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  1. The sweetest coincidences in Kdramaland - KGE and LMH. Their coincidences are something else.
  2. Did Veniel Choi purposely make her IG public just to show off their girl's night out? If I'm not mistaken, as of yesterday, her IG was still in private mode. These happenings since July 2 definitely felt more inscrutable than TKEM.
  3. Looks like KGE is in Woo Sun Hair and Make-up Salon. And people are saying it is a 9-minute walk from SSG Food Market. Basically, they are in the same vicinity. With that info, I can't help but think of an article I've read that korean celebrities do secret dating in a salon. Though it sounds so odd but they really do to avoid suspicion. I hope I am not clowning myself.
  4. @Nisa H Hi there friend. I became irresponsible in my post. I completely lost my logic in that one. I'm really sorry Can you also help me delete my post which you quoted. Thanks in advance.
  5. Please delete the IG username. Whether she is dating LMH or not is beyond our control. At the end of the day we are all spectators. They are also human beings who deserve privacy and respect. I will be disappointed but life goes on. P.S. The girl is following all of LMH's bestfriends.
  6. LMH wants to be a ballad singer in a parallel universe. Maybe he can have a duet with her in that universe. Just an added thought, I hope LMH can grant another interview and update his list of favorite actresses. There's a reason Son Ye JIn and Kim Hee Sun are at the top of his list so I don't mind if they are still his most favorite. What I'm interested more is where does KIm Go Eun stands now on that list? We all have that one celebrity crush that we cannot outgrew no matter what. I guess for LMH that is SHK. I am not jealous at all so long as his ideal wife will be our girl
  7. "Achievement in work is only meaningful when there are people who will be watching with you to feel happy for you" -Kim Go Eun, Elle Magazine 2020 People can b**** around and say nasty things about her but the only validation she needed will come from herself and from the people who matters in her life.
  8. This is the kind of confidence that we are all needed. Let's attract positive thoughts at all times. CHEERS!!!! First, KES is the writer of Lovers in Paris. It's so funny how things can be connected at times even if they were mere coincidences. She also writes DOTS. I felt that in a way or another, KES is a contributor to the Song-Song romance. Even if the relationship did not end up in good terms, no one can erase the fact that happiness once existed between them. I pray that KES magic also works and works better with our couple. I've read somewh
  9. I love KGE period. But that Eiffel tower is not good for my brain cells. The first thing that clicked on me is my boy's birthday last year. I know it doesn't make sense but I cannot control my brain. It's functioning on its own.
  10. 1. Some of the most beautiful things in life happen when we least expect it. This couple is not what I expected but look at me now, they are indelible in my heart. 2. I was once an A-list student. This is not to boast but to support my claim that I have a very very good memorization skills. Once I've watched it, I never forget. I've been in Kdramaland since I was a kid. Maybe with a little bias but they really have the sweetest hugs (episode 12 is my favorite) and most genuine kiss (CCTV kiss) I've seen in all those years. 3. There's no way they are enemies. If at most they are just
  11. With regards to relationships, there are things that are just not meant to be. As the song goes "Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars pointing me on my way into your loving arms". To everyone who were once part of their lives let's still be thankful because broken roads will take them to a more purposeful destination.
  12. Can I confess? I made a deal with the deities. I'm okay for BinJin not to sail in exchange for Mineun. Your ship is not completely sinking
  13. I just came back from a long and tiring day. Looks like BinJin shippers are feeling positive that their ship will dock soon. Before anyone accused me of being in a wrong thread, no I'm not. I'm really posting it here. I'm elated because so long as they are sailing, I'm having a high confidence that this ship will also sails. Before you talked about IG posting, seemingly realistic BTS, family member look-alike and body languages - mirroring, deep staring, heart-fluttering smiles, thumb rubbing- I've seen it all first from that couple. Lee Min Ho is my ultimate oppa but before Kim Go Eun there i
  14. I watched the video. To be honest, I can't recognize which is which. The most sensical reason why the management asked to take down the video is because of the pandemic issue. I can still remember Itaewon and the 4 male celebrities dragged by dispatch's unwrapping. It's a sensitive issue and no one wants bad publicity especially with someone of LMH's status. The paraglider maybe is just a stranger who happens to be at the right place and at the right time and the four boys got amazed with the activity so they are all looking upward.
  15. @MinGoLovefor some reason, your post made me cry. Kim Go Eun made me look at life on a different perspective.
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