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  1. [Excerpt ] Naver's popular webtoon Golden Spirit - Joseon's Marriage Ban' will be dramatized. ... The virtual casting of the Golden Spirit drama in the past also drew attention from many fans. In the virtual casting, netizens chose actors Park Bo-gum and Ji Chang-wook to play the role of the king 'Lee Heon', and actors Jung Da-bin and Kim So-hyun for the role of the heroine 'Ye So-rang'. https://m.wikitree.co.kr/articles/660408#_ace
  2. Here’s 4 Popular Male Celebrities That Only Became Hotter After Growing Older Hot damn. We all know that men are like fine wine. They only look better the more mature they get! Here are 4 male celebrities that suddenly went from adorable to hot with a few years on them. 1. Park Bo Gum He first appeared on our radar in 2013’s Wonderful Mama. Around ten years into his career, his jawline became more defined and he shed some of his babyish features in tvN‘s Record Of Youth. https://www.koreaboo.com/
  3. These 5 Idols Are Harder To Recognize In Real Life Because Of Their Visuals You wouldn’t know what hit ya. 5. Park Bo Gum https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/5-idols-harder-recognize-in-real-life-visuals/ [This is a weeks/month ago survey by Netflix Korea.] “If You Got On This Bus, Who Would You Sit Next To?” — Fun Netflix Quiz Takes Internet By Storm Can we seat-hop from one seat to another? Recently on an online community, a netizen introduced a lighthearted question presented by
  4. Netflix Philippines greets Bogummy. Love the message. It is on point. "Thank you for being born and blessing the world with that Park Bo Gum Magic." More greetings . Another one from VIU Indonesia
  5. OMG, that was so HARD! choosing 4 out of so many talented actresses. Btw, I have not seen Lee Young Ae of Jewel in the Palace. She is also one of my ultimate unnie. She trailblazed my love for KDrama. ctto This poll reminds me of women empowerment.
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