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  1. lol i don't even know if I posted this before since this thread is very old. I think it was Se7en. or maybe it was Rain? or Jae Joong (but yeah after what happenend on April 1st, he's now cancelled).
  2. One of my favourites when I got into kdrama, was "My Name is Kim Sam Soon". I don't think the second lead is terrible, and I could understand why she behaved the way she did. I watched this way back when it aired so it might seem a bit dated now. There are other dramas like "WWW" which doesn't really seem to follow a love square. There is no second female. It's all about female empowerment. They're just vicious to each other for the sake of their career. lol.
  3. Maybe they don't have central heating? The set could be cold, even when it's like +10C outside. I know some asian countries don't have central heating.
  4. LOL I was so off base. So it was much simpler than I thought. Jae Sun, the orphan, doesn't like Sol A because he thinks she abandoned Hong Jo, when he was a kitten. Ah. That's why he was super worried about the cat and was acting really weird. TBH that's pretty sweet of Jae Sun... even though he's allergic to cats, he can't abandon them. I can't wait to see what's going to happen when the real step brother comes back! How will Hong Jo hang around? As a cat? Oh and I Iove how everyone thinks Hong Jo is acting like a "dog" but... he's really a cat. I can't predict how this would end. I'm assuming Hong Jo is the end game. He becomes human? BUT I find it a bit disturbing because... at the end of the day, Hong Jo is a cat. Unless Hong Jo is a human, but was cursed to be a cat, at this point, I wish that the end game would be for Jae Sun and Hong Jo (as a cat) to live with Sol A, and the trio becomes one big happy family. lol. so for once the heroine can get both guys (well guy + cat). Hong Jo still has ways to go in order for me to cheer him on, other than being cute. At this point, I think Jae Sun is better for Sol A. He has his own business, is independent. He's a bit cold, but you can tell he is a sweet guy.
  5. I'm watching Doctor John, which has an interesting story line. I just find the blood a bit too graphic and I got squimish. so now I'm watching that cute cat drama, Welcome/Meow Secret Boy. Just makes me happy. Haha
  6. I was going through some "L" withdrawls (Just finished Angel's last mission the past week), so I just finished 4 episodes this weekend. hehe. I like this drama. It's cute. L's character, Hong Jo is super creepy, but he's a cat so it's all forgiven. I like the daughter/father scenes. I could tell they're very close, but don't really like to express it. I have a feeling, Hong Jo was originally human. At first, I thought Hong Jo transforming to a human was going to be like "Toy Story" cute but.. not real(?), but after he carried out her father after he had fainted, so I realize Hong Jo was really human -ish. The reason why I think he's human is because of Jae Sun. He is very keen that Sol A takes very good care of the cat. Although it was "his" cat, I think he gave it away to his ex, so I don't think he'd be that attached to the cat. Initially I thought, maybe it's his brother. but then it was revealed he was adopted. Maybe Hong Jo is his biological little brother. The age thing is throwing me off. How did Hong Jo grow up so quickly? Does he age like a cat?
  7. Since this is a kpop forum. I'm just curious if anyone knows. (Why) are they still filming kdramas? I'd think they'd also be socially distancing, since there's quite a few cases in SK as well. I like my kdramas, but I think they should be on a hiatus for everyone's health and safety. Perhaps the broadcasters should use this opportunity and do reruns of previously hit shows.
  8. I hope everyone safe. I have been catching up to my kdramas (during my lunch hours). It feels weird watching dramas of people walking around the streets. I miss going outside and I think I got a bit cranky staying at home. I'm lucky that I live in a city where...there is plenty of space and the population is not dense. I'd hang out in my backyard but it's still full of snow. I'm also lucky that I think my job is pretty safe... I feel sorry for those that are unable to go to the grocery stores or get food. I miss the fresh air!
  9. I'm loving the OST...and was youtubing the OST. and found out that L covers it quite a bit! there are lots of covers in the Youtube: HAHA I'm cracking up with his costume: I think I like his covers of "In your Light". It's very suitable for his voice/range To be honest, I never really notice his singing in Infinite. He's actually pretty good! Here's stay: AHH! I think I just became a fan of L. ---- EDIT: I'm now on episode 28. Wow. Shin Hye-Sun is really blowing me away with her acting! Her expression during the sticker photo shoot went from smiling to heartbreaking...all very quickly and with such smooth transaction. I really also liked her emotions during the when she was smiling even though she was hurting so much and everyone misunderstood her. You can see the pain through her eyes. I really liked her in "Thirty but Seventeen"; however she is really putting her all in this drama. Her dancing looks realistic (to my amateur eyes) . lol I even googled if she was a dancer before. The one thing I don't really like about this drama is...God is so mean and cruel! Well I hope he redeems Himself later... I feel so bad for Lee Dong-Gun's character. I honestly also don't really care about the political fight for the ballet foundation. I don't think it was necessary to make the ballet company a big corporation and make this into a fight for power. I think they could have just focused on the dancing and have more dance offs. ---- I just finished it. and the ending was a bit . It really wasn't what I was expecting.. I also wrote this on dramabeans:
  10. I'm currently watching this. I just finished episode 8 and it got me all . I am a casual fan of Infinite... I always thought L was good looking, but he was a bit too young... boy did he grow up! I love his dimples. I didn't even know he had them! hahha. Anyways, the actress Shin Hye-Sun is amazing (she was the reason why I started this drama). L was doing better than expected (he over acts a bit, reminds me a bit of Siwon in terms of acting). He has improved since the last time I saw him (the master's sun?). Anyways I love the pair. they're so cute. Lee Yeon-Seo is so prickly but I know she's a softy in the inside.
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