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  1. Hello Im so glad there's a thread for Zhan Zhan I recently watched untamed fell in love with Zhan Zhan. He is truly real life wei wuxian Im so glad he is back after all the mess! king for a reason Hwaiting Zhan Zhan thanks for inspiring me and many others Will support u always
  2. I came across alot of wook Won shippers on IG so was checking presscon & BTS. Tbh I really liked them on & off-screen but it's nothing compared to JiJi ( My rational cell was as rational as possible lol) The way wookie was with Ji Hyun hits totally different. Not gonna ditch my JiJi couple until proven otherwise Hwaiting
  3. Cloy is my first jdrama and RiRi /BinJin were my 1st k drama couple whome I shipped This makes me so happy They just proved despite any odds believe in your instinct Happy new year guys
  4. I really hope he wasn't talking about NJH in the interview.since his status is officially single it's natural for him to talk about his previous dating experience Obviously he can't talk ABT the current one lol It's lot more difficult to maintain a relationship so let's hope they're able to do it
  5. Im 3yrs late to this ship nevertheless Few of my mineun FD mutuals suggested me Sp since I like wookie And Im still yet to complete Sp but I have to say this I could sense the same kind of admiration and love from wookie towards Ji Hyun jst like I felt with my OTP couple. I really wish they're dating secretly and happy
  6. Am about to complete KMHM , I'm so in love with his acting skillshe is so beautiful as yoona and so manly as segi I have never admired any actor by watching a drama but JS is so versatile and his personality is so good! In short je is daebakk Why is he so underrated
  7. Recently watched goblin & Touch your heart I totally loved them and curious to know why are they called as Pichi and ointment couple Can someone pls enlighten me?
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