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  1. @dramafan33 now I miss @Gumi . Where's she? She got married or something? I love her translated article. About hating his character lets face it. It's Jang Hyuk. Nobody can hate his character even as flaw and twisted as Kang Pil Joo. He is more despicable than LYO but audience love him. Maybe not his behavior but his good look make ppl root for him. Haha. Somehow JH can make audience feel his character purpose and accept the flaw no matter how twisted they is. LBW, LYO, KPJ and etc.
  2. You know even though JH doesn't consider popular compare to Hallyu stars but he really have an avid and loyal followers. For example, around here this thread is always on Hot Topic coz ppl keep coming back and post. Look at the right column. Also when he have a new drama, even he is a supporting character his rice wreath totally no joke. To achieve something like that is not easy. i have to say thanks to FTLY and BM. Since that day this thread never got boring anymore. here once before like a lonely planet. lol.
  3. I found a thread on AFN forum that I found funny. It's something like "You are watching a Thai drama when..." So, here I change it. You're watching a Korean drama when... - a ML piggyback a drunk FL - you can be poor but still using latest Samsung handphone - jerky chaebol with heart of gold ML (pergghh) - a truck of doom - noble idiocy everywhere feel free to add guys.
  4. Money Flower PD is a good director. She has a good track record. Maybe because she's a woman so the're totally into detail. Another good director in JH career is Chuno PD but he seem doesn't have a good track record after that. I miss him too but in a good drama. MF is the last one that make me satisfy with everything.
  5. Gosh all the cute emoji make me reminiscence my early day on soompi. it's kind my new obsession at that time. lol. when I saw my post count I keep thinking what did I post? haha. on early day you can see there's bunch of emoji people post and reaction emoticon is far better than now. opps they have memes now?
  6. lol about the weight either you look beautiful, thin or chubby is matter of own perception. I must admit when I in teen years I don't like certain actress or actor coz they seem chubby or don't found them beautiful or good looking in my eyes. lol. For example, I don't like Renee Zalweeger and BJD coz I think she looks fat (sorry for my shallow teenage mind). But, years later when I'm become older and more matured (?) I found her beautiful in BJD with her cute and red cheeks. although I still don't like the movie much.
  7. I think the age of the cast depend on their country culture. For K-actor, most their prime is the actor on 20's to 30's. When you hit 40 it's a rarity to get a character unless some of the establish name. For Thai, what I'm seeing their prime is around 20's. When you hit 30's you consider the old generation. I've seen some of the star start taking mature character even the're only in teen years. Here in my country the 30's something actor already being cast as a mother/father for 20's or 30's actor. It's depend on your popularity. If you still can hold being the lead when you reach 30's. It's really a sad situation for me. edit: I commented regarding the first paragraph only
  8. @budgerie so I'm finish The Crown Princess. Like you said quite nice even I'm still rolling my eyes. lol. The Princess a badass but always can't help herself getting injured. The whole D team kinda meh when making decision for such an elite team. The most interesting part for me in that drama is the cinematography and Yaya fashion. Right now, I'm on episode 10 of Kluen Cheewit. I like it more than TCP. This time I can say kudos to Yaya acting proverbs. She can do bitchiness and vulnerable so well. I knew Thai revenge drama kinda extreme sometimes but I think I don't have much problem for this one. My panda eyes is the prove of it. Oh except for how ML keep handling the FL but she's a tough cookie and knew how to fight back. Looks like I really need some kind of drama that 'I hate you but I kinda love you too'. Hurt so good too. hahaha. And Mark is sooo cute. lol. Sorry for off topic everyone.