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  1. I am off to bed, guys!!! Hope you will all have a wonderful day/ night! 748
  2. guys!! Wow @Wuzetian chingu, so your princess oppa is chinese or anything?? I really don't have much knowledge on chinese oppas at all. By the way, and have sweet dreams chingu!!! 746
  3. Chingu, what's up with Lee Min Ho's Pachinko? Is it not finished filming yet? I haven't seen any updates recently about the drama! I think most drama filming/ productions are getting delayed due to the pandemic. 744
  4. Who is your princess oppa, chingu?? Is it someone I know?? 740
  5. Hi guys!!! Is there anyone else who's waiting for years to see their oppas on tv or is it just me??! This is me still waiting for my Daniel oppas's new drama.. 736
  6. Funny incident of Episode 2. Preview for episode 3. A kiss between the leads?
  7. guys!!! Tea time soon here.. Sharing a cup with @partyon chingu!!! 708
  8. guys!!! Just had my lunch with soy meats!!! Have some for you! 708
  9. Chingu, I live a bit far from the city. Even if we had a park nearby, people resist to go in the pandemic. Police forces always monitor the cities and arrest those who break lockdown rules etc.. +2
  10. I think you should go out and enjoy your life while you can, chingu!!! I can't even go out even I want to. We are stuck here in a lockdown. Never know when the things come back to normal Ooops... His abs are real then it means that I have to take back my words before @joccu notices. 696
  11. I think Kim Hyang Gi used to have long hair bangs in last year before start filming. But then she seems to cut it down in a scene of the drama itself? I am also very excited for this drama!
  12. guys! Ha ha.. I haven't promoted my Daniel oppa in a while! He wishes you to have a nice weekend ahead! 700
  13. Hey guys, I am late for the party! Let's have fun! And @partyon chingu, who is oppa of @joccu's that you were talking about last night? Are you sure it's oppa's real abs? I mean why so shiny? I think oppa has plastic abs installed in. Ha ha ha... 698
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