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  1. So happy for you @gpicris you must be over the moon now......Tell us more about your experience
  2. Looks like he’s leaving for CN tonight. I think it’s an old airport pic she probably not allowed to use real pic @Nikaa94 wake up !!
  3. I think he meant just the FaceTime recording, the one he first posted on his IG. Found Some translation :
  4. I can’t believe it too , we finally get to hear him sing ... it’s been so long !... His voice is beautiful ... the ending part was super funny Min ! I’ve replayed so many times can’t stop laughing. They are just too cute
  5. Looks like jung eun chae has just arrived in Canada...she posted on her IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CLTN33epap7/?igshid=x3m7bt38mykq Hope Lee Min Ho would confirm his arrival too
  6. poor thing, he edited thousand times he said. That explains why he was missing in action for a while @Missprincesa wow it’s amazing you manage to capture all that screenshots !! Impressive !!
  7. super awesome he did such a great job! So naturally shot...Feels like we are watching a short film! LSG sang so well.
  8. Yes at least 15 mins long pls.... It’s funny how his YT live chat is already so busy and flooded with comments haha
  9. LMH x LSG Final episode is premiering at 8:30pm kst tonight !!! @Nikaa94 are you still awake ?
  10. omg so handsome...loving the orange shirt and i want to cuddle him badly. I think they will sell out very soon ! isn't he full of surprises ? we guessed a few times if he be would be spokesperson for Berluti....Fendi.....etc...but he ended up choosing a local brand. I salute his choice of endorsements , so unique and down to earth, and affordable for most of his fans. so not used to seeing the mini wiggle.
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