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  1. 434 Hi @MayanEcho @pompyavi @Sleepy Owl @Min2206 @4evrkdrama @sadthe1st having Teochew porridge for lunch today . @pompyavi I have not watch Sisyphus Ep 3....will pen my thoughts later.
  2. +2 Spend more bonding time with mom if time permits.
  3. 448 Good Morning @sadthe1st I was trying to watch Vincenzo ep 2 last night,stopped at mark 20 mins. No motivation to continue and I hop over to watched LUCA Ep 8. @mirmz if you are lurking, good morning. Nope, since I need only 1 pc, so I bought. Well, they are a happy love birds now just for a short period.
  4. Ep 8 Finally, GR makes the move to kiss Z-O & go to bed and love is in the air. Ten months later with the arrival of little baby Z-O, both were happy parents and thank God the baby is normal. But, yet to see the baby abilities when she grows up. In the labour room, I was curious why Z-O hands starts to emit electricity and he could not hold his new born. Z-O who is a happy father was looking forward to build a happy family was short lived when both GR and baby got abducted by Lee Son. In order to lure GR out, Captain revealed the news abou
  5. 456 @Ernie hello @mirmz hi @Min2206 nope, not hungry. Ever since CNY, trying to take light dinner cause I sleep very early. @sadthe1stjust finished LUCA, yup FL has got little baby Z-O.
  6. +2 Having 1 roll of popiah for dinner.
  7. 466 @4evrkdrama It's important the drama has best cut, story is not choppy to certain extend and and the finale is good. So, how many episodes does not matter to me. I think you are not the only ones who can't finish Mr Queen, I do have friends who dropped half way. Until today, I am still stucked at Ep 6 of Sweet Home...no motivation to continue. I have 2 dramas which has 100's over episodes...dare not start, put on hold.
  8. I love fish especially Salmon, either steam or grill and top with teriyaki sauce. Your next visit to any Korean Restaurant, try the pollack soup. You will like it.
  9. When you eat out, the waiter will normally re-fill the hotpot with broth, at home you cannot afford to boil so much broth. Instead, i fill the hotpot with fresh coconut water if the broth level reduces. @Lmangla Pollack is a type of fish , and when I do have my craving, I will visit one of the Korean Restaurant. They are mostly served as soup based. I don't see them selling at our local wet market. @Min2206 you see any near your place ?
  10. 460 @Min2206 yes...Checking on figures... eyes so tired. Finally settled
  11. The Mojito drinks definitely good after eating those yummy foods being served at the potluck. @MayanEcho Pomegranate juice or a fruite by itself are a little expensive here but cheap in Thailand. @Min2206 aiya, how can we forget coconut water, is best for tummy and refreshing direct from the fruit. And, I cook hotpot using coconut water to get the sweetness. @MayanEcho sugarcane has its natural sweetness, but one has to be carefull if getting from side road vendors. Me & hub had a very bad experience during out last trip to Cambo
  12. @Min2206 Just back from lunch and I had bitter gourd fried with egg. What a co-incidence ! @MayanEcho yes, I love persimmons too.. esp those from Korea. They are sweet and juicy. @kdramagrandma Petai is good for health, love to eat raw or with sambal belachan.
  13. No, is never too .. You are welcome to the potluck. @Lmangla before we wrapped up the Potluck party, here's Classic Cuban Mojito Drinks for everyone. @Abs_ triggered @booha @dr25 @Ernie @4evrkdrama @elan1 @gtLmh0622 @iksunijini5 @Jillia @kokodus @Min2206 @mirmz @partyon @pompyavi @sadthe1st @MayanEcho @twinkle_little_star @CarolynH @chococarmela @kdramagrandma and everyone whom I missed to tag.
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