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  1. @larus What is "hot star china award"? Does it mean she got the award from China ? Actress Kim Seo-hyung's villain roles in Sky Castle, deserved this award, her acting was awesome. I just finished "Sky Castle" drama recently , completed in 2 days, highly recommended to watch, the story is realistic, relatable to our current society and its educational system. Story was truly well written and not a scene was boring.... This drama made the ending more symbolic and meaningful. Something for us to learn and reflect in life. I am glad that I did not miss out this drama. Below actress nominated for awards at this year’s ceremony. (1) Grand Excellence Award (Daesang): Yeom Jung Ah (“SKY Castle”) Kim Hae Sook (“Mother of Mine”) Both actress are excellence, but I will vote for Kim Hae Sook (Mother of Mine) (2) Best New Actress Award: Kim Ha Kyung (“Mother of Mine”) - I just noticed that MH, the youngest sister, was a rookie in this industry and this is her first drama....i was surprised she could act well as a childish girl in this drama. If there were so many "hated" her in this role, it shown that her acting was being recognised even though she was just one of the nominees.
  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion in a different light, my dear. Don't worry, my pretty chingu, each person has the every right to have different points of view especially when choosing drama to view. Everyone has set their own classification in mind. As mentioned, one drama genre may not fit in to all. I agreed that this drama has flaws and the story written is not what we expect so far, but is there any twist or climax in the end, yet to find out......but since i have chosen this drama mainly for entertaining purpose, so I don't really care in details anymore. I agreed with you it may be sad and frustrated for someone who cares alot for this pre-produced drama, but once you zoom out your view and look into different light, you can do many things to this drama : Mindset fine-tuning is one of them. No need to be too serious when watching an entertaining drama. I once disappointed with a drama story but this drama was so well received by many people , especially the lead couple may be receiving award soon. I still continue watching till the end although I don't really enjoy that drama much. But it's my choice. Some friends once told me : I don't want to invest so much time on this type of drama. Yes, the choice is ours, we can drop it halfway or continue watching, everyone's opinion and decision are different and we need to respect that. God creates disparity for human to make the world wonderful as it complement each other because of different views. In many areas, we need divergent thinking to help generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions, otherwise we will look like robot, every opinion becomes the same. Perhaps you could wait and finish all the ep first and see whether there is any twist or surprise plot in the end....yet to find out
  3. While most people are chasing after and enjoying the main lead couples, I like the villain role, that's her, Jessica Lee (played by Moon Jeong-Hee). I noticed this actress since her previous drama "Mama" (MBC / 2014). But in this drama, unlike her mama role, She played a well spoken english high corporate lady (CEO?) who is beautiful, confident, brainy, but a cunning villain role, sexy enough to seduce the minister that night... I like confident and smart women, that's why I pick her, a versatile actress who can transform herself from a motherly look (her previous drama) into this confident but cunning role. In any thriller action storyline, whether in movie or drama, I like to see who is the actor in villain role because it serves as an obstacle the hero must struggle to overcome. Typical storyline will create a contrast distinguishing heroic traits from villainous ones. As mentioned in my earlier post, this drama is similar to Jackie Chan's movies, usually come with action and comedy genre, a typical entertaining storyline, we can't expect much with the substance storyline that we prefer. I like IRIS 1st drama, i tend to compare but i stopped it because i know they are different genre. There are a variety of reasons to tell stories — to inspire, to entertain, to sell, or to educate the audience. There may be pretty complicated topic to describe to the typical audience. I can accept that most drama stories have flaws and that one drama can't fit all type of audience. I will simply sit back and relax watching the funny moment of this drama. Less expectation, less disappointment. Sometimes, life will give us surprises if we have the least expectation.
  4. Thanks for sharing but I don't understand why got to do with Jin Nam-Hee? Nam hee is the President of the company whose son is Choi Joon-Ki. Which EP that I missed out the details? Are you referring to Shin Nan-Sook, mother of Sabrina? If Sabrina is Shin Nan-Sook bio daughter during her high school days when she got pregnant, then EDJ is her step daughter , her father was a doctor before he passed away?....is there any linked to Cha Pil-Seung's grandma and Jin Nam-Hee? The story have not fully reveal the secret yet among all the characters involved in the past...but i think it will be ending soon.
