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  1. BTS I don't understand what they r saying, but throughout the video, she is making that sound Cr: as tagged
  2. Liu Tao and Ma Tianyu Test Their Chemistry in Dear Marriage After being shelved for four years, romance drama Dear Marriage 亲爱的婚姻 finally aired tonight on Mango TV. It is also scheduled for a primetime broadcast starting May 24 on Anhui TV. With an age difference of 8 years in real life, Liu Tao (Ode to Joy) and Ma Tianyu (Secret of the Three Kingdoms) portray the older woman and younger man in the drama. Their characters Wang Keke and Li Xiaojun bicker over a house deed that leads to their marriage falling apart. Wang Keke becomes Li Xiaojun's boss which becomes another test to their relationship. Back when they were still filming the drama, Liu Tao revealed that she was very happy to be able to work with Ma Tianyu. They both share the same birthday on July 12, prompting the staff to call them the 712 team. They also share similar personality traits of the Cancer zodiac. Liu Tao said that she really treated Ma Tianyu as her 'other half' while Ma Tianyu referred to her as his 'wife'. Apparently, Liu Tao felt pressure from having to act alongside Ma Tianyu. It was kind of funny when Ma Tianyu turned to Liu Tao with a doubtful look on his face since she's a top actress in her own right. Liu Tao replied that what she said is true since Ma Tianyu would look at her with those innocent eyes during their scenes. He's influenced her to be cute as well. Liu Tao and Ma Tianyu look great chemistry together and seeing this pairing puts a smile on my face. Hopefully, you guys also feel the same. cr:http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/05/liu-tao-and-ma-tianyu-test-their.html
  3. Details: Title: Dear Marriage / Scouring Marriage Chinese Title: 亲爱的婚姻 / Qin Ah De Hun Yin / Previously 淘婚记 / Tao Hun Ji Broadcast Website: Mango TV Broadcast Date: May 21, 2019 Air Time: 6 eps released for members on premiere 20:00, released daily for non-members 20:00 (two episodes) starting May 24 (See Viewing Calendar) Genre: Family, Romance, Workplace Language: Mandarin Episodes: 40 Director: Lin Helong Screenwriter: Hu Yan Production Company: Wonderful Media, Zhejiang Shunxin Yingshi, Haining Juzhi, Beijing Shiji Tianyuan Production Date: 2015 Executive Producer: Wang Xi Producer: Li Xiaoyi Origin: China cr: chinesedrama.info Synopsis and Plot Summary Because of disagreements over the house, Wang Keke had a big fight with her younger husband-to-be on their wedding day. Consequently, she finds it difficult to maintain a happy marriage and feels that she is losing control over her own life. Hoping to find herself again, she decides to return to the workforce. Wang Keke (Liu Tao) and Li Xiaojun (Ma Tianyu) already bought a house prior to getting married, but for whatever reason, Li Xiaojun only put his own name on the house deed without Wang Keke's knowledge. She got so mad when she found out that she ran out of her own wedding. When things calmed, they eventually work things out. Xiaojun's mom urges Wang Keke to have kids soon. She tries to find her way out by looking for a high-paying job where she can prove her abilities. Wang Keke finds a job with Li Xiaojun's boss and they become colleagues. Furthermore, she excels at work and becomes Xiaojun's boss. Work problems invade their marriage and puts their marriage to the test. Cast Tamia Liu Tao as Wang Keke Ray Ma Tianyu as Li Xiaojun David Wang Yaoqing as Cheng Dacheng Kelsey Lv Jia Rong as Guo Guo Caesar Li Mao as Zhang Jianjian Zheng Luoqian as Sun Qian Supporting Cast Ma Ling as Li Mu Ma Heyao as Shen Lanzhuo Chen Mei Hang as Jiang Meihua Cui Zhigang as Wang Fu Fu Ronger as Pu Tao Yu Jieqi as Zhang Shizai Feng Ruirui as Yi Yi Zhang Chengyang as Li Yaohan Shang Guantuan as Li Meifeng Fu Yi as Lin Dajie Ge Ziming as Ma Jingli Guan Zijing as Yuan Dabao Fun Facts Filming lasted two months beginning on March 9, 2015 and ending on May 14, 2015. Filming took place in Sanya, Hainan. Four years since the drama was filmed, it finally aired in 2019. Liu Tao and Ma Tianyu were called the 712 team because they share the same birthday on July 12. Liu Tao is older than Ma Tianyu by eight years. Preview RULES of SOOMPIDon't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, etc. should be reported to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here. Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their ID/IDs reported to the mods. Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs (those without permission from the original subbers and doesn't have copyrights like Viki, Dramafever or Crunchyroll) will have their ID reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!For any Issues and Abuse Please report to moderators @angelangie l LavelyShai
