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  1. Here is the eng translation for some of their recent interviews. They are so sweet and cute. Cr:as tagged
  2. Sorry to cut your post. I want to add one more point. He purposefully sent her to LCY knowing the consequences in spite of his love towards her. That to me is a big NO NO. How can you push somebody you love as a sacrifice for their family revenge? It's a big atrocity and that's why I did not feel sorry for GJ at all. But LCY was so straight forward in what he was doing in spite of him hurting our XF. From XF POV, she lost her prowess to live after she regained her memories. But I liked how she made him regret his actions by making him live after her death. That to me was her win on him even though it was a cowardly act of suicide. I like how you have penned your words on LCY and these are the same I have in my mind but I am not coherent while writing. So thanks to ur post and I love each and every word in it.
  3. The 1st episode is subbed. Omg!!! This drama is cute and the boy's are awesome!!!! Cr:as tagged
  4. Here's the YT video of him having a live chat on his birthday for nearly an hour. Cr:as tagged
  5. Before we could remember the names of these dramas, they start airing and end also. The leads are adorable Cr: uploader
  6. Awww, @raziela you are watching this gem. Enjoy!!! Have you finished? I felt the ML acting starts stiff but gets better as show moves on. I love Zhao Lusi. She is cute. Just let us know your thoughts finally. Thanks for the link. Maybe I will try to watch this once again.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. For now, I LL tell you 2 good ones, which is short and sugary sweet. In spoiler
  8. This YT user channel 's EN m/v's are looking great. Throwback memories Cr: as tagged
  9. Omg!!!! He is promoting a lot of products. I think he will in the no.1 position for the ads up, huh!!!! @Erafera1, I like his suit this time. It's not pure white. I think it's slight baby pinkish and the pants are light khaki color. His hair style is so casual and I like it very much.. did you see the origins video? After the vj announced his name, he stood up and bowed with folded palms before the audians. Awwww, sweet!!!!
  10. The weather is so extreme. Either it's too cold or too hot. Awww, fighting!!!!! Edit: Can somebody shed light as to who is Liu Bai? Thanks.
  11. So, we got to wait till Wednesday for the VIP episodes to get released. Seems a long wait. So, for the VIP viewers, it ends on May 1st itself and the normal viewers on May 16th. Am I right?
  12. TY for explaining in detail. I have this tendency to read the explanatory posts quite sometime to pick up what's told in that. What I did was I opened the "Love so beautiful" soompi forum and started reading from the beginning to see if there are any mention about this OTP. But, none. So, the excerpts you posted are from xio xi's POV. Yeah, I too saw all the 8 episodes raw, cannot contain my curiosity. Momo is oblivious of his feelings/or his moves coz she still cannot let go off FP as he is her long time crush and first love. From the previews for the upcoming episodes, I suppose GWY is going to confess to her and from there we have to see how their relationship moves on. You r right. There r sweet moments between the Otp and have to wait and see how the production team takes on their progress in love. Since the ALSB team did a good job, I hope it will be the same for this one too and show their married life also. My wishful thinking. BTW thanks for the recaps too.
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