  5. @katakwasabi , @lightbringer06 and @Ameera Ali Thanks for sharing the photo of the actor (Yoo Teo) , i was shocked too when comparing him in AC drama (Ragazeu). He is my fave Neanthal too. He is quite suitable in this killing role because of his swift action, same in AC drama. Thanks god, he has more screen time in this drama, unlike in AC, he died in first EP. . 1. The Stunning act in EP1 reminded me of Jackie Chan movie. 2. The dynamic storytelling reminded me of the IRIS drama, designed to adapt to social-connected multi-platform world where story can relate widely to the audience. 3. The crush of the airplane reminded me of the MH370 plane crush and went missing. The conspiracy comes with many versions and still under investigation and unknown yet. I am not sure how the story heading to, but definitely involving the politics and focuses on the conspiracy theory that revolving the NIS agents and the international spy/agents. My favorite genre of drama. i hope it goes well as we move along.
  6. Yes. Me too. I have been watching this drama because of LSW actor, his acting is cute. I seldom watched his drama except "Happy Home"...This drama genre is nothing about excitement or thriller, it's only tied us to a curiosity mode...more on secret revealing, a typical Kdrama...the only thing is why the birth mum (villain role) wanted to abandon her real daughter, what was her real reason behind....still unknown yet.....this drama can drag till EP 50 according to source. If you wish to watch thriller, suspense, crime/spy story genre, perhaps you can watch "Stranger from hell" and "Vagabond" if these two are your cup of tea . Just suggest only.
  7. There are quite a number of good drama acted by KSY. I started to "fall in love" for her was "All About Eve" - a villain role that made her become popular and widely known actress after this drama. She was very beautiful but a tragic role. I like IRIS because she was very stylish in this drama as a North Korean spy. The rest are short romance comedy if you like to watch : Princess Prosecutor, Dr. Champ , In Need of Romance 3, Falling for Innocence. Again Your choice now...choose something that suit your cup of tea and based on your schedule. Enjoy it
  8. My definition of handsome includes the look and height, his feature does not have the manly look, only boyish look and his side-view has American cartoon look. Same for the SJ's brother, has a western cartoon look, I hope someone can imagine what i am trying to describe. Talking about the 1st male lead, i came across few ones in mind (younger actor) to pair up with KSY, but eventually they chose HJH, still not a bad choice, they do have chemistry on screen. They indeed made a lovely couple on screen...
  9. @larus and @maribella I don't mind watching noona romance but the story is the key, follow by the pairing, they must have chemistry, not only outlook , but also their interaction. KSY and HJH have chemistry in this drama especially in the beginning part of the office romance. HJH is not handsome, but he has a cute face, a mischievous smiling face when looking at MR, he has an irresistible charm suitable for all age of women (SJ and IS also like him) I like KSY in this Alpha female role, with great taste in fashion and hair do, she looks even prettier in this drama. I would like her next drama in a comedy role, no more crying scene for her pls.... The best if she can be in a fashion designer role in a next comedy drama....
  10. Haha, yes they are many "Unfinished Businesses" in this drama, which unlikely happened ALL in this phase. i listed out my comment hoping that it may help the writer and his team to review our comments in this forum, as i understand from some sources that the drama editor or writer may read forum comments locally, and the regions that outside of Korea, depending on their schedule as they need to study the rating statistic for improvement. There are so many speculations on S2 coming up but nothing has been confirmed as it requires heavy $$ investment and the time schedule to arrange all 4 actors to film back again. My guess for this phase will end with a positive light, ES coming back with his troops (aka combine tribes) to Arthdal and the falling of the TG and TH kingdom. (may be time jump??) The last part TG may say to ES before escape : "I will be back" after defected by ES team !! The climax of the drama will be the 3 key roles to meet : TA (bell), ES (sword) and SY (Mirror) - let's see if this peak will show in this season or in the sequel. Counting down
  11. I applause the entire team including all the excellent actors and the writer who had done an awesome job for making this great story a success one in this phase, despite of the low rating. This drama often made me relate to those ancient roman history and Genghis Khan history that involved the selling salves between the tribes and the power struggling during those days. The storyline, the made-up costume, the special effects and the beautiful scenes made this fantasy story even more fascinating and captivating. With only left with two EP, and I know time is limited, but I really wish to see the following : 1. More on Neathals storyline development otherwise it will be a pity if the actors had been spending so much time and effort for the special make up and learning to speak the special language. This fantasy genre drives me even more curious about the Neathals blood and their strength in physical movement and swift action. 2. I understand the distinctive features of an Igutu being is its blood which runs purple, similar to how Neanthals have blue blood (literally both blood colors have different blood color from humans), but the storyline did not elaborate more in details about their character distinctive, except only the blood and their swift action. 3. ES turns into a smart leader that can unite several tribes together, it may be a time jump at the end(?). His current status is still very pure, innocent and weak, (not a skilled fighter yet) as he can only learn thru each encounter during the journey. I really hope that the writer allows him to meet a wise man, a mentor who can inspire and motivate him to achieve to a higher level. Currently, he and his Ipseng are still in exploring and struggling mode from each encounters. Lastly, the special make up and costumes for both actresses (Tanya and Taelha) were looked very elegant and beautifully dress up. The men's costumes were well fit to the roles too. Let's see how the writer can end with a big bang or leave a tail for sequel.
