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  1. @stroppyse and @Jillia I think GB is still at school to show what money can do. Even her teacher just accepted her tardiness and brown-nosed because she's rich. Even when she probably fails in class, it's fine because she has money to back her up. It's a contrast to Saetbyul who has to quit school with no money. Also a contrast to Yeon Joo, who has money but living in a very dull and controlled environment.
  2. The problematic scenes have been cut from VOD. I think their 'family drama' startegy backfired too. About Dalshik and his 'racism' issue which is apparently not related to the KCSC complaints: I don't think regular kviewers are aware of international viewers backlash. Maybe those who are active on social media are, but possibly not all. I personally wouldn't have known Dalshik is problematic or 'racist' if not for international viewers outcry. I've seen several k-celebs having dreadlocks and I thought it was a type of hairstyle. I didn't think deep about the meaning or it's origin. This drama made me know more about dreadlocks. I do understand that his style and general lack of hygiene may be miscontrued and misinterpreted to represent the culture he is emulating. And I keep thinking if only they made him a normal guy or wear his bob hair wig from Fiery Priest, this might have been avoided. To be honest, at this point...imo whatever they do with Dalshik will be criticized by viewers. Let's say they decide to make him change his style, they might be criticized more for shedding a style according to convenience/situation. If they maintain his style, they would be criticized for not learning anything from international viewer outcry. If they decide to cut the character from the drama, I feel bad for the actor and his team, this is their job. I don't see a win-win situation here. Fyi, This is my first JCW and KYJ drama. So I am not biased towards them. I was intrested to watch BR, because I watched The Fiery Priest.
  3. More casting news...veteran cast lineup https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000299034 The lineup of veteran actors was completed in MBC's new mini-series'Kairos'.MBC's new mini-series'Kairos' (played by Lee Soo-hyun/director Park Seung-woo), scheduled for October broadcast, will save the man Seo-jin a month after her young daughter is abducted and a month-old girl who needs to find her missing mother, and save a loved one. It's a time-crossing fantasy thriller drama struggling across time.Following the prominent actors such as Shin Sung-rok (Kim Seo-jin), who demonstrates the unique character's digestibility, Lee Se-young (Han Aeri), who has demonstrated excellent acting skills through numerous work activities, Ahn Bo-hyun (Seo Do-kyun Seo), and Nam Gyu-ri (Kang Hyun-chae). Actor Shin-gu (playing Yoo Seo-il), Hwang Jeong-min (playing Kwak Song-ja), and Lim Chul-hyung (playing Ho-young Park), who are proud of their long acting career, joined the drama to establish a more robust central axis.First, Shin-gu played the role of Yoo Seo-il, a strong supporter of Kim Seo-jin (Sung-rok Shin). Even with the laughter of an old man in the warm and comfortable twilight period, I hope that he will show a three-dimensional aspect that overwhelms his opponent at once with his charisma accumulated over many years.Hwang Jung-min plays the role of Kwak Song-ja, the mother of Han Aeri (Lee Se-young) who has a warm motherhood. Song Ja is a character who protects her daughter after living a desperate and fierce life after her bereavement.Ho-young Park, who is in charge of Im Chul-hyung, is a team leader with a long history and a veteran who occasionally finds points of investigation with his own touch. He is suspicious of Kim Seo-jin's daughter, Dabin's kidnapping, and acts as an assistant, adding tension to the play. Indeed, it stimulates curiosity about what is the hidden lining between the two. And it will be Shin Sung Rok and Shin Goo reunion!!! Yay
  4. The new night mode theme is so awkward on my phone. Hehehe Congrats BR! It's no 1 on wavve recently~ And I somehow found this info while I was scrolling on Naver...in 2016, Korean Reggae duo Skull&Haha ranked within top 10 in video charts in Jamaica (http://m.kpopherald.com/view.php?ud=201607041512164961051_2). Song: Love Inside Singer: Skull&Haha ft. Steve Marley (aka Bob Marley's son)
  5. I just learned that KYJ (Saetbyul) is younger than Solbin (Eunbyul). I thought little sister looks older at times, turns out she is older .
  6. I have cameo syndrome . He really likes her and they are so cute together~~ His hibiscus flower gift was a nice surprise, it's uncommon to see hibiscus as a gift. I hope Saetbyul keeps it alive and well~~
  7. ep 6 was slower than ep 5. But it had touching moments~ I feel DH's mum will be Saetbyul's mum figure. Their hairwashing scene at the hospital was cute.
  8. I like Yeon Joo. As much as I want Saetbyul to be happy, I want YJ to be happy too. She's rich and her life seems perfect from the outside, but she also grew up with no warmth. I just hope she doesn't turn into evil 2nd female lead. I would like her to be like Han Ji Na in Perfume. Despite her personal feelings she helped Yerin reach new heights in her career. Both Saetbyul and Yeon Joo can help each other out. I hope show goes that route, but I'm also aware it might not happen at all. Hua3
  9. I liked his lighthouse idea and they actually used it for the interview. I think there will be an arc for Dalshik. Imo the scene between Dalshik with his editor showed that he doesn't want to write adult comics, even his current comic is not an adult comic (the editor said this). It looks like what Dalshik wants to do is not aligned with what his job requires him to do. Edit. Another thing I think will happen is cohabitation. I'm pretty sure Saetbyul and Eunbyul will be evicted, since director focused on their postbox and overflowing bills.
  10. I haven't watched ep 4 yet. And I haven't backread the posts here. I saw the ratings and it reached a new high. I'm intrigued to see what happened in ep 4. I liked the back story for Saetbyul and her sis in ep 3~ ahaha I'll be back later, after I watched ep 4
  11. The first half overlaps with a tvN variety show on Fridays. The variety show is popular, it's latest ep got 12% ratings and articles for the variety show is trending on Naver. I don't know what aired on the other channels in the same slot. But I'm not sure if the ratings for BR is affected by other shows or not, considering the backlash the 1st week got.