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  1. @Lmangla, @partyon, @Jillia @Sleepy Owl These series of interesting questions seem that open to multiple choices . Time travel has been a popular topic for science fiction for decades, it opens for our imagination and individual perspectives. "Would you time travel if it exists?" Since it is a fiction topic, yes, I would love to have time travel using time travel machine device. I could imagine myself disappear in one dimension and appear in another one just to escape when in danger or meet "monster" ---- I have this imagination thought since young days. Imagination leads us to elaborate theories, dreams and inventions in any profession arena, unfortunately it did not help me to become a scientist to invent any time machine. When I was younger, I thought it would be good to travel back to the history to change something that I wanted without considering the consequence. But there again, it will cause an adverse effect by allowing people to make mistakes since people have that mindset that they can make amendment by travelling back and that defeat the purpose. Moreover, all the consequences we made would cause a ripple effect. Thus, we should believe that everything happens for a reason. What is the most important is the post action that we care for, by travelling back to history to make amendment doesn't benefit much. TIME is a good teacher that taught us well. We learnt our past mistakes thru Time. Every single second, minute, hour tells us that time is so precious, treasure and live our life to the fullest in the current moment, spend it wisely. In this current years, time travel does not seems possible in the sense that the humans would survive with the physics that we adopt today, the field is constantly changing. Advances in quantum theories could possibly provide some deeper understanding of how to overcome time travel paradoxes. May be in our next century, time travel may happen one day, but before we reach to that day, we should live our life to the fullest at the present. I would like to end this by sharing my favourite quote below : “Time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires.” by Charles Caleb Colton. PS : for this drama "ALICE", "TIME" is the teacher who is invisible to everyone, and like what the cripple guy in the prison said before, no one seen him or her before....i think that is the key message from the writer.
  2. Apart from the drama, there are some speculations on the news that there are few "Book of Prophecy" by different authors in the past history and their prediction were quite true and scary - just to name a few : the collapse of the twin tower, 911 in USA, the coronavirus happened in 2020 and many more. (E.g. Prophecies of Nostradamus published in 1555 by Nostradamus predicted something happen in 2020) Of course how true the Prophets said in the book, it is up to the individual's belief and it will only be testified and proven in later years. That is why I believe the logic should be the book is written either on 1992 or in the history way before 1992. That's why first EP, they were here to look for the book at Dr Jang house. If it is the book written by someone in the future, then this someone must be come from the past and experience it all these years before he can write the predictions in the book. If this is true, i don't see the intelligent way of doing because it defeats the purpose of "Prophecy". I still prefer the writer's intention that highlighted on each opening statement began on every ep. (if you pay more attention on the opening statement) "Do not trust in the future, Bury the dead past, and Act in the present"
  3. @larus How are you, my dear chingu you mentioned "The Book of prophecy" was written in the future. How come Dr Jang had it in 1992? " To my understanding for the logic, "Book of Prophecy" has to be written in the past, not future, that's why the book content can predict the future. Director Seok seen it and knew that there would be more killing events happening soon that he mentioned in EP 6. Everyone from the future wants to get rid of this book. If we understand the concept of that prophecy and science are always in opposition , then it make sense that the future people want to destroy it as the prophecy hold the secret of the future. Aside from the drama, many of us are curious about the future while scencist do not believe unless they work on the hypothesis to prove it. The time travel card is one of the good examples. Science operates on the assumptions that explain natural phenomena until they prove it with evidence. We need scientists continue to explore new discovery and evaluate any occurred events. For this drama, to be frank, i am not so keen on the romance part of the storyline, i am more interested on how the writer lead us to? The last page of the book of Prophecy was torn away and held by the young FL. -There must be key secret on this last page -Who is the teacher? Dr Jang died on EP1? -What is the agenda behind for Old Detective Ko? To be frank, I prefer the Book of Prophecy to be destroyed in the end, we don't need to know too much of the future. By Not knowing too much of the future, it fosters learning of oneself and drives us to improve and explore more. The best part of the quote began in the opening statement on Ep 7 : "Do not trust in the future, Bury the dead past, and Act in the present"
  4. @tulip06 Missing - the other side, you can watch, as this drama is something different from the ordinary one.The plots are getting better as it moves on. @0ly40 "My Mister" - I cried a lot too - another masterpiece drama and deserved the best drama & grand prize award for 2018/2019 Another heartwarming dramas are: When the Camellia Blooms - won the best drama & grand prize award too This year, my personal favourite and wishlist is "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" - i hope they can win too. Not many good quality dramas hold high rating, while good rating drama that drawn immensely popular does not represent good quality drama. This is very much depending on the audience sizes, their age groups and their preferred genre. Sometimes, choosing a drama may also need to check the readers' comments. I almost missed out "My Mister" and "When the Camellia Blooms" because the poster didn't look good to me, but after reading the viewers' comments, I chose to watch them and it did not disappoint me at all, in fact, i was lucky not being missed out these good dramas. If you have more time, I would recommend anyone to watch this good quality drama called "Beautiful World" (2019), until the last EP, you would then realise who is the real culprit, very nice touching drama.