  12. @larus That's correct, I have only recommended the drama list of different genres and the actor names, the choice will still leave it to our pretty chingu @maribella But I will try to find time to watch your recommended "secret boutique" to see if it's good. I may watch a new drama : Love's Emergency Landing by Hyun-Bin and Son Ye Jin, another RC drama. Let's see if we meet in another forum. Lastly, your kind effort and selfless sharing in putting up your comments and pictures and news that related to this drama are highly appreciated.
  13. After this mother of mine, I would recommend some of the interesting drama (I am watching now) shown below but I am not sure if there are your favourite genres : 1. The Great Show - Romance comedy by handsome actor Song Seung Heon 2. Stranger from Hell - Scary and thriller by Lee Dong Wook. 3. Arthdale Chronicles - ending soon by next week, i know you are still struggling about the names, but it is worth spending time to watch such a great story. There may be season 2 coming. 4. Golden Garden - light hearted comedy drama by Lee Sang Woo (KSY's husband) 5. Secret Boutique - since it was recommended by @larus
  14. Thanks for sharing your post and opinion. Whatever you commented on Tagon bad character and his choices, it is what the writer's intent. Tagon is an intentional role, and a contrast role to ES, written by the writer. His intent is to magnifying how cruel, ambitious and evil he is to be a king. Using a villain role is a great storytelling tool. In a classic good versus evil story structure, the hero is motivated by the bad guys actions and this makes the story more appealing to the audience. No baby born to be evil, it is only influence by external factors including upbringing environment and his journey of learning. We don't quickly define and charge a murderer on the surface unless we try to understand and assess his initial motive and family background and other associated factors. As mentioned in my earlier post, the writer did not create a mentor for him to meet in his learning journey which I think it's his intention....I stress that it's because, everyone in our lifetime, if you ever met once, this good mentor can turn you to be a better person , a successful person, and help us to reach out to the right course of destination we want. If we refer to all the greatest heroes from the history that drawn from a wide range of eras and spheres of influence, they tend to meet some good mentors who can inspire them to grow and become who they are. That is why I mentioned earlier that the writer had done a good job in creating tagon role as a controversy one which is required in this drama. I hope you do understand my message. Cheers and have a good start of the day PS : I remb there was a youtube video shown the interview with 4 main lead actors, when asking which challenging role they wish to play the most, the answer was all of them wanted to play Tagon role.
  15. I have different opinion...Tagon is a tragic character, look at his upbringing background since young, his father trained and forced him to become who he is now. A person character growth is very much influenced by the upbringing context and the environment. He became self-inferior since young and hated his purple blood because of his dad's "selfish preaching". He became cruel and pray for power also due to his dad selfishness. A person's character and destiny will change in life if you meet a good mentor who inspires and allows you to see the hope inside yourself, but not the negative influence by his father and his accomplices. Unfortunately, he did not meet any good mentor in his journey to creating his kingdom, but only Taealha, his lover and accomplice, who has the same greed in power and politic. He has a strong leadership but use it in a wrong way. “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — by John C. Maxwell I don't hate this character, because i found him as a good representative in any of the rising hero or king in the history and later got defeated by others. In fact I like how the writer made this character developed so vividly and turn him into a strong but greed in power and became monster in killing. The writer had done a good job in making such a controversial role model for Tagon, and a contrast role to ES. I prefer to see a character role slowly changing rather than a hero role as there are so much room to play around and allow the experience actor to unleash their potential.
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