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  1. Yeah, the love scene looked very uncomfortable too, for JH, I didn't pay much attention to LDH so didn't really notice. So I hope he won't do another drama with LDH, she really did quite badly in Chuno and even worse in Iris2, imo. I haven't seen her in other dramas so I duno if it is fair to judge her from only 3 dramas she did with JH.
  2. Ahh this photo again. When I first saw this scene, I didn't notice anything wrong with their kiss except that LDH was just doing a bad job here. Only after I read all the hype of him eating her mouth/jaw that I went back to rewatch this kiss in particular. I still think this is just bad angle, no big deal. And I don't like LDH in Iris2, prefer her in Chuno and Robbers although she was bashed for her role in Chuno.
  3. Rewatching FTLY currently, yes again! I'm getting a little bored with his variety show although it is still better than not seeing him at all. Any news of new drama at all? Oh, on a happier note, after many months of not seeing LG, I think our hyukie has grown more handsome now. They r a riot hahaha
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