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  1. Chuseok, literally "Autumn eve", once known as hangawi, is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in both North- and South Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon with Visit to their family's home town, ancestor worship, harvest feasts & many more... Wishing both Choi Daniel & his lovely Korean fans a happy chuseok holiday beginning from today!
  2. He is so hotter than the sun! My love...It is so hard not to fall for this guy! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Sharing Love with dear @triplem @Heidi Seow @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel & @Lawyerh lovelies.... I am missing this guy to the bits!!!! Really hope he returns for his fans at least by the winter this year!
  3. One year ago.... (Love in horror ) "The Ghost Detective" Sparks Teen Interest 2018/09/17 | 622 views The new KBS drama "The Ghost Detective" is a horror-thriller drama about Lee Da-il (Choi Daniel) and his assistant Jung Yeo-wool (Park Eun-bin) who face unusual circumstances after seeing a mysterious woman named Seon Woo-hye (Lee Ji-ah). "The Ghost Detective" was a daring challenge, but it has come to be known as a trendy drama for teens and not just a summer exclusive. The target for most content was aimed at 2049 and content for teens were neglected, hence, the 'school' series, music and dance contest dramas. Meanwhile, "The Ghost Detective" is the introduction to a new genre of content, which has spiked the interest of teens who enjoy watching horror. Not only is the drama bringing on a change in drama genre, it's engaging a more diverse age range of viewers and increasing competition. In addition, it's proving the diversity of content outside of romance or melodrama. Summer has gone, the time for horror to provide chills to cool the body, but "The Ghost Detective" is the talk of the town because of its challenge and daring premise. Sources of "The Ghost Detective" say that drama genres are being divided and allocated strategically to target younger viewers. It is expected that "horror" will bring back those who have drifted apart from the viewing audience group and find a place as a drama genre like romance and comedy dramas. View the full article here
  4. Yes chingu.... You are so right about the drama! I am also super duper excited for it! She is indeed a princess! No doubt about that! Can't even believe that she's nearly 40 now. She is the goddess of South Korea. Wish she settles down soon...
  5. Thanks a lot dear @sin hoonsim & @hankitae42 chingus for updates on the series... And just watched the new teaser & dear @hankitae42 chingu is so right! It looks really pretty with Jang Na Ra! And I think I know her last words mean there.. Her words are mixed with enthusiasm & depression about her loving husband! "The man I thought that I know very well of, how did suddenly turn out to be someone like I don't even know of..." I am already in love with her character... Will she be able to touch the clouds? Can't wait to find out!!! Looking so pretty than ever.!
  6. 10 yrs ago.... (The beginning of a beautiful journey ) [INTERVIEW] Choi Daniel - Part 1 2010/01/07 | 5148 views He first made himself known to the world in a TV commercial in 2008. As an employee who slacks off while his boss is not looking. Of course, these so-called 'CF stars' come and go with the change of seasons but Choi Daniel made his mark later that winter with TV series "Worlds Within". He played the role of an assistant director in the drama which recorded ratings in the single digit-range, but his realistic acting matched up to the acting of veteran actress Youn Yuh-jung and helped him not to go unnoticed amongst superstars Song Hye-kyo and Hyun Bin. He was not a 'pretty boy' or managed by a large talenthouse but Choi, who had acted on stages since he was in high school, was set to take his victory through acting. And now, he stands at the center of a love triangle in "High Kick Through The Roof" where he is the subject of both affection and admiration for Se-gyeong and the sometimes slow-witted boyfriend of Jung-eum. 10Asia met with the 23-year-old actor to get a closer look into his thoughts about acting. 