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Add and Subtract Game


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Add and Subtract
A fun forum game for everyone.

If you're bored here in the forums

let's have some fun playing this game.

Let's Go!


How to play?
1. Let us have two teams, TEAM ADD and TEAM SUBTRACT.
2. We will start at 500.. The role of Team ADD is to add (+) 2   to the current number to reach 1000 from 500..
3. Team SUBTRACT, will minus (-) 2   to the current number until it reaches zero (0) from 500.
4. The first group that reaches the goal will earn 1 point.
5. So we should always look at the number above us to know what to add/subtract

6. When your team reaches 1000 or 0, please tag me and put in the current score of both teams so I can update the scoreboard.

How to know what your group is:
- All registered users in the forum with their names starting with:
A, B, E, F, I, J, M, N, Q, R, U, V, Y
and forum names starting with numbers

- All registered users in the forum with their names starting with:
C, D , G , H , K , L , O , P , S , T , W , X, Z,
and forum names starting with SYMBOLS.

By default, I belong to team ADD because my name is RayAmbler7 starting with 'R'


1. All forum rules should be followed
2. Because we are sure that this game will be a long one, we should prevent heat discussions and fights while playing the Add and Subtract game

3. NO DOUBLE POSTING (Wait for someone to post after you before you can post again)
4. Follow Rules 1 to 3

5. Pls ensure that 1st post of every pages is the number and not '-2' or '+2', pls help us to maintain the correct numbers of the counts at the very least!

6. For new members welcome! Check out ur alphabet and see you belong to which teams, if you decided to change to team lets us know so we know which group to tag you into ;) you all can reach me for help :) 



SCORING/SCORES: (Updated  May 11, 2024)




Danny: 500+2= 502
Joseph: 502-2= 500
Oscar: 500+2= 502

So let me start the game.



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