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  1. @H0ney me too. Have not watch Faith since our last recap in year 2012. Glad @Lmangla initiate the Re-Watch and with my memory of fish I need to rewatch each episodes twice ! I fell head over heels in love again with Daejang and my hearts goes "dungun dungun" everytime his eyes does the action and talking. cr as tagged King GM and GC is treating ES like a pawn but not CY. And i just hit 3,000 posts !
  2. You are welcome dear That's the reason why we can never get enough of his dorky, hilarious and funny side of LMH. Just love him from A to Z ! Hello and Welcome ! *** HUGS *** hope you enjoy your new playground her and don't mind us if you find us a bunch of perverted Faithlings
  3. Good Morning Chingus' Thanks @partyon for tagging me and kudos to @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl for organising the event. Will cast my vote later today.
  4. Morning Chingus...my thoughts on Ep 10 Opening scene sees ES in a state of confusion where she slowly flips through the brown faded diary with numbers written and what shocked her most was her name written on the last page. With teary eyes she starts questioning herself that is not true and is only a dream. GC alarmed by ES reactions places his hands on ES shoulder determine to ask what was written on the diary. GC points to some numbers and ES says is some sort of co-ordinates location which might indicate the door back to heaven. Upon hearing ES words “heaven” GC quickly grabs away the diary. CY says to Deok-Man“if she is in danger, just pick her up and run, don’t think about fighting”. Mischeivous Deok Man asked “then can I piggy her back … I will be touching her here….which resulted in Deok Man getting a kick from CY… ( poor Deok Man, first was the head , now the leg) Before GC arrive,frightened ES tries to look calm by practicing her smile and ask Deok Man if she looks relaxed (lady, what an ackward and fake smile !... be your natural self ) and woodalchi Deok Man replies..you look prettttttttty ! GC notice ES shaky out stretch hand and assure her that she need not be afraid of him. In GC mind, ES is an asset to him and oneway ticket to heaven. CY walk straight to ES and says “Do you know the King takes so much effort to take you out from GC residence? “ , ES replied…is all useless. Angry ES interrupted saying she is doing fine staying in GC residence. Why must she being charge for committing treason and playing jokes around with ppl lifes. CY responds, “is that so” and starts the leave but stop halway when ES starts to apologize. I'm sorry that I made you to kill young prince,sorry for stabbing you, but thank you for surviving, and I am very thank full for protecting me all this while. CY sit face to face with ES and asked “what is it” , ES reply …. With immediate effect, I will do things my own way and find my way back home. CY raises his voice “do what”.. ES says .. I know how to handle GC. Worried CY asked, so did you promised him..ES says she can cook up some story which GC might not even know if its true or false. CY sigh and said “Imja !....(wait…. did I hear correctly…CY calling ES ..Imja ?) I love this scene. ES stand up slowly bows her head goodbye. This is basically ES breaking up with him. The "break-up" was obviously one sided, but CY respected her enough not to say anything back to her. A headstrong woman that she is, he knows that the more he says something, the more difficult she'd be. He knew better than to argue with her. Speechless, angry, frustrated, he walked away and snarled at Deok instead, threatening the poor guy's life should he fail to guard ES again. For ES, I could clearly see that it DID pain her that she had to initiate this "break-up". However, at the same time, she was also relieved . Why? Because in a way, she released him from his "duty" of having to keep his promise to send her back home. (Comments: Is so hard for CY to hold his feelings. Every time she says something that touches his heart, he brings his gaze down and swallows to keep from opening his mouth and saying something that may reveal his feelings. When she apologized to him, you can tell he was secretly pleased but didn't want to show it. Superb acting LMH ! ) After hearing those gruesome & cruelty stories from his aunt LC, CY closes his eyes, worried. CY sigh further when LC says there’s no way CY can hide or runaway with ES cause GC power span from Goryeo to China. GM & JB watches as ES did a follow-up check on NG’s scar. ES says the wound heals well and advises JB to make some good tonic as nourishment for NG. When LC mentioned the boy name as “Lee Sung Gye”, ES could not believe her ears and asked again “what did you say the boy name was” ES in shocked ,walks out slowly and question JB the fact that if she hadn't come into this period of time, the Queen would have died without her surgery skills, the former king would not have died from poison but from cancer and that LSG would have died. ES comes to realize that she has been rewriting history since the day she arrived Goryeo.. Will she carry on to save the people around her or will she leave them to die. When she saved NG she had no idea who and how important she was in history. The same has happened with LSG, she had no clue who he was...if she would have known who he was, would she have saved him? I can imagine the amount of shock she must have felt . She just saved the life of a person who would in the future take CY's life. And that's why she couldn't shut up when CY told her to. Yes, she needs to stop bringing up future talk because not only is she endangering her life but along with the people around her. CY recognizes the implications too late and therefore, fails to warn her about shutting her mouth beforehand. So I wasn't surprised she kicked CY in the butt. She wants desperately to live (her life can be assured as soon as she returns home and she's finally found a way through that diary) but in the Goryeo world she now inhabits, the chances of her dying are higher than that of living. King GM orders CY to draw his sword away. Angry GM growls at GC, “I am tired with your games, what do you want from me and why are you doing this to me ?” LOL, can see GM saliva spitting out ! Last scene sees ES starts throwing up after witnessing those merciless villains killings the innocent without hesitation. And ES was asked to choose among the 3 whom she treasured most;The Queen, JB or General Choi Young. Why GC choose the queen, JB, and CY? why not the king, queen and CY? ** THE END **
