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  1. I am yet to watch the released episodes. Anybody watched already??? And this is getting subbed quickly too. It's getting excellent reviews from MDL so far. Hope it maintains its goodness till the end. And everybody wants to give Fu Pei a second chance, lol!!!!
  2. Another new trailer released today. This is also childhood trope. Smh!Smh! please. Anyhow i am not giving up and watching this for the leads cr:as tagged.
  3. This is my first post here. I luv this show and I like all the 4 leads. They are so cute both on and off the screen. I have so many gifs and jpgs on my system to post here and a write up on how I feel about this show. I am not able to post it due to RL interruption. I have been following this thread for all the updates, posts and previews quite sometime. I really look forward to this week's episodes. Here I have new pics of our second leads for tonite episode. Awww, their relationship going to the next level. Lurve them so much Cr: dc gal
  4. Awww, thanks for the updates @raziela. While i stopped watching at ep.9, i am still following this thread for all the updates and the previews. I may watch at the end all at once when the episodes finish airing. The cast are so cute. Some pics of them. Actually both Se jonggie and Byeon gyu are same age in real life. Cannot believe coz he looks like a high schooler cr: dc gall
  5. Omg!!!! Si Tu Mo and Fu Pei from PYHOMS are a couple in this show and he gets a second chance. From the recent trailer released below, they are hot and the chemistry is amazing!!!!! New trailer Cr:as tagged This mv was posted in weibo page and is very nice to hear http://m.v.qq.com/play.html?vid=g0035uec3ky&ptag=887 Omg!!! The second leads also look adorable and sweet.
  6. Really looking forward to PXR's project so much next to GMP. She went into a long hiatus after GMP. looking forward to this one and also another one with FXF. There are so many projects she has signed in. Jaiyou!!!! A small trailer and bts https://twitter.com/dramapotatoe/status/1328878371128766464
  7. Thanks for tagging me. 1. Love and redemption 2.____________ I dont know which one to answer coz this year was a year of C-drama dominating in everything(pun intended) and I only saw selected K-dramas which had a big rating and HEA endings. 3.Choi JIn Hyuk. For me this guy is the best.
  8. I love li yi tong from the bloody romance days and jin han with ZLY in our glamorous time. But I have started to like him more from the recent drama Twisted Fate of Love. He is looking great with LYT. So looking forward to this show with anticipation. Hope their chemistry is also great. I like this poster very much. It's is so natural and beautiful. Cr:as tagged
  9. Indeed i am afraid to watch last nite episode, but omo!!! looking at the preview for next week, i am more reluctant to continue this series. Its becoming more violent and i am afraid we are going to lose our beloved counters. Apart from the evil villains now the evil spirits are occupying the universe and disturbing the world. I know its good overcomes the evil in the end, but still. It seems the ratings for ep.10 is 9.1% and the highest was 10.1%. hope it rises in the coming weeks too. So, all the evil joined hands. Avengers, lol!!!!! Omo, he is b
  10. Yeah, i agree with all your points above. But there is a history between her and SB during the childhood days. And they keep on repeating the scene when SB tried to fall into the lake. They show her hands go forward. we dont know whether she tried to pull back SB from falling into the lake or push her into the lake. She is guilty of something. Before the queen fell into the lake, she cursed her that she also will realize how it will be when you loose someone dear to your heart!!!! Also when the queen wanted to be friend with her, she was suspicious of her as there will 0% ch
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