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  1. haha there’s a fair chance ! Imagine him flaunting his hair in the ads...
  2. I’m here @Nikaa94 decided to sleep in this morning was a bit down since the cycling theory didn’t really work yesterday haha ! And now he blessed us with another update lol He is so damn cheeky I wanna pinch his cheek ! maybe he’s meeting with a writer to discuss the work... looks like an office setting there, maybe a blank page means he gets to decide on any stories or scripts that he wants... could he be telling us something... I’m going to stop speculating from now. Driving us crazy
  3. I think we need another cosmo interview? Lol but that topic on the left though...oh! My Vjj
  4. Yes He did! After LOBS he did an interview and grazed the 200th cosmopolitan cover! I remembered reading he was the only male celebrity appear on the cover alone.
  5. haha I meant the last he went cycling (Europe) then TKEM was announced the next day. I am just hoping the repeats the same thing. I think we have all gone crazy speculating... really donno what’s inside his head... ———————— I am reading through his IG comments after so many hours, and still 90% comments were about him and ... haha I can’t !
  6. The last time he went cycling we were blessed with news of The King the next day He’s proly riding for some fresh air again and thinking how to break the good news to his Minoz...
  7. I think you’re a perfectly normal human being ! His shadow is making me NOT wanting to work today... I just wanna ride along in his imaginative romance...hmm is that a right word.
  8. Just lurked for a while, I’m really impressed with the dispatch team, there’s a map wow.
  9. haha even his shadow is HOT is there anything he is not HOT lol...
  10. yayyy finally ! so happy i get to wake up to the long awaited notification... i just had to take a screen capture...god knows when he will post again . he's truly a night owl, what is he doing in the middle of the night...and the comments on his IG.. hahah people has gone wild with the significance of his posting date ... is he riding to see sunrise with someone ?
  11. sorry I don’t remember anything half the time in the rewatch I’m only admiring his hair..his eyes....(his eyes balls to be exact) ..his macho hair ... his complexion he’s really testing our patience right but it’s only just been a week since his last update it already feels like years. ... seems like he’s gone into that hibernation mode again... u know that period before the starts to TKEM filming we had a long blank period.. hopefully something ‘hot’ is brewing in the background , maybe he is practicing and exercising and building his stamina for his next project ... oh boy, you better post a clear picture of yourself by tomorrow and announce your next project like ..... soon.... !
  12. Lol that was me asking flixpatrol ....i’m surprised they actually replied to my tweet lol...good to know, hopefully they will add these countries soon. The tweets from Nigerian fans are so funny they call LMH the ‘spiritual husband’ and Nigeria’s ‘first son in law’
  13. Our boy just hit 17.3m followers... another 100K in 13 hours. Say what you want haters...
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