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  1. It's like a common joke for him in every characters. Don't let him sing, something will happen. First in GM and now this. lol
  2. Any guy who brought a cute cat to see a vet and looking so concern about his well being is also top in my priorities. Can't blame her.
  3. That Mimi's hair take hours to style according to him. I think that Snape hair happen when they in tight filming schedule. lol. Also Snape's also become Joker's hair when it match with purple suit. Oh, we totally have fun talking about his hair at that time.
  4. Just glad GM ended early. More rest. We always said it kind a light character for him compare to what he always done. But, it's not. Judging from all the comment (mind you I still doesn't hv the heart to watch the drama properly aside from clip and read the thread), he is still suffering the most. I kinda dislike this writer for using her popularity to snatch a good actor (all of them) without proper script and story first. lol
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