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  1. Yayyy such a happy day ! how cute is he , such a big baby... and this !! him in that reading glass I almost fainted..Super sexy
  2. No news...it’s already May . TKEM was announced on the 7th of May... our chances are getting slimmer day by day...
  3. Hooray our boy just updated his IG !! he seems to be having a good time up in the snow ! A well deserved break .
  4. yes so so powerful and effortless. It’s GLOBAL ambassador for LV that’s no joke ! I like how he always quietly surprise us with news! But...when can we expect casting news pls....*pray pray * Translation Louis Vuitton Watch & Jewelry First Global Ambassador Actor Lee Min-ho was selected as the first global ambassador of the world's luxury brand Louis Vuitton Watch & Jewelry, and are drawing attention. On the 9th, Louis Vuitton announced a welcome meeting with Lee Min-ho, and released the official image
  5. I can stare at this photo everyday......that gaze is to die for. Link to Korea 200 campaign for those who missed it. this was published yesterday by korean film council. https://theactorispresent.kr/lee-minho/ "Lee Minho’s charms and efforts have kept his top position for more than a decade in the entertainment market, where stars change fast"
  6. Woooooww Hello Hansu ! So manly and sexy Is the hairstyle similar to SBS awards hairstyle? Was he hinting us
  7. 5 mins he was so near to you !! I hope you get lucky again he can’t live without his Korean food & meat chances are he can spotted in a good Korean restaurant haha.
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