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  1. @Tasia, Annyeong.. High Five..I don't like Sageuk either, that, avoid it mostly unless someone really favorite plays in it...I only liked one/two historical..My Sassy Girl has some lacking but it was a lighthearted one and has many references from modern life which made the drama enjoyable to me.. And as usual when JW plays a role he get so into it that you can't help but see him as the character. Gyun Sabu was such one. JW was so cute in that. Though I don't watch many Joseon drama, I've a feeling Gyun Woo was one of the sweetest Boyfriend among Joseon Boyfriends. BTW, JW's Chinese drama 'Love Express'..anyone interested in that? I thought it'd be aired after he comes from military, now that china ban has been withdrawn. But no sign yet. I hope it'll get aired even if it's late. JW worked so hard for this one, practiced Chinese even though they dub the voices. His Chinese projects are the reason why we lack a JW drama in 2016. I heard his movie Sweet Sixteen (haven't watched it) got highly edited out, I hope the drama will be aired properly.
  2. I never watched Chinese Historicals.. I even tend to avoid Korean Saeguk dramas. I mostly stick to korean drama but I do sometimes watch modern c-drama. I know Chinese historical dramas are very popular I watched Scarlet heart Korean remake and I enjoyed it very much. I only watched few Saeguk. I remember I left Gu Family Book in the middle. The actors were good (CJH's storyline was interesting) but somehow I lost interest in the middle. I watched last episode of justice. I kind of don't know how to wrap up my thoughts around the ending. Another suicide is not what I was expecting. But I must appreciate the cast. CJH finally completed another drama, working very hard. Hope he gets to take a rest before he pick the next one. And CJH, DEFINITELY NOT COMPLAINING but can we get something SWEET?
  3. @rionae, Thanks a lot for the translation..I saw your first on twitter. JW's international fans are not that united these like before..But individually some dedicated fans are still updating us with JW stuffs..You're of of those cuties. @Tasia, thanks for the updates. JW seems to be spending his times with family, there's that IG live that says he visited his Gandmom's place. WOW @kittyna, It's sooo good to see you. You're one of those people who joined this thread sometimes after me and I loved talking along with your engaging post. after me Honestly, I missed seeing your insightful post on this thread when i came back from my slumber. Well, I did skip your fanfic because I don't want to read drama fanfic ( I hope and I know you probably won't mind for being honest), But I love how it engaged other people in this thread. Keep writing.. Ojakgyo Brothers is such a good family drama with solid cast. Joo Won was so good in his portrayal of Hwang Tae Hee. None can blame us for being biased towards Hwang Tae Hee.. He was the most level headed one among the brothers. I remember crying with Tae Hee whenever he cried. He was so cute when he fought with Tae Bom.. I loved the brother bonding in the middle, when they consulted together in case of emergency. I remember this one scene where Tae hee refrained himself joining in drinking with Ojakgyo males because he was feeling lonely and conflicted (may be thinking that that's how the family was supposed to be. He knows they loved him, he was grateful but sometimes he can't help but think what could've happened if....). It broke my heart. I love how the maknae later reacted when he knew how painful it was for Tae Hee sometimes and these two brother bonded after that. And of course Ja eun and Tae Hee..such a cute couple. Share with us your rambling if you feel like it when re-watching OB. Speaking of rewatch, SBS new SBSWorld YouTube channle is uploading Yong Pal with English sub. I'm planning to to watch one or two episode when I feel like it, if not a full rewatch. I wish KBS would upload Good Doctor in YT too..after US and Japan remake Good Doctor is having an Turkish remake. KBS should promote this drama properly considering how it caught the interest around the drama world. Turkish Trailer: On the other hand I feel like taking a break from k-drama until JW drama comes. I've some latest September Dramas in mind but I'm still going through this withdrawal syndrome..I start a drama but it takes me long to finish it after I reach in the middle.. I don't usually do that when I like the cast and acting.. but it's happening. So I don't know much long I can hold my interest on some of these dramas I'm intrigued about.
  4. Lack of time made me miss 4-5 episode of latest MITH. Yesterday I was watching the MITH episode 85.. It came to my my mind that If Shin Sung Rok came for a slight promotion of Vagabond, can Jang Nara come too..? But then again she may not want to do variety show.. And today i saw this.. I was looking forward to next episode more because it looked like Lee Sang Yoon is going to be in the opening of Dance performance.. Now I've one more episode to look forward to. And I've to catch up with those episodes too..
  5. Yoon Hyun Min sent coffee truck to Choi Jin Hyuk.. he he..Bromance of Tunnle Brothers. From many happenings between Oh Sunny and Chun Woo Bin, it was clear that they're supposed to be in love. But Writer-Director just flipped the story when Lee Hyuk gained popularity among netizen. When they thought of pairing Oh Sunny-Lee Hyuk at the middle, they should have done it better. They should have made Lee Hyuk feel remorse for all those wrong doings but they just showed his twisted love for Oh Sunny. They tried to make it look like Lee Hyuk is a victim, which he is not. As much as I enjoyed and was full on board with The Last Empress, I'll forever be bitter about how the victims of the story never really got a satisfying ending. But I'll also forever complement the TLE team/cast for their amazing performance that we all enjoyed. Everyone performed spectacularly. P.S. : I'll also be bitter about How they weakened Oh Sunny's Character strength at the end. In my opinion she was done being fangirl for Lee Hyuk after the betrayal and the dirty face of LH and palace as a whole. She was supposed to be the one who will bring down the palace and make sure those power abusers are punished. but it looked like mother and son (Lee Hyuk and high Empress) fought each other in bitterness. And Oh Sunny was there just to announce the ending of monarchy to citizen! And Where was the Oh Sunny who vowed this? At the end she disappeared. The character, Oh Sunny deserved better. At the end Writer and PD be like.. May be I shouldn't be this much invested in this bitterness..But somehow I'm.
