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  1. This is more like it. And now that he's trying to promote the movie only he realised it's private? Haha. Nah, just kidding. But I can imagine him being this cute careless. These 2 forums are making me confused. I keep making the same mistake commenting in the other movie forum.
  2. I meant I prefer these 2 lol. But I took a 2nd look to make sure it's JH in the most recent one haha, I agree it's kind of feminine. The knife-to-the-eye poster was too dark and that photo doesn't really look like JH to me. Think the teasers revealed too much, that's why some people think the story was predictable. But anyway, so happy to read all the good reviews. Hopefully we'll get to see it soon with subs.
  3. I like this one too, but they should hv kept some of the messy hair out of his face, too much grease and mess.
  4. Oh dear, I was panting to catch my breath watching the trailer! With all these trailers released, I've raised my hope high, pls don't disappoint me. Haha.
  5. It seems like all the photos and promo videos were taken/recorded on the same day with a change of attires lol. With his current 90s long fringe hairstyle, would they give him a sleek brushed up style for a Noir film? Never liked CTH. His jokes on JH are too much over the top. But is he only behaving that way to hyukie? I've never seen him in other shows actually.
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