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  1. I think with age come wisdom. Even if he angry he manage it pretty well. I watch a variety show recently and one idol star get angry because he lose in the game. He had the right to be angry bc he work really hard to semi-final but get knock out when someone that being revived (from already lose contestant) beat him. The amount of comment about his attitude so overwhelming. Even we can't blame him 100% but getting angry in national TV is a no no. I'm always amaze how JH control his emotion but also can being cute and goofy in a reality show. Sometimes, reality TV in can be too much
  2. Haha. Its ok, just joking. The perk with using flip cover is you can't easily attach to the stand when you drive and wanna use gps. So, I don't use it anymore. Hyuk is ok coz I think he has a driver to take him anywhere. Lol. Ok, now I need those superimpose half shaved head of him that we seeing before. But, everyone here hate it.
  3. Sugar and fat can't stay longer in his body consider his regime exercise, boxing and stuff. lol. I follow a celebrity who always posted all the delicious food he ate and restaurant he went but never got any fat on his body. Same like JH he like to went to gym too. so jealous for someone like me who like to eat but too lazy to exercise. if I was dreaming about Hyukie all be consider a sweet dream even he turn to Godzilla.
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