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  1. Sorry my dear if I’m confusing you, yes when I rewatch 14 episode the last scene especially when DM’s mom took out the picture of Yoon Jae and Duk Mi, I have a hypothesis that maybe Duk Mi’s family foster Yoon Jae for a while when he got lost; and the first meeting of children YJ, DM and EG is when he was left in the playground by himself. But unfortunately DM’s mom wanted to adopt YG but gave up because financially they are not stable. So she decided to leave him to the orphanage without any explanation to the young YJ who was just dump in the orphanage that’s why he had a painful past in that place. What I’m trying to say is if that is true, the mom should have at least explained to YJ that he need a better place to stay and a good family will take care of him, she should not underestimate a child that maybe he will not understand it anyway the situation because he was still young. Sometimes adult make a mistake and assumption that children will not understand if difficult situations arise so we let them figure it out for themself, and let them deal with it not knowing that it develops traumatic experience. Sometimes we should talk to them like an adult and ask them how they feel about the situation. (Well I’m an experienced early childhood practitioner) But of course as a human being we tend to make mistake and it just take to apologize and make up for the things that we have done. Next week finale we will find out the real situation of what happened in the past with Yoon Jae and Dok Mi’s mom, for sure he will have a forgiving heart and will start anew with his future family in law
  2. I was rewatching the last episode and I had a hunch that DM’s mom and family is YJ foster family for a while, when he was left in the playground he was wearing the brown shirt and that the first time they met in childhood, I saw a post and I apologize because I didn’t remember who was it. Anyway, maybe they took him for a while and DM’s mom can’t afford to have another child so she has no choice but to leave him in the orphanage. But I don’t understand why she left him like that, at least she should explain the situation. I’m working with children for a long time and never underestimate the child, sometimes we treat them like that because we taught it’s good for them; that’s why we are there to support them and let them understand if we talk to them honestly they will understand us, even though they will ask question that’s difficult to answer we can always find a way to find the best answer for them. Do I make sense? Anyway that’s My thought.
  3. I just emerged from watching episode 13 and 14 with Sub and my eyes are darn fluffy from crying. Damn that Ryan’s story and how he got lost, but a mother never ever leave a child into unfamiliar place especially if she didn’t know anyone from there! I have been working with families for a long time, but even though a single mom don’t have enough finances she will never ever leave her child alone even he is 7 years old. But anyway their story is in the past and I know that she is really regretting losing her son for a long time. Thank God for DM of how she give Ryan support and return all this words as an advice, I can see how their relationship got stronger each day, but now that we are dreading their final test of DM’s mom abandoning YJ, I know it’s a sensitive issue and I wonder how the writer will present it from us. Thank God there are still balanced of happy scene like how DM teased Ryan about no kissing because she just had a coffee of how Director EOM followed her daughter to work and of course the blooming friendship of EG and DI. They finally resolve the conflict of EG and DM. I’m glad that EG has matured and accepted friendship and family over his own desire. SJ and her husband finally reconcile as well and the guitarist boy will finally debut lol! I don’t know why I’m cry like a baby when Ryan is tracing DM’s shadow. Finally he draws! All his uncertainties, insecurities melted away because of a certain lady, and when they said I love you to each other I’m lost. I know everyone is demanding a hot bed scene but that ending scene I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it’s too beautiful and perfect as if I’m watching a masterpiece. Thanks you tvn for giving us a beautiful love story. I’m going to miss this series soon, one of my fave drama of all time!
  4. Our Ryan Gold updates his IG https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxo-HDhFIHD/?igshid=168b5q823qile
  5. Just finished episode 11 and 12 subbed with my sister and we are laughing like crazy with those comedic scene. Loving the character of Ryan so much! From being a supportive boyfriend, to jealous and understanding and then to an adorable one who kept on loosing in Go, Stop game and really preparing revenge to his beautiful girlfriend by intensely studying on the net. That’s hilarious! Even teasing his girl about her idol! Man that’s so precious! How can we order a Ryan Gold? Is he available on line? My gosh! And SDM, you’re one lucky girl like your man said it looks like you won the lottery, and thank you as well for being there to our precious Mr. Gold in times of trouble, you really match together and I wish you all the best in both of your life, I hope your relationship will lead to marriage, and please no noble idiocy that I love him to need to let go..... but I don’t know if the writer will use that same conflict again in this story. NEG, since you decide to confess, I understand you that you need to tell your feelings to DM, even if DM steady said that she’s taken, but you still insists that you are willing to wait for her? Man that’s not so cool at all, you should set her free, then the next day you act like the confession never happens. Tsk! Tsk! You didn’t even feel that DM is awkward around you? I know your broken hearted and it’s only one sided, then let it go, my friend like Queen Elsa aways sings ‘Let it’s go! Let it go!’ Follow the advice of your mom go find someone that will like you back and will make you ‘Eun Gi is my Life’ who knows you will soon be a fanboy of that lady, whoever is she. By the way did I tell you that Da In is available, you will never know, she is a cool woman too, moving on with Ryan because she can’t afford to loose a friend, because Ryan is her only friend, why not try to be friends, I know you started as drinking buddies but who knows you might life in New York, or she could be a wife of a Judo master, we will never know. Im loving Sindy, finally looking beyond Sian, and doing what she really like, I’m happy for you girl! And can an idol and a fan be a couple? I know they don’t have scene together but I hope that somewhat they will be introduce together as themselves not their status. Anyway I know that will be like wishing that we live in planet mars. Anyway I’m looking for the character development or rather relationship development of our two staff, in the gallery I forget their name but our lovely squad. Hehehe! But seriously going back to mother issue, I’m looking forward how will Ryan attain to draw again, I hope he will resolve all the conflict with his mom. And I’m happy if he is half brother of Sian. No wonder DM stared at him the first time they met in the auction saying that he looks like Sian. Even our mother fangirl SJ thinks that he looks like Sian, it is evident right. Speaking of SJ, I hope that she resolve her conflict with her husband, I hope soon will reconcile and try to forgive and understand each other. She is a good friend I hope everything will be better for her.
