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  1. For me I just enjoys the drama immensely, because I’m a fan of action genre, I don’t care how ridiculously impossible some of the little details what’s important to me is that it can me me thrill and excitement. I love the tandem of te two leads in each episode that they are working together just to make things happened. I like the fact that one is a civilian and the other is authorized with law, she keeps on breaking the law just to capture the bad guy and that gives the spiced. So far it keeps me on my toes and even my whole family especially my siblings! Hehehe this drama is on the topic of our group chat! I’m glad they like it as well!
  2. Just done watch episode 8! This the far most thrilling episode for me so far! From capturing the copilot, interrogating, saving him from the bad guys till operating him. I feel that I didn’t breath in the last scene! The intensity is out of this world! But I have to admit that I laughed out loud in the jail scene while DG and HR tried to high five, and the local inmates were cheering for them! Hahaha it’s like a scene in a tragic film lol! That was the funniest part for me. Thank God Mr. team leader got an earful from out man of steel for not trusting HR. They should make DG and HR partners in NSI. But the worst part is, I was disappointed to Mr. President for turning blind to the case, and I want to throw up with that massage scene, so president is a pervert huh? The revelation of Micheal giving the order to put down the plane was like mind boggling, I mean how could he order that and he was murdered? I don’t know if that piece of information from the pilot is genuine? Or did Micheal change his mind for the last minute and report about the terror attack before the plane will depart? So many juicy details in this episode. At least Mr. team leader did a great job in shooting and operating. How will I wait now for next week?
  3. Just finished the latest episode! Love the development of DG and HR. The pep talk between them is just perfect for me, how DG believe in HR and don’t be disheartened even her senior don’t treat her like a bus boy running errands for them. I know that she is impulsive and the character that her superiors describe her, but they don’t have the right to put her moral down. She is still learning in her field and for an agent like her that experience what happened in Morocco they should at least listen to her. I don’t know but I feel that this man has a big ego that they don’t want to accept her ideas! and look how they lead it to the pilot! anyway looking forward for tomorrow’s episode, and I feel it will have more action scene than this episode.
  4. I just finished episode 3, man that was intense! Love it! I know Hae-ri is a rookie, and that’s all rookie do, they are passionate to their work and always want to prove your boss that you are worthy in your job. Honestly I like her I can relate to her when I was now to my career. She is smart and figure it out what happened in the black box, and decode that conversation of the terrorist, she still doesn’t know that she is facing a huge conspiracy, and she trusted that doctor who were introduced by her sunbanim. Dal-gun! Let us appreciate all the tough work of a stunt man! They are the unsung heroes behind the scene who risk their lives just to achieve the perfect scene that the actors can’t do. His instinct never fails him, I just hope that he can find a job that is suitable for him and he can learn how to seek justice in a right way. For now it’s true that he is a civilian and his hands are tied, the enemy can easily twist his story and put him to jail, even until now he is a threat to their organization. Mom excited for the episode later how it will unfold and how will the bad guys going trash DG and how HR will deal the situation when she will come to know that the case is off now.
  5. Just finished episode 2, man what an emotional episode with the victims of the plane crash, I can’t help but cry, and the pilot was an accomplice, my gosh what a revaluation. I like the pace of the story now that HR is getting involve in the situation. DG is really quite a tough cookie, he is so sticky to the situation. Very hot headed and he is not going anywhere with his attitude, anyway can’t wait for their character development
  6. Thank you for the explanation, probably I missed that part and didn’t notice that scene, but yeah I remembered him going to the lavatory.... and the oxygen yes I think that is one cause why sometimes there is oxygen failure because of when the engine of the plane explodes the oxygen tanks are damage.
  7. Wow! I just came out from watching episode one and it was amazing! I repeat amazing! Hahaha I feel that I’m watching a marvel movie! CDG is like capt America and Spider-Man rolled into one! Hehehe! He’s sticky with that guy. Hoon scene is so sad. LSG really killed me with that mourning scene, I was crying with him all the way. Suzy is just so sexy with that stocking scene. Girl power ya all! This conspiracy theory is just so cruel! Just to make their jet sell they need to sacrifice hundred of lives, not only in the plane but all the people who got the message died. So sad. I just hope that the story will remain the pace and I think so it will continue because it’s already pre produce so I put my trust in the whole Vagabond crew! Fighting! Just wondering when that man in the plane has aerosol? I though in planes it’s not allowed in hand carry, plus is he having a parachute? How the hell he survived?
  8. Hi everyone! I’m new to this thread, so far I’m loving the first two episode and I will continue to watch the character development of the main characters. I’m sucker for children story family drama because I came from big family and I’m working in a nursery so children interest me so much. I love the fact that he is not the birth father and he is willing to be their dad even if he has an ulterior motive because of politics and I can’t wait how he will really fall in love with the children and treat them as his own. I love as well Soo-hyun she has heart with the abandoned children I feel that here back story is related to abandonment as well that why she empathize with the children. I also love the fact that Dae Han was her first love, I hope this time they will really fall for each other and support the children. Anyway actor LJH is the second lead again.... but he is great portraying his character. KJH genuinely like SH so let’s us see how he will play his character.
