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  1. Yesterday while watching the live streaming even I don’t speak Korean, my blood boil like crazy because of HJ and BI, although I understand some words it’s so annoying what they are doing! I was praying to bring back old SB, happy and carefree, but this episode is important as well on how she regain all the memories of SY, now she will be on guard and at least aware of her surrounding. my POV is SY decided to end her life so she is completely gone just like what happened in the lake, SB went back to the surface while she stayed their their soul never merge, now SY needs to accept that she/h
  2. It has been 2 days since the last episode and I can't still move on from it, I can't help but think whose is all behind this, for me it's the Jo Clan since they got the ledger because since they want to dispose the queen at the same time the king. HJ will blame SB saying that she was not during lunch time and she pick up the scent of the queen with oil and saw that he hid the apron inside her skirt, and since it was the order of the queen to the royal chef that the queen was in the banquet, so those are the evidence that will point to the queen. Plus it's so predictable if KJG will bol
  3. Wait I didn’t sign up for this! I thought this is not a romance drama! Damn! None of my predictions came true!
  4. I think it’s because of copyright issue, especially in YouTube they are strict in copyright
  5. Gosh I just found that clip scene in YT go princess go. I can’t imagine she will do that to our king
  6. Haha I just came from Twitter everyone is losing their mind at the last scene
  7. well shin hye-sun is the queen of ratings for no reason! Congrats Mr. Queen family!
  8. The character development of the king is amazing me, from hated to genuine care for his wife, unknowingly that he cares for her. The way he runs towards her not bothering to listen and finished the sentence of HY he sprints like a mad man so worried that it might be late when he reached to her! I started to dislike the cousin, please As if she is his wife! He had no respect for the king entering the room like he has the authority over the king! It's so satisfying that the king give him a piece of his mind, don't he dare! He constantly stepping over the boundary, at first I thought I coul
  9. Just watch the raw episode, and the queen collapse and from what I understand from the royal chef that he has no breath because in the modern world BH was in cardiac arrest, and based on the preview I think the king is genuinely concern to his wife.
  10. Hi everyone first time again posting in drama forum for like since quarantine period! I can’t help but hook in Mr Queen, I mean my most fave actress in a saeguk drama trapped in a woman’s body with the sexy voice of our zombie detective, I would have fall for it anytime! And the main lead was awesome as well I like him since school 2017. for me I feel that the king and queen will development into real BFF, I mean bromance in full bloom friednemies per se, they will go hand in hand fight the corrupt official in the palace, as for SY, I hope she also regain herself and prove to them that she
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