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  1. Hello Soompiers! We are looking to find dedicated members of our community who are interested in Moderator and Event Organizer positions. Eligibility Requirements Have a minimum reputation level of 100. Have a minimum of 100 posts. Have 0 warnings. Visited the site within the last 30 days. Position Commitments Jr Moderators can be promoted to Moderator after a minimum of 3 consecutive months as a Jr Moderator. A 12-month commitment is required for Event Organizer positions.
  2. Lee Joon Gi x Moon Chae Won Flower of Evil Couple These two fantastic actors reunited once again in a new melodrama this coming July ! From colleagues in Criminal Minds in 2017 to husband and wife in Flower of Evil Lee Joon Gi [Official Forum] Birthdate: April 17th, 1982 Birthplace: Busan, South Korea University: Seoul Institute of the Arts Height: 178cm Blood Type: B Twitter: @JGshock Weibo: @leejoongi Facebook: Lee Joon Gi Instagram: @actor_jg Official Webs
  3. cr mydramalist Details: Chinese title: 生活万岁 English title: Good Life Genre: Family, Life, Drama Episodes: 36 Director: Broadcast Period: Cast: 刘威 LiuWei 王鸥 WangOu 孙艺洲 Sun YiZhou 代旭 DaiXu 陈艳茜 Chen YanQian Synopsis: Story of a family of five who realize the real meaning of family after going through a series of arguments. Father Zheng suddenly collapse and then woke up from a coma. He reflected on himself and set about unknotting past grievances, helping his four children: a busy surgeon, a ho
  4. Hometown Flex/ Seoul Village Man Cr: TVN Confirmed Cast: Cha Tae Hyun Lee Seung Gi PD: Yoo Ho Jin (previous 1N2D PD) Airing date: Sunday, 12 July Time: 22:50 KST Channel: TVN Theme: Travelling - The two confirmed casts will be visiting invited guests' hometown and experience villager's life
  5. Details: Chinese title: 愿我如星君如月 English title: Oops The King is in Love Genre: Youth, Romance, Period Episodes: 24 Director: Man Yun Yu Broadcast Period: June 15th - June 21st, 2020 Cast: Ash Zu Ma Meng Wei Fu Wei Lun Synopsis: Yan Zhixia is a the daughter of a minister who disguises herself as a man in order to work in the royal palace. She mistakenly becomes the eunuch of the Emperor, and with his help, slowly becomes the Head eunuch. However she discovers that actually, Yan Jin knew of her true identity long time ago.
  6. World News Share any news u guys want....your country news or any country news just 2 rules 1. Valid Source 2. Invalid Source will be deleted (Eg. Economy, Technologies, Sports, Happening, Social & ETC)
  7. MASTER IN THE HOUSE The show airs on SBS every Sunday at 18:20 (KST) beginning December 31, 2017. Cast : •Lee Seung-gi •Lee Sang-yoon •Yang Se-hyung •Yook Sung-jae (BtoB) •Shin Sung-rok Official Instagram : https://instagram.com/sbs_jipsabu?igshid=1iwz9hf5o4wvk @ebullient I recreated this thread. As previous owner left.
  8. The Flower of Evil 의악 꽃 “Cruel truth that shakes perfect trust" Director Kim Cheol Kyu (On the Way to the Airport, Chicago Typewriter, Mother) Writer Yoo Jung Hee (Naked Fireman) Broadcast Date / Time July 29th - September 23rd, 2020, Wed-Thu 10:50 PM KST Casts "I need her" Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung A man who hid his brutal past and changed his identity. He is pretending to be in love with his wife JiWon and hide his secrets. "Can I trust him?" Moon Chae Won as
  9. Details: Chinese title: 玲珑 English title: Ling Long Genre: Fantasy, Period Episodes: 45 Director: Shi Lei Broadcast Period: 1/29/2021 - 2/25/2021 Cast: Zhao JinMai as Ling Long Lin Yi as Yuan Yi Justin Yuan as Chi Xin Synopsis: In a mysterious and unknown continent named "Suchuan", there are many beautiful legends of mythology. A catastrophe caused the gods to fall, and Suchuan was thrown into chaos. After many years, the young monarch Yuan Yi ascends to the throne, and vows to end the troubled times. Yuan Yi believed
  10. Welcome to the Kookmin Clan thread - home for all things Kim Jongkook + Jeon Somin Resources*: The amazing kookminclan RunningMan has many wonderful videos of Kookmin moments. Playlist of RM clips on Kocowa with Kookmin moments Somin's instagram Jongkook's instagram Kookminrm on Twitter mykookminfriendship on Instagram aprilcouples on Instagram jeonsomin_jjang on Instagram (everything about Somin with the other RM members/drama otps) darealme_1 on Instagram kookminrm4 on Instagram Videos from minKOO on
  11. My dream country to go too...Hm..Let me think... So here are my list: 1) South Korea 2) Taiwan What's yours? Share it with us
  12. Details: Chinese Title: 网球少年 / Wang Qiu Shao Nian , 奋斗吧少年 / Fèn Dòu ba Shào Nián English title: Prince of Tennis / Fighting Youth Genre: Sports, School Director: 赵小鸥 / Zhao XiaoOu, 赵小溪 / Zhao XiaoXi Episodes: 40 Broadcast Date: Jul/22/2019 Broadcast Channel: MangoTv, Tencent Channel, HunanTV Cast: 路夏 Lù Xià (Ryoma) by 彭昱畅 / Peng Yu Chang 乔晨 Qiáo Chén(Momoshiro Takeshi) by 董力 / DongLi 穆司阳 Mù Sī Yáng (Tezuka) by 谢彬彬 / Xie BinBin 卓治 ZhuōZhì(Fuji Shūsuke) by 张逸杰 / Zhang YiJie 池大勇 Chi DaYong (Ōishi Shūichirō) by 朱致灵 / Zhu ZhiLing 唐佳乐 Táng JiāLè (Kiku
  13. Welcome to the new thread to support our King Taemin and Queen Naeun! We truly believe that what Taeun have is something real and special. We are here to show them our love and support. If you are in this thread, please be respectful to Taeun and with each other. Watch all WGM episodes of our loveable Taeun here (eng sub). http://m1.newasiantv.co/watch/wgm-taeun-couple-episode-1-engsub.2327.51442.html
  14. Presents Director: Ahn Gil Ho (Secret Forest, Mrs. Cop) Writer: Song Jae Jung (Queen In Hyun's Man, Nine: Nine Times Travel, W) Producers : Green Snake Media | Studio Dragon | Netflix Episodes: 16 (Tentative) Release Date: December 1, 2018 -- Runtime: Sat-Sun. 22:00 Website : tvN Memories of Alhambra Palace About the Show Jin-Woo runs a company that specializes in optical devices designed to take AR technology to the next level. He travels to Spain in search of Se-Ju, a genius
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