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  1. @lmhpsh @larus It looks like they handed future Seojin recording to the police and that made the police come to the scene, otherwise the police had no reason to come to the venue. And Chairman Yoo was immediately handed over to the prosecution team and the prosecutor played the recording.
  2. 12th December 2020. Happy 18th Debut Anniversary Shin Sung Rok!!!! To more dramas and even more exciting roles!!! Below are some gifs of 20yo Sungrok as an extra in his debut drama: Shoot for the Stars. He still looks the same 18 years later .
  3. I like the events that led to their meet up. Seojin finally learning the truth and met Aeri 'accidently' at her own house and they both realized their watch connection together. I liked that their connection or fate does not feel forced. And I really like that Seojin is not 'forced' to trust Aeri by outside influence like video recordings etc. They now have mutual trust. I feel that Seojin uncovering the puzzle pieces which led him to Aeri is more impactful than shoving videocall recordings, text recordings etc2 to make him believe her words. The writer is really good w
  4. I think HC dad does not exist. It's all in her head. She is a psycho. No matter which timeline, she remains evil so far. She keeps on plotting to kill SJ. And I assume it's because she wants maximum amount of money before escaping and changing her identity again. DG is her pawn, no more, no less. I'm okay with DG being not so smart, shows that HC is the mastermind and the main planner. It's the opposite of SJ-Aeri dynamic. For SJ and Aeri, SJ is the brains while Aeri follows her emotions. Meanwhile for HC and DG, HC is the brains, while DG is just the emotional one and executioner.
  5. I like ep 9. I feel that it was a good intro to the 2nd arc and bigger picture. All their actions are related to the actions in the previous timeline. After Dabin's kidnapping didn't happen, Hyunchae and Dogyun are still scheming together to make something happen. They even tried to 'frame' Seojin again for illegal material by trying to hide or remove the additional test he made (one of the reason HC went through his study room). They found out about the tracker and removed it too. Dogyun knowing the text messages and digging deep about it, changed the whole game. Now he's experienced what eve
  6. I am very happy with ep1-8. The rookie PD-writer team did an amazing job establishing and wrapping up the 1st half. I'm hoping it will end well. I don't know what to expect with the 2nd half anymore. So much happened and also un-happened hahaha. The kidnapping scene in ep 8 was so well directed and scored + acted. They managed to focus on > 9 characters scattered around the hotel and some where outside but it was seamless. It looked similar to the kidnapping in ep 1 but also different. The setting is the same but with additional characters and viewed from different angles. It wa
  7. I'm excited for ep 9!!! I really hope the 2nd half is as amazing as the first half. Pleaseeeeeee~ fighting Kairos team!!!
  8. I don't know how Aeri can tell him his wife is cheating. In the previous timeline, his wife was dead and she knows how devastated Seojin was, he was clinging to the hope of saving his wife and daughter. It was not her place to tell him his dead wife cheated on him and break whatever hope he had and it might break the trust they built. She still needed Seojin to find her mother. In this new timeline, where the kidnapping didn't happen, current Seojin doesn't believe her at all, despite anything she or her friends say. I feel the only way current Seojin will learn about
  9. I actually don't mind Seojin character in ep 8 because he's consistent. He never believed Aeri from the moment she met him at his office. It wouldn't make sense if he suddenly believes her especially after how suspicious she looks around him. It's also inline with how the chairman and Dogyun describe him: he doesn't trust people. The Seojin that contacted Aeri was different than the one she met in person, and she knew that as per her conversation with her friends. Seojin9 was initially a hard character too, but the events around him (his daughter and wife dead, he was falsely accu
  10. The ending of ep 8 is future Seojin. He's in October. I guess all his September memories are back as the days pass. Something happened in the month which has yet to be shown. Something also happened to future Aeri in September which has yet to be shown. Seojin9 can't use the tracker registered under Aeri's name for unknown reasons, she had to register the tracker under Geunwook's name so Seojin9 can use it to track Dabin. There's a chunk of events still missing. Aeri's last conversation with Seojin9 was before he tracked Dabin. It's natural that she feels worried for him when he do
  11. 23rd Nov is Shin Sung Rok’s birthday ^__^ Saengil chukahamnida!!! Happy Sungrok Day!!
  12. I think it's dad. And I also think that was the trigger point for her. Seeing her dad alive she became cray2 and went all out psycho. She did say she doesn't want to be Kang Hyun Chae anymore. What did dad do that made her burn him alive. She's scary.
  13. His actions are still valid. It was his action that led to changes in the past and only Seojin notices the changes happening around him. The other characters just dissappear because in this new present the case never happened. His wounds dissappear too as his present is reset.
  14. I also have the same theory as @inna75. Hyunchae is out for revenge. I think her dad is the owner of the other company involved in the collapse 19 years and that company took the fall while Yujung is successful. She seems so aloof in ep 5. And I feel that she is totally using Dogyun to do the dirty work. I don't know how/why the driver is connected though. @larus Maybe Kim Jin Ho just want to see Seojin suffer like he did when he lost his 1st daughter. Let's assume KJH lost his discernment huhuhu. I don't think it's Aeri's place to tell Seojin that his wife is cheating.
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