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  1. I found youtube links to Ice Girl (aka She's back). But they are in spanish subs.... Sjh acted as a doctor in this drama (no wonder she said she had played a doctor role before in 2018 heart surgeons interviews) and she has a kind of ahem casual bf gf relationship with the male lead if you know what i mean...then the male lead falls in love with the first female lead. Sjh is the 2nd female lead who didnt get the first male lead. Trivia: The actress who played first female lead is now playing the 2nd female lead in Private Lives (jtbc drama which is airing now).
  2. I watched both episodes of gamsung camping... They never asked ssh abt his love life... Not even once... They just didnt talk about him in detail... The only love life talked about was that of ahn young mi... Which was really funny and cute when she did the video call with her husband... Can tell ssh is envious of her closeness with her husband despite being separated for 7 months...
  3. Maybe it was due to time constraints.... She only appeared in 1 episode... And they wanna focus on her cold image vs warm personality contrast...
  4. It is indeed strange that they didn't talk abt DM... DM is a mbc drama some more! I live alone is also a mbc program. So mystery points are: 1) why dm's woo dohee role was not discussed? It is the role most like the goofy version of sjh in real life... 2) why lee si eon was not present in the sjh segment but he was there for hwasa's 30mins segment? 3) why narae and the other lady who are fans of ssh did not even ask sjh abt her drama shooting experience with ssh? Usually they will ask funny questions like how was it... how was it kissing this male god...? And ho
  5. Watching the first episode... I must say sorry but the actor who plays kim so yeon's husband is really miscast in this role... He seems more like a younger brother than a husband to ksy...and he doesnt give off a surgeon aura... They shld have cast an older actor like e.g. lee sang yoon in this role... The previous actor choice wld have been good too... Eugene did really well so far.. And you get to see parallels between eugene's and her daughter's lives in high schools... the injustice they suffered due to not being from rich families... And yo
  6. You're making me cry with your post... :'( I wish ssh can have the courage to go after her, take care of each other, enjoy their remaining time on earth together... They just seem so right for each other... I hope they can see what we have seen too... They are so self-disciplined, love to exercise, have lots of friends and still stay in touch with longtime friends... luv tteoboki... luv animals and dogs... goofy in nature... Whatever happens, i hope she can find her true love soon...
  7. There are over 400 comments already on this preview... Shows a lot of folks including koreans really curious about sjh's private life at home... hahhaa Other i live alone clips got like 10 over comments on average...
  8. Dont you guys think ssh and sjh should do some ads together? E.g. watch, coffee, chocolate, car, mobile phone, camera, mattress, etc.
  9. Im a little greedy.... I just want dispatch or a netizen to take 1 candid photo of them dating or even hanging out in a group. That is enough for me.... Hahaha...
  10. https://www.soompi.com/article/1124521wpp/trips-sports-late-nights-korean-celebrities-date For analysis purpose.... Some examples of how korean celebrities date....
  11. Thank you! Gd to see loyal supporters in the midst of doubtful content lately. Since nothing concrete has been shown on either side of the fence... I wld suggest everyone not to be affected by the recent posts in ig... Be it the variety show showing ssh or the teamlab tour showing sjh. If you want a new project for them together? msg mbc, sbs, kbs. Msg victorycontent, other production companies, their agencies... I totally can picture them in an espionage film or a mr and mrs smith remake.... Keep our fingers crossed...
  12. Did they ask ssh abt his love life? I only know he mentioned kang suzie as his long time ideal type... Confirm that she was using her personal phone. Evidence is she was using this phone at the exhibition.
  13. Yeah... haha.. Sigh...when will they meet again in public? Hopefully sjh will invite ssh to the teamlab exhibition... She was a host representing culture depot (one of the organisers) on the press opening day which im guessing took place on 24 sep 2020. That shld be the day kjh met sjh. Then she went to exhibition again on 25 sep as a guest, where she took photo with yjm, jjh and other two male celebrities from culture depot.
  14. Saw some polaroid photos of ssh on the day of the interview. I saw a date that he could have signed off. Seems likely that ssh and sjh met on 10 Aug 2020 for the kntv interview... That was probably the last time they met officially for dinnermate....
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