10: You wrote a posting on your blog on the dawn between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.Choi Daniel (Choi): Did you see it? That was when I got home after a shoot. I went back out for shoot again on Christmas Day. View the full article here [INTERVIEW] Choi Daniel - Part 2 2010/01/07 | 2610 views 10: Then what sort of man do you think Lee Ji-hoon is, regardless of whether you are right or wrong.Choi: I think he's a great guy. There are just certain things in life you have to do, such as saying a hello or pretending to smile, because its just basic manners. But Ji-hoon isn't like that. He'll do what he needs to do, say that it's all that matters and just walk away. I think that is what's so great about him -- having the courage to be someone who you rarely find in society. He could be ostracized for it if he gets unlucky. I guess you could say that he doesn't use unnecessary energy? I think that's why although he seems indifferent toward Jung-eum, his actions such as being nice to her keep appearing on the side. View the full article here [INTERVIEW] Choi Daniel - Part 3 2010/01/07 | 11530 views 10: I'm still most curious about your name. Who made it and how?Choi Daniel (Choi): My dad underwent surgery after my mother gave to birth to my older brother because they didn't want anymore children. In other words they didn't have plans to have a second child but I came along so my dad chose my name with it meaning that I'm a son from heaven. The name is from the bible so I won't deny it's a religious name but then again, my dad isn't a devout Christian. My dad lived overseas for a long time though so he had always been open to choosing English names for his children. Whether it be John or David, to him they're all names that can be given to anyone. My brother though, has a very normal Korean name. View the full article here
  7. Well, it's so amazing that it's already been 10 yrs since the 1st ep of High Kick Through The Roof aired on Sep 7, 2009! Our fav Daniel's very first lead role, Lee Ji Hoon, the handsome doctor in eye-glasses!. I knew it that he'd totally rock the world. And he just hit the stardom with his very first lead role, of course... Feel so happy for him as a crazy fan girl of him! Thanks a lot for giving us such a wonderful story... Not really a fan of the ending but I love him so much in his every scene... Fighting, HIGH KICK THROUGH THE ROOF & CHOI DANIEL!! Happy 10th Anniversary!
  8. Wow... So much is happening here! Thanks a lot chingus for posting about the first script reading! Everything looks so intense already.. I love this vibe! And Jang Nara looks flawless... I love her soooooooooooooooooooooo much! Can't wait to find more about the series..! The wiki says the first script reading took place on April 18, 2019 and filming began on May 9, 2019. It is set to premiere on October 7, 2019 on SBS TV. And found another two wedding Photos Of Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon... Looking so magical! They look so beautiful!
  9. Hello dear! Yes, my thoughts are exactly too... They are so sweet together & it's so strange that we miss them even after 1 yr..! I think they've possessed us last year! Such a magical feeling...! You know, I watch The Ghost Detective again & again now! I can't simply stop shipping them They are so sweet like a candy bar together! And it's also been 1 yr since we haven't seen our guy in K-dramaland! I wish he comes back real soon for us as we desperately miss him now! Just watched his scenes in The Beast movie... I think I am not a fan of it! I need him to be the sweet & caring & manly first-lead boyfriend to a pretty lady! Yeah... Let's pray darling... He will be back!!!!
  10. I am still opposing the term "suicide" but I agree with all my chingus for the rest of the story in finale. I just felt that something is wrong from the beginning but wish Song survives & reflect on his sins & start a new life with his son instead of choosing the coward way out! But the ending scene of him walking towards Tae Kyung is my fav scene of them so far. The cinematography left me in a dream for a while there. Overall I love this drama so much as much as other chingus here do... The ending scene is satisfying me than I thought! And I have a little disappointment in a corner of my heart that we missed the love between Tae Kyung & Yeon Ah! Both Choi Jin Hyuk & Nana gave their characters a full justice. They are both so talented! I love this pair so much. Wish to see them as a couple in a drama someday. And wow, I think we all will miss this drama so much & its characters as well! See you at another drama thread, guys.... Have a nice day!
