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  1. So we finally have an update on JW's next drama but it has not been confirmed! And it's set to air on 2020!!! From Soompi Article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1323183wpp/joo-won-in-talks-for-his-first-post-military-drama Joo Won is looking to make his drama return! A source from the the drama industry stated on May 9 that Joo Won has been cast as the male lead of SBS’s upcoming drama “Hotel Alice” (literal title). According to the source, the actor will be taking on the role of a detective named Park Jin Kyum. In response, a source from Joo Won’s agency Hwayi Brothers Korea clarified that the actor did receive an offer for the drama and is currently reviewing it, but nothing has been confirmed. Joo Won made his debut through the musical “Alta Boys” in 2006 and took on his first drama lead role in “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo.” He continued to build up his filmography by appearing in dramas such as “Bridal Mask,” “Good Doctor,” and “The Gang Doctor.” The actor was discharged from the military in February and is currently preparing to make his return to the industry. -------------------------- Sounds interesting already as it has a detective role which and I read from translation of Korean articles that it has a time travelling theme.. @booha rings a bell? Anyways, Joo Won has played Police/Detective role many times..And he creates different personas each time he picks up a role. So no worries. Korean article: http://www.beffreport.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=59978
  2. Read from fan stories from latest FM that JW gave skin care products from this brand to fans as gift along with Eco Bag..Lucky fans..getting skin care products from JW even before the official announcement of him being their ambassador. Looks like Joo Won is on a outing with friends today.. And his best Friend Lee Sewook was also there.. It's good to see the best friends together. I hope JW will do a vlive again with Sewook and other friends. We get lots of inside stories when friends are together.
  3. Yeah..can't wait for official news. Interesting tid bits from JW's Seoul 2019 FM I can totally understand people gathering around him whenever taking pictures. Most of the recruits and army enlisters are of young age. And Joo Won is freaking Gaksital.. Theres also stories on DC that how he was strict yet sweet instructor..There's a video (link bellow) from Army Fest 2017 where younger there following around JW and taking selfies when the group of 2017 army fest singing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wak4kIjc5A Watch from 07:50 to 8:50 .. Source: https://twitter.com/meyahmjw/status/1122405929914253312 Highlights for me is- 1) Joo Won's mom made rice cake again for everyone? I don't if his Mom previously preapred things for FM in Korea but she did this in 2017. May older members from this forum can tell.. His mom is so sweet to show her appreciation for fan is such a thoughtful way. 2) JW gifted his self-designed eco bag...awww..so cute..he shook hands with every fans and prepared gifts for every one so that no one feels left out for not having a chance to be on stage with him. Video of him drawing the design was showen in there too. And JW sang many songs in this FM.
  4. So..The drama is so cute and addicting..Not only the main leads but other characters here are likable too.. I specially like it when lead girl character suits to my liking..In this drama Si Tu Mo is cool and cute. The second lead Wang Shan is so cool as well. And about the lead boy- Not only Gu Wei Yi is sensible and handsome but also has his eyes only for Mo Mo..How adorable is that! On the other hand Fu Pei is pitiful but understanable character. Over all I'm loving it very much- and once again main leads are just so very sweet. On other hand the wait for sub is gonna wear me out. I mostly stick to kdrama and watch cdrama once in a while. I shouldn't have started it ongoing just because I was bored and didn't feel like picking a kdrama yet..I can watch kdrama raw now a days but cdrama is another story. Done watching 12 episode. I see next four episodes are out without sub.. Any idea when subs are gonna be uploaded?
  5. What to do with this cute Man..Manly cute Man.. (He was worried about showing his clumsy self to fans when he tried to figure out how to move for that particular dance.. and then danced so well and adorably.) The fan who uploaded this said it's her fourth encounter with Joo Won and she'd have to follow him until he's a grandfather.. Another one from another fan.. Asking at the end if he danced well. Yes..You danced well..
