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  1. aww. I dont wanna say long things as matters close to heart are always hard. In life all people couldnt be winners as all has to pay & sacrifice for the things they have or want. I am just love Nam Joo Hyuk's acting. Poor boy had to cry so much during last 2 episodes.
  2. Yes this. I have one of my own Do San who is a programmer (happily married for 15 years). Very much like him. Guys like Do San who are honest, earnest, hardworking and kind man are just key to happy life.
  3. i am loving Do San to pieces like i loved Han Yi An in school 2015. Innocent & kind Do San is way better than HJP for me. I wouldnt call Do San sly just because he pursued for his love like he means it. I love men like that versus calculative & coward man. I love HJP because of his orphaned childhood and Nam Da Reum slayed that childhood. Grown version is rather arrogant and fans of Seon Ho are really bugging me like fans of Yook Seung Jae' fans once did. Very immature. i am swooning over Nam Joo Hyuk. That close shot of his face, the body rocks all the suits & that amazing kiss sc
  4. I love Nam Do San. I love HJP becoz Nam Da Reum nailed the child version. Watching along.
  5. Finally finished. Well a little sad but reasonable ending. I take 2 endings from this. 3 years down the road, they will get together. Or they will lead their own life with keeping each other in the heart forever.
  6. aww Kuanlin so beautiful always. When is it coming? I loved him since A little thing called first love.
  7. Ha Seok Jin was definitely hotter one in this drama and hoping for better roles next time too...
  8. It is not a normal story and they had very short marriage & no kids. I wouldnt deny Hwan & YeJi by now. Becoz of people' gossip, they shouldnt suffer for a lifetime. Excited for today's finale.
  9. i dont need any proof that she loves Hwan. I saw from their initial contacts where they are attracted to each other. When Hwan tried to kiss Yeji in Jeju, in a split second there was desire in her eyes too, but she quickly come to her senses and rejected him. Reason she didnt reply for Hwan's emails or angered for daring him to kiss wasnt 100 percent because of Hwan but because she realized in her heart she loved Hwan. But she knew it is wrong given he is her brother-in-law. Later she always talks about Hwan to Jin somehow, the moment she stopped when Hwan said he will date other girls & c
  10. About time she should accept who she loves. Only 3 more episodes to finish right? Jin is annoying. He should let go of Ye Ji and go on his merry way. He doesnt seem to love Ye Ji that much anyway.
  11. When Hwan said he will date other girls and even could marry if she needs. She stopped and knew in heart she doesnt want him to date other girls. But she is stubborn and doesnt listen to her heart. If Hwan ends up with Amber, he will be unhappy.
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