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  1. Sorry i thought this drama is a little boring at times... I do hope for more interesting scenes but im just not hooked yet...
  2. The newspaper interviews...post dm. She clearly said she doesnt have a partner/boyfriend/lover whatever that korean word she used means. But yet she got caught in such photos with kjh at each other's apartment? With possibly an overnight bag? So was sjh lying all this while? Even in ila too?
  3. Dispatch didnt capture photos of ssh and sjh... But several photos of kjh and sjh...several times... I dont know how to explain this. If she is single...say she is single. But all these photos wont help her deny the high possibility of dating kjh. Spending birthdays together? Sigh. If she is serious. Update her ig and clarify firmly. Now i dont know who to believe anymore. This is really bad press for sjh. As for ssh sjh? I think dispatch has indirectly implied they didnt catch any sightings of ssh sjh tog
  4. @janeozten Sorry i meant go Kyung pyo... Not the guy who played do hee's colleague sitting behind her... The video is on YouTube. https://youtu.be/ELGVCmTQ3x0
  5. @janeozten Oh yes... yoon park was fanboying over sjh... omg the sjh effect... Go kyung pyo also had that same look at the 2016 sbs drama awards... Sjh also wore strapless gown that night.
  6. Hahaha... I think she is gearing up for her new drama shoot now. Lee sun kyun alrdy finished his film 'Silence' in early march 2021. So he shld be shooting Dr Brain now with the rest of the cast.
  7. @janeozten I went to see the 2021 jtbc drama line ups... I didnt see younger in the list... Maybe it was dropped...
  8. @Siomara Babe pls check my dm to you in soompi. Related to your ig finding ytdy! Omg!
  9. Hahahaha... Niw has gd feedback though.... Im planning to watch this after it ends.... Hope to see a gd comparison.
  10. @bmm serajim Thank you! So by removing the hash tag in front of his names...he only just removed links in his profile. Am i right? Wonder what is the reason behind removing links?
  11. 131 pages! Finally! @janeozten Does anyone know what difference does it make if you remove hash tag from your name in your ig profile? I think it makes no difference?
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