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  1. He is carrying her bag https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=tvnphyco&no=12906&_rk=EYz&page=1 credit:dcgal
  2. Happy Birthday Soobin!! I’m excited for Pirates 2 as well. It’s been a while since Soobin has been in a historical drama/movie, plus this one sounds like it will be fun.
  3. I love the epilogue. If you look closely you can see the “heads” of the actresses laughing in the background when they show the NG clips. Also is the show indicating that the mom is Bluebeard in this story?
  4. I think this might be one of the best first episodes I’ve seen in a kdrama thus far. All of the characters are interesting and like-able and it makes you excited to find out their backstories and what caused them to be the way they are. I think I’m most excited to find out about GMY’s mom cause if her dad (probably) tried to choke her to death and his picture is only folded over while the mom’s is burned she must have been much worse. I also hope they keep on showing new fairy tales cause I really enjoyed the one in the first episode.
  5. OMG guys she confessed; I can't believe it happened so quickly! Seowoo: Jisooshi! Jisoo: Seowooshi, something good must have happened. It is obvious from your voice. Seowoo: Something good? Nothing really... Jisoo: Where are you? Seowoo: Home. My home. Jisoo: You must have put in your earphones. Seowoo: You are right. Is it different again? Jisoo: Mmm. It sounds like we are talking on the phone. How is Won? Do you see him sometimes? Seowoo: Well.. sometimes in passing... Jisoo: Does Won know? Seowoo: What? Jisoo: When you called me out in the recording studio, we talked about Won. Seowoo: Back then we talked about Misiryeong. Jisoo: No. Won doesn't know right? That you like Won. Seowoo: I mean... You shouldn't talk about that type of thing so easily right? Stop... Jisoo: You said that you liked seeing him. An unrequited love to be exact. Seowoo: That's because... I was a little bit sentimental(?) that day. Jisoo: It isn't like that anymore? Seowoo: Well... I like him. I like looking at that person. The way he cherishes you, misses you. I like the way someone shows sincerity towards someone else. I like it all. Jisoo: Won doesn't know about your feelings right? Seowoo: Yes. I would like him not to know. You didn't know how much Hawon cherishes you. I also wish he would not know. I like how the story is somewhat different from what I expected from the teasers. I did not know that Seowoo's parents were dead and I had know idea that Jisoo would die as well. I also did not expect that the line you hear in the teasers where she says that she wishes Hawon wouldn't know about her feelings towards him would be said right in front of him. In some ways this drama has lots of twists, but like this drama, it is kind of subtle and calm. Something I really appreciate about this drama, which is something that would have made me watch it even if my fave Soobin wasn't in it, is that calm theme. I really appreciate dramas where the main characters aren't dramatic and are chill (which might be the reason I also like Find Me In Your Memory). I get really bad second hand embarrassment so I always hate the jealousy scenes in dramas where the characters are acting all immature (it takes me forever to get through those scenes and I often have to stop and start them many times or even skip them altogether lol) so I'm glad that we probably won't get scenes like that in this drama. I'm really enjoying this drama and I can't wait till next week. Soobin looks pretty as always so that is a plus.