  5. Clumsy Daejang bid chingus' happy weekend See you guys next week for Ep 10.
  6. Hello Professor V How have you been... .yes,... we named him "Noodles".. 8 years ago
  7. Is gross seeing the "gay" feeding Daejang garlic with his fingers !
  8. Good Morning.. yay !... is Friday BTS from previous episodes... cr as tagged
  9. Episode 9 This episode sees a new CY, a person who’s alive and fighting and out goes the sleeping dying CY. His changed of cloths from Yuan Dynasty to Goryeo Dynasty and new hairstyle compliments his clear cut features and charismatic charm together with a band on his head looks perfect on him. The scene when Woodalchi's see their general again, shouting for joy DaeJang! (general)..and DM is with CY, they're like brothers. It's more funnier whenever CY smack him on the head, then he acts so innocent. I like the 'chess' moves between the King GM, CY and LC. Only problem is that ES is the prize that gets moved back and forth. But, I'm so glad that she is sharp enough to know that she holds the trump card, in regards to GC, because she knows the future in which he is interested. The court lady, LC, called CY to a quiet place and suddenly confronted him with the words, "Don′t you dare even dream of it. She′s not a person you can have your nonsensical feelings for." CY smiled and asked why, to which LC answered, "GC is out to get her. You shouldn′t be loving such a woman." She then warned, "GC can have anything in the world he wants, since he just destroys what he can′t have. If you want to save the doctor, don′t even look at her, don′t call her name and don′t think about her." CY interrupted LC, by saying nonchalantly, "Let′s just do this whichever way. It′s not like that. I just brought her here, and I promised her I would take her back." It's funny how ES tries to act tough and put up a brave front when she confronts GC about harming CY by putting her leg on the table, only to fall off it awkwardly. And the way a shocked GC rushes to help her as if it's the most natural thing in the world to do.... urgh!!! And ES is so protective of CY that she gave a warning to GC , "See if you dare to touch him recklessly I'll wager the heaven name and see that you pay. This is what a threat is" The scene when CY when to GC house to collect back his word, instead of worrying about her safety and using CY to get her out of GC's clutches, our plucky ES lies to him that she's well because she doesn't want to put him in danger again and he totally sees through her and probably loves her even more for it. She didn't even want CY to fight (shed blood) for her to get her out of GC's place. After all, GC main target is ES and he seems to believe he can achieve his goals with her beside him. When ES touch CY sleeve and he swallow, was so moving and he’s just in denial stage. After the meeting with ES, CY tries hard to recall his former love's features, only to realize that he can no longer recall them. It's like he's trying to deny himself of his feelings for ES but fails. Love it when DM is so in tuned with CY's feelings that he finds it hard to broach the subject of meeting ES for the first few minutes or so. It's like he knows CY gets edgy whenever ES's mentioned... and his childish whining later when CY enters the house and asks him to leave... DM is totally like a little kid at times. Had Eun Soo been more observant, she would have realized CY is totally wearing his heart on his sleeve, everyone who knows him well enough could just see it. His aunt LC sees ti, Dr Jang Bin sees it, all the wooldalchi sees it, heck even the King sees it ! How he stops in his tracks when DM mentions ES and pays full attention to what DM has to say about her... his subtle happiness when she professes her understanding of his killing the former King... how he always keeps his eyes on her when she's talking to him... how his eyes fall on her first even with a lot of people around. The fight scenes between the gay samurai and CY lacked the punch but at the end he stripped me of my breath. Did he have a preference for men? I was thinking GC might have Parkinson's disease, from the trembling of his hands. That would partly explain his desperate desire to get hold of ES since doctors of that time (Yuan Dynasty) know nothing much about the disease, much less cure it fully. That mind game in the court sure shook ES to the core. She was so terrified being dragged away, after sentenced to "treason," by none other than the King! Poor girl thought it was real to boot but in actual fact is to save her from GC clutch ! And she knows what a sentence for this crime involves: body tied to a pole while flesh would be cut off one piece after another *shiver* And what did she do? Nothing wrong. She's been doing just what she's told to do, besides staying honest, trying her best to help people. She's done nothing wrong to be punished at all. What an emotional wreck she went through. But I can't really blame her for believing she was accused or for the way she behaved afterwards. Since day one she has been tossed around from one person to the next. CY kidnaps ES from the future to save the Queen later on GM gives ES to GC for her own good, than she's back to GM only this time being accused of treason. She's been's so dependent on CY which is the reason why they keep passing her around and she isn't able to do things her own way and than there's KC who does nothing but lock her up.Imagine the amount of fear ES must have felt when she was being dragged away for committing treason how much it must have hurt her pride to be called a criminal when all she's been doing is saving life's. So to me her anger is justified she is human after this isn't her world she's not aware of how things work in Goryeo. Poor CY got kicked on the shins, on second try, ES slip and fell on CY arms. CY expression was out pouring with sadness while showing some flashbacks since he kidnapped her from the future, their happy moments together until now that she hates him. I loved KHS acting in today's episode the way how she came in JB's arms, you could see how much the situation weighs on her. And poor CY, he knows she doesn't belong in his time, too, he is falling in love again and finally letting go of his past love and heartbreak only for him to be in a one sided love with a woman from another dimension. CY must have be very heartbroken to realize that his attempt at saving ES only serves to drive her into another man's arms. The last scene sees ES fell in a confusion state after finding her name written on Hwata’s relic.
  10. 410 I am good, thanks for asking. Lurking and de-lurking at work
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