  9. I finally signed in! Yes! Been trying for so long since I’m on holiday I have time to go here! So welcome to myself! I have been watching this series since episode one and I’m a fan of both IU and YJG..... and of course the Hong sisters although there are some series that they made that I haven’t watched...... anyway I love this series over all, the cast, story, acting, effects etc. I just dreaded one thing like everyone of your said. The finale.... I was really disappointed with Korean Odyssey, that hurt me much lol! I really hope that MW and CS will have their happy ending although we are just like 5% sure that they will, but we’re all hoping for the best!
  10. By the way does anyone know what is the age of LYS? judging from the previous episode the flashback of KD when he was young, is that YS who held him? So it means that they are the same age?
  11. From what I understand in the story, angels should not interfere with the human situation, since he was assign to the animals. He saved her because she ask help and he can’t help himself as well since he is always following her since she got his hankie and when he saved her he got demoted he is not an angel anymore and since he was given a chance to be one again he got the final mission in finding her a true love. I hope I’m not mistaken with this one
  12. Wow I just finished episodes5-6 and I was spazzing over that kiss and dang JW is an angel? Or was an angel? I don’t know! That really put me to edge of my seat and will wait again for Wednesday and Thursday to come! Damn I though I will not get over Her Private life because of the lead’s out of the world chemistry, but dang! This drama surprised me! SHS never fails me! She always get an excellent drama plot, although I’m not familiar with KMY’s work because I haven’t really watched his drama or maybe I have seen him somewhere but he portrays Kim Dan very well and his comedic chop is excellent. Anyway I love the chemistry of LYS and KD! Hahaha our ice princess is opening her heart to our cute and charming angel! I love the therapy scene of YS practicing walking and KD is like a big brother who is teacher after his baby sister to walk! Hehehe! I have to appreciate Ms. Jung. She’s the real Cupid angel who has this fantasy for our OTP! Hehehe she’s the captain of YS and KD ship lol! Kidding aside beside of kind ajussi she is the one who is really looking after YS, she is very loyal to her. The power grabbing of the aunt is fun to watch because she always lost to YS and gets easily annoyed and for me that was satisfying every time she will loose her composure. I’m still unsure of Nina, I still don’t know what is her real intention? I still need to watch her to judge what is her character, she the real who who wears a mask unlike her mother and sister who are really after the power of LYS. regarding JKW it’s really obvious that he is living in his past, still carrying a torch for his beloved who looks like YS, but I feel that he also had a mission but didn’t complete it because of his lady love. Until YS finally appears and wants to repeat his memory for his sake. Well his really the one whose selfish, at first I’m torn that he can genuinely like YS, and he will be a good rival to KD well that disappears like a smoke at the final seconds of the last episode. But we will see what is this drama will lead us, or maybe it’s too early for me to judge, just like KD who probably curious about the kiss so he just go for the kill. Hehehe!
  13. Omo my first time writing in the thread of an actor! I have been existing in this forum for years but I never write in an actors thread. I usually fan girl about drama series, sometimes write in shippers thread but my I don’t know why I admitted that he is my new fave actor our Ryan Gold! I just watched him before in coffee prince, and they said that he is an excellent actors especially villain part. I started following him in his IG last month because of her private life. I’m looking forward for his next project and starts to watch this eid holiday some of his work!
  14. Someone revive me please.... I just came out watching the final episode with sub and I can’t help but cry like a baby and scream like sesang fan while watching the proposal scene it’s so beautiful like our couple! Why real Yoon Jae and Deok Mi don’t exist! Please help me find my our Ryan Gold! But of course some of you will say you have to be a sexy and pretty as Deok Mi anyway surprise with Eun Gi and Hyo Jin, I thought Da In will be the one but it turns out to be she’s out. The meeting of the two mothers are so precious, I don’t know how did I survive with the episode. Both mothers learned from their mistake and regret it in their entire life but here comes their child saying that it’s alright because what’s important is he found them again. Why Ryan Gold is perfect? The explanation of my Deok Mi’s dad collected the rock made sense since he lost his only son. ~wipe tears while writing this~ Those moments in the temple is precious. Director EOM is just the way she is funny, annoying and sometimes lovable character. Good thing her daughter came out from being a sesang fan and enjoy the true meaning of life. From all the side charters curator couple, best friend and Pd and their adorable son and guitarist guy and of course Sian. How can I forget our adorable Sian, the writer is bad didn’t give you anyone! Hmp! After all your hard work and effort. Anyway I want to write a fanfic just for you. Hehehe! And lastly most of all you ladies and some gentleman who is part of this thread! Thank you for the enjoyable time together that I’m reading and sometimes commenting your post. I love that I have been part of this lively forum!
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