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  1. Whatever happened to priesthood??? . Thank god he realised it's not for him and his mom must be very very happy that his son is on track. Go! Go! Fighting!!!! Dr. Ahn!!! Let's get into action!!!!
  2. I too wanna join the party. Actually I did not take part in the S1 discussions which I am now regretting. What a superb show which I finished later last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I did not have to wait for any episodes compared to watching it live. But this time I am gonna go crazy as I've decided to watch it live when it is airing. Really excited and hope it is much more interesting than s1. Fighting!!!!!
  3. Cherry Blossom OTP BTS. Awww, yuri is so diligent in memorizing her lines so that she did not make mistakes before her sunbae. Cr: as tagged Anybody interested in different reviews on this super show and our beloved OTP, visit breathlesssurvival. wordpress. com She has some excellent write-ups both on the drama and on OTP too.
  4. COSMOPOLITAN interview of our OTP. OMG!!!! They are so sweet. Love'em so much. Cr: as tagged
  5. Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi in character for Love Never Fails Posted on 06/11/2021 by XDramasX Love and Redemption costars Yuan Bingyan and Liu Xueyi will be leading Love Never Fails 落花时节又逢君, an upcoming xianxia drama based on Shuke’s novel of the same name. They will be play deities with differing beliefs – Yuan Bingyan’s character treasures the ability to feel human emotions, while the Liu Xueyi is initially set on turning her into an unfeeling and powerful god. Hongning (Yuan Bingyan) is a red camellia flower trying to cultivate to become an immortal so she can one day mar
  6. i think he has those head aches becoz of the stress caused by the ministers who support the left councillor. Isnt it unlawful to make a criminal walk free after he shot a candidate in front of the king during an exam??? It was so obvious there is a murder attempt but they just gave some bull**** reason to let him free. But there seems to be attempt in ep.14 to make the king handicap by giving him some poison and bed ridden from the preview. Already we can see the prince on the throne too. Have to wait and see from tonite episode.
  7. You are right. SK is such a person who was living like a living-dead at her in-laws house and also who abide by the rules and regulations in that era. She also did not look back at DY even after her husband's death. So she has very carefully taken a decision to give her heart to BW even though he was a rogue and after knowing his history how she realised that BW has completely given up revenge for her in order to protect her. She has completely fallen for him. So she is not an irrationale person to have skinship with any man and now she is physically hugging him in ep.14 asking him to co
  8. Ep. 14 pre-release. Awww, sad. BW's sister situation is same as that of SK. Cr: as tagged Bts. Cr: dc gall
  9. Awww, “Bossam: Steal The Fate” Sets New Record For Highest Drama Ratings In MBN History Jun 13, 2021 by E. Cha “Bossam: Steal the Fate” has officially made MBN history! On June 12, the historical drama starring Jung Il Woo and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri soared to new hei
  10. Yeah right. I think we are not going to get any intimate scenes between the OTP as of now. But we are going to super miss if they are not going to give us one as JIW is a super good kisser and we are going to just get a peck on the cheek to appease the viewers in the end.
  11. Omo, omo preview for ep. 14 tomorrow. This left councillor guy is terminating everyone who support KDS. Some videos from tonite. Cr: as tagged
  12. Awww, thank you for the clip. Everybody is looking mad at the chancellor. Waah, he is a competing till he collapses. He will survive as he got hit on the left side of the chest. Oh ok. I thought he temporarily created one a/c to post the bossom bts filming clips.
  13. I suppose this is Il Woo's temporary YT channel for bossam. He is super cute. With eng subs Cr: as tagged Waiting for pre released clip for tomorrow's episode and actually I am excited for this week's episodes. Really hope they show us some adult love between the OTP. And I actually wonder what reason they told DY for not marrying him the princess. All the elders know that both of them are in love and close and also allowed it from a very young age. I actually feel sorry for him. His identity also has to be revealed which everyone is cu
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