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  1. Until there are no official news, we have nothing to worry about. But the health and safety of cast and crew is more important than filming a drama. But let's wait and see. So far, the plans are that the drama will start filming in March.
  2. I also think we might not get first script reading still until after they start filming. But I hope we will receive casting news anyways in the upcoming weeks.
  3. Do not forget... this is your last chance to pre-order the Extraordinary You bluray which will include the Director's Cut of the drama and many extras.
  4. What? You remember everything… Except for your memories with me. Credit: okashiratsuki One of my favorite scenes but also so heartbreaking.
  5. I think it's good they cancelled the auditions for now. With the corona virus I think it's important to protect the health of cast and crew.
  6. Kim Hye Yoon & Rowoon | HIGHCUT bts video Credit: okashiratsuki
  7. Okay, am I going to drown now? Where’s Number 13? It’s now. Yes, right now. You have to hold me back now. What? What is this? It’s just like the storyboard. Why is he just standing there? Hey, Number 13! I don’t want to live my life as it was planned. Please save me. Save me. Save me, Number 13. Credit: okashiratsuki Don't be sad, Dan Oh-ya~~~! Ha Ru wasn't ready to change your fate, yet!
  8. Behind the scene video for HIGH CUT photoshoot, Issue Feb. 2020 Credit: okashiratsuki
  9. Kim Hye Yoon x HIGHCUT (Feb. 2020) Credit: okashiratsuki
  10. Kim Hye Yoon for HIGH CUT, February 2020 Issue
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