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  1. Just saw the first 2 episodes and I am it so far. Especially the chemistry/banter between the leads. The way angels are represented in this drama reminds me very much of the movie "City of Angels (1998)", but I really hope this drama has a happy ending instead of how the movie ended.
  2. How cute. DM kisses Ryan's cheek and leaves a lipstick mark. And he offers the other one for another kiss to be symmetrical. They are so adorable.
  3. LOL at the DM's dad thinking he's in a horror movie when Sindy is stalking him. And I love that Ryan took DM home after work ... to get a re-match of that card game.
  4. My True Friend will air earlier than expected! Premiere is in 2 days only, May 19! It will air instead of Over the Sea I Come to You (new air date TBA). #MyTrueFriend #DengLun #Angelababy #ZhuYiLong #OverTheSeaIComeToYou https://twitter.com/CdramaBase/status/1129394153220169728 Download video
  5. Lovely episode. Bummer about not getting a preview though. Next Wednesday, come quickly.
  6. I just watched the raws and it's a happy end . They beat the bad guys and he can now see his healthy daughter in public (no secret meetings) with her calling him dad. He keeps being paparazzi. Plus him and SH act like a bickering old married couple so it seems they will end up together one day...
  7. Dramamilk is recapping the episode https://www.dramamilk.com/her-private-life-episode-6-live-recap/
  8. Looks like K-actor Ji Chang Wook is not climbing aboard a spaceship headed for the star but will instead climb into a cryogenic pod to get frozen. The mere days from military discharge actor has confirmed his first army project as the K-drama Melt Me over the other offer to headline City of Stars. The drama is penned by the screenwriter Baek Mi Kyung of The Miracle We Met, Women of Dignity, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and it’s the latter drama that I think sounds like what Melt Me is going for, a bit of fantasy in a humorous romance tale with some intrigue. Ji Chang Wook will played a variety show PD with exacting standards and impeccable looks who was supposed to be flash frozen for 24 hours in a stunt and end up defrosted 20 years later. He’ll wake up alongside the female lead who has also experienced the same thing, and together they find love while needing to keep their core temperature at 27.5 degrees Celsius. Sounds cool to me! http://koalasplayground.com/2019/04/24/ji-chang-wook-confirms-strong-woman-do-bong-soon-writers-upcoming-romance-drama-melt-me/
  9. I interpreted it as SM's father seeing himself as the little prince and the mother as his rose as she is the only person he has feelings for. So he is now punishing SM (who he blames for taking away and hiding his "rose") by destroying/killing all people SM cares for aka SM's three flowers (like he told JI when he tried to drown her).
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