drama story. Everyone may come out different perceptions. Sometimes the story or ending can be frustrated, but somehow it expands your thought. Example, many years ago, when i was much younger, I watched an old movie "Eye Wide Shut" acted by tom cruise and nic
  6. @ktcjdrama and @chickfactor Thanks for sharing and bringing up the writer's message. It is interesting. i hope you don't mind that I copied and paste at the bottom : I mentioned on my much earlier post that this writer had boldly brought out the topics surrounding of marriage, divorce and Infidelity that challenged our bottom line of ethics and morals as our society are shaped by social norms, cultural practices, and religious influences.. Below message covers two ends of the spectrum, they allow us to ponder, think otherwise, it will not be just based on one-sided view. It
  7. Yes. I found that the delay appearance of the mistress could be signifying the two contras images : Happiness vs suffering. That was telling the women that we all have a choice to choose our own live we want. The only reason we are happy is because we choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and so is Suffering. In normal and standard writing script, usually the climax for the ep will be somewhere on the half of the total EP, so the climax will probably show on EP 9 and 10, (unless the screenwriter put them at the final which i doubt so). Let's see if they will show u
  8. Thanks for sharing. Wow there are so many good cast and storyline coming up on 2nd half of the year. Just to add on the below list that start filming on 2nd half of the year (?) but may delay release airing (?) depend on the covid 19 situation: March Great Real Estate - by Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa Dark Hole - by Lee Joon-hyuk and Kim Ok-bin April Undercover - by Ji Jin-hee and Kim Hyun-joo Taxi Driver - by Lee Je-hoon Below drama line up - but airing schedule not in sequence Devilish Judge - by actor Ji-sung V
  9. @Sleepy Owl - LUCA only has 12 EP in total, i am sure you will catch up soon if not binge watch all the way... I am so glad you like the LUCA OST too. In fact, the marriage lyric and music OST melody - "memory"- also not bad. I am also happy to find someone who is too waiting for the Arthdal Chronicles S2, appreciate the ancient historical fantasy story I missed out voting for "Joseon Exorcist"- i will watch this when i have more time. I like the actor Jang Dong-Yoon, who acted in the "SEARCH" - i read the Plot Synopsis - quite similar to old dram
  10. thanks @Sleepy Owl and @partyon - thanks for the kind effort in putting up the quick poll for us. I like ongoing one - L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (2021) - it made me recall the world famous Frankenstein's creation story - the crazy and obsessed scientist created ML as a monster to show the world that he is a superior than the rest , but he forgot that his piece of artwork still carried human emotion and that the monster is not a purely evil being. A sad story but I love the OST so much - the music rhythm so matched well with the running pace. Must listen. pls click the video link an
  11. Agreed with most of you here that I do not wish to have S2 for this drama. There are many other interesting drama coming up soon , depending on your favorite genre : L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (2021) - ongoing Sisyphus: The Myth (2021) - air today Beyond Evil (2021) - air 19 Feb Times (2021) - air 20 Feb ‎Vincenzo (2021) - not sure Mouse (2021) - not sure Penthouse also have S2 - air 19 Feb - not my top favourite type but since already started watching, just have to continue to watch. I am waiting for S2 for Arthdal Chronicles dram
  12. The latest EP 8 shown a wise choice to display how the 40s husband repaired & resolved the relationship with his wife during bedtime which could help them understand one another’s perspectives and brought them closer together. 1. Express how he felt about his stepmom/noona by sharing a reason -his back story that he did not really share earlier with his wife - about his elder brother and his own biological mom in the past. 2. He shared his reality and validate it through his own story with emotion which he hide the secret long ago, but that actually slowed down the
  13. Today's EP is awesome, the screen time between the 50s husband and his family spent almost half of the EP. I must applaud the writer that she has given the script lines in life so real although it was hurtful. Almost every single line "hit the nail on the head", reminding every viewer to ponder on the topic of marriage, derailment and divorce. Whether the three married women in the 30s, 40s and 50s working together on the radio can regain their happiness when their love and happiness are facing a crisis of collapse will be an answer for all of us to find out. What does this scr
  14. Exactly, that bathing scene to me, his act was trying to "seduce" her. If two of them have ulterior motives, I will blame the stepson first because he "initiated" and created the unnecessary and totally forgot his "boundary". He could simply ask the maid to go with him to the bathroom should there be something happened to his stepmom, if his pure intention is "out of concern". But he didn't. If he knows how to control himself and learn to resist temptation, things will change. This brings up to the next topic to discuss : Which gender type can resist temptation the most ? man
  15. Translation can be a mistake and misleading to the viewer. But, How about their acting and the scenes shown : he is looking at her soft neck at the bathtub, looking at her well maintained fair skin while driving, indicating her "youthful look". What's the real intention given by the writer that she wanted to portray 40s husband character, is it making him either a flirting man or a caring/understanding man? @confusedheart326 I agreed with you that, he is very much aware of the seduction game. But I just feel that he needs to know and set his boundary as a son and a father
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