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  1. Just dropping by to check the updates & the training is really looking cool! Aren't there any trailers or videos yet?! Would love to see! And wave to dear @celebrianna chingu! Long time no see! Yes, I also enjoyed Namgoong Min in Doctor Prisoner so looking forward to see him in here as well! I think he will rock the screen! Fingers crossed!! Just found Park Eun Bin's IG post! She has cut her hair short! But in either way, she is pretty!
  2. Dear @Lawyerh chingu, he is looking so good in his fan meeting! Where is it dear?! They call it a Asia fan meeting And then again... You have bewitched me! He is not a joke at all dear! Looking so fit & manly as well!
  3. Ha ha ha... You know me dear! I seriously dislike feminine K-actors! They richard simmons me off when I see them on screen! But this guy is one of a kind! With or without beard, he is seriously manly! I fall for him over & over again!!!! Ha ha ha.... my taste is slightly different than others! I think it's my weakness to fall for the same guy over & over again!! What to do...???!! And by the way dear, thanks a lot for giving my MV so much love! I am impatiently waiting for his come back! I hope he casts in a rom-com next so that we all can enjoy him together... Still feeling upset that dear @triplem chingu missed out the sexiest ghost in K-dramaland last year!!! So, really hope to see her in his next drama thread! YEAH!!!! Want him in handsome boyfriend mode next!
  4. My love for him on my IG... He is so hotter than the sun!!! Some of his arts I created myself! I miss you so much, boy! Why haven't you come back yet???! Don't you know that I am madly waiting for you?! Please come back soon!!! I won't let you do only a movie for this year! I wanna see you as the sweet & caring & handsome boyfriend you always be. Please come back real soon!
  5. About yesterday's live broadcast of High Kick Through the Roof... And I am currently watching episode 98 of High Kick Through the Roof & was surprised yesterday as they live streamed a summary of the full series in 8hrs... And this is something I edited 2 yrs ago but only now I am posting it on public! Another Choi Daniel Music Video... @triplem @Ameera Ali @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel @gladys0710 @Thienthu317 @Lawyerh @phoenix24 @nohamahamoud2002 @Heidi Seow @kaedechan & other chingus, I hope you all will like my edit!
  6. I am currently watching Daniel's High Kick Through the Roof & there is something going on youtube right now! There is a live streaming of High Kick Through the Roof for total 8 hrs without any ads & all that & I think they are summerizing the entire story in 8 hrs! Such a delightful surprise! Finally something sweet about him to watch! And got our guy in sight! Can't believe that it's already been 10 yrs.... Dear chingus, have a glimpse of Choi Daniel.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkmqL-fdkN4&feature=youtu.be
  7. My love for him on my IG... He is so hotter than the sun!!! (You can find my youtube channel link in my bio!!) miss you so much, boy! Why haven't you come back yet???! Don't you know that I am madly waiting for you?! Please come back soon!!! I won't let you do only a movie for this year! I wanna see you as the sweet & caring & handsome boyfriend you always be. Please come back real soon, boy!!!!!
  8. Main Poster of the characters in VIP... Feeling so excited! Love the layout! Individual Posters of the characters in VIP... Feel more like a dark mystery to me!
  9. I feel so empty without him so currently re-watching High Kick Through the Roof! And how can he be so hot even as a cute boy??! And just found an old soompi article about this... He is seriously appealing! Most Memorable Kisses in Kdramas un 16, 2012 by hotshotlover30 Here are the top nine kdrama kiss scenes (in no particular order) as picked by the Soompi team! Enjoy! “High Kick Through the Roof” “ Scarf Kiss Who knew this fashion accessory could be put to such romantic use as this? Choi Daniel and Hwang Jung Eum heated up the screen with this steamy kiss. Not only was it one of the most parodied scenes, the scarf kiss quickly became every girl’s dream. The intensity of Choi Daniel’s eyes as he peered into Hwang Jung Eum’s was enough to make hearts skip a beat.
  10. He is getting more handsome & she is getting more gorgeous day by day! I am serious about these two now! Thanks a lot chingus for BTS videos... And my fav Jang Na Ra, once again, looks smoking sexy... Eagerly looking forward for her ageless features in VIP!
  11. I miss this guy so madly now... Still figuring out why he's not yet back in K-dramaland! And this is my IG post for him & you can view more of his videos on my youtube channel...! It's just that I am so in love with him! And my newest video of him on youtube... Can't believe that he has grown from a cute boy in to sexy young man! And I miss you so madly, boy!!!! Please come back soon for us as the handsome boyfriend in eye-glasses! We are so waiting for you! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!
  12. Wow! A lot is happening here! I love reading more posts now.!! And I love dear @Lawyerh chingu's analysis about 4 celebs as well... To me, rather than giving individual descriptions, I'd rather like to say this... Lee Seo Jin/ Lee Seung Gi/ Jung So Min/ Park Na-rae He/ she is so pure at heart! And that's why they all are so honest with little ones. Giving away the happiness but never expecting anything in return! I loved them even more when they sincerely broke down as kids said the final goodbye. See Park Na Rae wiped her tears just with her apron!! They aren't embarrassed of showing off their love for kids. And they sincerely felt happy when kids played/ ate/ drank the stuff they made for them... It's when they knew that they just made something beautiful that won't hurt anyone.... And I really dunno whether we get Season 2 or not but I love this show so much! It's something pure with the purest things on earth!
  13. Just finished watching the finale eps & such a heart-breaking hour it was. I am filled with so many emotions right now! And how come the master chef Lee Seo Jin melts down in front of his child love??! And I loved it when Lee Seung Gi patted on Jung So Min's shoulders as she broke down in to tears with Brooke's confession...! No matter the age, they all understand each other's heart! How sweet is that?! And I really dunno whether the little ones remember this season when they all grown up but our 4 celebs will cherish the memories for sure with kids. Feel like they got the happiness for the lifetime!! And dear @Lawyerh friend, I don't think that any one is in a position to criticize this show as this is one of the purest shows in the whole world!! And 4 yr olds are the cutest among all kids. And I can feel how Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Jung So Min & Park Na-rae must have felt when little ones leave the Little Forest forever... Seriously can't we have Season 2 any time soon??? With or without the current cast, I love another journey at Little Forest with another gang of 8 kids! Wanna see if my dream come true someday! And thanks a lot for creating this thread chingu!! This is the most relaxing program I've ever watched so far! Have a nice day, ya'll!
  14. Dear @Lawyerh friend, I think we only have few hours left for the finale, haven't we? Feel so upset that it ends tonight!! And now that I think of it, it's as same as a K-drama with 16 eps or something! They should've extended it more! And just surfed through various web sites & you can see viewers love it a lot & everyone's gonna cry tonight as it ends. Glad to know that the series is s loved by fans!!! Don't worry darling, we can do this.... And a collection of love & affection so far!!!
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