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  1. I've read a lot of articles about this and its so confusing.. some said its Shk who said 'not worth responding' while some its HB or they both said?? I don't know whatever. As long as both of them are single the chances are high hahahaha
  2. Last year is understandable that she turned down projects because of the D-word but now... if not drama atleast movie please But I'm willing to wait
  3. From OSEN: In relation to this, a VAST entertainment official burst into laughter by saying, "The news from China about Hyun Bin and Hye Kyo Song is not true at all, neither pictures nor content at all." The official said, "I don't know how such a rumor came out, but it's never true." From Dong-A.com: Song Hye-kyo, an official at the agency of the agency, said, “It is not worth responding to.” "It's not been a day or two for Chinese media to just publish articles randomly," he said. "In the meantime, Chinese media have been unfolding imagination." ................. Whether it be BinKyo or whatever I will continue to support them till the end and ooohhh Song Hye Kyo reviewing projects soon??? Waahhhhh!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!
  4. I'm sorry for opening up last night. Let's move on I don't want this thread to get lockdown I have fun reading here . New morning, new beginnings
  5. Exactly! I just want to ship peacefully anyways kyo better come out of her cave Im stalking her account and still seeing no new photos. I just want to see you girl!
  6. I know hb has a special place on her heart. They looked so happy back on their days and those kind of memories doesnt fade. I'm just skeptical with 2016-2017 era speculations no matter how you look at it, it doesn't feels right. Dont come at me, I'm all for this reconciliations theory but on 2019-onwards evidences.
  7. I'm so sorry to post this but can't we stay on 2019-onwards speculations? It gives me cringe reading all this 2016- 2017 year speculations cause first, she's in a relationship with her ex-h that time to be EMOTIONALLY or physically unf*ithful is still called chea**ng. I know shk will never enter a relationship if she doesn't really LOVED the guy. She's happy that time (we may never know the reason about what happen but I support her decision if its for the best of her). Second, this would invalidate the hatred towards her ex-h since it looked like he's not the reason of d-word. I love shk so much and she deserves to be happy. Whoever she may end up with I will fully and whole-heartedly support her. I'm more buying this 2019-onwards year line its much more believable. Again sorry but not sorry
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