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  1. You're welcome @Calli. This happens with me all the time too.. sometimes I got enlightened with a different perspective of a situation or statement after I watch it second time or rewatch after a long gap. In light of new info I gathered things Joo Won says gets more understandable. Will check the article.. even tho the videos are intact and merged in new platform I wonder how this will affect Joo Won's time to time greetings on vlive for us. Like changing of platform could affect whether Joo Won will choose to be active in that platform or not. So it's a little concernin
  2. He did a lot of CF/Photoshoot when he needed to. When he was still rising.. but it deresed with time he became more of a prominent actor. It's not that he doesn't do at all.. it's just the volume of such work is lower if you compare it with the coverage his dramas get. I will share a news article on Joo Won later when that mostly is about what people says about Joo Won. A article of 2015 or 2016 may be. I forgot. I was preparing it for his debut anniversary post but got delayed because I was this weekend. There's a mention that he's known as an actor who doesn't do CF much.
  3. My Google Translation says you said- "Now that I miss him so much, I think it would have been better if I had met him for the time when he was most active, but I think one thing that changed was the army I think before, like you said, he was active, that's right, but I guess that since he is 30 he can see some of his attitude changed and he wants to stay away from social networks and only give them updates when he finishes his work, he was watching a live joo won in which he spoke that he wants to communicate. when you have some finished work from before you don't have to talk but it wou
  4. Oh I love the army stories and clips so much.. It's true no way to confirm it's Joo Won from just those stories but let's be honest... Park Jeong Sik trainer nim knows we're interested only in our wonie.. Ha ha.. It's we didn't see him calling Joo Won wonie but we saw him calling him Joo Wonie which people who're close to Joo Won frequently does. So it won't be very unusual if he calls him wonie. And it could be his way of making sure only JW fans decode who he's talking about. So I think it's our Joo Won.. probably there for Carter filming.
  5. A part of my recent research includes old news published in media. But I do it randomly like some times I'd search about Good Doctor/ Gaksital/Yong Pal related news sometimes award function related news. But I did not try reading many news from his debut time before. Like I read some news from that time when they come before me but I did not particularly search for those. So I tried that topic this time. Came upon some interesting news.. Some of which I heard in interview but it's good to see them covered in entertainment news. So I compiled some old news around 2010-2011.. News o
  6. @Andrea Balcazar I'm glad you love these two drama.. I really love these two too.. You dramas that have special corner in your heart along with some other Joo Won drama.. Most people who watched Ojakgyo actually loves it. Other people find it difficult to start a long drama of 50+ episode. But I personally love KBS family dramas as long as it ends. Ojakgyo is too good.. And Tomorrow Cantabile tho controversial is loved by many. I love that fact too. You got it correct... not falling for Hwang Tae Hee isn't an option.. His solid characterization+ Joo Won deadly perfor
  7. @Calli Thank You... I was just trying to find out that bridge 11 years and what's better than two smiling picture of his first and latest drama. And fortunately the angle and smiles are just so strikingly similar. @agenth really appreciate you stopping by here to wish Joo Won. Umm @Calli suggested Joo Won's debut drama Baker King Kim Takgu.. As much as Makjang the drama is, it's kind of engaging and the fact it has some veteran senior actors and talented young actors makes up for it's makjagness. You may give it a try. I recommend anyone who likes
  8. Congratulations to our favourite Joo Won on his 11th debut anniversary. This man has such a beautiful, friendly, charming, fantastic, lovely, awesome, sweet smile. I hope it remains on his face always. Wish Moon Jun Won all kind of beneficial success in this world that will make him a better man to among all the people he's surrounded by. And hope he knows his fans are rooting for him..always ...
  9. Before I started using these apps for regular translation, I was lost when sometimes they'd put the question in subtitles. So I'd try to guess the questions from answers. But now I find it helpful when they give captions for both questions and answers. Because now I can do picture to text translation and also listen them so I can do more meaningful translation with complete sentences that makes sense. Last time I did this translation the added captions in the video was so helpful because I don't have enough theatre/musical related vocabularies sometime in both language. So didn't w
  10. You're most welcome. Honestly I'm not good with Korean. I can't speak or read korean. I can't even read any of their alphabet other than probably 주원 ,문준원 (because I use those tags frequently) and few shows name(and even those I tend to forget). Let me explain what helps in my translation. I mostly do translation by listening. I'm familiar with Korean vocabulary by listening. I've been watching KDrama with English subtitles from 2013. And also I've seen many interviews. So I can recognise many of their words that they usually use in KDrama/celebrity interviews. Also ver
  11. 0:12- Q- It looks like you're hungry? JW- It even smells nice. I've so many food in front of me. I'm salivating (at food). 0:49- Interviewer introducing Joo Won- Whenever you see him he seems such a good man, a child who is from another house but makes you proud/feel good thinking he grew so nicely, A man who you always want to keep by your side, we came to meet our Joo Won shi. 0:58- JW- Section TV viewers, I've filmed this advertisement so I can show up here. ((( awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....and he is getting embarrassed at his own cheesiness ))). I'm
  12. You're most welcome.. I'm always happy to share Joowon staffs... and about my translations.... all I can say is watching all those k-dramas with English sub and numerous JW interviews I consumed with starry eyes again again pays off! Ha ha ... Ithere was a bit of mentioned of that.. but mostly questioned was- Will he want to be with someone who has someone else in her mind.. Joo Won at the end replied in negative saying he'd not like to do so.
  13. As a national drama Baker King Kim Takgu actually received a lot of attention and there are many clips available from YTN News. This interview was done in Majun's last filming on set. Because 11th anniversary is coming soon let's go over this interview. 1:15 :- Hello, Audience of YTN News. I'm Joo Won playing Gu Majun in Baker King Kim Takgu. 1:23- Question- How do you feel now that it's ending? Joo Won-In one hand I feel refreshing now that filming has ended but I also feel that I could have done better, I should have done better- these feeling are also there.
  14. Can't but laugh and agree with this. Just to be clear when I am talking about voting for a lot of Joo Won female co stars for their chemistry with Joo Won I'm focusing mostly on professional chemistry they've on and off screen. Personally I enjoyed Joo Won's chemistry in general with many people just because how natural they interact on and off screen and make the dramas beautiful. I loved his chemistry with Eugene, Uee, Moon Chae Won, Shim Eun Kyung, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Ah Joong, Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Hee Sun. I didn't think he had much off screen chemistry with Jin Se Yeon and Lee Da
  15. Be sure you're not the only one. Joo Won specially makes an effort to look and feel different for each of his character. And many of his views and fans noted it. I'm glad you feel same too. If you see closely you'll find Joo Won changes his get up, dress up, hair, gesture and often times his speaking tone for his acting,. That makes the character he plays more alive. That's why people say when they see Joo Won's acting they see the character rather than Joo Won. He makes the character his own by giving it a personal and professional touch. And I sometimes feel sad when
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