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  1. I'm watching it live, at the moment. I speak/understand (almost) no hangul. Heh. Saranghae and annyeong doesnt count. So the show is a bit dry. Without subs. And without audience. And without video(so far) of those in attendance. Added: KGE shared what seems like an award show screenshot hmmm
  2. I was about to say this. @koreaboooo did a timeline update on the first page, she has gone MIA after the essay book came out
  3. I learnt something new today. What is worse than blurry picture(s)? Blurry video(s). I hope this will not become a new norm. Because my brain hurts. But I definitely saw his nose. Or was it his adam's apple? Or was it KGE's bangs?
  4. I hope KKN posts something, with KGE coming to his whatever-it-is that he's promoting nowadays. Movie? Theatre? Drama? I hope no one is glaring at me. Hehhehh
  5. Early morning blurry post again? But as handsome as can be as usual. I just wanna use the word as as many time as I can today Lovestagram is ONz btw
  6. I need to hide. They need to make em 0 cals. That's what Ive been saying about the ones I've consumed.
  7. Random post. I'm glad TKEM didnt have any evil mother-in-law. Or super-evil-gradmother-in-law. Kings seems to be surrounded by these in kdramas. Oh. I guess PM Koo is there. And Lee Lim. Still lesser evil than MIL and/or GMIL
  8. Hypothesis/Observation/Conclusion: Borders causes anxiety on a peaceful ship It disrupts the balance of the universe
  9. You've basically jumped parallel-digital-worlds. From South Korea to China. Are you sure that's the plot? And and where's PM Koo. Or the evil uncle. Or goodgawdIforgothisname KKN? WHAT ABOUT THE HORSEEEE??!?!? Tsk. Shin jae. I remembered right after I clicked submit
  10. I just realized that Maximus' resume is 1000x more impressive than mine. Even with That' it. I wanna be Maximus when I grow up.
  11. There's only one horse that matters in SK at the moment. THAT horse. Bathed by LMH. Can I say I am answering on behalf of SK-ians?
  12. This is like dejavu Analysis of reflection(s) Zoom-zoom-zoom Anyone measuring anything yet? But I am still excited. I'm waiting.
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