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  1. Story and Line update 25.01.2021 https://timeline.line.me/user/_dbQUTPAfzdU359UcKD068Jd3BjvpMrA-Um1t_ds?fbclid=IwAR2p8qTLl8KQu2ePbx90gDeOKmZCxhUXK9PvVdkIMsFfOPxUDQdEI4e-0iQ https://www.instagram.com/p/CKddwUBph35/?igshid=fmloqhepnvjz
  2. @Nikaa94, hope you are right and we will see new photos and videos of Lee Min Ho when he travels to Canada. Then we can more easily survive the "drought".
  3. Cafe PLENO istagram Suni cute Café PLENO On the last Monday, 25 January, Café Leno is closed. Stores can be eaten in accordance with government distancing policies. https://blog.goo.ne.jp/gunlalakato/e/af190a719a37c655c745394a700a98ce
  4. 13 Hot Korean Actors Who Played Military Men In K-Dramas And Films We loved seeing these men in military uniform We’ve seen different types of men in K-Dramas—the dashing CEO, the heir of a chaebol, the prince or king from another era/universe, the doctor, the lawyer or prosecutor, etc. While we love our oppas in their portrayals of these characters, there’s a certain appeal with actors who play the gritty (or neat) and stern military men onscreen, and are especially attention-grabbing in their uniforms. The most recent examples are Metro.Style cover star Hyun Bin and
  5. 'Fly Gaecheon-yong' Jung Woon-in, "Happy and Safe Ending" 2021.01.24 Jung Woon In's characteristic charisma showed significant synchronicity with the character, adding tension to the work, giving it a twist and helping the work move forward. Jung Woon-in has a reputation as a seasoned actor who has already led the flow of work on numerous works and knows how to add edgy flavors such as energy and excitement to a play ... In addition, Jung Woon-in is also filming on Apple TV "Pachinko," which will expand the spectrum of the world with constant movement
  6. Korean Wave - Dramas, books, artists you want to know in the coming years! How about the bestselling book Pachinko (written by Min Jin Lee, translated by Makiko Ikeda / published by Bungei Shunju), which Lee Min Ho decided to turn into drama on Apple TV while reading? As for me, I cannot hide my love for Busan, this is a job that attracts me only because the beginning of the story is Busan. The author himself is a woman who immigrated from South Korea to New York in her youth, turned from a lawyer to a writer, and lived in Japan. Lee Min Ho reveals how he got the role of
  7. K-drama streaming wars: how Netflix hits Kingdom and Sweet Home complicate Korea’s increasingly crowded TV market - Since Netflix started showing Korean dramas in 2016, it has changed the template for how they are made and brought them to an international audience. - With Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple+ all expected to follow suit soon, Korean cable and terrestrial channels’ productions will have to up their game Pierce Conran Published: 23 Jan, 2021 It was only a few years ago that the K-drama industry found itself in the midst of a massive change, when
  8. A bit of history: 2009.02.02 ´Flower Boy´ Joon-Pyo Koo The Secret of Luxury Handmade Lee Min Ho, who played Koo Joon Pyo in the hit KBS drama "Boys Over Flowers", which won first place in Wolhwa home theater in its first eight episodes of airing, has set the stage for a new wave of cinema in the fashion world and became a fashionista among netizens. In the drama, Goo Jun Pyo, the child of a group of chaebols, shows off her luxurious outfits, and she wears 7-10 costumes for each episodes. Gu Chung-pyo's clothes, which he always wea
  9. @ggonekim instagram update I haven't been there for a long time. I love you, I love you. Long time no see. Love love love... Jung Ji Hyun & 6 Most Beautiful Korean Artists To Dominate Entertainment World In 2021 CINE21 magazine has been distributed since 1995 and is recognized as the leading film magazine in South Korea. Owned by The Hankyoreh Media Group, the company that houses Hankyoreh, the most trusted news organization today. At the end of 2020, CINE21 magazine released a list of Korean artists expected to see in 2021. A total of
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