  5. The parallel universes stories became popular in Kdrama lately (although it was nothing new for mentioning 4 dimension in a movie or drama), the last one was "TRAIN". For this drama, we learnt about "Schrödinger's cat" - the thought experiment concept, I am really interested to know about it after reading some scientists explained on the theory and wonder how the writer would link this concept theory and bring the hypothesis into this drama. "Schrödinger's cat" concept - explained whether the cat in the experiment is either dead or alive can be in different outcome until we open the sealed box. I am curious to see how the story will develop further using this concept. Researcher & Director Seo holds the Book of Prophecy (he knows the future events happening) but he needs to race against the ALICE (profit-making) organisation. Now we know the son is the time traveller who may be able to amend the history if he travels back to save his mum. Alice team wish to get back the "Book of Prophecy" because it will be the "end of time travel" as per the guy who was in the prison mentioned that. Any prediction occur will imply the inference from facts or accepted laws of nature. Prophecy and science are always in the opposition. There are many unknown and loose end events still need to fill up the gap and we shall see what happen in the next few EP.
  6. @Lmangla thanks for the compliment, my dear. I am glad that you enjoyed my poetic description of writing, and not a boring type...hahaha. Every ending has it own interpretation by every individuals. To see a happy ending in this fairy tale or romance Kdrama was the joy of everyone. For this drama, It could have been a trip "in the name of family", but in the middle of their road trip, the elder brother left his younger brother to start a trip alone because he found his own value. In fact, my heart was just filled with the joy and happiness of trio along the way, but the next second was hollowed out by elder brother's departure because he choose to be independent and want to find his own happiness (he is a autistic person), it was a surprise for me but I could fully understand with the writer intention if we think deeper. To answer your question - it won't be a time leap. To me, it would be a continuity of their life journey to healing and self discovery. I hope you did not miss out this masterpiece. If you have not watched yet, highly recommended you to watch it
  7. @Lmangla Thanks for remembering me so well by tagging me again Well, my last two watched dramas just ended recently "my Graceful friends" and "It's Okay not to be okay" - i prefer the latter one as it really impacted us in real life. There are many positive life lessons that we can take away and learn from the drama. The best part was using fairy tales for each episode to share the moral of the story. I love each fairy tale given by the writer that can bring life and meaning to each ep. It is so much different from any ordinary romance Kdrama. How we define happy ending is up to the individuals and I am sure most people desire to have the plot achieve a happy resolution, simply because happy ending can instill the belief that obstacles can be overcome in the end, and we hope the pleasure can outweigh the pain and sadness from the past. The drama also implied that: Traveling together, traveling separately, traveling alone, is the only way telling us life is such that we have to accept being alone sometimes, and separation from our loved ones doesn't always mean a sad thing in life, because it signify to set them free, and let them become independent and allow them to find their own happiness.The determination and peace of mind to the three protagonists gave the whole ending a continuity and vitality. Bravo. The last ep for this drama just came with a perfect closure and meaning. This drama will stay in my heart for a very long time, at least whenever I see the three celebrities' names in future, I will always remember this drama for sure. I will vote for this drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" as the Best drama and best actor/actress and supporting actor of 2020 if there isn't any better than this for the last quarter of the year. I am currently watching the drama in September : "Alice", "Stranger 2" , "Flower of Evil" and "Missing : the other side". The rest are not in my cup of tea list. Among all the four, I like "flower of evil" at this moment because of the high intense storyline at the moment. I am waiting for the upcoming "Penthouse" and "Search" (OCN). I like thriller, suspense, mysterious and scientific storyline. Many dramas started out strong and easily hooked us in, but it went down as the story moved on, and the ending can turn out to a disappointment or sometimes certain plots can be redundant, so let's see how the current Four dramas that I watched will bring us to a good closure? I don't mind a roller coaster ride when watching a drama, but it must be ended with a meaningful ride, at least the time spent on watching is well worth it.
