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  1. I need to chill as well..... with DYLB. kkkk 838
  2. It's your birthday, @Berou? Happy Birthday! EDIT: kkk Posted after your explained it, @Berou! 838
  3. I like flying but please no taping of planes, please! 834
  4. I prefer peppermint tea. Since I'm not really into tea I don't like exotic flavors. @partyon Those memes make me go: 834
  5. I want ricecake but do I want to eat cute ricecake? 830
  6. 836 corrected Me all the time: I only drink tea when I feel sick.
  7. and @Min2206 It's like back in school when you got those troublemakers who would just ruin class average by not doing their homework. Same now... people not doing social distancing... On another note: I'm in the midst of updating Kim Yoo Jung's first post.... oh dear it takes so long. But she just switched agencies (FINALLY!)... gotta make her first post pretty. 830
  8. 836 When all your weekends begin I gotta work!
  9. Hi, @Berou! @Min2206 Are you a boss? I would be really interested what you think about it to hold a meeting with so many people face to face. @pompyavi Yeah, but I hope you enjoy it while it lasts. So far it's been a good season right? 840
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