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  1. Andwaeeee!!! In contrast to the funny 1st teaser and the brightly coloured character posters....the 2nd teaser went dark. It went dark and sends out TLE, psycho and horror vibes....which actually matches the 1st drama poster~ hoho I don't know what to interpret from this teaser. Based from my limited korean, he ends it with saying 'my muse has returned'. What does that even mean? Was she missing? Did she die? Did he die? Did they all die and be given a 2nd chance by the perfume? Hah! And Go Won Hee sports at least 2 hairstyles in this clip, shoulder length and longer hair but no frizzy perm, as if its a memory of some sort. Can't help but be reminded of Emperor Hyuk and Empress So Hyun's flashbacks in TLE...it was all sweet before it turned angsty and dark. Yikes. I suppose having 50+ phobias and 20+ allergies makes him stressed out and lost his fashion mojo. I guess he doesn't have phobia of the dark though, considering how dark his work place is in this teaser. Hahahaha I hope the actual drama will give me more bobble head and smiles~ and less throwing and smashing
  2. Yay! Welcome2! The more the merrier~ ngahaha I like the posters. The colours are pretty. I wonder about the meaning too. And I noticed only CYR's poster is different, her double is not directly overlapping like the others...hohoho Heh. I'm a big SSR fan or maybe just the one most often posting about him on Soompi thread . Sometimes I'm afraid I might offend others due to my frequent posts. If I accidently offended anyone, mianhae~ I'm trying to keep his own thread updated as often as possible. I claim to like several other actors, but none comes close to how deep I'm willing to dig for more info. I entered the wonders of DC gallery because SSR news is so limited elsewhere . I hope more will like him too. He is a talented actor usually relegated to 2nd lead or supporting roles in kdramas. I don't mind him being 2nd lead or part of an ensemble, he usually shines most anyways. Hahaha. Oh..and his voice. His voice is awesome.
  3. I was curious with the words scribbled on the poster and I thought it was grammatically weird. So I googled it up..turns out the words are actually song lyrics. Maybe we will hear this song in the teaser? I noticed KBS recent teasers utilizes english songs. I like the song choices for Dan, One Love teasers. Haha Dami Im - Alive lyrics snippet Don't keep waiting for an open door Break the lock and get something more Make a move 'cause you're alive, alive We ain't gonna get a second chance Life ain't nothing but a crazy dance Learn the moves 'cause you're alive, alive Full lyrics under tab.
  4. Update for Hyuk, Nanny and Yura's upcoming drama! Hyuk: Perfume 3rd June 2019 (KBS) Nanny: A Place in the Sun 3rd June 2019 (KBS) Yura: Aide 14th June 2019 (JTBC) Updates for Wang Shik: he's currently filming Justice (KBS). Tentative air date is currently in July 2019.
  5. Character posters are out! Eventhough the posters are colourful, imo it exudes mystery rather than normal romcom vibes. Hua3 ------ Seems like they are playing with colours. I suppose each colour represents a meaning. Gahhhh..gimme more cute Shin Sung Rok! The stern face still sends psycho vibes. Hahaha Go Won Hee's character poster is in pink. Cha Ye Ryun in orange
  6. Oh Man Seok looks great in his suits. Kdrama criminal/villains nearly always look amazing and dressed immaculately as if to mask their very ugly underbellies.
  7. Wahhhh!! Congrats PD Yoon! I'm so happy the cast and crew still maintain the bond they have from 1n2ds. The cast-crew bonding was a major draw for me. Hehe And to those commentors who write ridiculous/unrelated comments on random cast/crew IG's needs to grow up and keep quiet. Huhh!!!
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