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  1. 670 @Min2206 @Wuzetian - you heard what PM announced yesterday @ 5pm. How will those hardcode employer/employees going to survive ??? What's your take ?
  2. +2 Is a mystery drama and I love how the mens cheat their wives. Oh my !... the bed-ridden chairman Give a try, I think you will like the drama. Morning @sadthe1st @Wuzetian @Min2206 @gm4queen @MayanEcho
  3. +2 Hello @Sleepy Owl @twinkle_little_star @confusedheart326 & @Min2206 again @Wuzetian good nite, sleep tight. @Ameera Ali - I am watching Lady of Dignity and I am liking it so much. Another barf drama ..... Chairman and the new live in maid Kim Hee Sun makes her husband go for tattoo his eye brow so that he wont cheat on her !
  4. +2 Seems that to make a very good yam cake, it lies soley on the yam. Outside those seller, they put in lots of flour which i find makes the dish more rubbery and you dont get to taste the cube yam. And off course must have good chilly to go with it. YES, i could not believe it when i read again with my own eyes. I might have a hard time to think what to cook, but I am sure you would have ample time to think about good names for your children during the pregnancy period. Thanks, I love t
  5. 610 @Min2206 your tuna crossiant looks yummy, I am salivating now. @Wuzetian Japanese seaweed soup for lunch today, "cepat di masak, sedap di makan" @sadthe1st is that egg white pancake ? OMG !. laugh die me. Who on earth would name their children ; HTML R Pascual Spaghetti 88 Macaroni 85 Sincerely Yours 98 Cheese Pimiento Parmesan Chees
  6. 608 how are you from the pollen allergies, hope you are recovering well. 24km in a day ?...that's alot of walking.. but is a good form of exercise. Thanks to our chingu @Ameera Ali all the gifs she posted are delicious Hope you have a wonderfully and relaxing holiday and good morning. Good Morning @sadthe1st @mirmz @MayanEcho @Wuzetian @Min2206
  7. No, you are wrong. At least we must give a little trust to men , right @Sleepy Owl @LeftCoastOppa else how we get blue diamonds and produce heirs @Min2206 MIL stomping, there's good and bad. Good - exercise parts of your legs Bad - increases your stress level
  8. +2 Which drama are you referring too... Move to Heaven or Undercover. Both are good to me. Hahaha, the wonder I can't find under Dr G . Learn some new things today. I dont think is cheap and only the rich and famous get to taste.
  9. It is likely that both your theory @partyon and @scribbledjunkie are right. Since both ME and Kim Min Ja were hostess then, during the get together drinks, Chairman who is too drunk might have one night stand with ME instead of Kim Min Ja which resulted in the birth of JY; Or perhaps Chairman did have one night stand with both ME and Kim Min Ja, but only ME gets pregnant, or both also pregnant but ME get rid Kim Min Ja son and replace with JY.
  10. +2 LOL, she is indeed funny ..I was curious to know what is the nutrients of seal penis ! Unfortunately, no result from Dr G. @Wuzetian if you can find, pls share @sadthe1st I started watching Undercover.. seems interesting.
  11. Mother Emma during her prayer,she whisper... ji-yong ah !!!....How close is ME to Ji-Yong ? Is she protecting Ji-Yong and for what reason ? HS brought up a point to SH that only JY has not being counseled by ME, why is it so ? For once, Jin-Ho feels a little happy after being acknowlege by SH for doing a great job,ie digging into JH double identity. I love how the writer makes our suspicion grow on every angle. Who killed JY ! HS, having amnesia ?... is it an act to escape being jailed for JY dead. I am confused here. Oh ! even the p
  12. +2 @Ameera Ali the peacock seems to follow those male genes from Hyowon family, having affair and came back with an egg.
  13. +2 Me.. I am longing to see my dimple oppa again.
  14. Just finished EP 1. Seems promising, will continue to watch at a slow pace. JJH is father to another abnormal child here, and he was father to Geu-ru in Move to Heaven which i have finished watching and well recommended.
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