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  1. His agency just announced that his Japanese fanclub opened a twitter account for this interested: https://twitter.com/CHOITAEJOON_JP Also, the link for his official Japanese fanclub site: https://choitaejoon.jp/index.jsp
  2. Choi Tae Joon's Interview with Kstyle (Japanese Subs) Here's an article (in Japanese) of the interview: https://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2170569 (*Kstyle is a Japanese new site that reports exclusively on K-celebrity news, for those wondering.)
  3. @youngae The drama has not been extended. I looked at the posts on Instagram and the caption on the Choi Yeo Jin's post mention that even though it says Episode 101, there is only 100 episodes. So it seems like it was a typo on the script itself.
  4. Sooyoung recently did an interview related to the drama. ^^ (I put the full interview under the spoiler tag since it's a bit long.) [INTERVIEW] Choi Sooyoung Bares Thoughts About Missing Fans, Choi Tae Joon & Her Role In “So I Married The Anti-Fan” In an exclusive interview with iQiyi, Sooyoung candidly and insightfully relayed thoughts about her latest drama, So I Married The Anti-Fan. Find out also who she wanted to spend 24 hours with and who she misses the most!
  5. The cast will be having a live chat on VLIVE when the episode is released tonight. ^^ VLIVE link: https://www.vlive.tv/channel/864F1D
  6. Popgasa posted a translation of OST Part 10 on their website: https://popgasa.com/2021/05/31/susan-the-stars-are-falling-별이-진다-bossam-steal-the-fate-ost-part-10/
  7. They most likely will be. Godin Media (the production company in charge of this drama) did the same thing when they produced "One Percent of Anything" back in 2016. They released photos in that similar style prior to episodes being aired for "One Percent of Anything", as well.
  8. Oh hey... I was gonna watch this drama since I'm familiar with a lot of the cast, but decided not to since the plot didn't really interest me enough. But looking at the comments, I guess it's okay that I'm not watching it lol. Well, the ratings for weekend/family dramas are always high no matter what... But from looking at the comments on the drama's channel on Naver TV there are a few comments of people asking to change the writer or for the writer to change the plot, etc. But looking at the comments from Korean viewers on the official website, there are definitely a lot more comp
  9. A video from Management SOOP was uploaded a few months ago: [VIDEO] How many 2020 ‘To-Do List’ has Kim Jae Wook achieved? (English Subbed) Also some updates from KJW's Japanese fanclub 'Luck': ~Mr. M's Manager Diary~ 2021.02.15 Everyone, hello! Today, let's start with a picture of Jaewook-san inspecting his clothes before he starts filming. (*To see the rest of the diary entry, you have to be a member of the fanclub.) -- 2021.04.02 ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM JAEUCK♥ ~☆°˖✧~✧˖°~☆°˖✧~✧˖°~☆°˖
  10. Lol well, I did say my previous post would be my last, but turns out it wasn't. Lee Si Kang did a interview after I posted my last post so here I am back again. I also posted some other things I missed aside from Lee Si Kang's interview. The only one of the main cast who hasn't done an official interview is Uhm Hyun Kyung, but I'm not sure if she plans to do any interviews, so this should be my last post... I think. (Also side note, Lee Chae Young did more interviews, but her answers are pretty similar to her previous interviews I posted so just check my previous post for
  11. There is just so much drama behind the scenes as well, which makes every 10 times worse, honestly. 'Man in a Veil' may have been a bit messy, but I was okay with watching it and behind the scenes I could tell all the staff and cast really had a lot of fun filming and got along with each other really well. They constantly posted pictures with each other on Instagram and even now, they all comment on each other's Instagram so you can see a lot of them became close friends. With all the drama in 'Phoenix 2020', these days the only ones who updates with behind the scenes is
  12. @Lmangla The ratings went down to 2.8%? Yeah, that's definitely lower than it usually would be. This drama airs in the morning (8:35AM), and usually dramas in that timeslot have low ratings (between 4%-7%). I think the last time the ratings were decent in the last few years was "Happy Sisters" which reached 15%. After that, all the dramas that aired in this timeslot has stayed around 4%-7%. So the fact that the ratings has now dropped even further is probably why the plot is going crazy. To your other post about the writer and producer... the original writer Lee Yoo Jin is still th
  13. This will most likely be my final post for the drama. Compiled a bunch of stuff related to the drama and my thoughts of the drama at the bottom if anyone's interested. (This actually took forever, which is why I'm only posting it now, lol.) Thanks everyone to all the months of this thread. It was fun~ A Man in a Veil OST (English Subbed) | OST Playlist (*You can find the complete OST album with instrumentals here.) A Man in A Veil - Opening Sequence A Man in a Veil - Related Variety Shows & Interviews with Cast | Playlist
  14. Here is the translation of the final scene of the final episode. (I'll be posting the full TV ratings for all the episodes, so I'll probably make another post later today.) I also post the farewell messages under that. I'll post more farewell messages/interviews later if there is more, but this is what I could find so far. I put each of their answers under the spoiler tag since some did longer interviews, not just post a farewell message. (Also the translations in the interviews are loosely translated through Google Translate, but I summarized to make it easier to understand.)
  15. Episode 105 (Final) Preview English Translation (from Kocowa): TP: The day has come at last. My mother's wrongful death will be revealed. YR: An attorney-at-law!? I have money in my bank account. You can get me a lawyer with that! YR: I was ordered by Ju Hwa Yeon sitting next to me. JHY: How can a human being kill another? Mr. Koo: I did all of it! I'll be punished. TP: Do you know how serious of a crime perjury is!? Why are you lying!? YJ: Oppa! Are you okay!? Wake up, Oppa! Ending Scene of Episode 104 English Translation (from Kocowa): -At Chairman Cha's o
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