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  1. That's really sad then Chingu Did you just call me Oppa, Chingu? As for the questions I asked 1. Ditch the masks, and go out for running. 2. I will still avoid the family events or other parties (not really a party person) 3. Doing Sports with my friends, running. 4. Would love to stay at home whole day whenever I feel like, now that I got the 1 year training for it (had been doing it before too though). 5. Yes, I don't really like going out to work and return home wasting around 2-3 hours if there is tr
  2. Well that will be bad. I mean Japan put so much efforts in it. The reason the countries want Olympics, Asian Games, World Cups to be held in their country is mainly for 2 reasons. Firstly it is something really prestigious, and the second which is more important is the fact that the return value is a lot. They give you almost 8 years to prepare it, sometimes totally new stadiums, hotels are built for this, and the money you spent on this, is returned many folds during the event itself, thanks to the spectators who come from all over the world for it. So Japan having prepared it all, will defin
  3. 7. Which event are you looking forward to the most when the Pandemic ends. For example Sports events like Euro 2020, Olympics got postponed because of it. 270
  4. 6. What new skill did you develop during the lockdown? - this could be a question too 270
  5. 1. What will you do as soon as the pandemic ends? 2. What will you not do as soon as (and even after sometime) the pandemic ends? 3. What do miss the most during this pandemic? 4. What will you continue doing even after the pandemic ends? 5. Would you like to continue working from home after pandemic ends or not I mean these are the most basic ones, but the only ones which came to my mind. Chingu, I want to play Hockey, Cricket and football, but for almost one year it has not happened because of it. +2
  6. Noona, I'll try to come up with some questions. You are right about asking "who do you think real murderer is" or something related to the future events, since a lot of us have watched it and our answers may end up as spoilers for others.
  7. Hey there Chingus @MayanEcho, @Min2206 you are right about me being hungry @Min2206 I might try out the non-baking method of preparing cakes next week, didn't see the YT videos of them yet. 282
  8. You are right here, I had read a couple of years ago that even though Crime Profiling has become a thing and is used in solving cases like murders, but still there are many detectives who still believe that it is a waste of time. But from what I know, in many countries, they have added a course of Crime Profiling in the Police Academy, so now they have acknowledged that some basic profiling should be done, and every Police Academy Graduate needs to have knowledge of it. Back then, like in this one they are showing, the crime profilers usually were Criminology experts or psychologi
  9. Chingu its already night time here and no bakery is open, will have to go for it tomorrow. What is the easier version Chingu? Can you share the recipe? +2
  10. Overall seeing all the cakes pics shared here have made me crave for cakes, so I will buy one tomorrow But yeah, I will try out the Lassi cakes too when I get the chance to Yeah, I have been thinking about it since last night. I will have to see when I can. For now too many dramas in my plate, will go for it after at least I am done with Tunnel. I had binge-watched it first time I watched it. 296
  11. Want every cake whose pics you have shared Same here Chingu, now I also want to watch it. Maybe I will go for it after I am done with "Tunnel", if my Kdrama and real life schedule allowed 298
  12. Didn't know Lassi cakes were a thing During my college days, in the summers, I along with my room mates, whenever we would step out would either have lassi, manga shake or cold coffee. The lassi we would usually have would be the simple one, I've had Mango Lassi, but preferred that place's normal Lassi more. I've heard of couple of places preparing really good flavored Lassis, so will try them out whenever I get a chance to. Hey there @forme26 fi, @twinkle_little_star 298
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