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  1. @See Wong I had that gif as my display pic for a while . YSH is adorable giving hearts. My admiration towards him has grown more !! I knew he was an examplary soldier and a skilled shooter but I didn't know he was very good doing physical activities such as push-ups and sit-ups, and had a strong mental power !! Why is he hiding those qualities from us ?!
  2. 6 Underrated K-Dramas That Deserve More Love Apr 11, 2019 by Raine0211 Spring is here, and Dramaland is busier than ever as it adds dramas to keep us addicts satisfied over the course of 2019. Networks have expanded coverage, and Hallyu is full to the brim with talent. But what about those dramas that didn’t quite shine as they might have? These are dramas that have had high production costs, amazing performances by actors, or stellar scripting that fell under the radar for one reason or another. Fear no more, because I’m here to guide you through. “Imaginary Cat” Yoo Seung Ho’s comeback vehicle post-military came in the shape of a webtoon adaptation that pitted him with a very sassy cat as his co-star. While deceptively quiet, this slice-of-life drama is actually brimming with quality work as it integrates the original concept work of the webtoon with the quirky performances of Yoo Seung Ho as a struggling webtoon artist, Jo Hye Jung as a mysterious cat lover (an actress who deserves more recognition for her subtle acting), and Bitteulli as Bogkil, the sassy cat who lives with Yoo Seung Ho and keeps him as sane as any creative type can be. Along with the acting, it is the calm, sardonic, very natural way that the story progresses that makes this drama so high quality. And with only eight episodes, it is well worth the time investment. https://www.soompi.com/article/1313446wpp/6-underrated-k-dramas-that-deserve-more-love
  3. Yes!! in about 20 days we'll get some updates from him. Hmm.. it depends on what japanese fans asked for. Last year in the Seoul fanmeetings there were corners between YSH and fans ( fans talked to him face to face one by one), there was a drawing contest, some scenes from his dramas were shown ), there was a Q&A session, YSH showed some videos of him drifting. I remember he once prepared some food and fed lucky chosen fans at one of his japanese fanmeeting. He even practised piano and sang a song for his japanese fans. Yeah.. let's hope to hear from him : I am reviewing scripts and looking for a new project lol I purposely posted those since YSH is a cats dad . Me slapping him ? Do I look that scary ? I would never think of such a thing lol. Those cats are too cute and look harmless to me haha. If I get disappointed I will shrug and move on like I always do. Throwback
  4. It's a nicely edited video . YSH proved with IANAR he can do romance dramas. His japanese fans are preparing for the fanmeetings in May. They are organizing a flower project PR videos of his upcoming fanmeeting in the subway/ streets ?
  5. @See Wong Who wouldn't want his/her bias to get success and hit dramas ? It's completely natural as true fans to wish that. And it's completely natural, if our wishes don't get realized, to be frustrated too !! Anyways, in the meantime I will have mastered the art of flipping tables . I need to get ready by August and if nothing... I will flip tables !! I 've found cute gifs ! The cats are so cute !!
  6. Yes I was happy too !! I celebrated it that night lol. Even if he doesn't make good decisions and his dramas are disappointing, koreans are still eager to see him, they don't forget him. He is always on the list of actors who have bad eyes of picking dramas. So all it takes is a good drama with an interesting story-line, korean people will watch it and won't skip it.
  7. High five ! I am happy to know I am not the only one who likes her. She shines wherever she goes, even when she acts with well-seasoned actors/ actresses . I heared the emperor stole the show and CJH was more like a second lead. The fans who watched it got sick of the makjang and of how the story worsened throughout the series. I wish to see YSH someday in a villain role, an ambivalent villain who has many faces. Someone who is cunning and ruthless and yet has a human side and weaknesses. But I don't want him to steal the show from someone else in order to shine, he can shine on his own without taking the spot of someone else.
  8. I haven't watched love in the moonlight, so I can't give my opinion on that. I tried twice but ended up dropping it lol I haven't watched reply series either except reply 1997. After watching Mr Sunshine, I found my girl crush actress in Kim Tae Ri. She is amazing !!. I wish someday YSH would be paired with her. She is a rookie but so talented, really natural. A quick pick at her long list of awards is already enough to give an idea of what kind of actress she is. She has probably won every new actress award that exists in the big award ceremonies.
