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  1. Thank you so much dear @jinkzzmec chingu for adding my edit on the 1st post!! I am sooooo happy! It looks amazing on the 1st page! And just thought to recall my 1st time with Kang Ji Hwan! It;s none other than Big Man with my most fav Choi Daniel! I enjoyed every bit of Ji Hwan's acting as an orphan who breaks down the chaebol family of Daniel's!!! And I personally think JI Hwan can portrait energetic roles very well!! And I haven't seen so many of his dramas as you guys have!! But only few like Big Man, Feel Good To Die, Children of A lesser God & a bit of Coffee House! I really was glued to Coffee House because Ji Hwan looked so pretty like a dream in it but I don't like short haired girls!!! Hah haaaaaa..... That's a big weakness of mine! But Ji Hwan is the selling point of Coffee House, am I right friends???! Srry for tagging you again, dear @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 & @phoenix24 chingus!!!! And I am not a fan of historical dramas! But I will try his new series for sure! He's working so hard for it so hope he will receive a lot of love from public!! And this is an older post of him!! Kang Ji Hwan’s Fantasy Movie Choices!! He seems to have a great taste on movies!! https://dw4ptommyrot.wordpress.com/2009/12/11/kang-ji-hwans-fantasy-movie-choices/
  2. Hah haaaaa chingu!!! We all know that he is yours! He he he.... Just joking here!!!! By the way, I think you changed your pro pic at least thrice today!! You are seriously done!!!! And we two are all the same, darling!!!
  3. Hello Kang JI Hwan lovelies, @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & @jinkzzmec friends!! This is from me for you all!! I really hope you will like my edit!! And dear @jinkzzmec chingu, is it possible to include my edit in the 1st post of this thread..??!! I will be so honored to see my love & affection for him there!!!
  4. YES YES YES!!!! I found photos of Daniel with Baek Jin Hee & the producer of Jugglers!! Already one year has passed!! He is looking so cute in short hair & eye-glasses!! YAYYY!!!! Then the shooting will begin & we get to see him in BTS stills!!!! Tagging my friends @triplem @Heidi Seow @averia here!!!
  5. Hello dear @irilight friend..... Can I post something on this thread..??! I am a new fan of NamGoong Min! I've never known about this brilliant K-actor before I watch Handsome guy & Jung Eum! It is the very 1st time I saw him on screen & I was so impressed by his acting even though the plot was simple! I felt bad for the low ratings but I hope he got so many fans for him with his smart character in it!! And then I am seeing him in Doctor Prisoner for the 2nd time & I am so addicted to his outstanding acting in it!! JUST WOW!!! I think he chose the hit script for him ever this time! His attitude, his voice & his looks fully fit for Na Yi Jae!!! I am really enjoying his acting there!!! And I really hope he receives the praise he deserves for the acting!! And he is looking so HOOOT!!!! And how come he has only 25 pgs in his soompi thread??? He deserves more than this!!!! I really hope he gains more fans here with Doctor Prisoner!!! Best of luck, Namgoong Min!!!!
  6. Hello my dear @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & of course @jinkzzmec lovelies!!! If I put KANG JI HWAN in this order, is it ok???! (Don't ask me why!! It's a top secret!!) Just need something for J & W!!! K - kind A - attractive N - neat G - gorgeous J - I - idol H - handsome W - A - attractive N - neat
  7. Hello dear! So glad to see you here!! And yes, I love Nara - Daniel couple in Babyfaced Beauty regardless of their age gap! I think it's one of most beautiful on-screen hugs Daniel ever received! I just wish I was here!!!!! Then I would never release him!!! And Oh God! How short is Jang Nara..??!! Can't even believe that she's nearly 40!!!! And the way he's holding in to her wrist!!! So beautiful Thanks a lot for dropping by here dear!! See you again.....
  8. Hello lovelies..... Just drooping by to give some love for our Ji Hwan oppa!!! YES! I've never watched this series but I love these photos!! He is looking so gorgeous in red, isn't he??!! I think this is from his Lie To Me series!!!! Tagging my lovelies, dear @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & @jinkzzmec friends!!!!
  9. He is absolutely cute, dear!!! And look at that smile..... WOW!! It's so beautiful!!! And how about this...??? Aigoooo..... who cut his neck tie down??!! Hah haaa...... You recalled me those nice days when we were so busy on this thread for Beak Jin Sang!!!! Thanks for tagging me dear!!!!
  10. Hello dear!! Glad to see you here!!!! And yes, if they reprise their Jugglers roles then it would be a gorgeous ride that we all can enjoy their appearance peacefully, can't we dear!!!?!? I also thought that too!! How great is that!!!! But since they include In Gyo Jin as well, I am so curious to know the premises.... Or they all will act as random citizen friends for the series' main leads!! But whatever they act, I am totally in dear!! Can't wait for further updates!! Thanks a lot for dropping by here, dear!! See you again soon!!!
  11. Well... This is worth watching! I hope it's NYJ & Mrs. Oh's plan to distract Jung Ui-Sik! And I kind of agree with dear @philosophie that they look so cute together but his face says that he is a jerk!!! Hah haaaa!! That's only my opinion!! I don't know about you, guys!!! But at the end, all are jerks here! Ans dear @sushilicious chingu, NYJ is like a black market dealer for now!! Isn't he..??! I sometimes feel like he is doing double roles here as a good doc & a jerk doc! But I can't blame him for what he's doing!!! He will soon break down all the villains in the show!!!! YES YES YES!!!! Can't wait for today's eps...... More juice is coming up!!
  12. Of course dear @mrsj3n chingu!! How to forget his jerk side!! He is non-less than an animal!! He knows nothing about humanity & that's why three people died because of him! Just watched ep 15-16 & I am pretty sure that NYJ will break down the whole medical history! Director Seon, LJJ & Lee Jae Hwan are my top villains in the show! I feel like LJJ & Director Seon are both after Taekang Group!!!! Go Go Go, Na Yi Jae!!!! We are counting on you!!!!! And now I can't wait to see upcoming eps!! This is an amazing series that makes you addicted to the screen every second! The game is totally on!!! Some BTSs of upcoming scenes, I think... And their off screen bond is so precious!
  13. Dear @bebebisous33 chingu! I just watched ep 13-14 & still have to watch ep 15-16 to catch up with the latest! But as in ep 13, yes you are absolutely right! Han Bit whispered NYJ about the master mind & I just had a hunch that it would be LJJ!!!! Then I am right! NYJ knows it from the very beginning that LJJ is the tiger & his main enemy! But LJJ just want NYJ to destroy Director Seon! And I wonder why! What is LJJ after..??! But NYJ is so smart at trapping director Seon in his own trap! And NYJ is gonna be the next medical director! Whoahhh... This is more intriguing than I thought! And LJJ is the one who is searching for Han Bit!!!! Why is that? Then Han Bit must have known some of LJJ's dark secrets or something harmful to his career!!! Should watch ep 15-16 as soon as possible!! And here is the comedian of the show.... He is so annoying & funny at the same time! Love you, Lee Jae Hwan!!!!
  14. YES!! Daniel will do the cameo in My Fellow Citizens & it will be a surprise for the fans! I've never watched the series but will check it out only for Daniel!!!! http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2019041510074794960&VNS&pDepth=news&pDepth1=issue&pDepth2=exclusive
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