  8. My opinion is based on business mindset and promotion strategy come from Gold Medalist perspective. GM just founded this year and their current most experience and popularity stars are KSH and SYJ, the rest that signed with GM are still very new. For single star promotion, it would be good to promote separately. It would be a better synergy and strategy if one of the star is a brand new one and need to rely on the senior and popular star (eg. KSH) to enhance her/his popularity. I am not surprise if the staff from GM, asked whether the fan projects is for KSH OR SYJ, instead of both. The next question you may ask, why not both? If the contract that SYJ signed with GM is to bring in and increase more interesting project works including CF, then it may be part of the scope to promote her and meet fans separately. So it depends on the job scope that she signed with GM. Of course we can't ruin out some other possible reasons that GM is not putting them together to meet fans, it could be highly likely due to impacted by the 2nd wave of covid19 that they need to avoid heavy crowds. A good suggestion to them to meet fans is using virtual meeting platform online, LOL. I would think (my guess only) the most possible chance for them to meet again on TV is to have 2nd season for "Its okay to not be okay" drama. For new drama or movie, very unlikely to see them act together in a short term. That 2nd season may be happened in the nearest term only IF many locals and international fans write in to request to the writer and director. That may possibly happen in a short term period if both KSH/SYJ filming schedule are allowed.
  9. To all my dear chingu... sorry that i have to move you away from the Kdrama re-watch content as the given topic was in wide scope...LOL I think may be only less than 5% of a person's life is doomed, and everything else is decided by ourselves. When the success or failure of an event appears in front of us, we should be able to feel that it was caused by the decision of ourselves or others. Let me share with you a true story that I heard in the news, there was this couple, husband physically abused the wife and the judge ordered the husband not to come close or beat up his wife again. But when the husband released from the prison, the wife returned to his husband and continued to let him abused physically as she claimed that she still loved him deeply and she believed in karma. This love story was a tragedy. What is your thought on this case? People once said this couple are destined together, so is the wife choose to self-sacrifice herself because of her belief or she is too weak to rebel against destiny? Will she happy for the rest of her life? The answer is this is her choice and her decision, not her fate to return to her husband. When we meet crisis in our love life or marriage life, we usually fall into despair stage and claim that may be it's our fate to discover that our significant half had found someone else, and worst still, turned into a divorce in the end. Instead of self-pity, we need to do self-reflection, and accept the reality and move on to a new life, if things can't work out eventually. If we can't fight against the fate/destiny, we must learn to Face It, Accept It, Deal With It, Let It Go. These 4 stages are mark in my life motto. When come to "let it go", it is a form of setting free of ourselves. Remember I mentioned on my earlier message, it is all about our choices and decision to make on our path. People used that word of 'fate or destiny" often may be giving an excuse (because we don't have a good and valid reason to explain it, haha), so instead of clouding your mind to believe the outcome is predetermined or fated, make wise decision. If we know that the love story can bring us to a tragic outcome, do you still want to follow that route or you wish to take over and control your own destiny? Some people said destiny is just a timid peeping at the back of your life, and you are the starring actor on the stage that can control by yourself. What do you think? I would like to end with a motivation quote by someone : “Maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate. Maybe it’s just the opportunities we’re given, and what we do with them. I’m beginning to think that maybe great, epic romances don’t just happen. We have to make them ourselves.” - ― Marissa Meyer, Cress Enjoy reading my long post
