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  1. Nope, Sleepy Owl is busy writing the new episode of HP S3, LOOK FORWARD TO IT CHINGU I guess I somehow ended up dodging it +2
  2. Chingus, @confusedheart326, @agenth, @4evrkdrama, @gm4queen Congratulations on being selected as EOs and JMs 700
  3. @Sakurafairy, @frozentundra Chingus, sorry for missing out on your ultimate Unnies due to the technical limitations of our poll @larus having known you for sometime now, I think we don't even need to ask each other about our Ultimate Unnie and Noona Thank you for participating and voting here Chingu @confusedheart326 Chingu, I have watched some dramas of Gong Hyo Jin, and my most favorite ones would be "Thank You" and "Master's Sun". Thank You was just amazing in my opinion, and I don't really remember how many times I have watched it. She has done sev
  4. Score would have been 3-0, Lucky Germany to avoid it thanks to offside and VAR. Honestly German crosses are so bad, and so are their corners so far Smart move I'd say 666
  5. @joccu I'd suggest using another dude in place of Hummels in your team next match onward maybe, he made a brave tackle, but it could have been a penalty too 664
  6. @joccu Mbappe scores such a beautiful goal only to be ruled out for offside On another note, I feel like Germans have mistaken this match to be a Taekwondo one rather than football seeing their high kicks on French players 664
  7. Honestly, he was quite lucky to evade the second yellow after that (unintentional?) kick on the French player's face while falling. Too lucky in my opinion. I think referee decided to be merciful and give him benefit of doubt since he already had a yellow card. So yes, I think he would be subbed pretty soon in the second half if not at the start of the second half. I will be watching it, and hope it would be a pure horror one like "The Guest" or "The Priest". I also hope that Lee Da Hee accepts that role. It is good she is getting lead roles now
  8. Leaked clip of @Ameera Ali's one one talk with Ronaldo Seems like he owes this victory to me then I am looking forward to this drama, and I hope the same that they concentrate on the profilers rather than focusing too much on the criminals. Kim Nam Gil has been choosing good dramas lately. I will see his horror one too (not sure if he accepted the role or not). @joccu Given Hummels' experience, he should have done a better job there, I am disappointed 660
  9. Well, that really was an easy chance. Still 0-0. I am rooting for Hungary Chingu, always happy to have interaction with the add/sub Chingus. I will try to be more active For me, I like consistency. Same is my problem with Bossam. I have no fixed days to watch it, still its subs come out kinda faster. If I had not started "Great Queen Seondeok", I would have started "Undercover". But now, I am up for a long Sageuk ride here, post that I will watch this one I have not even watched 1/3 of the drama, and already loving Mishil. Her a
  10. I am gonna watch both matches tonight @larus I was going to watch "Undercover", in fact waited for it, but then the subs problem happened, and the subs were coming pretty late. Now that it completed, and all its subs available, I am gonna watch it 668
  11. @larus Chingu, how is "Undercover"? If it is good, once I am done with "Queen Seondeok", I might go for that one if I am not watching several ongoing Kdramas By the way, I didn't know Bidam was Mishil's son, didn't reach that point yet But, I have always agreed with you on the fact that a well written villain makes the drama several times better. And Mishil is already among my most fav villains, or even Sageuk characters. She has always been so level headed, calculating and does not shy away from making risks. She does not even attack openly, and sometimes try to get pe
  12. Hey there Chingu Chingu, let me answer you with my most favorite Gif Emoji of this forum +2
  13. @joccu, @larus Chingus, I have already watched 13 episodes of "Great Queen Seondeok", and I can see why Lady Mishil got the most votes in "Old Evil Dudes" poll as a part of Sageul polls we had long ago. She clearly knows when to step back and when to take actions. Totally loving this drama so far, and I am sure I will keep loving it 646
  14. I am gonna share the one where he was carried by another woman
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