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  1. I love really loved Tunnel.. There's nice blending of crime thriller and time travel with interesting casts.. It's not as scary as few other OCN dramas. I remember starting the drama before last two week remaining because I don't think watching a thriller drama ongoing is my thing. For me the main attraction in the drama was Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun Min is nice too but who surprised me most was Lee Yoo Young here. Before Tunnel I've watched her in a movie but her deep acting and character transition in Tunnle left quite an impression in my mind. Above all I had fun watch
  2. It came to my mind naturally too.. because that's the incident we all know. Anyways we all know whatever he's sharing it's good natured joke between Hyung and Doongseng because we know how encouraging and indulging 2D1N Hyungs were with JW specially Lee Su Guen. He literally played the dad role in JW's house, isn't he? Also I laughed all the Banmal stories shared by JW's Hyungs- Lee Su Guen, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Ki Woong, Jeon Mansik, Joo Sang Wook, Yu Hae Jin.. They all complain it in a endearing way. Like they acknowledge they found it unsettling first but they accepted it as
  3. Perfect mood to use exactly this... We have two vareity talk style show next week! Joo Won in Jesssi's Showterview with Ivy. Joo Won Ivy looks cool with matching black. And Joo Won, Ivy and Park Jun Myung in Knowing Brother Episode 265. Specially excited for knowing bother because it's full volume vareity with some talk and some activities It really looks like he enjoyed there...Oh please...I loved watching Joo Won in attacking mode so very much..We're watching this side after his comeback. Love it.. Also in
  4. Ghost is expected to be on stage again from February 2021 if covidsituation remains stable. Just sharing photos of our handsome Ghost. 2013/2014 Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002314949 2020: Source: https://mnc.asiae.co.kr/view.htm?idxno=2020101611373213058 More at:
  5. JW grilled by too many Hyung- it'd be a sight to see. But Seo Jung Hoon will probably take care of him like he did in healing camp. Oh please someone from KB be on his side.. Don't make our baby Wonnie cry! Honestly in my excitement of what I will get from JW in KB I forgot he will reunite on screen with Lee Su Guen again.. Don't know if they'll bring up 2D1N or not but hopefully we'd see a brotherly interaction between two. From my view point Lee Su Guen was very fond of Joo Won which his other Hyung's too but LSG being the main MC he'd always pass on praise for JW and try to enga
  6. Awwww... Also wanted to add this- Though it's Park Shi On reaction but considering how much Joo Won invested himself in Park Shi On it will not be a wonder if it's a Park Shi On version of Joo Won gestures. Oh and the fan art above is so cute. It seems they sent flower bouquet to JW. My favourites from behind are- Picture Source: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=30417276&memberNo=31542741 I find these pictures quite artsy because of pretty background. Both colors in the background
  7. I have no idea whether that was a typo or a nickname for Go Kyung Pyo I wasn't familiar with - either way, it's cute, and makes me think back to Yoo Il Rak for some reason Damn auto correct.. laughed out at my own typo due to auto correct.. Oh great.. true it's just gives a happy vibe. Also we've to consider that Pre-production or ongoing actors usually don't get the full script as in FULL STORY. They may be usual get an overview of the story along with may be script of important scenes. I don't know the full details but surely the
  8. Joo Won be like - 'Girls..I'm all yours.. Don't fight~'
  9. @partyon why is he '100% Joo Won Oppa' ?
  10. Talk about irony I just came from there. While I didn't expect JW leading in his section because I thought many viewer passed on Alice but I definitely knew Alice is going to be the top on disappointed ending list. Can't blame because if the ending wasn't so disorganized the drama would have been a perfect drama experience for many without having to explain too much to people and with out having too many different POV. Hey, this is random but I just wanted to mention I love this reaction. So don't find it wired when I use it without context. Also Joo Won co
  11. Ha ha ha... Thanks for tagging @partyon . I can't help but laugh and remember this moment that happened at Joo Won's vlive after Alice. His agency asked fans to send their most memorable scene from Alice and the side of Park Jingyeom (Joo Won's character in Alice) they wanted to see again. To Joo Won's surprise his shower scene made into Top 5 memorable scenes chosen by fans. He became flustered and said "Why did this shower scene chosen as 'memorable scene'!" Laughing he thanked fans and said that he worked quite hard for it. It's good to see him getting n
  12. Wow! I did not know she is doing a drama and the stroy looks interesting. And she also doing a movie as well. Also, it's cute that she remembers the Joo won's character pet name. A number of actors who've co-starred together retain their characters' names/titles as an inside joke - I don't know how common the practice is, but this isn't the first time I've seen it. [EDIT] - I took a second look at the photo, and I just noticed that JW also called her "Princess" (it's in the greeting to her plastered on the truck itself).
  13. An actor recognized by the producers- Studio Santa released behind the scene from SBS Drama Awards.. Looking so gooooooooooooooooood............. More at: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=30417276&memberNo=31542741 Absolutely loving how Studio Santa is releasing behind scene picture of every event of Joo Won..
  14. Edited my original post with Deng Lun's name. Thanks. Also I'm not sure how much popular local video on demand platforms are in South Korea or acceptability of Wavve in general. So can't say it represent a large numbe of people but still is good a indicator for young generations's interest at a certain time period because VOD platforms are usually popular among young any young adults. I've seen some SBS dramas are promoted on Wavve Alice was one of them. For example I saw quite a lot of new account in twitter JW fans. Can't say all of them are new fans or just old fans
  15. Forgot if I shared it here. If I have let me do it again. It's a news of 21/12/2020. In regards to JW's in general viewership I would like to share this ranking that came from Wavve which is VOD platform in South Korea. They made a list of celebrity whose video content has most likes by the subscribers of Wavve in 2020. The liked video contents includes past works of those celebrities as well. Joo Won ranked 6th among the list of 20. Let me give the list below in English: 1. BTS 2. Kim Soo Hyun 3. Kim Seon Ho 4. Ji Chan
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