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  1. @bebebisous33 and @nubianlegalmind interesting theories. PM and did not attract my attention at all. But now I'm gonna pay attention to them more. Haha This pretty much sums up how I felt when watching ep 9. https://zutter-luxe.tumblr.com/post/188432667680/another-episode-of-vagabond-full-of-nonsensical I was laughing and facepalming when the best NIS assassin shot randomly at a closed door. That's just.....idiotic. The NIS assassin team vs Dalgun had me rolling my eyes. He's so lucky. A stuntman is not the same level as a trained assassin/NIS agent. Show need to stop making NIS hitman look incompetent to give Dalgun the upperhand. It feels too imbalanced. Luck and life is on Dalgun's side, since all of his recent opponents are beneath him in skill. Korea can hire Dalgun as their 'one man NIS person' and fire the rest. Clearly Dalgun is better than a dozen assassins combined. I want Scarface to return and put up a fight against Dalgun. -------------------- Ki Tae Woong pics! His smile is limited to behind the scene pics only Fooooooodddd!
  2. Lol. I'm just glad I got to see chicken ahjumma again when Kang revealed that he is still alive. I wonder who took him out from the morgue freezer? Does the secret Vagabond team have doctors too? Hahaha. This reminds me of The Last Empress secret team .
  3. -Theory time- I rewatched and...I think Ahn called to make sure KTW was on his side and actually help to kill Dalgun and KWG. If he didn't called and gave KTW a direct order, KTW would have interfered and put a fight with the NIS assassins. Also...KTW told Haeri to bring KWG back home alive. KWG is a huge suspect and he needs to be alive to stand trial. He said he got an order to kill, (note I don't know Korean) but could it be he actually said 'i was ordered to kill 'them' aka Dalgun& KWG' or....he meant he was ordered to kill 'you guys': KWG and Dalgun while Haeri is considered collateral damage? Either way works imo. Also...Ahn is in cahoots with Min. Imo he has no interest in protecting his own team, he's just saving himself. All in all...I don't think there's a hidden agenda/meaning behind KTW's words. And Director Ahn is so easy to manipulate and controled by Yoon and Min. Ahahaha -end of theory-
  4. Uuuu..i need to rewatch some scenes to verify this. Brb with an analysis hehe
  5. After 10 episodes...I just realized Vagabond does not have individual character posters like other dramas. Hahaha! Why didn't we get individual character posters?
  6. Hahaha! But if Lily is an NIS agent it would make it less challenging. NIS agent and hired assassin will make a good drama couple. Forbidden relationship and all, more intense. I wonder what the plot would be like though. I also want a chicken ahjumma NIS agent spin-off. I like Kim Sun Young. Chicken ahjumma nonchalantly telling KTW don't die was the best moment of ep 9 for me.
  7. I don't have clips. But I have gifs Lily...you already had the chance to kill him but you didn't . I assume you actually like him, that's how kdramas are. Hahaha!
  8. Suzy is so pretty in those stills. She's so pretty. Anyways... I'm certain Ki Tae Woong is Emperor Lee Hyuk undercover! Hahahaha More KTW shooting. Even Dalgun looks surprised at how coldblooded he is. Kekeke
  9. Ratings for ep 10: 7.9%, 10.2% (peak: 11.3%) I don't know why there is only 2 rating values for this ep. Did they change it to 2 parts instead of 3? Hoho
  10. I believe KTW killed most the assassins. They were under the explosion rubble and KTW shot them all pointblank. He reported they died in an explosion. Anyways.. KTW was super cool in ep 10. Me: KTW and Kang make a great team. And I like chicken ahjumma being part of their small team. I'm pumped to see more plans put in place by these two. Finally we have good, smart and non-corrupted NIS agents! And I like how in this ep it was KTW's turn to fully put his trust on Haeri meanwhile Dalgun is the one who tells her to stop getting involved. I liked Haeri's reaction to both situations. Haeri won me over in ep 10. Imo, it's Haeri's best episode yet.
  11. Lololol! I worry for the future of NIS. Even their best is no match for Dalgun. Hahahaha
  12. Yay more Ki Tae Woong! He is pretty. Hahaha. Lol! What's up with the tiny plasters. Do they have limited plaster supply and need to cut plasters into tiny pieces
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