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  1. Congratulations to Kim Dami for winning the Best New Actress in BAA! she deserves it after her stellar performance! Kudos!
  2. Hi everyone! Since I’m having a hard time getting over this beautiful drama I decided to make a fanfic for Seoroyi and Yi Seo. Hope you all enjoy! https://my.w.tt/c9XZenwoT5
  3. Finally the end is near! I’m dreading in the final episode tonight, but still I have hope that the writer will not disappoint us after all they have gone through. I have been a real silent lurker on this thread page, but I really love reading all of your insights! From the start of this drama, I have been hooked because in a sucker for first love romance, I know it's cliche but I can't help my self indulge over it just like chocolate. I believed that MS has been a Cupid here, since he knew that CY have feelings for LK he made a way that before he will leave the world LK will have someone beside him. He sent him all the way to Greece just for the dumplings! I love his character although his appearance in the story is short but it’s meaningful. I love the character growth of our LK, I love how he find his smile again and thanks to all the people who loved him, his mom, MS and Ajhushi of course our love and kind CY! Now that LJ is also there now to protect him he can live his life once again. I love all the stories of the people who stayed at the hospice, they accomplished their goal before joining our maker. I love the fact that because of their stories the characters of this story learned a lot through them. Of course, the main heron the beautiful CY, I love how kind, honest and sacrificial. She always ready to help the people who needs it but also never a pushover and can stand up on her own. It's very seldom that we can see a character like this. I know the preview looks deceiving, but I wonder why CY ask LK to wait for him? What will be the final obstacle in their relationship? Anyway I also cry like a river between the sibling relationship, it’s very relatable that one will act cold as if he don’t care but the fact is opposite. at least TH now will grow up and for sure he just wanted his noona to find happiness. I saw in IG that the actor LJ’s wife will have cameo in the final episode Lina, but when I look back the the previous episodes isn’t she the pottery noona? Probably LJ will propose to her, because he is also loyal to his first love I hope.... anyway looking forward at tonight’s episode! PS: after watching this series I’m craving for Govida chocolate! But it’s quite expensive here! Hehehe!
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