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  1. @Min2206 , @sadthe1st @4evrkdramais that your face when you see oppa gif +2
  2. wow - I think u twin with our friend @triplem I hope , your 1001 oppa will be understanding , for taking time away from them Most understanding oppa goes to @agenth oppa , he will be understanding for her dedication to EO @Thong Thin I am silly friend everyone have in group +2
  3. congratulations @4evrkdrama , @gm4queen on your junior Moderator & @confusedheart326 , @agenth on EO wish all the best , don’t work to hard RUMOUR SAY YOU MAY NOT HAVE TIME TO WASH YOUR HAIR While editing and coming up with all the new event Rumour: Junior Moderator reading , editing member posts Team EO coming up with polls ( @partyon , @Lmangla , @Sleepy Owl ) or was that in kdrama only ** want to congratulate in my way +2
  4. Finally is Thursday: it’s time for Hospital playlist to shine my days @Wuzetian , @twinkle_little_star 4evrkdrama @agenth@BlackLotus1025 @Calli @confusedheart326 @elan1 @forme26 fi@gm4queen @joccu @larus@LeftCoastOppa @Lmangla @Min2206 @partyon@Sleepy Owl@Thong Thin +2
  5. So funny , it’s make me laugh after long day work +2
  6. Me : Let’s set record straight, you not wired from birth to be healthy, you got yourself unpaid maid for free for a decade
  7. @Wuzetian , @twinkle_little_star 4evrkdrama @agenth@BlackLotus1025 @Calli @confusedheart326 @elan1 @forme26 fi@gm4queen @joccu @kokodus @larus@LeftCoastOppa @Lmangla @Min2206 @partyon@Sarang21@Sleepy Owl @Tamakins @Thong Thin @Wuzetian I love you , you make me laugh so hard +2
  8. Kylian Mbappe is quicker than light +2
  9. Maybe french player take deep breath while his face get contact with Germany team butt
  10. @joccu , @Sleepy Owl 59% possession of ball for Germany is good , I feel they will get their chance to score I wouldn’t give them one and one talk , I don’t want to take responsibility for adding more OG to the team
  11. @partyon , @ktcjdrama He need to show up like ghost , he can’t afford Man wol short /expensive call
  12. @joccu , @Sleepy Owl what dramatic finish ,my second best match so far ** 117 seconds between first two goal ** they become first side to scored 3 goal in the final 10 minutes of euro match what a way to end match +2
  13. he scored second goal , he in fire tonight taking revenge on @Sleepy Owl for supporting Hungary team +2
  14. @joccu @Sleepy Owl My one one talk worked Ronaldo scored +2
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