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  1. Clips for episode 4. Can't wait to watch episode 3 and 4. Preview for episode 5.
  2. @YoojSupporter I wonder if they're going to choose a creative way to film the painting scenes. But I'm okay with any sort of painting scene, as long as we get to see them.
  3. @YoojSupporter Saw this on twitter as well and it makes me so excited for the drama. Also hoping we get to see Yooj painting as well.
  4. Go Won Hee Showcases Down-To-Earth Personality In Upcoming KBS Drama Drama Preview Feb 27, 2021 by L. Kim KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama “Revolutionary Sisters” has released its first stills of Go Won Hee! “Revolutionary Sisters” will be a mystery thriller and a melodramatic comedy about an entire family becoming murder suspects after the family’s mother is killed during the process of a divorce.
  5. “The Penthouse 2” Soars To Its Highest Ratings Yet TV/Film Feb 27, 2021 by E. Cha SBS’s “The Penthouse 2” already has viewers hooked! On February 26, the smash hit drama successfully continued its streak of gaining viewers with each new episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the third episode of “The Penthouse 2” scored average nationwide ratings of 18.9 percent and 22.3 percent for its two parts, marki
  6. @Vera Vainio @YoojSupporter It's definitely good to know they have a lot of time to finish filming and editing without rushing through it. Hopefully it will show in the drama.
  7. FILA 2021 SS Fashion Campaign - Part 12: Source: Twitter @YoojSupporter Oh I'm so excited! Looking forward to her next endorsement.
  8. Lee Yoo Bi Revealed To Have Been Injured On The Set Of “Joseon Exorcist” Celeb Feb 26, 2021 by C. Hong Actress Lee Yoo Bi sustained an injury while filming the upcoming SBS drama “Joseon Exorcist.” On February 26, a source from “Joseon Exorcist” stated, “On February 25, in the middle of filming the drama, actress Lee Yoo Bi hit her knee on part of the set. After a medical examination, she was diagnose
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