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  1. @Lmangla , @Sarang21 The male lead is the star of the show ( we all know I can be fair ) yes no common sense when come to thing , but no complains from me normal people , when this happen They run to toilet, clean it , dry it in private then come out , but him , no , he clean it in middle of the room Until he end in social media with # sensual +2
  2. @Sarang21 , @Lmangla they losing people in elevator they were 12 people when the door close , when it open its nine people +2
  3. Tell her to cheer up no one noticed the meaning at all I am watching now a husband that his wife died & cheated on him ,but still have time to show his abs while reading bank statement that spirit +2
  4. Now I need to write all sushim when tagging you , no point to do this +2
  5. @Sushimi @triplem that falling comfortably , I usually not luck like that I land on floor +2
  6. @Sarang21 give me some tapes for my eyes too I will be all night watching these two @Lmangla she slapped him but she one that need it + 2
  7. If you want to watch it’s in YouTube with sub Or there is a website @Lmangla send it to me its good one
  8. @Lmangla I started bepannah , silent when he wanting to read her diary was exciting , I understand why will he be so angry afterward fan service is good too
  9. @Sarang21 , @Lmangla what wrong with me all I am thinking is why he didn’t use the handcuffs +2
  10. Priest that like sitting on fridge voice 3 that like breaking mirrors Bobby that smell like petals pay attention girl @Sarang21 , @Lmangla we need to quiz you weekly +2
  11. from kill me to hell me to a sushi me now I think I lived long enough 90 day + day of personality = 360 day +2
  12. Wow is not that bad But Only self-centred allowed in here is oppa KJW
  13. What is mean @Lmangla I usually watch them in Arabic sub , i am straggling to find them in English sub for some drama I like . How you watch them +2
  14. At this rate @Lmangla @angelangie will be running with sign Because no member around @Lmangla when I remember how many episodes it was , it’s felt like marathon +2
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