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  1. @Jimmy Greene did you catch the rest of the bts vids? You really think sjh was already very comfortable with ssh by epi 12? I thought she seemed a little nervous and fidgety when ssh was painting her nose. Not exactly comfortable. I thought she didnt dare to reject ssh's offer to paint her nose as he is a sunbaenim. Hence the nervous expression. She seemed a little lost in the moment as well. Btw, what is your take on the first kiss bts? Did you see how ssh was breathing hard after he smiled awkwardly at sjh after he stopped kissing when di
  2. If rona dies, it is the beginning of the end of eugene's character oh yeon hee.... She wld have nothing to live for and wld most likely die by pulling seo jin down with her from the penthouse tower. I mean it comes full circle if they die like that towards the end.
  3. Busy with dramas i think. If they are really dating at the same time, maybe it is a full schedule for both of them. Sjh has to shoot drama, help bestie with wedding preparations and finding time to date. She might need to do some cf campaigns too. Ssh has to shoot drama almost non stop everyday, and find time to date. It is tough man... I hope as they miss each other more, their love and affections for each other multiply progressively. A lot of celebrity couples do break up due to busy schedules. But maybe they just didnt p
  4. Pardon me, but need to clarify this. Former researcher is not female detective role. You do understand the difference between researcher and detective? I dont know how you can link former researcher to female detective based on that very specific character description. A researcher works in the rehabilitation centre, while a detective works in the police force. They are two completely different professions. Dont tell me you were thinking the former researcher became a police detective after quitting the rehabilitation centre? Hmm....i really think unlikely.
  5. @janeozten Seems like the story slightly deviates from the original webtoon. If im not wrong, the lead has no wife. Urgh i hope sjh is still playing the female detective role and not the dead wife.
  6. Tbh, i didnt like song seung heon at all in the past. His acting as some call it was too oily (no depth). But his east of eden role was a tough role to play and i thought he did his best then. His ending was sad and pathetic. Abt my princess role, it was a rom com, so what do audience expect? And to keep a fit body isnt easy as well, i give ssh some credit for putting in effort to maintain his body figure. Even in dm, his body was really fit and not the usual 40s ajusshi kind of body. This is really what sjh appreciates and admires abt ssh too that he maintains
  7. @janeozten Babe i am trying to find an article i read before that says ssh had set a 5 year mark for himself in 2018. He said he wanted to get married within 5 years from 2018. But i cant seem to find it now. Do you recall seeing it somewhere?
  8. @hrkharis Omg she mentioned Angelina Jolie!!! I really think SJH shld try to take up the role of AJ in a Korea remake of Mr and Mrs Smith if a smart and sharp producer is willing to remake it. The Male lead cld be SSH or Ju ji hoon. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2012/08/dr-jins-song-seung-hun-reveals-his-ideal-type-thoughts-on-marriage?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social
  9. Press con is really a sign that they were already v comfortable with each other. Ssh touching sjh's lap seemed to be a subconscious action. Hahhahaha Sjh nudging ssh's shoulder is quite uncharacteristic of sjh. Lol.
  10. @janeozten Really? I didnt notice!? Which posts were not related to ssh sjh? And talking about ssh's face... I dont know but how do you tell if he is in love? Hahaha any tell tale signs?
  11. Pja is v busy now w her baby girl, who is one of the smartest babies i've ever seen. She speaks korean v well at her age... like full sentences...and all. I do hope ssh and sjh double date with ksw sty and rain kth... lol.
  12. No kiddin! MinShin is who? Lee min ho and park shin hye? Urm...i think no one will dare ask ssh sjh this question... their managers will shut that reporter up! But yeah this question did pop up in offline discussions amongst the shippers... Hahahhaaha....
  13. Im praying sjh updates soon. But she might just update about her endorsements.
  14. Lee yoo young's character is mentioned in the soompi thread for alpha romeo. There will be 2 female lead roles... I believe lee sun kyung will have love line with lee yoo young. Since both are researchers. Sjh's role most likely has no love line. Well that is if they are still following the webtoon's original storyline.
  15. @janeozten Lee yoo young is confirmed to play a female researcher role. This means sjh will most likely play the original webtoon's female detective role who is sexy, smart and cool! Yay!!! You know ssh is also playing a police detective role in Voice#4? What are the odds these two chose to play police detective roles?
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