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  1. Ahaahahah u know me well Ah memories.. I wonder if Hyunjin got the binder @angel2013made with our letters we never got an update on that from Jump..
  2. I would never!!! It just comes natural since I love both individually. He’s not on top of my list either but like @Supergal 2016 said, blame tvN My first instinct is GIVE ME DRAMA NOW!!! (Also helps that I think they’d get along lol)
  3. I don’t follow ideal related stuff on Twitter that’s why I haven’t seen it I guess? ooh my god that poster is FLAWLESS See? I’m not alone. People find these two visually pleasing even when they don’t have anything together there’s fics going around. Kdrama gods will hear me one day... I’m disappointed the ff isn’t in English tho. I wanted to give it a chance
  4. I just stopped by to drop the trans but you beat me to it ahhahaha thank you next week is the last week of the first term I had tons of work lol @hola2jin Hyunjin would make a good psychologist she has a calming voice now dropping the Kim SeonhoxSeoHyunjin mashups I found on YT. I'm glad I wasn't alone in my thinking https://youtu.be/9oCMZoFFyOI this one isn’t allowed to embed idk why
  5. This video showed up on my recommendations last night. Even her random fan cams are like a drama
  6. Omg that’s perfect age gap Omg I miss Barley Couple I still watch the RDTK BTS from time to time they were so cute omg LMK too??? Koreans shipped it a lot but I think it was just one sided
  7. Dropping by because my fellow hyunjinnies told me to I’m so excited @shjfan23 @Supergal 2016 @hola2jin @inspiredbyshj @samaf @LifesLikeThat @Fabbo i just know I forgot someone I’m sorry lol
  8. I TOLD U!!!! He sounds like a musical actor to me. The video of him singing is from AWGT too!! I forgot he sang there (y’all should watch the movie if you haven’t) Thank goodness now stuff makes more sense.. Apartment dramas are in rn I guess. A little bit of mystery I love Are u *ahem* shipping rn??? This early ???? might join in later... maybe
  9. Yes their voice does fit well too!! At least in my imagination so far. We’ll see Omg I’m so happy for them. I didn’t ship them bcs SYJ doesn’t do that kinda stuff. I’m expecting them to get married tbh “. They look good together I mean.. I feel like our queen isn’t dating rn.. but I hope I’m wrong Either way, We won’t know until she’s ready to settle down with someone I think She’s very good at ninja stuff Wait was that source dispatch??? I thought it was just an article that blew up?? That’s how I remember it @hola2jin omg thank you for sharing this
  10. Omg I’ve seen him before.I feel like I’ve seen him in a drama with Kim Jaewook before and he was in Along with the Gods !!! He has a nice voice I’m still confused tho. YAMS synopsis is still too vague I hope it’s gonna be good
  11. I kind of though it would bore you since she’s not around at all for like 18? episodes. Im glad you love it as much as everyone else Omg your power @Supergal 2016 I could never stop binge watching... Teach me your ways masternim So Hyunjinnies tweet count in 2020 is 2.. 2... I’m just gonna wake up from my Instagram account dream I love the camping chair omg so thoughtful.. what if she starts camping more and she goes ninja ???? Yea I found it was weird too. I think Soompi is deleting old inactive accounts. That’s why. If you check the followers mo
  12. I’d love that but they wouldn’t look the part professor-student together. Another time I hope they do something together tho I just want him to start playing as a lead already I haven’t watched start up yet but I know the obvious ending already Yes looks like she accepted it. I don’t know what SOOP is doing tbh
  13. Hi Hyunjinnies!! My computer broke on me 2 weeks ago. Couldn’t handle Zoom for 18 hours a week I guess. I forgot my password AND email for soompi I couldn’t log in here.. @hola2jinomg I love Kim Seonho sm. I’m currently rewatching 100 DMP my heart breaks for him. Gonna watch the new one next week (it’s not on Netflix yet) They look good together too. She looks good with everyone tho so no surprise there Omg 2 dramas next year !!!! I thought we’d get to watch You’re my spring first bcs we heard about Oh Sujae after YMS.. The timing of the articles are so funny
  14. Hmmm... I must say it’s definitely an upgrade from the other candidate (at least for me idk what y’all think??? ) I haven’t seen Chocolate but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him in Greatest Love. He was a doctor there too. I only remember he had glasses there and looked every bit the second lead Don’t worry too much. He can’t be that bad he has a blue dragon award and a baeksang This is like our queen’s 5th or 6th time??? playing with an idol turned actor??? He is a former g.o.d member. I’m sure our queen is gonna hard carry the show and make sparks fly for us She can a
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