  9. I share the same opinion. We, actor fans, have the stigma of being obsessed with our " oppa" and if we dare to adress any criticism against YSH's female partners, we are considered as haters. Last year, I said something along those lines and said CSB had some acting holes. My words ruffled the feathers of some of her fans. You can't help to notice there is a difference of level of acting between YSH and JBA&CSB, this is all due to his long years of experience. The only names that come to mind are Go Ah Sung, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Ri, Won Jin Ah and Park So Dam, and maybe Kim Go Eun. Yeah the genres he can do are very limited. If he does some serious stuff, he won't look convincing. The fantasy and action genres are perfect for him. They won't make him younger. He should avoid doing teens dramas at all cost.
  10. I knew I am not robot's director would come up as a counter argument lol. I should have precised except him. Starting with ruler : the director and the writers were rookies I am not a robot : the director famous but the writer was a rookie My strange hero : director and writer rookies. He also did imaginary cat : rookie director but written by the author of the comic. There are too many rookies ! Yeah MBC shows are all flops, nowadays the kings are JTBC and TVN. Even KBS and SBS are struggling. There was another robot drama, Seo Kang Joon's drama who also kind of flopped and didn't meet any success in Korea. Maybe the robot theme was too alien for koreans and they didn't like it. So international fans liked IANAR but koreans didn't. Yeo Jin Goo's drama, the remake of absolute boyfriend, will be aired on SBS, I am curious to see the reception and if it will also flop like IANAR... then it won't be a coincidence if three robot dramas weren't liked in Korea. YSH got really unlucky, his drama got embroiled in MBC strikes and it had a bit an impact on the ratings. It's a shame that time drama was a flop too, I watched it and really liked it except the ending. I heared also good reviews about Come and Hug me. I think the public channels are victims of stigma ( especially MBC) , even though they sometimes make good dramas, their dramas don't get high ratings like they used to. Koreans have switched to cable TV and dumped public channels.
  11. You are not completely right. Yes, luck plays a big part of it but you need to take into account other elements. If you look at the directors and the writers behind his last dramas, you will see they are all rookies, they have no experience almost. Is choosing dramas directed and written by rookies part of luck ? He has the choice to decline them ! The biggest reason why his last dramas were flops or were so bad was because they were in the hands of inexperienced people. Actors prefer to choose certified and trustworthy writers and directors who have already proved that they have capacities of making good dramas rather than trusting people who have proved nothing ! Why do you think a drama better than a movie ? I know some actors who had flop dramas but did really well with movies and have succeeded in making a name themselves in movieland. I know the burden is bigger that's why I said this : He needs to share that burden. Well, it is not YSH's job to search for movies, it's his agency's job. If his agency is powerful enough and has good connections, it will try to get him good offers because in the entertainment industry, talent is not sufficient. Most of actors get cast through connections !! You see idols or rookie actors getting better dramas and movies because they have behind them a powerful agency who used its connections to get them that role. In Seo In Guk 's case, BS company did a really well job and got him that remake of a legendary japanese drama. So I still hold some hope for YSH and wish the same for him, a solid project. @daddyoo You've said it well, everything went downhil from ruler. And Ruler was supposed to be a hit drama. Alas everyone got disappointed because of how bad it was. Yeah he was the talk of the town during his army service and we expected him to succeed to Kim Soo Hyun who was super popular at that time. The public were eager to see him finishing his military service and choosing projects, when he was in the army he got many offers ( even dramas offers !) but he chose to make his comeback with a movie instead. He worked a lot during the year he came back : 2 movies and 2 dramas. So the offers were pouring. I rather not he does something like love in the moonlight, it's a rom com . If you mean in terms of aura and the strength of the drama, yes. Solid plot, good writers, good director and talented cast.
