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  1. Even Eungyul understands more boundaries than Bomi. It's concerning seeing Eunjoo faltering back to Sunhyuk's side, I pity Disco oppa. At the same time, Hajoon doesn't balance well with Eunjoo's personality and Sunyhuk's just a mopey ex (carrying a lotta burden) she should get over. Kinda disappointing seeing the romance go this route. Wow lol. After that huge confrontational scolding, how is Serin's still delusional af. What kind of woman doesn't want to be seen as a woman by their lover + immediately forgives the man for degrading her? I assume she's now trying to use Master Har
  2. It tears me apart when people break things that are not broken. The gear was new and it must've cost a lot... and his wife snip-snapped it without hesitation. Let grandpa ballet, he's not hurting anyone.
  3. I feel like I got kicked with feels. The grandpa's story makes me whimper like I stubbed my toe. Episode 1 was def off to a good start. It's a nice, simple drama to watch while getting some work done and doesn't get my brows scrunched up from all the thinking that all the ongoing murder mysteries require. Not much concerns too since it's a faster 12 episode story. Pls don't kill the gramps or I'm going to head to the corner and cry a decade.
  4. I binged watched the series today and am so overwhelmed by all the little details in this drama. I'll probs be forgetting things here and there bc of that as I skimmed forward a tad too much. There are so many characters and all are so sus - making my brain hurt. As of now I find Dongshik and Jungje more suspicious than Joowon. I keep thinking that the reason for Dongshik's creepy laughters (other than a defense mechanism) is that he has some kind of personality disorder that's triggered in this little town. Like one minute he's the most compassionate neighbour and t
  5. Nice going hyojoo. Behaving erratically in public to an ex-gf who's already moved on. I'd say it's a done deal when the gf didn't even know she was a mistress and backed off when she found out. What would an ex who cut him off know about his private whereabouts? If she wants to blame someone, it should be Jaeshin. She should've talked it out with Jaeshin instead of ambiguously implying things like "yeah, you finally know you place and it's here". I hope they'll soon show why she persisted in dragging down Jaeshin with her (going as far as overdosing to get him). Was she tired of men
  6. I promised myself I won't watch another big-box kdrama (the ones with large budgets and a hot cast) until the drama is more than half-way done with a majority of good reviews. I've been let down a few times this year (Alice/Start-Up *dies inside at the mention*) so no more jumping headfirst. If all goes well, I might check out Vincenzo (I'm getting my Nice Guy nostalgic vibes from joongki) and maybe slightly Sisyphus (If i'm assured it's not a romance drama). Other than that, my months ahead will be very dry drama-wise.
  7. Yujung really tops my list for the most useless FL in the entire world of kdramas. Her character was a hindrance that served no true purpose. All this could've been done without her existence. Heck, even Taepoong did a lackluster job and procrastinated on his homework until the last 10 episodes. I still don't get how his savant syndrome case even applies to him - but ok. I'll let it off since this is a daily. Haha even a dog and cat would have more chemistry than YJ and TP + all the side romances*. Lol at today's criminals. Yura seemed more upset about her hair
  8. Just sitting here enjoying some casual fluff these past weeks. But why are them sideys so annoying? The leech-y father. The clingy ex-gf. The father. He got 300m won? and still wants more. That can buy like 300 suits bruh. Luckily his fiance is a snappy person and doesn't cave in easily just bc of 'family ties'. The ex should take some social hints - the man said several times he wasn't interested. If she's the one who cheated and the guy isn't reciprocating, you leave him alone. Why work so hard on something that's not bound to work out. These type of people
  9. Seojun is such a pitiful guy. He started off as an arsehole but who knew his life would spiral into disastrous incestrous story, his mom would practically become an underground serial killer, his two friends were always off in their own world secluding him. Honestly till the end, this tweedle-dee-tweedle-dum couple chose to keep everything from him "for his sake". *Despite him knowing like 70% of everything + he had to find out himself. Like bruh that stuff isn't CIA confidential - why can't y'all just spill it. He has to know his mother doesn't deserve an overseas redemption vacay, but a
  10. I was constantly flabbergasted by BM Lee/Jaeshin. It's astounding how cocky/delusional he is thinking that Songah only loves him and would return to him eventually. Dude thinks he's living in the historical dynasty where a man can have polyamorous relationships. He can't leave his fiancé in the first place and he won't leave his side chick. Jaeshin didn't even look shaken up when Songah admitted to knowing about his upcoming wedding. I thought he was a level headed guy seeing as he was smart with his career, but turns out he's trash who can't take no for an answer an
  11. Yah they disappointed me with those 'what ifs'. I knew it was going to be all a dream but I still wanted it to happen for once. Imagination numero 2 was my favourite: snidely tell the director and let hell go loose itself. Hyunseung needs to back off her tail and be patient with her. If he's been through this, I would've expected that he should know better. Different people have different times for healing. Even if he overcame it fast, I don't think Songah's had even a full week before hyunseung pestered "you gonna date me for revenge?" consistently behind her ears. The way he bro
  12. Seojun was really cool today (especially the first 5 minutes). He got straight to the point, didn't take anyone's bullshirt and demanded she stamp her seal. Too bad yura backfired on him with his mother's secret crimes. This dude's the true man in the veil today. He's a hidden trump card. I didn't like his character but damn he's my favourite now. I still can't believe no one including his so-called bffs yujung and taepoong told him a single thing, and he had to sherlock holmes all that by himself. I truly hopes he gets his happiness and cuts off his mother.
  13. Hyunseung should've give Songah an option to whether or not she wants to see the truth. I think a verbal confession would've been better. He could've casually pulled her aside for a private conversation, admit he's aware it's none of his business but because he cares; he saw the BM with a lady wedding dress shopping at his noona's boutique. I'm pretty sure FL would've gotten the hint. But instead, he kinda just threw everything at her along with a confession so FL is definitely flabbergasted and defensive. And at that time, he sounded more like "i'm going to expose you two if you don
  14. Yeer... that lipstick scene wasn't good as some people said. The director might've said "now that's a cliffhanger!" though the audience would say otherwise. I'm glad hyunseung told her the truth fast but he had a rough way of saying things on the way to the bridal fitting (could be the subs fault) + he shouldn't have skirted around the topic. I think his words is to blame for what pissed her even more/ ignited her anger. I also thought it would've been better if he stayed quiet as her head's already blowing up from all this. Let her have some time to recollect her thoughts. Sometimes the
  15. ML Hyunseung seems like a decent puppy love dude for now minus the gimmicks after finding out about the Boss' fiancé. (crosses fingers he doesn't change too much). Songah seems the the type that doesn't want anyone to interfere with her personal business for now, and they've got a regular sunbae-hoobae coworker relationship> friendship, so I understand why Hyunseung didn't straight up tell her yet. If you add factors that they've been dating for 2 years, it's a serious relationship at this point (plus, Songah probs wants to marry eventually) so I'd want to know asap and wouldn't want to was
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