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  1. I think Go Ara's ankle injury must be really severe. She is always sitting in wheelchair in BTS. @akhenaten , while waiting for new episodes of Haechi, i watched "Cinderella & Four knights" ... watching that got me thinking about JIW's character in Moon that Embraces the Sun, plus in Haechi. The characters he portrays in different dramas often involves some Birth issues ... of lower class parentage, etc Glad they didn't edit out the hug scene ... this hug offers some form of comfort & support for them both
  2. I'm also very touched by the scene between minister Min and Jo... these two very senior and experienced ministers agreeing that they are not friends with each other, that they do not wish to understand the King, and yet humbly admitting that they learnt something from the young King and were supportive of his actions and plans, for the greater good of the kingdom ... it is so different from the usual pure evil/pure good characters i see in dramas watching Haechi made me wonder about the real King YeongJo... his life seemed jam packed with trials and difficulties, a rollercoaster rides of ups and downs. it's scary leading his life
  3. initially from looking at the IG posts, i was also disappointed with the lack of interactions between King & YJ. i thot i wouldn't enjoy this episode but i have just finished watching it with sub and i must say i like it a lot. It is true romance is definitely not the focus of the drama. The situation portrayed was so tensed for the king, with waves after waves of bad news coming in at him. Even though he only saw YJ for a few short minutes, the words YJ said to him definitely gave him lots of comfort and strength.
  4. i'm so glad to see YN-YJ interaction, FINALLY can someone pls briefly tell us what the preview says? thanks. hmm ... maybe JIW's mom was at the set to check out her future daughter-in-law ... just my wistful thinking
  5. seems like the Queen was a great lady in her time. unfortunately the drama didn't really portray her in a good light .
  6. @gerrytan8063, thanks so much for always enlightening us on the korean history i really enjoy reading the info u provide every now & then. it is very interesting & helpful to know these background when one is watching the show
  7. i cracked up when YJ told YN that she can work in the palace kitchen because she is a good cook Though i hope for a kissue, at the moment YJ still seem very unaware of YN's feeling ( and probably unaware of how much she cares for him). Tonight, the show may start with MS crashing into the scene
  8. same here @PutriSalju ...though i've always liked CJH, this is my first time in this thread bcos i'm soooooooooo unhappy about the way TLE turned out & the way CJH (& his character NWS) is treated. Hope CJH knows that there are many of us supporting and rooting for him no matter what crap he went thru for that drama.
  9. @dramaninja, totally agree with you. There is no proper closure for him LH is very well written .. a pitiful character with sad traumatic childhood, psychotic mom, and he himself becoming unstable and unpredictable. His ending is sad but it is a well written character from beginning to end. SSR portrayed LH perfectly. but NWS ... this character has been sidelined by LH's popularity... SN had promised NWS that she will protect him no matter what... The ending felt empty & weird without showing SN thinking back about her interactions with NWS in the palace or missing him. while BTS shows CJH on good terms with the fellow actors & actresses, i really wonder about how things are between him and the production team/pd/scriptwriter. I felt that he is not being respected as an actor and (supposedly) one of the leads in TLE. if the synopsis had been about SN, i would have no problem with it. But NWS is central part of the synopsis. The scriptwriter and pd had obviously steered off the original intended story.
  10. Soompi said TLE still clinched 1st in viewer's rating despite CJH's departure. Truth is the rate drop. Just that Liver or Die's rate dropped more i have nothing against SSR. I think he is a brilliant actor and i respect him a lot for that. but i totally dislike LH's character no matter how pitiful the show portray him. saying things like "you dare to try kill the emperor over a mere woman", actions such as walking away after choking your pregnant wife & pushing her into the water, choking/imprisoning your new wife, etc... a pitiful childhood doesn't justify these actions. while i like watching kissing scenes in dramas between 2 individuals in love, ALL the kissing between LH & SN are wrong. in each scenario, one party is absolutely not in love with the other. When SN was fangirling & kissing LH, LH felt disgusted by her very presence. When the situation is switched, LH desperately wanted to possess SN while SN was totally out of love with him and had revenge in mind. So yah, personally totally put off by those kisses.
  11. Saw the preview, i do not understand what they were saying but i ABSOLUTELY HATE the fact that the pd is still creating kissing moments for SN & LH i adore the late grand empress while she was alive, but i feel her action of suicide is her choosing the easy way out while leaving all the burdens and responsibility to SN. That is absolutely unfair to SN. Especially if SN cannot divorce LH. Just like what @flutterby06 shared, i hope the show doesn't butcher SN's character development by making her weak against prejudice and stay married to LH. So what if many think LH is repentant and really loves SN now? He is still mentally unstable, can flip anytime and needs professional help. SN should not be made to stay by him to "cure or change him with love". And at this point if they make SN feels touched and falls in love with LH, i'll be swearing off this scriptwriter and pd
  12. @flutterby06, same sentiments as you ...felt so cheated of the 20+ hours i spent watching this drama ... i think many of us suspect more behind the scene dramas & cover ups with regards to his exclusion from the final episodes. Feel so bad for CJH.
  13. i watch this show for JNR & CJH together, even though i wished they had more screen time together, i persevered watching on bcos i believe the story is developing in the direction of Sunny & NWS working together towards pulling down all the baddies. Was trying to prepare my heart for the scenario whereby NWS dies and Sunny alone, But their goals accomplished and they have proper closure before NSW dies ... with the news of no CJH next week, i lost the motivation to watch this to the end
  14. @flutterby06, thank you so much for translating the above segment i find that in many of the BTS, JNR is always extra animated or hyper around CJH. They really have great chemistry. Who knows, maybe more sparks will fly during their reward vacation
  15. i used to ship JNR & CJH after seeing their chemistry in Fated to love you. But CJH said in Happy Together that his ideal woman is one who is not too skinny. He is attracted to women who are more voluptuous can someone kindly translate what CJH said after he tried to stop NR from slapping him? i could only understand NR's repeated protest "aniya, aniya, aniya" while CJH pointed to the staff around them and laughed. thanks
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