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  1. @hell59 The Viki contract might include this condition for the episode to be released the next day. Plus English subtitles should be available and those take time. So it's only fair to give Viki at least one day until each episode is released.
  2. Press conference: Credit: The Fact Korea/dongA P.S.: I'm absent due to private matters. Still I'm looking forward to this drama. But will only join the drama discussion later.
  3. Another day, another beautiful Moon Night! Moon Chae Won telling us what is in her beauty bag.
  4. Throwback Tuesday - Drama: Mackerel Run - 달려라 고등어 (2007) Release Date: May 12th - June 30th, 2007 Cast: Lee Min Ho, Moon Chae Won, Park Bo Young A year prior to "Our School's E.T.", Moon Chae Won, Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young already starred together in the coming of age highschool sitcom "Mackerel Run" which was slated to have 24 episodes but got cancelled due to low ratings. In the end only 8 episodes aired. However because the director of "Our School's E.T." enjoyed "Mackerel Run" so much, he decided to cast Moon Chae Won, Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young in said movie.
  5. Lee Soo's character arc will be interesting I guess because he starts as a blacksmith (which explains why Gae Ttong is his first love) and becomes a king later. So I can see the darkness behind the rom-com setting and I'm looking forward to it. Source: Kwangju Daily
  6. I thought I would do a little timetravelling back to the past and talk about Moon Chae Won's first drama and movies. Throwback Tuesday - Movie: Our School's E.T. - 울학교 이티 (2008) Release date: September 2008 Cast: Kim SuRo, Lee Han Wi, Baek Sung Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Young, Moon Chae Won A fun movie about Chun Sung Geun, a gym class teacher who is affectionately called "E.T." by his students due this is quirky behavior. A crisis in school leads to him working together with his students to overcome this crisis. Uri Chae Wonnie played one of the students and it was her movie debut at the age of 21.
  7. Wang Ji Won posted a video and photos and some included her friend Moon Chae Won earlier this month.
  8. I'm really hoping for a new drama or film to come next year. Credit: DCGall
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