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  1. [Korean Actor] Who Has the Strongest Puppy Boy Look⁉ Ranking 12 Hallyu Stars 12 of 13 [No. 1] Park Bo-gum A national boyfriend whose sister's heart shakes! Park Bo-gum, who has a catchphrase of "National Boyfriend" and competes for first and second place among Korean actors in their 20s, is ranked number one in prosperity."With a clean appearance that doesn't make you feel sweaty at all, and a cute look full of dark eyes, she continues to soothe the older sisters of the world." In "Itae
  2. Let's take a look at the issues of January 13, which was unusually eventful with OSEN Time Machine. On January 13, 2018, actor Park Bo-gum met Lee Hyo-ri. Visiting Jeju Island as a special guest of JTBC'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast 2'. Park Bo-gum arrived in Jeju Island that day after confirming the male guest appearance in'Hyori's Guest House 2'. Since'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast 2'has been mentioned as a new employee candidate from the planning stage, viewers' expectations and interest have risen endlessly. Afterwards, JTBC's'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast
  3. Poll for a "Star who wants to present a diary on Diary Day" From December 22 to January 11, 7 Edu, an internet math education company in elementary, middle, and high schools, conducted a poll of 4,936 people. Park Bo-gum ranked 3rd with 17.6% having 870 people who chose him. On January 14th, Diary Day is a day when couples present diaries to each other. It will always be BOGUMMY for me if I were to present a diary. I'll make sure it's an A6 size and cute because that's his requirement size. Lol! http://m.theceluv.com/article.php?aid=1610
  4. I love Lee Yeong/Love in the Moonlight... I've watched it several times and I don't know how many times already like what @Rom828 did.@backstreetboysfan This is the first time I watch this. Bogummy's fans are really the best when it comes to making organized images and gifs. Daebak. Like idol like fans. Love the fan/s who made this. ctto
  5. Happy New Year Bogum and to all friends who have been part of this thread, then and now. May we have a Covid-19 free new year. Stay safe and healthy until we meet Bogummy again in 2022. @Rom828welcome chingu to Bogummy's thread.
  6. 'White Hero' Awards Ceremony for Corona 19 Medical Staff... Park Bo-gum special appearance. Daebak! Bogummy doesn't know the word "gunbaekgi (period of inactivity). More power and God bless to Bogummy. A hot topic even he is serving in the military. and topping the surveys in every poll or always included in the top 5 of the poll. Name of the survey: The star who wants to spend the "Christmas Eve'" together. From November 25 to December 21, Seven Edu, an internet math education company in elementary, middle, and high school voted
  7. Merry Christmas BOGUMMIES. Wishing our Bogummy, his family, you and your family a sparkling holiday season and a blessful New Year!
  8. Bogum, the Keyboardist 2 GumDiary cr:owner https://www.artinsight.co.kr/m/page/view.php?no=51244#link_guide_netfu_64709_77360
  9. cr:logo Article Title: “I feel like I received a gift”… Park Bo-gum, current status during military service → Naval Carol Medley video appeared ... Netizens, who saw this, said, “The performance is so wonderful.” “Happy Merry Christmas with both the Navy and Private Park Bo-gum” “Thank you for the wonderful Christmas song gift” “It’s comforting” “The feeling of receiving the Christmas gift” “Private Park Bo-gum and the members of the PR team “Thank you for the song gift” and so on. ... http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?
  10. Bogummy the pianist, OMG! We miss him so much. Merry Christmas Bogum. God bless you. I love the comment of the lady MC. Bogummy really is from heaven. Our Angel in KEnt.
  11. Article title: Park Bo-gum, selected as the 2nd place for'The Talent Who Shined the Year'... Who is the number one protagonist? ... Actor Park Bo-gum, who has consistently kept the top spot in the rankings in recent years, followed Kim Hee-ae in second place (7.6%). Park Bo-gum did not have a lot of appearances this year, but in the tvN drama'Youth Records', which aired from September to October, Park Bo-gum played the role of aspiring actor Sa Hye-joon and received favorable reviews. ... https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/022/0003533818
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