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  1. @UnniSarah Looking at the character descriptions on the KBS website: http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/secretman2020/pc/detail.html?smenu=e126f2 It does say for SJ's character description that once he finds out the relation between TP & YJ, he falls into shock and betrayal, then he will try to destroy TP. So he will eventually become bad. Even though I do want YJ to end up with TP, I do like seeing SJ happy. So I guess I'll enjoy the happy SJ for now before he goes completely bad lol.
  2. Now that I watch the video preview again, I realized that TP thinks the boy that YJ has been raising is SJ's son, not his. I wonder how long the misunderstanding will go on.
  3. @nohamahamoud2002 Ah so I guess KBS uploaded the preview separately? Thanks. ^^ Looking at the written preview, it seems like TP is going to purposely get YJ close to SJ to try to get YR away from DL? I wonder how far this will go until TP knows the full truth of everything with YJ? But then again it's a daily drama, so it'll probably be a while until then lol. Edit: Youtube version of the Episode 36 Preview:
  4. There's was no preview aired today, but this was the ending scene for Episode 35. SJ and TP are having drinks together. TP eventually asks SJ who is the woman he's been looking for, and SJ says YJ's name. And so we get TP's shocked face at the end. I guess there's no preview to keep us guessing?
  5. Congrats to the cast & staff on the high ratings! ^^ [NEWS] “Lie After Lie” Finale Achieves Record-Breaking Ratings + “Start-Up” Soars To New All-Time High Channel A’s “Lie After Lie” ended with a bang last night! On October 24, the hit drama closed out its run by smashing its own record for the highest viewership ratings achieved by any drama in Channel A history. According to Nielsen Korea, the series finale of “Lie After Lie” scored an average nationwide rating of 8.2 percent, easily beating its previous record of 6.4 percent from the night prior
  6. Since it wasn't posted here yet: Episode 16 (Final) Preview English Translation (from VIU): Eun Su: Why me? Why did you do this to me? Ho Ran: Because you lied to me. Your lie made me come this far. I thought you were on my side, but you betrayed me. Gi Bum: Mom, Mom, Mom. I'm scared. I'm scared. Please help me. Eun Su: You're still lying. Ho Ran: It's your fault! It's because you lied! Lawyer: This is a chance for us. Ho Ran: You shouldn't be so relieved. Because it isn't over yet. Doctor: She signed off on organ and body donation. Woo Joo: Dad. Ji Min: I'm goi
  7. @songielove Oh~ I'm a Marcus fan too actually. I became his fan in 2018 through Between. I stuck with the drama despite my disappointment with the writing towards the ending haha. I've had all the songs from Oxymoron on repeat since it was released last year, so it was nice to see those songs on the drama. ^^ (For me, my Mandarin is also non existent as well. The only language that I've ever translated in is Japanese lol. You can add/follow me on MyDramaList or Twitter if you want, since that's where I frequent the most.) To keep this post on-topic, (since we're allow to post IG po
  8. Looking at the credits, the screenwriter for the remake is the same as it was for the original (Lee Yoo Jin). So I don't think she'll change too much of the main plot points, I guess aside from adding stuff in to make it fit into a daily format.
  9. You've probably seen this by now, but I'll also post it for anyone else who hasn't seen it yet. The interview where he talks about the making for "Lose to You":
  10. The video is out now. ^^ Lee Yuri sang a cover of the OST (Part 1) that Acoustic Collabo did for this drama. It will be officially released on October 24th. https://youtu.be/U_fyuNgG7wE
  11. Episode 20 Clips Marcus Chang - Lose to You MV The cast just also did another live stream after the episode ended to watch the premiere of Marcus' MV: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2419705975000379 Episode 20 BTS:
  12. Since it hasn't been posted here yet, here's the preview with the translation below. Episode 14 Preview Translation (from VIU): Woo Joo: No, No! I want to go home, Dad! Ji Min: Stop it, Woo Joo! Woo Joo: Grandma! Grandma, I want to go home. Ji Min's mom: I know, Sweetie. Eun Su: Don't be afraid. Mommy will protect you. David: You won't listen even if I try to stop you, will you? I will stop anyone who gets in your way. Ho Ran: Keep looking for it even if you have to search her house. Doctor: We decided not to perform the surgery. But you should consider yourself luck
  13. @songielove Actually if you look at the video again, they did put English subs on it a few hours ago. Just click the CC button. ^^ You're right that they did talk about other characters they'd like to play. They also said goodbye messages to their characters.
  14. I don't think there are any English articles on it yet, but tonight's episode (Episode 28) didn't air because of the baseball game between the KIA Tigers and the LG Twins. So the episode will air on Monday instead. Korean article: http://enter.etoday.co.kr/view/news_view.php?varAtcId=189442
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