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  1. You don't have to agree with his lifestyle choices, but please remember he's a human being with flaws like the rest of us. Insulting his intelligence in a such a critical manner is uncalled for.
  2. I watched the Ugly Duckling episode and not surprisingly Jin Hyuk is hilarious I could tell by his mannerisms in Drama bts and interviews he has a personality quite similar to mine and some of my close friends. With the exception of his 4 fridges, his "odd" behaviors are relatable. Not to mention that I can't cook to save my life
  3. Hello everyone! Long time no see So CJH is already looking into a new project? I really hope he chooses a romcom! No offence but I feel like his consistent choice of serious dramas starting from Last Empress, hasn't done anything good for his career/reputation Tunnel, Zombie Detective, and Pride and Prejudice were the only good ones.
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