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  1. There's a new video that circulates in twitter and instagram world. It shows LMH and KGE were holding hands inside her pocket. I'd like to think it was part of the script but they said it was off-cam. Probably the playback speed (slow-mo) added a new meaning to the video. No matter which, it's good for shippers but at the same time it's bad for their image. BinJin went through that moment wherein they said HB and SYJ were holding hands under the table during off-cam. It did not sit well to Knetz because it's an act of unprofessionalism. In the end, BinJin had to deny and claimed that it was e
  2. My username may not be familiar because this is my first time writing here. I was here since CLOY run, reading all the stuffs including fanwars, crumbs and denials. It's been a roller-coaster ride. We've been through drought, doubts and heartbreaks but today, our faith and patience paid off. My happiness is over the moon. I can confidently say that a wedding bell is just around the corner. What a happy new year everyone!!!
  3. Posting him in her IG story is the least of my expectation. Through out the course of TKEM run and even after it ended, she did nothing to associate herself with him. This is the bravest she did to date. Indeed, not everyone can be brave and what a time for her to be brave. Have a blast everyone. Happy New Year
  4. That young director is an oppa from another field. Sadly, he's married according to some sources. KGE seems to have that habit of being entangled with the Lees of Korea.
  5. Dear MinEun shippers: Let's not be disheartened with a simple "No". Let's learn it from BinJin shippers. They've been denied not once, twice nor thrice but five times yet they are still waiting for positive news. Let's keep on believing. If the future proves that what we are believing is false then let's approach it without regrets. Though we've been through some bad times, no one can deny the fact that speculating whether they are really dating or not is kindda fun.
  6. During an eleven-year span, KGE is the only girl I shipped with my favorite Korean actor. The more I see how simple she is and how closely knit her family is, the harder I wish she is the one for him. We've been conditioned to believe that celebrities are all glitz and glamour but here she is, flexing her ordinary lifestyle. Some haters are saying she is not LMH's ideal girl. She looks ordinary among other nasty comments. That's exactly the reason why I love her for him. Her beauty is something that shines on everyone and makes everyone around her beautiful too. I've seen it from him in t
  7. Did Veniel Choi purposely make her IG public just to show off their girl's night out? If I'm not mistaken, as of yesterday, her IG was still in private mode. These happenings since July 2 definitely felt more inscrutable than TKEM.
  8. Looks like KGE is in Woo Sun Hair and Make-up Salon. And people are saying it is a 9-minute walk from SSG Food Market. Basically, they are in the same vicinity. With that info, I can't help but think of an article I've read that korean celebrities do secret dating in a salon. Though it sounds so odd but they really do to avoid suspicion. I hope I am not clowning myself.
  9. @Nisa H Hi there friend. I became irresponsible in my post. I completely lost my logic in that one. I'm really sorry Can you also help me delete my post which you quoted. Thanks in advance.
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