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  1. @cenching , @Sejabin Probably was research after night of movie +2
  2. # BAD COP , GOOD COP routine , not exactly is more like BAD COP , SECRETARY COP ** can I say how dump is the guy , 100 % she isn’t random person come to listen to their conversation
  3. I never see police officer out of place like her , she is like scared kitten .. oh my heart for his dangerous look
  4. @lalalaelala I think this my second best scene two generation of thieves fight # you thief, I ‘m thief let’s not drag ourselves through mud @lu09 but you have sign L in your car is understandable when we see it , we try to pass it or change line
  5. @sadthe1st , @thanie , @hibiscus23 @Phoenix88 did you see this he really can sing
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