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  1. LMAO @Lmangla tell me about it. I might not have watched as many dramas as most avid kdramas fans did. But rest assured I'm quite a veteran when it comes to waiting for next episodes or season(s), from the dramas with vague status of whether there will be a new season or not, to the confirmed dramas with new season that usually comes the very next year at the soonest. @partyon I also stick to the adage If you're handsome, you're my oppa religiously. Also : Credit to owner. And this is for @maribella Cr. to owner.
  2. https://www.soompi.com/article/1437797wpp/son-tae-young-shares-update-on-husband-kwon-sang-woo-after-his-surgery Get well really soon Kwon Sang Woo I feel bad for him, considering there are scenes where he must take the stairs like when he is searching for Kim Won Bok's address. BTW I read somewhere that 6th episode is not aired this week due to football game? Oh well....
  3. Yay, memes Tyvm for tagging me @Lmangla. TBH I'm not exactly a creative or artistic person. Still I will try to contribute for fun. Photo credit to OP who shared the pic in freepik.com. Also me, everytime I'm watching ongoing drama(s). Credit : koreaboo.com Or season(s)
  4. IKR? The real identity of the woman living with him is not clear yet for me. They talked about the mundane household stuff like rent, deposit money etc. But they never use any distinguishing words yet; like noona or yeobo or whatever while addressing each other. I really hope it's really his sister and the kids are his siblings/nephew/niece. This drama is not melodrama or romance-centered, I know it will focuse on legal processions and investigations not on romantic relationships. Still I'm not really keen on watching extramarital affair twist.
  5. Tyvm for tagging me @Lmangla. TBH, at first I wasn't interested in this drama. A few days ago I was surfing the channels and stumbled upon this drama ; I only watched a couple of scenes ; e.g. the one when Mayor Kang bullied Park Sam Soo (who was assigned to interview him by his ambitious boss) and the one when the three wrongfully accused men begged Park Tae Yong to represent them for a retrial. I thought that this is just ordinary power-corrupt-office drama. Moreover in that channel, this drama is titled Fly River Dragon (which was quite uninspiring for a noob like me).
  6. Hi Chingu-yaa. So in which episode are you now. TBH I am also lagging behind and need to catch up first LMAO. Will be back to comment once I was done with catching up
  7. Your description of Kwon Jae Hee is spot on. Really, in normal situation, who will peg him as potential pshychopathic killer, he's so charming and charismatic. Perhaps the real life example of this kind of murderer are Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy. TBH, for me Namgoong Min and Kim Jae Wook are the actors that I find equally impressive as both protagonist and villain, that somehow I don't feel weird watching them playing alternately the roles of good guy and bad guy in different dramas. Some actors can be so stereotyped in their previous roles that it could get the vie
  8. Yup, The Good Witch is such a hoot. And it actually packed quite a lot of villains. Between the twin sister, husband, ex and soon to be in laws, coworkers and Oh Taeri taking turn in hurting, taking advantage and causing problem ; and dealing with the tsundere ML, the FL is quite a wonder woman for staying sane and kindhearted.
  9. IKR? Jae Min's mother is one of the most underrated evil mothers out there. I haven't watched Bel Ami but after having read your recap I'll definitely put it in my waiting list. Sometimes it's more heartbreaking to watch a drama where a mother being cruel to her own flesh and blood than watching the mother in laws' evilness. That's why I also vote for Choi Myung Gil in Mother of Mine.
  10. Yay, new poll Tyvm for tagging me @partyon. Hmmm....limited vote but so many gaesaekkis and shipsaekkis to choose. These are some of my selections of Kdrama villains : ■Nam Goong Min in Girl Who Sees Smells Your usual psycho underneath all that excellent manner and refined appearance. But boy, he's so suave. ■Kim Ji Hoon in Flower of Evil He doesn't have to say anything. You just need to look at his eyes to see that he's deranged and vicious. ■Park Si Yeon in Innocent Man The shameless greedy femme fatale.
  11. See? Horror movies like IT, Annabelle series and Child's Play series can make us cast aspersion to innocent things like clowns and dolls (especially, human dolls). Not to mention that they can drive our imagination running wild randomly in inappropiate times and places. There was this moment when my friends and I were hanging out in our hometown's amusement park. On the way to exit gate, we stumbled upon some clowns. One of my BFFs shares the same silly clown phobia, and one cheeky clown must have caught on to our frightened glances, as he then playfully followed us and walked
  12. Movies like the Conjuring and Insidious series give me the total creeps as they are very frightening. Yet like a masochist, there were the times I still watched them anyway, eventhough I skipped some parts. Even the Stephen King's IT (the old version one with Tim Curry) made me have this ridiculous fear of clowns. And the likes of Japanese The Ringu or The Grudge Series? Sometimes, somehow they get me totally spooked out with a hint of paralyzed-like feeling. But that's just me and my over-delicate nerves LOL.
  13. Thank you for tagging me @partyon. TBH I'm one scaredy-cat so I'm not a horror/gory dramas and movies aficionado. Watching the Ringu, it made me afraid of taking solitary lift ride or going to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night. Actually some of the choices I make in this poll is not exactly a choice. But because they are the only ones that I have watched among all the options available. Or because I must choose 4 of them. When I watch the scary drama/movie, it's usually because of: *out of curiosity due to reading glowing reviews ; or
  14. @budgerie, yes this is my first time ever watching Money Flower. So far I try to stick to schedule of 2 episodes/week, so I'm only down to 4th episode. I don't really recall the scenes when people going in and out KPJ's bedroom as they please. But one thing I remember in the 3rd or 4th episode, JBC tried to access KPJ's laptop in Piljoo's study room, but he failed due to password protection. Hence my curiosity, whether the Jangs really never investigated and explored KPJ's quarters and his other belongings. Because if I was a Jang, and I find out what he keeps in his secret room, I
  15. Aww, thank you @partyon. Yes, they're all a nice bunch of oppas, aren't they. In this world full of amazing oppas, in the end a girl's got to make her choice(s), and we will choose the ones that please us the most. IMHo the current result of this poll for each category is not really surprising. There are certain oppas that become household names and have many fans. BTW, ITA with your idea of super ahjussi poll. I mean, in order to accommodate many users' taste, it would be nice if there are more filtered and specified polls. E.g : -The super and pre
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