  10. @Lmangla I love this thought provoking and interesting question that you raised here, i just wish to share my opinion... Fate and/or destiny are mostly appeared in Kdrama, especially in those ancient days or love-related or time travelling drama. First of all, we have to ask ourselves why we often called "fate and/or destiny" when situation occurs, this event happens is because we often meet difficult problems that we can't explain/can't analyse clearly on the situation or not sure of the unknown future, this generally happened or began since the primitive age. The bottom line is we have FEAR of those uncertainties and unexplainable events, such as unknown situation in future, reoccurring circumstances or coincidence events and thus most of the time, we put ourselves in those situation or scenario as fate and/or destiny. I read one biography story from one country leader that he didn't believe in fate and destiny, because he firmly believe in choices that he can make and alter the details and change strategies and directions that work within his control and power, even though he may not able to change the big picture or the whole world....his determination and perseverance to change and develop his country are crystal clear to us. I am a believer in fate may be because i am not as strong-will person as the country leader, but when i do more reading and thru my experience, what i do believe is we can rebel against destiny. If we constantly believe in fate and/or destiny, we will become pessimistic person whenever in choosing our love life or career or family life. When people say "they are destined together", I don't quite believe on that because both persons still have chance to change along the way if one does not upkeep the relationship, true love doesn't lie on one party only, it takes mutual effort to work hand in hand for a lasting relationship. If we think that we are pre-deterministic then the outcome cannot be changed, if we are free-will or compatibilists or e.g. like scientist, then the destiny outcome can be changed, and the answer can vary greatly depending on our beliefs, our character traits and position. People believe that fate and destiny also link up with religions which is a sensitive topic and i will not mention it as we have fans from all over the world and the different experience and perspectives may come from different walks of life. My opinion is whatever reason we choose to believe or not to believe fate and/or destiny, it is all about a lesson to learn in our life, there must be a purpose for us to learn in our lifetime.
  11. Agreed with you that she must be protected at all costs. In South Korea, women face different forms and degrees of discrimination in the family, workplace, and public space. Korean women generally not very high in social status (except a very few %), not to mention in the entertainment line. There should be more women unite to fight against the deep-rooted conservative culture in society. KSH name already has well established in long time and even his "rumor girls' friends" news shown in the past did not attract any negative news and no impact for him, while SYJ is on her rising sun stage at the moment. Any negative news will only put her more stress especially she is too young to handle that alone. Sad to say that there are still lots of korean actors/actresses committed suicide due to high stress in entertainment line. We read SYJ past interview articles and learnt that her character is kind of more reserve and kinesthetic learner who can do best while touching and moving her hands, that we can see from her hobbies selection...arts, soap making and balloon making,...... etc. Single person activity with less interaction with others. A very deep thinker and highly motivated to learn and experience in life. She wants to see the world and gain more experience, more on soul searching type....she will not tie down herself to get married so soon at least not for the next few years. My thought is both KSH and SYJ relationship is like an extended version from the drama IOTNBO. Both need to continue their own self inner healing first, as they still need to overcome their differences and their past wound. Remb KSH came from a single parent background. Once they recognise and see their own strengths and weaknesses, their relationship can grow stronger, the only challenge is their time. Marriage is never like a fairy tale ending...it is another new chapter in life, it is not merely for two persons happily married, it involves surrounding two family matters, on top of the many other factors. I personally prefer they only get married at their late 30s or early 40s (a more stable and mature age), whether they choose each other as their significant half or somebody else, we leave it to their god's will. What I do know they can be soul mate (since both are introvert types and provided they stay contact with each other continually) but I think their current priority should be career come first. Remember, we make decision at different stages in our lifetime.
