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  1. Finished watching Shady Mum...hmmmm no exactly what i predicted, however everyone has their share of happiness. However, accidentally I found Lee Seo Jin - dimple man I marathon watching Marriage Contract, oh my !.....he really can shed tears Such a good looking middle age Oppa Am watching Wonderful Days now . Any comments ?
  2. I wish for a happy ending. ES and Jenny back together, MS and KI in real relationship , SA and DJ welcome a new baby boy ! Well, for evil shady mum....not to mentioned. Leave to hands of GOD
  3. I marathon till episode 99 last night True, that ES character is lame, his acting is not to par. Sorry if i offended anyone out there. Is just my opinion. I kinda like MS more as the episodes moved on. No doubt he has lots of suspense and weird thinking at times, he has a kind soul. He wants to place everything back on track for Jenny. As mentioned before, he still longs and like to know how it feels to have a mother who can shower love and care. MS has given Shady mum lots of opportunities, however his effort all goes down the drain ! That is why MS visits Ji Hwa often on the pretext of having meals at her restaurant. As for Jenny, is shocked to see all those bruises on her body and hope she is STRONG to fight against Shady mum the coming episodes where she will not hesitate to reveal all the truth about her childhood life, upbringing and bad deeds doned by Shady mum . The reason why Shady mum refused to let go of Jenny (when MS offered Shady mum to leave Korea) is because she is so dependant on Jenny for the past 25 years, especially when comes to money. Shady mum do not want to go back 25 years back where they have to pickpocket to survive or goes to hiding.
  4. MS longing for motherly love and never hates shady mum knowing her evil side. MS never gives up and hopes shady mum accept him as her adopted son.
  5. Hi, I am new here. Do you mind to share with me the link where i can watch ? I am from Malaysia. Thank you.
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