  6. @tokkimoon and @booha ,So I'm not the only one who's worried to see those photos. It may not be as close as it looks in the photo isw what hope. If it's photoshop he'd have let us a hint may be. In the mean time.. there are view other updates of JW such as profile picture filming video and many pictures.. @booha thanks for posting those here. I wanted to talk about those in this thread but my internet connection was so down and so was I. But will update about those later as today is the Korean fan Meeting day. and it's going on well. Usually more photos and videos circulate on IG in FM days but there are few updates today and here's the reason why. TT TT I hope Huayi Brothers will upload a FM special vlive like his previous Korean FM.which was a special case as it was his good bye FM but still I hope a trend will start. And he's looking soo gooood...
  7. Fun Brentwood CF.. And Latest IG post captioned "Lets Fly" I'm like.."Fly fly but why are you so close to the edge!"
  8. Filming started already!! They're fast. Here I thought filming might take some time to start as the drama airs in July..
  9. Late Post.. Translation of Joo Won's interview in Arena Homme + April 2019 issue. Translation Source: https://twitter.com/PUTitrighthere_/status/1115945583972249601 Main Article : https://www.smlounge.co.kr/arena/article/41665 He always looked like a very thoughtful person to me(from his many interviews and public appearences)..But looks like he came out from miletary as a person with much deeper perspective about life. He previously talked about acting most of the time in most interviews. But here he mentioned that he needs more time for self development, for his family.. He was always a family guy but this interview just states it more clearly. I love how he talked about traveling and now he's actually travelling. I hope he's energized by this desired and much deserved rest because he has been working non-stop since his debut. It's really really very good to see him giving himself some time. Male Celebrities Who Impressed With Their Exemplary Conduct During Military Service 8. Joo Won Actor Joo Won decided to serve as an active duty soldier although he initially passed the examination to serve in the police department. After receiving exceptionally high marks during his basic military training, he was promoted to assistant instructor in his division — the assault battalion, which is part of the 23rd infantry regiment of the skeleton unit. He was discharged earlier this year on February 5. Main News: https://www.soompi.com/article/1316571wpp/male-celebrities-who-impressed-with-their-exemplary-conduct-during-military-service
  10. LSY's IG caption doesn't say much about this interesting pic..but Uhm Jung Hwa has uploaded the same pic with interesting caption. "상윤의 헤어스타일은 #비밀 #오케이마담" Comment from Lee Sang Yoon: lsy_810815 : 영화에서 확인하세요~ Google translated it as such: Sang-Yun's hairstyle is # Secret # Okay Madame lsy_810815 : Check it out in the movie ~ Soo..If we're curious about the hairstyle we've to wait till movie release!! Actor Park Sang Woo previously gifted the casts(may be for crew too) with shoes, UJH has a pic of that with LSY as well.
  11. He's looking really very refreshed. When I talked about someone running into JW I didn't really think about Korean people( I don't know why).. but now that it happened it's even better meeting people from homeland in foreign land..I specially love this post because he pretty excited that he met JW..It's cute how he's thanking his friend for coming from Seattle that day because that's the reason why he got to meet Joo Won. I remember I once was curious after I saw a street interview of JW and wondered why JW had so many male fans.. heard that he gained his male fans after Gaksital..I wonder if he's one of them or just someone who's excited to see a celebrity from homeland.. Whatever it is, Glad that these people gave us an update about JW. Woah..looking at the arrangement it looks like they could have a chat with him!! So lucky... Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwQ0osFntK2/
  12. Arena Homme+ photo shoot Bts pics.. Actor Im Yoon Ho who previously worked with Joo Won in 7th Grade Civil Servant mentioned him on a recent interview...So he used to be in Huayi Brothers.
  13. Works for me.. I think It'll be my first time watching Nana..So the good reviews on her me feel hopeful for some strong acting and chemistry. The webtoon characters look nice.. Another supporting cast confirmed..He was quite good in his latest KBS drama " My Only One."
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