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  1. I guess the King doesn't care about the Queen's personality just her looks. That's the only explanation that makes sense considering how different SB and SY are. And him falling for SY on first sight in the prequel makes him look really disloyal considering he is supposed to have feelings for the concubine at that point. Moreover, SY got her happy ending without doing anything for it. She gave up, jumped into the lake and woke up months later when everything is solved and the king adores her... While SB did everything but ends up alone. I guess not going to prison but
  2. OMG. She felt sick and the royal BABY is a go!!!! Confirmed by the doctor. Now everyone is so happy just not the royal couple. LOL
  3. The king figured out who was really with him in that well on his own Pang 팽(@pangme2day) Tweeted: Next EP.16 #MrQueen #MrQueenEp15 https://t.co/Dmf3c5fKKq
  4. Someone on twitter pointed out that the interview with the chef from episode 1 sounds like it takes place after he woke up since he called himself the FIRST chef in the Blue House not just the youngest. https://twitter.com/aisling_cherry/status/1354001552315469824 This is making me worried... cause I really want a happy end for our royal couple.
  5. Ugh, those Kim bastards. Not only did they nearly poison the queen they killed the little girl (she was forced to drink poison). They are real monsters. But at least the king and queen are finally on the same page and even using modern finger gestures ... the king really has a great memory.
  6. I found a partial translation for the preview: 0:08 - 0:15 Queen: "I told you that you aren't allowed to hug, smile, and lie beside me." King when he hugs her: "I don't allow you to prohibit me doing those things." Oh and the monk predicts that someone will soon die in the palace...
  7. The king realised that it was the queen who helped him with the banquet by comparing her handwriting. And our royal couple did it. Seems like we might get a No touch baby....
  8. He lost his hearing? But this could actually turn out good in the long run. It is very likely that the hearing loss is caused by ruptured eardrums which takes several weeks to heal on its own (if you are lucky). So while it is a disadvantage now, it might enable him to hear something he might not have otherwise. People (like the Kims or the concubine) do tend to say incriminating things when they think you cannot hear them. Like the old joke says grandpa changes his will a lot since he got a hearing aid without telling his family.
  9. Isn't that Son Ho-jun in the preview for next week? Will we get more counters ... that would be fun. As long as we don't lose any of our team.
  10. “The Uncanny Counter” Announces Unexpected Departure Of Writer Midway Through Show TV/FILM Jan 17, 2021 by E. Cha The writer of OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter” has officially left the drama. On January 17, a representative of the hit OCN drama announced, “Due to differing opinions about the later episodes, writer Yeo Ji Na has stepped down from the show as a result of mutual agreement.” The representative went on to state, “Write
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