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  1. maybe she gets killed off early on the drama or something? then again she' s one of the main leads i dont know how that'd work
  2. I was so shocked seeing her face on a mnet video a pleasant surprise Another Oh Haeyoung's musical is open for auditions. it will start around spring I think.
  3. Its not the anniversary of KBS. it's a national thing I'm sure. All broadcasting stations made a drama for the anniversary. her voice seemed weird to me too. I hope she's taking care of herself and isn't terribly sick. I love her long hair but of the role calls for it it's fine. Didn't expect it to be that short tho
  4. Sept 13??? idk why this date is so important. was something supposed to happen I'm confused... according to my drama list (I know it's not the best source out there but naver have me NOTHING ) The Allies is supposed to start on Dec 31th SAME DAY AS THE BLACK DOG.... I have never been more confused is this even possible??? I'm starting to doubt SOOP's abilities. 2 pre produced drama on the same day? Not a good idea. Green Allies has to happen this year since it is to celebrate 100th year. there are articles about the drama but most are like from March. Most articles say it's set to air on the second half.. I feel like the broadcasting station doesn't feel the need to promote considering it is for the anniversary. they probably think it'll do well either way maybeee? I hope she isn't in the allies tho. its going to be really weird having to tune in to 2 different dramas for the same actress... and fruitless and unnecessary on SHJ's part.
  5. I thought waiting for confirmation on TOL was bad. She keeps making us wait longer and longer... I wonder if they forgot confirming lol. I thought it was set to air in december? Hajoon is confirmed btw. It'll be his first time leading.
  6. The Allies broadcast months were fixed a long time ago. Thats how it usually goes. The months are always pretty much set before the public even knows a drama will air. I dont think she be doing both at the same time. Hows she gonna promete both? I'm surprised about the fans too. Maybe they don't want to say anything before official news? Naver doesn't surprise me as the drama isn't even close to airing yet. I've also seen some screenshots on dcgall. I can't remember if it was Hyunjin's or the drama's tho.
  7. @whatsmyname52 Are you talking about my post on the previous page? I think the information is too much to be written off as rumours Even the small roles have been mentioned. Thats one of the reasons i think it may be pre produced. Maybee??? Then again, she probably wouldnt want to dramas airing so close to each other. It's all so confusing i dont know anymore...
  8. New SoCar videos Theyre all so short information doesn't look fake to me. Its so detailed but theyre all from the same source. The drama is months away. Maybe we need to wait a little more for the articles
  9. So that ins historical drama is up om mydramalist and our girl is actually one of the main leads!! There source is Hancinema but there are more names here ( LMK wasn't on Hancinema's list probably because he had a supporting role) Seo Woo is in it too!! Her sister from Su Baek Hyang Main Role Hong Il Kwon Ahn Eung Chil/ Ahn Joong Geun Main Role Seo Hyun JinMain Role Lee Chang WookMain Role Kim Da Som Main Role Support Role Park Se Young Support Role Lee Min Ki Support Role Park Yoon Jae Support Role if you guys want to take a look at the supporting actors. They're all here . Here is the synopsis if you don't want to visit it. It was apparently taken from HanCinema but it's gone now for some reason idk why. A human growth drama in which Ahn Eung-chil, a born rich young prince, goes through one of the 'most dramatic' times of his entire life and becomes Ahn Joong-geun, the acquired hero that left 'the biggest impact' during the Japanese Imperialism as the Chief of Staff of the Korean Army. I wonder why everyone is so shush about this... If this turns out to be all fake ill be soooo disapponted.
  10. Idk what you mean by this I'm dumb I don't think oc will be casted either. I just found it so random Socar app pic
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