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  1. Telenovelas audience mostly a mother or housewife. They like the dramatic plot a lot. lol. That's why Maria Marcedes and Rosalinda really popular here once it airing. But, I really can't stand it. haha. Agreed with you about Colombian tele. That's why Betty still my favorite till this day. A really smart drama, funny and sometimes swoon worthy. Always stan Armando and his stress ball a lot. hahaha.
  2. @azureblue7 Viu Singapore isn't it? But, I think never saw any of those show in Viu Malaysia I'm thinking Chuno and FTLY or maybe BM. TUC have a solid storyline but you can feel the change of the writer for few last episode. Their pace feel little bit disrupt but still a fun watch if you like action drama. Anyone read an article about Red Heart in Koala's site? Someone mention that reading somewhere JH had a debt trouble earlier in his career. *facepalm. Never heard about this or maybe I'm forgotten.
  3. For the past 2 week I binge watching Vincenzo and The Uncanny Counter. For Vincenzo it was indeed Kim Hye Won touch through and through. The vibe almost like Money Flower but with more gore and action. The suspense ending, the music also some of location use was the same with MF, like the infamous duck hunting place. She definitely be my favorite PD now. For a woman she indeed talented in directing an action drama. As for TUC, I now understand how JBG can be JH younger counterpart. His acting made me remember the younger JH a lot. Lots of over the top screaming also ugly crying. lol. Such
  4. Jang Hyuk in saeguk! Can't say no coz he always look beautiful in there. lol. Also, about that Daesang. I don't think he received it young coz most of his peers received it way earlier than him. Can't say a name but sometimes they don't really deserved it. Also, Moon Geun Young I think the youngest ever received the Daesang at 22. When JH got it, I just think it was about damn time. lol
  5. KJK was my least favo member in RM lately. The show somehow made him quit annoying. The lack of competitiveness made his character there quit boring. The same old Sparta/Tiger thing. Like Hyuk, KJK can be a chatterbox too and he like to nag a lot. lol. But, if you saw him with his mom, he was really sweet. He was epitome of a good son. I think that's why it hard for him to get married because he want his future partner to understand his close relationship that he had with his mom
  6. You mean the format or what? I never watch a K-version but with Malaysia franchise you need to guess from the contestant who was truly a singer. It was a fun show actually with the judges who tried to search who was imposter among the contestants to eliminate them. Sometimes, their bad singing totally hilarious to see even I doubt some of them really bad at singing or just fake it for the sake of the show.
  7. Can't recommended anything coz I'm still not seeing it. Lol. He was in weekend drama Once Again but it was a long drama. I want to watch it coz it had a good review and better ratings, but there's no with English sub only with Malay dub. I totally hate watching a dub drama coz for me it took away the fun. Haha. He was in Good Casting with Choi Kang Hee too.
  8. Lol LSY is far from being a comedian. He is an actor starting as a supporting but recently he has many lead character under his belt. He was also in Sidus before so we can say he knew JH and that's why he being respectful but still don't prevent him to impersonate him. Lol. I think he still called him sunbae-nim. Actor always tend to being funny in variety. It's a matter either you found it funny or not. Haha.
  9. I Can Hear Your Voice was a game show and had many franchise already. Malaysia also have one. Here KJK was a host. I doubt he'll be noisy. It's more noisy with judge and guest judge I think when they give their deduction about the contestant. It was a fun show to begin with. Judging with JH personality, he will be veryyyy funny without him tried to be. lol.
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