  12. Yeah, I wonder if BS Comp will ever organize a fanmeeting tour. It takes a lot of time to organize it . you also need ressources for this. That's why I'm upset, he followed his friend. Not the smartest choice. He knows his career is now going downhill but he prefers to make choices based on emotions rather than thinking logically. It's going to be such a waste of talent if he doesn't reach his full potential in his career. Someone like him can be a top actor, getting all the recognition and winning many awards... He must go to cable dramas, no choice : either JTBC or TVN. They are the reigning channels right now, all the awards go to TVN, JTBC and OCN now.
  13. Well the fans reactions were pretty bad . When the cast got confirmed, they all skeptical and thought the drama wouldn't be good. http://koalasplayground.com/2018/11/14/its-all-about-yoo-seung-hos-puppy-dog-smile-in-first-teasers-for-sbs-drama-my-strange-hero/ http://koalasplayground.com/2018/10/21/yoo-seung-ho-and-jo-boa-lead-script-leading-for-sbs-drama-bok-soo-is-back/ http://koalasplayground.com/2018/09/27/yoo-seung-ho-and-jo-boa-confirmed-for-sbs-wed-thurs-drama-revenge-is-back/ http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/11/tragedy-and-accusations-begin-in-my-strange-hero/ http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/kwak-dong-yeon-joins-yoo-seung-ho-and-jo-boa-in-my-strange-hero/ I never said D.O, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik were on par with Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo and Co. What I said is those actors ( D.O, Park Seo Joon, and Park Hyung Sik) had dramas with good reception and ratings despite the fact that their dramas weren't written by big writers. Their dramas got buzz and success even if they were written by lesser known writers. So YSH still stands a chance to make it through, he needs to pick a solid drama being written by a talented writer. If he gets a lot of success with his next projects, he is going to be courted by the famous writers who will throw at him scripts and ask him to accept their scripts. So what should he do then ? Stop doing movies because he got two flops movies ? He should try again and give it a try but with smartness. He should make smart moves, the issues with his flop movies was that he was the only " big actor" with star power, so everyone depended on him and expected him to make the movies a box-office hit. He should be part of a ensemble cast with other actors so that the burden of success will be shared between them. He should not be the only actor star of his movies. This way it will be easier for him. I don't mind him playing the villain or a second lead character in movies. Why do you think that after his flop movies , he doesn't get any movies offers ? Do you have any proof of that or are simply making assumptions ? In 2017 in an interview he confessed that he is scared of doing movies since his flops, he will think harder and twice if he accepts any movie in the future.
  14. Yeah they have big writers behind their backs but they are not the only actors who have successful projects. For example Park Hyung Sik got popular with Strong Woman Do Bong Soo, D.O with 100 days my prince, Park Seo Joon with She was pretty, what 's wrong with secretary Kim, Yeo Jin Goo with the crowned clown. Once an actor gets some buzz with a drama, the big writers will get interested in casting them for their next projects. It works like that. I know this ! If dramas are so risky, he can choose movies instead. Problem solved ! They get the entire script for movies. You are probably the one who felt confident and thought initially that MSH is a good drama. I smelled from miles away the incoming flop, I even expressed my worries about it in the drama thread. Moreover most of the fans said it was a recipe for disaster, the reaction was not good. You just need to look at the writers and directors behind dramas to have an idea of how the drama is gonna be. In MSH's case, the director and the writer were rookies and the mix between revenge and rom-com was very weird. Rom coms are light dramas whereas dramas based on revenge are heavy dramas... No he confessed the reason for being on hiatus after Remember was because he went through a slump. His movies didn't do well and he wasn't satisfied with his acting in Remember. So he got depressed and stayed hidden in his cave. Checked naver and korean articles, it is not casting news but a virtual cast. The koreans lined up actors who they wish to be part of the cast and play the male lead. YSH is one of them . Yeah IANAR's concept was great but the writing sucked. The writer turned the hero into a fool, an idiot who couldn't distinguish a robot from a human with all the evidence in front. The deception got sooo draggy that it became ridiculous. It tooks him 12 episodes to finally realize it. At first it was believable that he didn't know she was human but as episodes piled up, it became too much !! He spent so much time with her and he still didn't discover she was lying to him. I do agree with your last point, if it was aired on another channel, let's say TVn or JTBC, it would had higher ratings.
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