  4. Omg!!! Hahaha, like minds think alike. I also liked his orange shirt with the tie and was like "awwww, all colors light or bright, in everything you look fine" until I opened the spoilers and I was like "what????" shorts????? His shoes also look great. Anyway, he is looking cute in that attire too. That's ok only for modelling. Let's hope he doesn't go out absent mindedly like that to somewhere important.
  5. @epinklyn I also saw the above poster in weibo. What is it about? Coz with the same #520 I saw some other preview also with different actor and actress.
  6. Yes, another DL's drama. Was looking forward to this one, finally..... Whenever I see ZYL, sometimes he remind me of KJW. Being so long in this industry he does not hesitate to take the second lead character. I may have a second lead syndrome even though I like DL. Have not watched the episodes yet. But after reading @jewelsc post, if there are too many side stories, I may get bored too. Anyhow I LL give a try for both the ML's.
  7. Omg!!! Look at the way he looks at her, love them so much. Really so happy to see them together. This brand's strategy is the best to put them together kekeke, look how the fan girls tease him... Cr: as tagged
  8. Omg, omg!!!! What a treat to our eyes and excellent news!!!!SS and 2nd bro Song Yiren and Dylan Kuo Reunite for A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality The cast and crew of the drama A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality 凡人修仙传 came together to officially kick off the start of the project with a boot ceremony held last Monday. From the looks of things, it feels like we're on the set of Ever Night shooting yet another season. Amongst the faces you'll find familiar are everyone's "little sister" - the adorable Song Yiren and the affable Dylan Kuo. Kris Sun Zujun and Hu Yuxuan are also reportedly in the cast. All for one and one for all: the cast is all smiles as they pray for good luck and a fortuitous outcome. Based on a novel by Wang Yu 忘语, A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality follows the story of Han Li, a poor boy from the village who joins a sect and becomes an Unofficial Disciple. The drama is a retelling of the struggles he faced whilst walking the path of cultivation towards immortality. The new series appears to be a computer animated motion capture fantasy drama - take a look at the dots adorning Dylan Kuo and Song Yiren's face as well as the blue sensors/markers/ and what nots the actors are wearing against the CG generated picture projected on the screen. Song Yi Ren looking cute and petite beside Dylan Kuo and her other costars. One last thing, I can't help but notice too (Song Yiren is practically pointing to it *lol*) that the backdrop of the photographs say Season 1. Does that mean viewers can expect subsequent sequels and that they've already committed the same actors to shoot the following season/s? It'll be a bummer not to mention a major mood killer if the same actors won't be back for the second or third seasons. Viewers will have invested a lot of time and emotions getting to know these actors in their roles that it'll be a total let down if they don't come back. cr:http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/05/song-yiren-and-dylan-kuo-reunite-for.html?m=1
  9. I have seen all the 24 episodes raw and enjoyed it. Now i am watching it with subs. Somebody who know chinese, can you help me. In episode 12, did the goddess write in QY's alumni book or not? Is this the one she wrote or is it YM's entry in her alumni book? More BTS YT link Awww, she is so tired to sleep in standing. Cr: as tagged
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