  6. oh yee..It's the birthday month. Joo Won is having a busy schedule with Thailand photoshoot and kdrama fanmeeting in Japan. Japan fans are so lucky..He went there so many times in between few months all for fan meeting! It's good that he did a FM focusing on drama My Sassy Girl as he couldn't do it before due his enlistment right before MSG telecast. He got to share interesting things of MSG. It's sad that managements of Fan Meeting these days seems to be very strict with fans taking/publishing videos of FM. Can't they be a bit kind for poor international fans such as me! Heard a rumor..He said in the FM that he has decided his comeback project! Can't wait for the official statement ..
  7. My sentiment exactly.. I like them both individually..and woah! They're doing a project together. Fangirling over this picture..I demand this behind the scene video. Anyone has any idea what are written in the video poster? Looks different for each character poster.
  8. Hello..It's good to be here too..I was avoiding Justice and CJH thread so as not to get spoiler. I was watching 'Mother of Mine' the family drama before Justice..But dropped it in the middle..May be I'll pick it up later. Somehow I don't feel like watching any of the ongoing dramas. Are you enjoying Welcome2life? I like the look of Lim Ji Yeon(lead girl) there. I saw a clip of it. Are they Police-Attorney couple? Currently I'm looking forward to VIP (I'm sceptical about the story but it has two of my favorite actors-Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon) and Vagabond. You're right. I must say Justice is not the most perfect crime/legal drama. But it's not that bad either. What's important is that the major characters build up is good in this drama. Previously I remember watching a crime/legal drama, which lacked in character build up and I was so disappointed. Justice is quite good in this regard actually. I hope it ends well with all the loose end tied. It's good to see the many netizen are praising Choi Jin Hyuk's acting. He already got a new offer from OCN. Did he confirm it yet?
  9. You missed something. TK didn't try to kill CHW..He tried to kill other one among the three who seems to be the only one alive. CHW was the one lying on the floor, pretending to be dead. What did you guys think about Song Woo Yong now? Will he try to serve Justice or will he twist it again? One thing is clear to me..He cares about Tae Kyung.. But is it enough to move him to the right path, is the question.
  10. I think he was one of the victim of Namwon Restaurant. What it seemed to me is that he was a high ranking prosecutor investigating the murder of the young actress. But may be he was yet to find a connection to Namwon Restaurant. When Namwon Restaurant members saw that such a reputed prosecutor is after this case they thought why not create a trap for him. So they invited him. Made him drunk enough. May be he got sexual favor or may be he didn't but all that happened when he was too drunk to remember anything. Of course they may have blackmailed him with photos/videos. Prosecutor Seo seemed like a prosecutor with esteemed reputation. That's why everyone seemed to respect him a lot and he was running for Minister of Justice. He requested his Junior Ms. other prosecutor (Yeon ah's senior) to stop the investigation because he knew if they could scandalized someone like him they could do with anyone. So he wanted to be in power, enough power so that he could expose this to the nation. Of course he may not want to do that after being Minister fearing his ruined reputation... Humans are usually that weak. But so far he seemed quite consistent with his sincerity. He never engaged himself with Chairman Song. He always avoided him in despise. I think he didn't know that Tak Soo Ho was engaged with Chairman Song at first. To him Tak Soo Ho was just his friend's child and a boy of twisted mind. If he had second thought about exposing the case he would definitely suck up to Chairman Song like others. but he didn't. We saw that he knew that his daughter was digging up this case way before we knew how he was involved with this case but he never tried to misguide her . Sure, he wanted her to stop but that's because he feared her safety and I also think deep down he wanted it to be himself to expose this truth. Because only that can lessen his guilt. I really wished the writer would grant him that. I wished Seo Yeon Ah to try to be a bit more understanding when her father said her that he'd expose it after he became Minister. But you don't get everything in life. It's sad that he ended his life like that. May be he could give Yeon Ah a bit more time to digest all this. I wish he could held on to a bit more and he could fight this battle together with his daughter. And about my thoughts on happening of Seven years ago.. I think Tae Kyung and Woo Yong planned so that that the three involved in the murder would fight among themselves and kill each other. But one seemed to be alive so Tae Kyung in rage thought of smashing his head but his conscience would not let him do so. But Woo Yong had big picture in mind. He killed that one but but he let Jo Hyun Woo alive so they he could be the one remaining witness of this event. Jo Hyun Woo was his guy since the beginning for doing his dirty work. Aah..what a mess..It seems like after Pride and Prejudice Choi Jin Hyuk is again going to prison. At least in Pride and Prejudice he had a more noble reason. Hoping that if things go well here, he would be able to save his license for Attorney after Justice being served. Just caught up with Justice in last 2 days. These are the thoughts pressing me. So here I came.
  11. Looking so lovely together. VIP teaser seems so deceitful and mysterious .. Wondering what they have for us! Soompi Article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1348234wpp/watch-lee-sang-yoon-jang-nara-hint-tangled-relationship-vip-teasers
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