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  1. Sooooo I did a little bit of digging and found 4 articles that use the same apology sentence which is odd. Even her instagram photos get more media coverage. SOOP apologized on the same day according to these 4 articles . I'll post a translation for you all tho. Seo Hyun-jin's management forest official explained, "She couldn't attend the National Tax Service due to her health reasons. Not only the actress herself but also the agency is very sorry for not being able to fulfill the promised schedule." I don't know anymore I'm just glad people forgot about it quickly
  2. SOOP hasn't said anything regarding the matter and she hasn't apologized or talked about it either. Or am I blind??? I think they didn't want to fuel the hate comments and waited for it to wind down since she's in talks for a new drama. @whatsmyname52 I am so surprised she didn't receive any offers from RDTK tho. I missed barley tea couple
  3. Had a feeling this would happen the second season will probably be about the young doctor kim then... @shjfan23 Thought she was LDH for a second there must be the black hair.
  4. Mentioning yall because i need you to read it @jakey09 @hola2jin @shjfan23 @whatsmyname52 The thing is, this even thingy was set for april 18th and she wanted them to postpone then she called and told she couldn't attend right before the event on may 9??? So people are accusing her of being disrespectful.... so obvious they dont know her but im sooo worried she must have been extremely sick otherwise why wouldn't she go?? really? They just take a few pictures it's not even that hard. I can't believe people imply she's slacking off. Oh that plastic surgery comments... That would mean she doesn't know her own schedule which is impossible lol @whatsmyname52 the articles trended on naver??? Yikes.... I've just checked the news no wonder the COMMENTS were so poisonous
  5. Just thought about it if she accepts the role, we probably wont get to see her in RDTK (asumming the second season is this fall)
  6. You can celebrate if she didn't want to accept there wouldn't be news about her reviewing it Not to mention some articles talking about them as leads already... She probably read so many durning her break Im ulaşma she found something she wanted to do. Thats so weird. After the talk about male lead here I lokked it up too. Couldn't find anything. We'll learn who he is eventually if we have one Well.... I second @hola2jin
  7. It's confirmed now. This was the quickest https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002904273 missed your gifs @Super Gal99 a hottie male lead may be overshadowed by the topic itself though... it sounds dark and a little on the heavy side
  8. Omg yesssss!! Seo Hyunjin and Ra Miran. We didnt get to see them together at TBI. I am not sure what kind of school drama we'll get. The cast dodnt scream school drama to me. The news articles I've read don't give much detail sadly other than she'll be a non experienced teacher. Basically she'll be me Hope she accepts it. Ill be at last 2 months from now on planet of time to think it over Some articles are written like she is definitely filming it... But that would be too quick I guess
  9. Seo Hyunjin donated 20 million won through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association.Such an angel Credit
  10. Thank you!!! I can't keep the brand names in my mind at all. I think it was shideo's first time (according to blog post) but looks like photographer liked him a lot (he has like 5 pics ) If RDTK doesn't happen, I want another historical drama. It's been 5 years. Side affects of seeing her in a hanbok
  11. SOOP posted these today. Some of the photos are for daenggimoeri (theyve been posted before) According to the blog post, they will upload making video of the shoot later on. I assume we'll know for sure after that
  12. I read an article about dramas that are anticipated with 2nd season. RDTK was in it and was rumoured to have its 2nd season in 3 years (idk if it's in 3 years from now on or since the first season ) since the drama is set in a hospital it is easy to explain why some of the characters are missing (I HOPE NOT)
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