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  1. tvN taking advantage of viewers' extreme interest on the romance between the characters.. They're acknowledging the love triangle.. Suddenly I feel very glad that the drama shooting ended a long time ago before the romance aspect of the drama got hyped.. Otherwise it may have an effect on the writers writing or something. Now whatever happens we know it went as planned.
  2. I thought about this too. To me it seemed like he wanted to return a gift to Tina as she gave him the painting. He probably would give her a Jewel if she wasn’t so adamant on wanting something red.
  3. Same here.. Everyone( a part of me as well) loves you, Eugene.. But I'm leaning more towards Yi hun. On the other hand I will be happy for Lee Hye Joon whoever she ends up with..Both of them seem to adore her. Hope she finds her love.
  4. New in this thread. Watched all 12 episode in 2 days. I'm a Shim Eun Kyung fan. I'm so glad she's back on drama though I was hoping to see him on a more fun drama as she is mostly doing heavy character these days now. She's more into movie while I'm a drama person. So I just had to pick up this drama anyways. The economic aspect of the drama goes over my head but the it's interesting to see the fight between Good and Evil. So it's a nice watch. Though it's a serious drama and supposed to be a No Romance Drama, it seems like viewers are more invested in romance because of charming bad guy Eugene Han. Well, it does look good and fun, bad boy and good girl fall in love..But the problem is that plot of the drama is serious, it's about right and wrong, it's about moral and ethics that is beneficial for greater good. That's where Eugene and Hye Joon's principles clashes, Eugene is about gaining more money while Hye Joon is about putting money to its place. So as much as enjoyable it's to see them together, it's also is a bit difficult unless someone among them throws aside his/her belief. On the other hand within this 12 episode I did not find many explicit romantic interest shown between Lee Hye Joon and Chae Yi Hun but they do seem to show interest in each other. While Hye Joon's interest in Yi Hun's does not look romantic, it seems she kind of has a trust on him since the beginning though they never interacted with each other before that. I think it's because Hye Joon knows that Yi Hun and she has similar kind of belief regarding their professional duties. She kind of looked up to him since the beginning. She takes his advice of leaving out from crucial matters which says that she gives him much respect. It's not enough to say that she may have like him more than that. Che Yi Hun on the other may have failed to notice his own adoration of Hye Joon. He definitely does not treat her like just a good Hoobae. He treats her with special interest and he probably thinks that it's because she's such a talented and sincere bureaucrat who takes her responsibility more than as a 9 to 5 job. He tries to comfort her on going to Police remand, makes a way so that she can cry out her frustration but do not have to cry alone. He goes extra mile to save her from suspension. Though it was Hye Joon's self decision to reveal the BIS analysis of the Bank, he asks her to dump all responsibility on himself, when she still doesn't listen, he came to save her anyways. And then of course Hye joon tries all the things she can to save him as well. Also there's that time when Yi Hun went to confront Eugene to not harm Hye Joon. Eugene was right. You do not just confront random dangerous guy at night so that they stays away from your colleague. He likes her as a woman but he does not know it yet(looks like more coming on ep 13. I saw this video of something about 7 am sunshine in a summer day. ). So far I saw both Yi hun and Hye Joon taking a step back when there's any confusion raised that makes another questioning the others motive. When Yi hun joins Hoe Jae, Hye Joon seemed upset but she still did not label him as a 'trash' thinking there might be something else in his mind hence the confrontation. When Yi Hun discovered Hye Joon in the foreign currency exchange rate setting room or something he didn't rush there to remove Hye Joon from doing such illegal act. We waited for her and was glad that believed her. These speaks louder to me. Their action is quite subtle but it still there. Yugene seems to believe that Yi Hun likes Hye Joon, and Hye Joon may as well feels the same. When Hye joon told him to stay away from her, he asks if it's because there's someone around her indicating Yi Hun( Well Mr. Han, Yi Hun is not the reason yet but it might be because your interest in her is too sudden and too deep for her to sink in ). Yi Hun is also disturbed by the unusual interest Yugene shows towards Hye Joon. So fight between them is quite unavoidable. I will probably wait for episode 14's subtitle to be out so I can watch two episode together.
  5. Umm...I have mixed feelings about LSY leaving MITH. He did so great in variety in his own way. He tried to be real and that was fun. It was fun to see a relaxed Lee Sang Yoon. I hope he's not leaving MITH because he thinks he's not funny enough. I hope he will think of joining or visiting more fun variety shows as guest. May be he'll visit MITH as guest member also time to time. As much as I love to see actor Sang Yoon I also want to see him in fun variety. Handsome tigers is not my kind of show. But it's good to see he's involving himself with things he loves to do.
  6. It's beet quite a few months that I've not picked a drama.There's one or two dramas come in my radar, but I end up not watching it! JW's new drama, Alice will be around June-July. So the wait is long. I'm glad that because of Rugal, I've something to look forward to other than Alice. I just saw the trailer of Rugal. @booha, hope you're well.
  7. I'm not sure where I saw it(.. but these people sent support to Alice filming site as JW's golf buddies. As @tokkimoon is sure that one of them plays golf with him, so most probably they all are in same golf circle. How about we wait for one or two more trailers before changing the title with Alice? July is still very far.