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  1. Drama reminds me of Tree of Heaven & Autumn my heart. i see no problem with Ye Ji loving Hwan. Actually she started liking Hwan first & flirted with him way too much but he was a school boy and adult brother showed strong support and stability than school boy can offer. She chose big brother over her feelings which she almost didnt know it is there but it is hidden there. Life is like that. Sometimes you make choice and stay true to it. Now Jin is missing almost 7 years. It was 3 years till Hwan tried to kiss Ye Ji. Since then another 3 years have passed. Now after those long years, they are just legally bound in marriage by now. Drama is getting interesting. Hope it has a good & resonable ending like Giant where Hwang Jung Eum follow her heart to love her man who was enemy's son than staying by her brother's side.
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