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  1. i want to comment that Kim So Hyun's acting is superb since she was young. It is just she has amazing chemistry with some actors and hasnt with some actors.
  2. aww. Such endearing first 2 episodes and they have amazing chemistry together. It is gonna be happiness to watch them together. Finally a good drama for Kim So Hyun & Ji Soo.
  3. Just finished. Very solid last episode. I was happy during True Beauty's run and nice quality drama.
  4. ouch milking seo jun's love story so much... i want jukyung- suho to have lovely moments and jukyung- soojin to reconcile. anyway reason why suho broke up with Jukyung is reasonable and poor boy's father has been bedridden for whole 2 years...
  5. Reminds me a scene from A little thing called first love with Lai Kuanlin. His character sent his gf alone to abroad for her studies and they broke up and havent called each other once. When she returns, she rejected him becoz in her heart, she is afraid she is gonna be broken hearted again if she accepts him. But he was waiting for her whole time and wanted her to focus on her studies and when she comes back, he cant contain himself any longer and he pretended that he is hurt, she comes running to him and he confesses sincerely and they are together. I think similiar story will happen here.
  6. I think Ju Kyung imagined SJ as SH in the last scene becoz she was drunk. I love friendship between SH&SJ and SJ&JK. So SJ&JK dating while SH away is big no no. It is gonna break all things and everybody loses everybody. So i am sure JK was a dear friend to SJ and waited for SH during this 2 years. Hope SJ is a popular idol with girls lining up for him. Not everybody's first love comes true and in the long run its all beautiful memories to cherish.
  7. aww drama keep being strong & nice. Suho is being the best bf. I am happy during Wednesday& Thursday becoz i can watch this gem. Seo Jun needs to confess and get closure i think. That might fuel Suho's jealousiness. But i hope they wont separate over such small things. By now Suho should laugh over this small issue. Hoping for one last nice kiss scene to their perfect ending.
  8. Another great episode. My heart hurts for Ju Kyung. South Koreans are too into faces and my friend who studied there for few years told me that if you arent beautiful, you are nothing there. Seems room full of bullies in the classroom, i hope not. Soo Jin girl, if guy isnt into you, he isnt in to you. For high school dramas, they have amazing kiss scenes, just right amount. Love it.
  9. I am enjoyin every episode and thank goodness for quality drama which is rare lately. Beautiful kiss scene. Hope Ju Kyung wont be so hurt again by bullies.
  10. Drama is so good. That overdramatic parts are just good& just as they are teenagers and overything is hard on them as they navigate love, school & life. I am just as worried as the blogger for Suho& Ju Kyung. This drama is one to watch reruns. Definitely quality drama.
  11. Loved the kiss. Cha Eun Woo is #true beauty. Both male leads are really eye candies and female lead is cute& funny& innocent. Loving this drama.
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