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  1. IS IT YOU Yea I saw it I wasn’t hoping for it anyway at least not for WOSJ. Next time I guess Well there’s supposed to be an age gap and he’s not a minor either. I’m not crazy about noona dramas either but like they’re suppose to be professor student it has to show. They can’t just cast someone her age that wouldn’t look convincing..Where’s this energy when they cast r*pists??Knetizens are a weird bunch Wait that was the finale???? Why is it shorter than the first season??? Imagine Logan Lee and Han Segye discussing business in English ( it
  2. Ahhhh I’m happy you’ve seen the light I’m actually very much behind on 1N2D lol. I’m watching penthouse and beyond evil Err...I remembered you ever shared "something" about Soompi Hyunjinies! I once thought could be our saem here. Sorry saem, if I guessed wrongly! It’s not me lol. I’m sorry but I don’t think that person is an active user here either. It might be someone from Twitter. We have a blog, a dailymotion channel and a YouTube channel. That’s all I know Kim Yongdae casting was a surprise !! He’s a rookie and a lot younger than people I’ve im
  3. I am: HURT this is such a nice pairing...VERY ANGSTY Hahahahaha can’t blame them if do the same if I was in Korea. Give me all the food in that cafe I wanna see her with KDW already
  4. Well I don’t like watching movies unless I’m in the cinema lol. Are u accusing hyunjin of being dirty minded rn Hmm maybe bcs she’s gonna have 2 projects they’re making drastic changes to her hair?? I feel like she’ll cut her hair for WOS idk why aaaaaand while everyone’s talking about Yoon Park And Kim Dong Wook here I am dropping the angst with Kim Seonho @inspiredbyshj is like: (I’m sorry but it’s so good ajshshsjsjdsjwh) AHEM donotblamemeitsallyoutubealgoritmsfaultiswear
  5. You’re my Spring is gonna be fully preproduction right??? They could be filming the last episode for a lol we know I’ve never seen it is it good? She changed stylists???I’ve never seen her hair that wavy.. Or maybe we’re gonna get flashbacks so her length is different? I like her hair straight too found this at dcgall I’ve never seen this pic so clear she has blue contacts
  6. Wait that’s Yoon Park ???!! I didn’t recognize him It still looks kinda cold hope they’re okayy. I wonder which ep this is gonna be
  7. OmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmgOmg
  8. whAT did ig ever done to soompi??????? Thats a weird rule I’ll flex my copy paste skills with this video act like you haven’t seen it before Shideo is such a cutie. He's pretty old now so it's understandable orrr he's a homebody like his owner. The way she made Shideo talk like he's a historical drama character
  9. @hola2jin I was working just won’t let me post from ig don’t know why
  10. you mean the ig post? Ahahahahahahah my phone won’t let me
  11. I’m pretty sure she failed to walk Shideo lol she said everyone don’t live like me @Supergal99 I was trying to be a good hyunjinnie and update quickly but you beat me to it I’m trying to make up for missing her bday party here lol I did congratulate her on twt but still
  12. Maybe she doesn't want to be remembered as in she wants people to forget she's an actress and just let it go and enjoy her works??? She wants to become the character in the viweers eyes???? Maybeeeee????? Not sure lol I don't understand water signs
  13. Ahaahahah u know me well Ah memories.. I wonder if Hyunjin got the binder @angel2013made with our letters we never got an update on that from Jump..
  14. I would never!!! It just comes natural since I love both individually. He’s not on top of my list either but like @Supergal 2016 said, blame tvN My first instinct is GIVE ME DRAMA NOW!!! (Also helps that I think they’d get along lol)
  15. I don’t follow ideal related stuff on Twitter that’s why I haven’t seen it I guess? ooh my god that poster is FLAWLESS See? I’m not alone. People find these two visually pleasing even when they don’t have anything together there’s fics going around. Kdrama gods will hear me one day... I’m disappointed the ff isn’t in English tho. I wanted to give it a chance
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