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  1. Scroll back this page to 10/19/2020 and you will read tons of messages regarding Lee Min Ho's new job.
  2. An interesting article about the Lazada team and their work with Lee Min Ho: LAZADA 11.11 FEAT. LEE MIN HO X CHIPU THIS PROJECT, LIKE PETER – LAZADA REGIONAL DIRECTOR ONCE SAID IN FIRST BRIEFING MEETING ‘AN AMBITIOUS INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION PRODUCTION OF THIS YEAR’ BETWEEN PRODUCTION HOUSES AND POST HOUSES FROM KOREA, SINGAPORE TO VIETNAM, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA AND PHILIPPINES. ... To keep secret of Lee Min Ho‘s presence until today, we have to blur out or crop his face out in every scenes in offline videos (provided by regional team)
  3. 8 Korean Actresses beautiful from birth! Beauty standards in South Korea are very high. This also causes many women to be willing to spend a lot of money on plastic surgery to get the beautiful face they desire. However, of course not all Korean women are like that, some are born beautiful. Reporting from the intipseleb.com page (18/10), a number of these actresses also have natural beauty, in fact they are believed to have never done a plastic surgery to get their beautiful face. Wow, who are the Korean actresses who are said to have never had surgery? Kim Go Eun
  4. Portrait of Kim Go Eun: https://www.behance.net/gallery/103046773/Kim-Go-Eun?tracking_source=search_projects_recommended|kdrama
  5. 'Movie What Talk' starring Kim Go-eun X Kim Joo-heon 'Untact' The film “Untact” is the first film to be shot on an 8K phone and watched on 8K TV. It is a short film with director Kim Ji-woon in charge of directing and scripting, and actors Kim Go-eun and Kim Joo-heon. It is attracting attention as a movie depicting the non-face-to-face love method of the corona era by Sujin (Kim Go-eun), who enjoys Vlog while running a ceramic art workshop, and Seonghyun (Kim Joo-heon), who returned to Korea after three years after leaving study abroad. In particular,'Untact' is attrac
  6. Now it is clear why Lee Min Ho is silent and there is no official confirmation - he promised not to disclose the casting results! Leeminhosny, thanks for the footnote to the article - now you can go to bed (2 AM).
  7. Мне очень нравится предложение, что Ко Хансу и Ноа могут играть один Ли Мин Хо - какая потрясающая возможность показать двух совершенно разных персонажей ! Книга действительно грустная. There are many difficult and sad moments, a lot of suffering and tears, but there are many bright and expressive characters. Let's hope the film is deep and interesting.
  8. 1ouise, You are right, the main character became pregnant with Hansu, but did not agree to become the mistress of a married man. Sorry for my bad English and mistakes in the names of the heroes of the book - this is a consequence of the triple machine translation from Korean into Russian, and then into English.
  9. Sunju is the main character of the book, she is also Khonsu's mistress, Paek Isak's wife and Noa mother.
  10. It also seems to me that the role of Hansu is well suited for Lee Min Ho - a complex ambiguous character, and the role is mature, which makes it even more interesting. Sanju is also very important for the film, so you need to choose a real dramatic artist who can convey the whole gamut of the heroine's feelings - love, pain, suffering, self-sacrifice and forgiveness. Many fashionable artists will not be able to cope with such a role - there is not enough pretty appearance, you still need talent. In any case, the choice is up to Lee Min Ho. Therefore, I agree with any of his
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