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  1. A panda??? C'monn. We need the hulk. They are not scared of the panda. Truth be told, Soompi made weaning easier. But I don't wanna! Darn it. I want to be addicted.
  2. I saw a picture of WDH sharing earphones with LMH (I think from the photo essay) somewhere in IG. Hehhh. That's all I can contribute today. I think the BG is slightly better, but it still gives me a headache.
  3. 14 hours later Soompi is still on blackout. Tsk. I shall not backread for now. My eyes are hurting from staring white background workstuff and then now the dark soompi thread. ttyl. Maybe when my eyes are not rolling out of the socket later heh heh
  4. I want the normal setting back, Soompi! Oh my eyes. I can't read long comments and is just enjoying the picture/video links hehe like a kindergartener. Anyhoo, I shall be continuing with Faith for now.
  5. 40 is a randomly picked number because I knew she's still far from that number. That's what moms do when we wanna avoid answering certain questions, okay? Either that, or go ask your dad. Yeah, I think I need to lessen my time on Soompi under this theme, too.
  6. She has a farm Her farm has many types of vegetables Those vegetables comes in many color, shapes and sizes That's all I can tell you for now, child. The rest will only be revealed when you are 40 years old. Two legs went beyond me. Of course JTE had two legs.
  7. He has eyes everywhere. AND he has WDH. Are we gonna be seeing opto-related PPL in soompi soon? Oh my eyes. Backreading will hurt with this background. @magiclily your pink highlights blinded me hahahhahaa
  8. The swoon BTS is like a flashback of the weekly almost-funerals that happened on the main thread. Who had the most almost-funeral? Yeong? I am also starting not to like the dark background. I can't differentiate posts heh and the darker color font is a little dizzy-ing?
  9. Looks like the ship is steering into the gutterland. And the land of eyesquinting. Except for me. If you change your font to black, you can pretty much say whatever you want here. Heh
  10. HAHA Do you understand now why I never called any of these actors oppa? I think I might get strike by lightning if I do.