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  1. @gumtaek I love the concept of Biker Bogum in Eider. The handsome face, the fleece jacket plus the motorbike are so perfect. Woahhhh so so so manly. I saw posts in twitter and instagram and I fell in love again btw, where is this, which country, in NZ?
  2. I just finished episode 13 and things are going to each places. I am a little lazy to share my full views and analyses right now. Mian @bebebisous33I just finished episode 13 and Sateunik's wife is not a neanthal. The significance of Sateunik to Eunseum to Momo Tribe is that the kind personality of Eunseum saved Xabara (the leader of the Momo tribe) and her child when they were being chased by the rebelled members of Momo Tribe. From then on Xabara and the Momo Tribe made an oath to find him and repay his kindness. So basically Eunseum now has a big tribe to support him and woahhhh they are warriors and fierce but as Sateunik said his tribe is always repaying the kindness that was given to them. Even their flag was changed to the appearance of Eunseum's back. For me this last scene is the best scene in episode 13 .
  3. Annyeong @bebebisous33 I remember the whispering scene. If what you predicted was true, for me it means that there are more neanthals alive aside from the three.
  4. Chingus, what's the significance of falling of scabs from Eunseum's back? (it was included in the flashback of scenes in episode 13) One reason I know is he needed to return to arthdal as his eomma instructed that to him but beyond that, any other special reason? Enlighten me jebal. Watching now episode 13 @ Netflix.
  5. Chingus let's us not forget to vote for our beloved Bogum for Asia Artist Award. Although this is again a popularity poll, this is one way of supporting him and promoting his upcoming drama. https://aaavietnam2019.com.vn/pre-vote/korea?type=actor His rank was 16th just an hour ago but it fell down to 17th. Let us just do our best to support him regardless of the result.
  6. Yup gumtaek. I remember that in one of his interviews. One thing so different with PBG to KJH is how to approach their love interest. As PBG said KJH is a direct one but he wouldn't do that bc he said he wouldnt want to become burden to the woman he loves. Should I say he is a shy type/conservative in terms of love and courting.
  7. Annyeong @willenette, All what you said were true. I don't know also if he is working out regularly especially as of this time that he is so busy with Seobok. Lol, aside from his handsome face his hands are really attractive @U-Çanwelcome to Bogummy's thread.
  8. @lightbringer06 Yes a Queen indeed. In a few days, Tanya will use and exercise what she has been aiming for - POWER!!! photo credit to TVN
  9. Yeyyyy, my ChungMyung is also going with them too. I thought he wouldnt bc I did not see him in the wrap up party.
  10. True. No particular brand but all spicy noodles. Next person is fond in extreme sports.
  11. Annyeong chingus!!! @rahma92 thanks for posting it. Lol! Now Bogummy's hands and veins have invaded the news outlet and have exclusives news about it. Our boy is so famous that even the hands and veins are making the hearts of the fans crazy and I am one of them. Proud to be a fan of this hand with oozing veins (crazy) and the amazing actor who owns this. ctto Another source of this news: https://www.insight.co.kr/news/244850
  12. @classicchanel As far as i remembered Tanya is the destined head priest of the White Peak Mountain and it is just her innate spirit which led her to dance the steps perfectly. The training of her Eomma and Eunsum gave a big help but what made her dance, whistle to catch the attention of the azure bird and to even know the starbell postion was the divine power vested on her as the successor of the White Peak Mountain. The answer is the gift is just innate in her. As her mother said she just neded the perfect time and place to activate her gift given by her ancestor to her.
  13. I think for me there is no right person in the wrong time. It will always fall back to destiny. Fate will always make a way for a couple to meet each other regardless of the circumstances they are having. Connections will attract them no matter what. Real life love stories are really happening. So defying that qoute, right person always comes in the right time . People just have to wait. Applying to HDL, though it is a fiction, the course of fate gave the ManChan the ways to be always connected with each other, whether from thousand years ago or in their future so they are the right people for each other in the right time also. @realistic2280 Cant agree with you more about the skinship issue and steamy scenes. Well i really respect the Hong Sister's reason about this concern but for me like you viewed it the otp knew already they would part eventually so why not spent their time with some romantic skinships so it would remain a very memorable memories for the two of them. Those skinship, kisses and steamy romance scenes will not hurt the characters but will give excellent connections. I dont think the reason of the writers is enough for that and plus the fact it is a cable tv, censorship is not that tight compared to public network. If they just added some steamy romance and more skinship, better connection would be created for ManChan. Plus, the ManChung tandem would be easier to forget. Well,the drama ended already and the whole drama is a successful one so i hope the Hong sisters will make it better the next time they create a drama.
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