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  1. @lu09 & @newyee at least we finally know eldest grandchild name Esther learn to ask for something after endless time throwing out of the house SH’s mom was giving the humanity prize for saving the child that she get rid of the first place now she want Aura company to be cherry on the top , she tell LSH what she know, no the fact she sure is 100% correct that he is the son of VC , there was no remind of necklace nothing Wait is me or the writer did a mistake , LSH said u talk to her and she said I’m not her son , isn’t that before he lose his memories, how can her remember that incident only forget about the grandmother incident , or they they had another chat again in other episodes I forget about
  2. @triplem , @lu09 , @Lawyerh , @sushilicious, @ktcjdrama , @mrsj3n & @phoenix24 , @Sejabin , @LyraYoo Be ready girls , kim hae il will take revenge *
  3. @Sejabin kiss girl , good night , it’s 9: 07 pm now for me i have long night with our FP @triplem , @sushilicious , @Lawyerh & @ktcjdrama ... I can’t spot father Han , I may need glass -2
  4. @Sejabin to inspire your stomach some Or turn on FP -2
  5. @Sejabin , big squeeze hugs girl @nohamahamoud2002 cool , u need to recap for us I never watch online , I watch it one hours later after live -2
  6. @nohamahamoud2002 thanks darling I happy to see u more in left handed wife thread Are u planning to watch next drama after lt’s My life -2
  7. @lu09 & @newyee let’s hope the writer remember no kidney to be donated anymore both parent living on one * just imagine she make him clean the floor for hours , that grandma love not abuse poor NJ get pity on them , after all they are missing an organs or had medical problems, another thing that need money but we don’t need to question thanks to @lu09 wisdom
  8. @lu09 @Lawyerh & @triplem our smooth hair gangster , omg he so extra, I hope he start in new drama soon , I will miss him so much * it’s just hit me , I will miss this drama when it finish ... missing you already
  9. Who need police, court , law , lawyers , when we got power of art One draw , we are like as artists like him , I believe power of drawing but the dark , depression one
  10. @lu09 & @newyee don’t u find SH & LSH living in NJ house that he could throw them in to a street anytime weird , if I am them I would use the money to get home but magically they find money they didn’t have to open store , for a woman that didn’t know anything about clothes , or how to run business - way to go I need to make my mom watch with me , she may spend money on me , rather than ask me to work for it tell me @newyee everyone get used to his new family quickly, the way LSH respect his in-laws u will think he remember them for years so it’s all right for a child 5 minutes ago was scare of men to except to live with two men , end of the day one is crazy can’t remember what happened, one is blind and he can easily floor the woman with his cute eyes so no problem at all right
  11. Oh my , she forgive him quickly, all the stage she need to deal with this affair , was one stage for her wow super woman , maybe she find sign of dollars *click , click * hard to get rid off all I am saying thanks to all prayers that help her through this time - let’s hope next set of praying will help keep his pants zipped for longer than month . -2
  12. Don't worry, I am there for you .. iced coffee all the way yeah , I am talking about the review, there are boxes going out , his worker are shocked. He seem he like DY life , how he get shy to mention to his worker SH is his wife is weird for once . But what more weird how SH invested in this company, hey what about her dad company she want to build for her poor dad , isn’t better to use LSH in her business
  13. Me and u have better things tomorrow, save ur pissed off for scary face He not gonna put two and two together, he is talking with crazy SH maybe she is the one gonna put thing together - we all know she go involved when she hear the name of her ex boyfriend did I see LSH office been clean , is he out of the company as well
  14. Tell me girl , I wish I am still in yesterday time zone Wow they using the necklace as proof , someone book next bed to the dead useless VC for me , so either I get him out of his misery life or he get us of our miseries * To witness the day Esther turn out to be smart one on that house is
  15. Just shut up Esther , is that the theme of the episode today , she is every where , already starting on my nerves We all know Esther u did all the in your head and figure everything, just relax , go back to do your nanny job . can’t she just for once keep silent , watch like us .. clearly this not gonna end good for the bad mother & son . @lu09 & @newyee hit me with what new , I can’t stand AR fake scene, Esther annoying behaviour, grandmother meltdown from happiness
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