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  1. Japan is so ahead of everyone Somewhere in EU but not in an english-speaking country -2
  2. It was only smoothie. I had a good time but by the end my brain had a hard time to switch to english. I needed a break from speaking in english. -2
  3. Awww I was out, I just came back home. I met a friend -2
  4. Hii I will think about it. I am not fond of shipping couples, that's not really my thing. If I remember a couple that I liked or whished to date, I will post ! That's what I'm thinking to do. I find the drama is forcing too much on romance,like it tries hard to sell the romance and convince us that the couple is meant to be. 720
  5. LOL I have the same issues with ROY this is me watching the main couple The side characters are more interesting 722
  6. Hey @Sleepy Owl How is your owl today ? @larus I knew someone would say Cansu Dere, the female actress, is too young for the role. . She is a baby-faced. Almost 40. I think the actress likes to play strong female characters with sassiness. Her facial expressions and gestures remind me of her character in Ezel -2
  7. @Lmangla Turkish directors will create a remake of doctor foster, Sadakatsiz, airing next month. I havent watched the world of the married but based on the promotional material, the turkish FL is more sassy. Kim Hee Hae was calmy eating when she dropped the bomb 748
  8. @partyon when I see a(b)s I make no difference I missed the soccer/football discussion . I prefer to follow NT teams than clubs. The only club that I like is Inter Milan, I sometimes watch Real Madrid matches. My fave NTs : From 2010-2014 used to be Germany. I stopped watching football 2014-2018. Now my faves are Belgium & The Netherlands. Due to corona the euro was postponed, I waited 2 years for it 730
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