  12. Credit owner : eclairsart The beautiful artwork is amazing and unbelievable. Just want to share here, which one is your favourite outfit to pick that suit your country weather? credit owner: eclairsart @denira2104 many thanks to you. Big kisses and Hug. My favourite outfits are shown above. Girls, What are yours?
  13. Yes, this is a tell tale sign when boy likes girl, or vice versa, they will use compliment words to each other very often. This will apply to anyone of us, not just the celebrities. My bf did that to me too. The "compliment" stage usually happens at the beginning and during the love relationship. But it will slowly die off when the relationship becomes stable or in a long marriage, sad to say. The flame will slowly die off when it turns into reality, as we often take things for granted. That's why in our life lesson, we always need to learn to compliment our partner very often if we want our relationship to last. Compliment makes us feel good when we receive one, and also feel acknowledged and appreciated by our partner. There's less room for resentment and negativity to grow. Look at some life examples for korean celebrity couples, they are loving couple till now..Lee sang woo and Kim so yeon, Lee bo young and Ji sung, Han Ga-in and Yeon Jung-hoon. They complimented their partners very often during the TV variety show. Compliments are multi-beneficial and is an ongoing practice for us, not just to our partner, but to our family members and friends too. I do hope KSH and SYJ maintain their strengths to make the relationship last longer.
  14. @bannaba09 @denira2104 I am very sure they have feeling for each other based on their body language including eye contact, hand gestures and their mirroring behaviour in the BTS . Boy meets girl will behave several reactions if he falls for her, teasing the girl very often, making funny reactions to draw her attention, follow and do the same behaviour as hers (we called "mirroring your partner" in a subconscious mind without knowing it - this is under the NLP technique using unconscious sign of attraction by mirroring or matching your partner's gestures or speech patterns or attitudes, KSH shown this sign of attraction in BTS ) - this usually can be found in a husband and wife behaviour or in a partner love relationship. Someone spotted the video that KSH played his finger on her hand while they were holding hands in one of the library scene. Do you think this little gesture can be happened in a friendship zone? Lol Anway, we should respect their privacy and choices, and moreover they are now in the career growth stage (both are still very young, at early 30s) , anything can happen to them in future, although i think this pair is now in a harmony and rewarding relationship, but again Right Timing is still the key element in their love life. Everything will fall into its own place when the time is right.
  15. @partyon Thanks so much for the kind invitation, unfortunately I am unable to join the re-watch thread due to my own work schedule and watching other dramas. I only got to know more about KSH after his latest drama IONTBO. I am not his long time fan but his irresistible charm and charisma traits has attracted new viewer like me begin to like him, especially after learning his upbringing background and watching his latest drama. There are few key events that had inspired me from his past - he came from a poor family, a shy person but never gave up trying to overcome his shyness. It took him numerous struggles (at least 4 attempts) before he could enter university, and later overcame his heart problem by doing extra exercises in order to become a fix and healthy person as a military soldier (he did not want to be exempted by military because of his heart problem). His determination and perseverance to succeed had inspired me alot. His words of wisdom from the bowling game when someone asked, he simply replied, "Just practice it regularly, there is no easy way out, I will only compete with myself". His words reminded me that life is a journey, not a competition. His act reminded me of someone in a hollywood movie called, "Forrest Gump" : keep on running, keep on moving, no matter how long the journey it takes, it will reach a destination. When we see KSH so successful at his young age, we never know what was his journey before, as people only look at outcome, without seeing through his struggling all these while. I am sure KSH will fly even higher with his foresighted mind (since he has already joined a new agency, GM) . He is now the highest paid artist in Korea entertainment, however, he did not stop there, he is constantly challenging himself and that will certainly bring him to achieve greater height some day. BTW, I love your profile picture. I am a long time fan of Keanu Reeves since his movie "Speed". His kindness and generous act inspired me alot too..
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