  6. No wonder the reaction of these two are so natural! Lol! That’s so funny!
  7. STS again everyone while reading all your post! Seriously I think I enjoy much camping in this thread before watching the whole series! Love everyone here.
  8. Actually my part-time tutor is one hour same time as HPL airtime here in my place and when I open this thread after work.... wow! So many recaps and the pages is like running! Kudos everyone!
  9. Well who wouldn’t talk about their kiss? I mean your just like a stone if you ignore it! Hahaha of course with their sizzling chemistry their kiss is worth the ‘buZz’ I’m excited because tomorrow is Tuesday my fave day of the week!
  10. My two brothers and father is certified kdrama fan lol! My dad all time fave Was Jumong, he is a retired military officer that why. Anyway there are a lot of male drama fan around the globe they are just timid in fan boying. Lol!
  11. Imagine me, I was driving yesterday out from the mall, and I suddenly remembered their kiss, then my sister just asked me ‘what are you smiling about?’ If I’m alone for sure the police will stop me and ask ‘hey lady! You will cause an accident on the road if you don’t concentrate!’
  12. I just finished watching the latest episode with sub! And my gosh! I don’t know how many times I had sugar rush every time RG and DM will appear in the screen! I’m breathless and spazzing like a flipping fish in my bean bag while watching in my big screen! I almost wake up my sister because I kept on mumbling unintelligent words that I wanted to swear! Gosh that really affects me sooo much! The kiss it’s somewhat different when I was watching short clip in my phone and watching it in my tv! Damn! If words could kill no one will be alive beside me! Hehehe! I know my heart is cracking a little bit with EG, but boy you need to move on and find someone that will like you back, preach man! You better be off with DI both playing dirty! I just feel bad for you for always having the third place, Mr. Gold takes the gold sorry man, he is true to himself and mature person that why he got the girl. DM that’s not the way to treat your boyfriend hiding behind your brother you should be open and truthful, good thing your bf is one of your fans as well, I mean you’re his fan so the story revolve around a fan, whatever! next week looks promising with the unbuttoning of our Lion’s shirt with a sexy smirk of his face, plus our rabbit has fallen to her prey because she is wearing his PJs my friends! As if I am hear the angels singing in the sky! But I need to brace myself in another aghast because our lion is crying.... hurts my heart.....
  13. @fangirldeokjil94 I love reading your fan girl story! I know that they are kinda surprised to see you waiting for them in the cold weather because your not Korean at all right, I hope you will give us a little hint of your nationality hehehe! Anyway congrats and I’m loving the interaction of KJW and PMY in real life! Hayst! I know I don’t want to be delusional because I have been shipping every couple that work together if they have a great chemistry lol! But I start to jump on the ship as soon as they announce that they are indeed a couple like Song-song, Joon and So Min, Kwang so and Sun bin and soo much more. Anyway I love your first hand experience with our adorable couple. Fighting! And good luck in your stay in Soul
  14. I cannot hide my thoughts anymore, I thought I can bare it because it will be hard for me writing every now and then and I decided to be a silent lurker. But well tonight’s episode make me come out of my shell. I can’t everyone! I just wanted to spazz and screeeeaaaammm and fangirl the whole night! My gosh why KJW is very hot! I mean burning, scorching, sun-like hot! His chemistry with PMY is very different! I thought I have seen enough with many actors but theirs are unimaginable, it’s waaaayyy over the top that every time they will have their characters sexual tension I just started swearing that I never really swear in my lifestyle! That is their effect of me dear friends! That why I need to release this thoughts of mine! Hehehe! Anyway I have been watching this series since episode one and me and my sister is looking forward every Wednesday and Thursday and I Like everyone of you I feel that I’m the oldest fangirl here at the age of 38 and this kind of series still gets into me, it makes my day complete and I have no regrets! Good luck to us! Honestly the show never let me down.... except DI and EG, I swear they are like annoying siblings! I can’t imagine EG telling his feeling to DM because they grew up together, their is not tension at all zero! Nothing! Unlike the relationship in Fight for my way, even they grew up together you can feel that they had it since then and the timings are not good. But with them I can’t just see.... 2nd lead always get me, but this time I just throw it away. Never! I will be always be at the side of Lion and Bunny our burning cute couple!
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