  11. Well, can't believe that it's already 1 yr since the 1st ep of The Ghost Detective aired on Sep 5, 2018! I still remember how impatient I was to see Daniel on-screen again after Jugglers. I knew it that he'd totally rock the world. And the same thing exactly happened as well. I think no one was imagining that the series would be a super hit among the international fans amidst the lowest ratings. So I feel extremely happy for all the cast. And still definitely miss all of them. Thanks a lot for giving us such a wonderful story... Fighting, THE GHOST DETECTIVE!! Happy 1st Anniversary! You are so welcome here, dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel darling...
  12. Well, can't believe that it's already 1 yr since the 1st ep of The Ghost Detective aired on Sep 5, 2018! I still remember how impatient I was to see Daniel on-screen again after Jugglers. I knew it that he'd totally rock the world. And the same thing exactly happened as well. I think no one was imagining that the series would be a super hit among the international fans amidst the lowest ratings. So I feel extremely happy for Daniel that he's got an international recognition as Lee Da Il. And still definitely miss him, Park Eun Bin & all the other cast of The Ghost Detective. Thanks a lot for giving us such a wonderful story... Fighting, THE GHOST DETECTIVE & CHOI DANIEL!! Happy 1st Anniversary!
  13. Thanks a million dear @triplem chingu for the picturised recap on the finale eps.. I've read all your posts & kind of in a dilemma. Somehow my predictions seems right! Dae Jin was broken by his father's sins! And someone died tonight! Then Tae Kyung yearned for him. But I never expected that it'd be Song! It is an unexpected twist for me. And I am so convincing to watch the finale eps by your recaps... Definitely should see the downfall of Tak. But there is something off the rails for me.. It's injustice that a rapist like Tak is alive while a caring father like Song died out of the humiliation... I wanna pity Song that he reflected his wrong doings to his own child of murdering off his best friend by just looking at Tae Kyung! More pics from the wrap party...
  14. One year ago.... (I desperately miss this handsome boy this year! ) Choi Daniel Surprises “The Ghost Detective” Staff With Food Truck Sep 14, 2018 by Y. Shin The staff of “The Ghost Detective” are receiving a lot of love from Choi Daniel! On September 14, Choi Daniel’s agency J,WIDE-Company posted on its official Instagram page, “He’s buying, he’s buying, actor Choi Daniel is buying. Delicious snacks that have arrived on set of ‘The Ghost Detective.’ We enjoyed the food thanks to the chef.” The post included an image of Choi Daniel standing in front of the food truck with a bright smile on his face. He rests a hand on the chef’s shoulder, expressing his gratitude for the food. The sign on the truck reads, “Thank you to all the production staff, seniors, and my colleagues. Fighting!” Source : https://www.soompi.com/article/1230257wpp/choi-daniel-surprises-ghost-detective-staff-food-truck
  15. Just finished watching yesterday's eps & these are my thoughts on everyone... Can't really wait for the final eps! 1. I don't think that Tak is completely out of his mind. He just put a mirror in the last page of the photo album which was sent to Young Mi so that she can witness her frightened face herself. Yes, I was surprised for myself when I saw the mirror. And then at the perfect timing, he asks about her granny just to provoke her feelings & sabotage the investigation. he knows all possible ways to mentally torture women. Then what happened with his mom? Is he the culprit? I want the answer tonight. 2. Tae Kyung is on his way to the jail. But why? what has he ever done wrong? He is the one who lost everything because of Tak & Song 7 yrs ago so isn't it fair that they two end up together in jail? I want the answer tonight. 3. Song always warn his personal assistant to not to touch Tae Kyung. I mean he is so caring for Tae Kyung is something fishy to me. Is it for Song's own good or Tae Kyung's own good? I rememeber Song mention to Tae Kyung that he shouldn't dip deep in to this case. Otherwise he'd get hurt by himself. So what's there for Tae Kyung at the bottom of the case? I want the answer tonight. 4. Is someone's gonna go tonight? I dunno why but for me tonight's preview has a sorrow of a broken son by his father's sins. I am already worried about Dae Jin. What Tae Kyung cries so hard for? We will definitely have the answer tonight.
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