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  1. There's a new video that circulates on twitter and instagram world. It shows that LMH and KGE were holding hands inside her pocket. I'd like to think it was part of the script but they said it was off-cam. Probably the playback speed (slow-mo) added a new meaning to the video. No matter which, it's good for shippers but at the same time it's bad for their image. BinJin went through that moment wherein they said HB and SYJ were holding hands under the table during off-cam. It did not sit well to Knetz because it's an act of unprofessionalism. In the end, BinJin had to deny and claimed that it
  2. My username may not be familiar because this is my first time writing here. I was here since CLOY run, reading all the stuffs including fanwars, crumbs and denials. It's been a roller-coaster ride. We've been through drought, doubts and heartbreaks but today, our faith and patience paid off. My happiness is over the moon. I can confidently say that a wedding bell is just around the corner. What a happy new year everyone!!!
  3. Posting him in her IG story is the least of my expectation. Through out the course of TKEM run and even after it ended, she did nothing to associate herself with him. This is the bravest she did to date. Indeed, not everyone can be brave and what a time for her to be brave. Have a blast everyone. Happy New Year
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