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  1. Haha... if we considered irl and timing. It's ridiculous how fast they built the prototype shoe. It's also impossible for Hyebin to get any solid cred as you'd have to come up with multiple drafts to present for approval. Like any coworker would find it sus if you came out with a fully designed shoe outta nowhere. And for these creative jobs, usually the company retains all sorts of ownership and authorship of the artist's work. So while by word of mouth, I'd assume even 'X' is credited as the creator, legally it'd be owned by their company. I don't think any of the ex-employ
  2. Hyunseok is an unbearable partner/person. I can only imagine how std ridden he could possibly be (if he isn't safe). One night with his also unbearable fiance-wannabe and the next night with his foreign friend.... Urgh. I know he's crying for help but if you want help, being a playboy is not the way. Hyebin as annoyingly snooty as she was nurtured to be... is pretty realistic how she turned out. It's better than her character being that fake angelic daughter that bridges the parents. I don't get why she's into Hyunseok but ok...? I'm really looking forward to her taking her f
  3. If kdramas taught me anything - I should find any struggling old granny on the streets and offer her my help. Then I would be totally rich already and married to her grandson. I'm disappointed in the lost son side-story (though I can see why they did it to fill some time). I'd just hate to waste any emotions on that old wife-beater. I'm still not understanding why he turned out that way but ok, writer.
  4. Flabbergasted at how little control Min Heekyung has. Like... you're really gonna let that wuss puss 'ol man to tell you not to see your dying child? You've already neglected them for 30 what years - the least you could do is grant his last wish. And he says no? How'd he like it if she their your deathbed daughter and chose a business venture instead? Those children were her responsibility and she left them unattended even after their father died. Rest in peace little one. (Anyone found it hilarious how visibly old the 1990 parents versions seemed? They were like late
  5. Just because her husband was abandoned by his own father - he abuses his wife...? I don't get them showing his pity story, minus the 'i'm afraid of people leaving me'. But why the abuse? Did his father hit him too...? I find it sus how none of the kids noticed their father's abuse and obvious alcoholism. They're treating him like some angel. I'm pretty sure he's pretty vocal to disrupt any sleep. I get wanting justice served for him - but to place all the blame on the mom for a hundred episode revenge is just... I mean, I do understand it's not right to murder a
  6. It speaks a lot when your fam chooses a pic y'all took from a forced editorial column family photoshoot for your burial placement... Hara never had a happy family to begin with. They never did any family activities together 'cause she was stuck in her own world deluded about her actress title. I don't get how she got nominated for best actress because she deserves no pity - a daughter (coming from corrupt/murderous backgrounds) chose her life over responsibility. And like a Cady once said "half of you are mad at me and the other half only liked me because they think I pushed someone over a bus
  7. It was nice to see the development of Hajoon from pretend-wannabe-party-boy to a decently competent CEO. Career-wise is impressive. Such a shame that his character was wasted on multiple attempts to tie down a woman who had no time for his shirt (you know she don't want that ring twice doh), and being a daddy's boy that attempts to justify family crime. Like boy. The last straw was really -your dad knowing your mom's murderer this whole time and turning a blind eye? He killed and corrupted his way into his position bruh. Just take your grandma with you and leave that man-made hell hole.
  8. I'm just dropping by this thread and it's like shirts hit the ceiling... Kinda glad that I didn't continue this one.
  9. I'm personally losing patience at their 'will they or won't they not' story. Idk about watching 8 more episodes of them, maybe a movie would've been better. I don't foresee any development on his side of the story since a player will always play. Anyways, I found her art school friends more interesting than Nabi and noticed that I tended to skip less on their gatherings. Kinda surprised no one called out the leechy glasses guy at the night drinking since he was making everything so uncomfortable - I would've gave him a lecture on how intrusive he was + how you don't trea
  10. So I guess in the end, it was a group murder project after all. A lot of push-and-pulls and mixture of *happy* accidents with majority of the staff doing the work for the rich. Surprised it wasn't Seohyun and instead it was the head maid who acted in defense. Lol, I didn't even know 16 was the last as my attention span has already passed. But I'm content with everyone's conclusion story. Jiyong's gone and not bothering anyone. Hajoon happily being co-parented by Hisoo and Hyejin. Seohyun's slipping out. Though I'm like um what was the time frame Soohyuk/Yooyeon's marriage/engagement 'c
  11. Poor Dukgoo. Psychiatrist sir doesn't deserve to sacrifice himself for a petty crime like that. He didn't even give professional medical advice nor give Taesik legit prescription meds. All he gave were some sketchy? vitamins and fake stock market tips. That's nothing compared to what his fam has been up to. Eunjoo had one job - expose her con life - And her choice was 'Serin refusing her father's corpse'? All that shows is that she's either A) Bad daughter or B)Living in denial. The only pro out of that was: Serin livin' the caged white room life.
  12. lol why would Hara want to continue filming a documentary of her own crime... very smarts. She for reals gonna think she's gonna get away with all this and never see her mug shot on every tabloid? Ha. Lady, the only reason it'll hit big is the curiosity of the general public + true crime watchers. Though I have no idea how the title 'Female Detective X' has any correlation to a detective or whether it's just a faux placement title.
  13. Never have I seen so many everyones in art school greet each other with so many 'hi ___' like they're bffs. Kinda makes me jelly of Nabi since it's a tight knit world over here but maybe that's just SK college culture + their social gatherings. Interesting to see her contrasting behaviours of when she's at school 'heying' everyone and when she's with her ex. I guess that's what toxic relationships do to some, although she still seems to be at the shy-er end. Ex was humiliating. Not only did he not get permissions to use her face + name for the piece, he gaslights her. I'd ass
  14. It doesn't make sense for the butler to murder jiyong. The costs outweigh the benefits and doesn't the blue diamond still belong to the father - so technically his oldest son stole it/ has no control over the selling? Even if he killed jiyong, there's no way he can escape outwitting the police investigation nor hide from them with his milady- unless he gets rich peoples (lawyer) protection. They would eventually tie down the crime to curly haired butler through that risky blackmarket sale. He'd have to live his whole life hiding through multiple fake bank accounts which idek if this drama thin
  15. Ok so Mr.Wang is hinting to be the real knight in shining armour? Now for reals - explain to me how tf did a perfectly healthy intact person end up in a coma 10s later???? Don't tell me that that tiny scar she got from yesterday's episode developed into a serious brain infection? 'Cause hun, the weather looks fine with a teensy tint of chills.
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