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Found 4 results

  1. QUICK POLL: HEART THIEVES 2021 Everyone, we've survived the first half of 2021, haven't we? But are you sure? Please check your heart and see if any of the following second lead characters of the 2021 kdramas have "accidentally" set your heart on fire! If not, we're sorry as we unfortunately have only have limited space, however feel free to let us know in comments who is missing in this list! Without further ado, here are the possible candidates: Bossam: Lee Dae Yup (Shin Hyun Soo) Doom At Your Service: Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) Imitation: Lee Yoo Jin (Jung Yoon Ho) Love Alarm 2: Hwang Sun-Oh (Song Kang) Love feat. Marriage and Divorce 1 & 2: Song Won (Lee Min Young) Love feat. Marriage and Divorce 1 & 2: Nam Ga Bin (Lim Hye Young) Love feat. Marriage and Divorce 1 & 2: Ah Mi (Song Ji In) Man In A Veil: Cha Seo Joon (Lee Shi Kang) Miss Monte Cristo: Oh Ha Joon (Lee Sang Bo) Mr Queen: Kim Byeong In (Na In Woo) Mr. Queen: Jo Hwa Jin (Seol In A) My Roommate is a Gumiho: Gye Sun Woo (Bae In Hyuk) River Where The Moon Shines: Go Gun (Lee Ji Hoon) True Beauty: Han Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop) Vincenzo: Jang Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon) Vincenzo: Jang Han Seok / Jang Joon Woo (Ok Taecyeon) Youth of May: Lee Soo Chan (Lee Sang Yi) If none of the above appeal to you, let us know who is your favourite second lead character of 2021 dramas. The poll will be until Monday evening, so tell your friends to vote for your favourite. Your Event Organizers, @Lmangla @partyon @Sleepy Owl @confusedheart326 @agenth Tagging:
  2. Quick Poll: K-Drama Seasons As we gear up for the season to be jolly, I wondered about all the K-drama seasons we have watched together and desperately prayed to K-Drama gods and goddesses to grant us a new season after we bid goodbye to them. Therefore, is it any surprise if an announcement of a new season makes us squeal and jump in excitement? Recently, there has been a bloom of K-Dramas with multiple seasons and a lot of new projects are already in the pipeline. Be it the internationally acclaimed thriller, 'Squid Game' or rom-coms like 'Yumi's Cells'. We love our K-dramas and more the seasons, the merrier we are. So, do vote for your favourite K-drama with multiple seasons. Is there any drama that you wish to see the second season of? Do let us know why you wish to see it. "As with all Quick Polls, you only have 36 hours to vote! " Tagging: Please feel free to reach out to us, your friendly neighborhood EOs with your suggestions for events, including Quick Polls. re : Your friendly neighbourhood EO Team: @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth @confusedheart
  3. Chingus, the wait is over and Tokyo Olympics 2020 have finally started. Scheduled to have taken place a year ago, most of us must have been disappointed for it to be have been postponed for a year and also with the cancellation news going around. But here we are and it has already started. We EOs have come up with a Poll on the Olympic Games. So Chingus, if you were to participate in Olympic Games, which game would you choose? I am sure a lot of us have imagined to be participating in the Olympic Games at least once. So let's do it again, and pretend we have the athletic talent and can do whatever sport we enjoy watching. We have come up with a list of Sports being played in Olympics but, due to technical limitations of having only 20 options per category, we came up with this current list. We have grouped some of the sports under one general heading. For example, sports like "Swimming" includes all kind of swimming games being played in the Olympics. We have Divided the Olympics event into three lists. Category A: This list contains the "Athletics", "Gymnastics" and "Aquatic" events. Category B: This involves the sports which are being played/can be played as a team. Category C: Ths involves the events that come into the martial arts and the rest of the games. Not wasting much time, here we are with the list. Category A 1. Short Sprint Race (100/200/400m) 2. Long Distance Race (800/1500/5000/10000m) 3. Hurdles Race (100/400m) 4. Steeplechase Race 5. Relay Race/Mixed Relay Race 6. High Jump/Long Jump/Triple Jump 7. Shot Put 8. Pole Vault 9. Discus Throw/Hammer Throw/Javeline Throw 10. Rowing 11. Diving 12. Surfing 13. Swimming 14. Canoe/Kayaking 15. Sailing 16. Triathlon 17. Marathon 18. Gymnastics 19. Trampoline Category B 1. Basketball 2. Volleyball 3. Hockey 4. Beach Volleyball 5. Table Tennis 6. Tennis 7. Rugby 8. Handball 9. Football 10. Baseball Softball 11. Badminton 12. Water Polo Category C 1. Judo 2. Karate 3. Taekwondo 4. Fencing 5. Shooting 6. Wrestling 7. Boxing 8. Archery 9. Weightlifting 10. Equestrian 11. Modern Pentathlon 12. Skateboarding 13. Cycling 14. Sport Climbing Since we are talking about participating in the Olympic Games, maybe you could also tell us when and what made you watch the Olympic Games for the first time, about your fondest memories from Olympic Games and why you like this interesting sports event, which many consider to be among the oldest ones. Your Friendly Neighborhood and Resident EOs @Lmangla, @partyon, @agenth, @confusedheart326, @Sleepy Owl Tagging:
  4. Quick Poll: Are you a K-Drama addict? Signs you are a K-drama addict! If you are a Potterhead, you must know about the ‘soul-sucking fiends’, the Dementors who leave their victims in a permanent vegetative state. Has your soul been consumed by the K-drama Dementors, leaving you with no social life? cr: to the creator Did your addiction start innocently with a ‘Playful Kiss’ ? Do you find yourself 'On the Verge of Madness'? Is everyone now aware of your not so ‘Secret Romance’ with K-dramas? Does your ‘Love Alarm’ go Du-geun Du-geun when your discover a new oppa/ noona/ unnie/ ahjussi? cr: to the creator Fear not Chingus, your ‘Good Doctor’ EO ‘Healer’ team is here. Because we firmly believe in the mantra that ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’. So check out the Quick Poll and diagnose your symptoms. cr: to the creator And the results are *drum rolls* 0-5: you got lost on the forums and now stay for the tea and cookies. 6-9: you either need to catch up, or you're hiding your obsession very well, even from yourself 10-15: you're at the point of no return, have succumbed to the trills of dramatic K-drama OST and can fling around random Korean words around you as self-defence for anyone wanting to bring you back to the normal world 16-20: your relatives have checked you in rehab, which is the only reason why you aren't walking down the streets of Seoul to meet your oppa. Perhaps you have broken out already and been to Korea, but there are so many drama locations you haven't been to yet... " As with all Quick Polls, you only have 36 hours to vote! " Please feel free to reach out to us, your friendly neighborhood EOs with your suggestions for events, including Quick Polls. re : @partyon @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl @agenth @confusedheart326 tagging:
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