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  1. @gumtaek and @rahma92 those master nims photos like of fallingbogum, ribbon in the sky and others are all great photos. They sure use the DSLR camera with long lense. Bogum style is always simple but classy. He has the knack in wearing clothes like he is a manequin. And I like how fans are able to locate what brands his outfits are. So happy we have new updates of Bogum. Waiting for that Bloomin Talk Concert event tomorrow. The talk hall is so big which is alike to a FM event hall.
  2. @rahma92My eyes are so full with Bogummy . His Season's Greeting #5 is so bewitching. He never fails us. About the PD and the crew who shot it, I bet their eyes and hearts were also full of Bogum's attractiveness .
  3. Uri charming Bogummy in different side view angles during Baeksang AA. The childlike characteristic is really innate in him that makes him so charismatic.
  4. @gumtaekI was also fascinated of how harper's Bazaar Korea put an effort to make 4 hashtags for Bogummy. I think they r also greatly recognizing Bogum's male god look and his popularity.
  5. Hello!!! Am new here in this thread but I really admire the two first eps of TSLOMS. Am so excited for the next episodes. The leads are funny and so cute. KYK and JKJ ' s actings are refreshing.
  6. Our polite and humble boy. He will always make a way to connect to his senior actors. Park Bo-gum, the actor we stan.
  7. I hope in the future there will be a possibility of creating an international fan cafe wherein Bogum will be as active as he is in his Korean fan cafe.
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