  6. The highlight teaser is out! They held the press conference yesterday online (due to the coronavirus). Jung Hae In, Chae Soo Bin, And More Talk About Why They Chose Their New Drama “A Piece Of Your Mind” TV/FILM Mar 16, 2020 by C. Hong On March 16, tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “A Piece of Your Mind” held an online press conference with director Lee Sang Yeob and actors Jung Hae In, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Ha Na, and Kim Sung Kyu. “A Piece of Your Mind” tells the love story of Ha Won (Jung Hae In), an artificial intelligence programmer, and Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin), a classical music recording engineer. Jung Hae In said, “I had already decided on ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ as my next project while working on the film ‘Tune In for Love.’ I met with the director and confirmed that the atmosphere on set would be good. The most important thing is the script, which intrigued me. I wanted to take on the challenge of a new theme like ‘artificial intelligence.'” He added that he had no experience in unrequited love, unlike his character Ha Won. “I’ve played characters wth unrequited love before,” he said. “Based on that, I am putting a lot of thought into it.” Chae Soo Bin said, “I chose to star in this drama because of the script, which became more interesting the more I read it. Seo Woo’s sincerity is a key point in the drama. Even when she was feeling pain, I tried to make her relatable so that viewers could feel a sense of warmth.” She added, “What I learned from filming is that usually unrequited love makes you selfish, but Seo Woo has no such greed and only wants the other person’s happiness. I liked that kind of innocence. I’m learning a lot.” About her co-star, she said, “He’s a very warm and respectful person. I am having a lot of fun filming and he takes good care of me. I would give our chemistry about 80 points.” Lee Ha Na, who plays gardener Moon Soon Ho, said, “I read the script and decided on the role in about two hours. There was no reason for me not to take the role. It felt like the script had brought to life the thoughts inside my head. I had worked hard on the ‘Voice‘ series for so long that when I got the offer from ‘A Piece of Your Mind,’ I really wanted to do it. It felt like the romance dramas I used to do, like I’d come back home for the first time in a long time.” Kim Sung Kyu, who plays classical pianist Kang In Wook, is appearing in a broadcast drama for the first time in “A Piece of Your Mind,” though he has made a name for himself in films like “The Outlaws” and Netflix series “Kingdom.” He said, “I was a little worried, but when I read the script, I was attracted by the beautiful story and the unique character. When I met the director and writer, they seemed like good people, so how could I not do it?” He continued, “The characters are all longing for someone, and that’s how romance begins to blossom. Now that I’ve tried romance acting, I am looking forward to the future. I am curious as to how I will overcome this slump. It’s so different from before that it will inevitably show a new side of me. I want to discover the detailed side of myself and express it. Compared to before, my life is changing a lot. Not because of external things, but because the character is so different.” They also released the character descriptions as well as the relationship chart. I cant really understanding everything, but I'll try and sub some of the basic points I got. Ha Won (Jung Hae In) and his coworkers/friends: Moon Hawon (33) - AI programmer "You get married. I'll keep doing the love I was doing before. Only, if you get lonely, definitely contact me." He's unrivaled in the AI field and the president of a portal business called AH. He is only interested in research and doesn't participate in foreign business; he is only affiliated with the secret research team. He is not concerned with titles and works with a small team to research things that will change the domain of the world. He had a skin disease, so when he was 10 his mom (who was a piano teacher) moved with him to Norway. His only friend there was Jisoo. They were lonely, but they made their own world with their own music, imagination, and forest. In their second year of high school, Hawon's mom died from an avalanche which broke their island like world. They part when he moves to America with some diplomat his mom knew, but they still keep in touch. When they meet up 7 years later in Seoul, Jisoo tells him she is getting married (or is married), so he continues to stay in Seoul. Even after breaking up with her, Jisoo is still the center of his life. He doesn't have an area of interest so, because he is inexperienced and lacks common sense he often hears that he is innocent or unexpected. When conversing he looks at the other person with childlike curiosity; he has a habit of staring with an affectionate gaze. Because of this he sometimes gets misunderstood, but he just is highly focused. When hes focused he sweeps his hand over his hair(?) and makes his surroundings a trash dump. Everything is firm but nice. He's rational and ideal. Kimhoon (mid 30s)- AI programmer and AH's director and researcher. Hawon's MIT classmate Met Hawon while studying abroad in the US. Hawon contacted him from Seoul [I'm not sure if he dropped out or was temporarily in Seoul] and as soon as he graduated Kimhoon came back to Seoul. In Seoul they invented their own program. He's still with Hawon; in one word he is Hawon's soulmate. To others it may seem as if he is foolishly uninterested in money, but like Hawon he is interested in research. He is a genius. He respects the cold noodle restaurant that he is a regular at with the logically unexplainable flavored soup owner the most in the world. Min Jinhwan (early 30s) - AH researcher He is smart but ambitious. He causes divisions in the research team, as he knows of the D program that only Kimhoon and Hawon made. Song Jinseon (mid 40s) - Psychiatrist A psychiatry professor in Shin-a university hospital. A colleague and nuna that Hawon can have deep conversations with. She is Minjeong's doctor. Han Seowoo (Chae Soobin) and friends: Han Seowoo (29)- classical sound engineer "It's nothing. They are a person I just met but they came in as if they are burrowing in me(?)" A classical sound engineer who graduated from the computing department. She is a long term boarder at Eunjoo's boarding house. She was born and raised in the mountains of Gangwondo. Since moving to Seoul at age 20, she has been living in Eunjoo boarding houses half basement. Seowoo's farmer parents believe that good sound is just as beneficial to plants as sun and rain, and played classical music alot, and Seowoo was drawn to this music. Therefore, although she was admitted into computing, she separately studied music. After graduating, she worked as an assistant to a specialist engineer, but the recording studio she was working at suddenly had to close. When she was about to be unemployed, a new recording studio manager arrived called Mun Sunho, and she requested "bowl purchase(?)." It was a bowl that a lady called Kim Jisoo had released. Through that incident, Seowoo fatefully burrows into Jisoo and Hawon's relationship. Her heart keeps going to Hawon, the man who is okay with half of half of half of Jisoo. She likes math, and when she feel conflicted she solves college math books. Seowoo tries to think as simply and positively as possible.She lives in Eunjoo's half basement without a proper job but she thinks it's ok, although she is an assistant, she thinks her job needs her, and she believes that people that are like family are family. Jeon Eunjoo (mid 30s)- Eunjoo Boarding House's president. At a young age her life was decided as she had to inherit the boarding house from her mother. As soon as she graduated high school she helped her mom with the boarding house. She is competent at life but is behind on the trends. Although she put Seowoo in the cheapest room, makes her do the chores, and makes her do the chores, they have their own closeness(?). In the important moments she is always Seowoo's mom and close unni. Kim Changseob (late 20s)- large company employee Seowoo's college classmate. Although it has only been about two months since he was hired, presently he likes work more than dating. He has been dating Eunjoo, the owner of the boarding house for three months. Through Seowoo setting them up(?) they have been secretly dating without the other boarders knowing. Choi Suji (late 20s) - bank teller A boarder in Eunjoo's bording house, and Seowoo's college friend. She was hired a few months ago at a bank. Eunjoo liked ironing Suji's uniform, and congratulated her more than anyone. However, she knows of Eunjoo and Changseob's secret relationship and feels betrayed. Kim Minjeong (mid 40s)- hotelier Jinseon's patient and a new border at Eunjoo's boarding house. Minjeong's daughter was a leukemia patient who worried about her mother who would be left behind after her death and scheduled an appointment at Jinseon's hospital. Minjeong was a successful hotelier, but after her daughters death she has no drive. She goes to Jinseon and receives counseling because of her daughter, but doesn't have any problems or stories like a normal person. Jinseon asks to test the D program on her and she agrees. She joins the cold boarding house after all the members leave because of Eunjoo and Changseob's relationship. She steals the last room that Jinsoo was going to use and shows a weird obsession over it. Eunjoo receives lots of stress because of Minjeong, but Minjeong has memories of Eunjoo that Eunjoo can't remember. She gains strength due to Eunjoo and Seowoo. Bae Jinsoo (mid 20s)- 3rd year medical school student She and Minjeong came into the boarding house when only Seowoo and Changseob were left. She met Seowoo as a member of the medical school orchestra, but Seowoo can't remember. As soon as she came she got her room stolen by Minjeong, and she suffers many things as the maknae of the boarding house. Eun Soojeong (mid 60s)- piano tuner The tuning halmoni. On Seowoo's first day at her job as an intern, she told her that the recording studio is loud, so it is the best place to cry. She has affection for Seowoo and is Jisoo's piano tuner. Seowoo really likes this halmoni she sees twice a year. Moon Sunho(Lee Hana) and her grandmother: Moon Sunho (36)- Gardner "I don't know how to help a slump. I know exactly how to save plants. Between the two one of them has to live." She is the daughter of the diplomat who took Hawon to the US. In title she is Hawon's niece but they are like friends. She manages her grandmothers garden and flowers. Her grandmother who was a diplomat went around the world and helped people. Her grandmother sponsored many people, but Hawon was the only person she regarded as an uncle and got along like friends with him. In 2012, she was stabbed in the back when her best friend and her fiance dated. At that time she found Hawon looking like a beggar sitting on the road. Although he is younger than her he said "Hi niece." He had just been dumped by his first love that he had met for the first time in 7 years. She felt better thanks to the uncle that she had met for the first time. After that day she went to work in her grandmothers garden and was close with Hawon. She knows of Hawon and Jisoo's relationship and thinks of it as a "great morbid obsession." About the time when she gets tired of gardening, she becomes the manager of the recording studio at Hawon's request and hires Seowoo. She shows drive in her knew livelihood, but a new character unexpectedly comes into her life. He's exactly the type she doesn't like to associate with, but as she says she doesn't want to she doesn't want to, she can't help but feel that she wants to help this man who fell in a slump like she saves a dying plant. Moon Jeongnam (mid 70s)- Diplomat Sunho's paternal grandmother. She is Hawon's sponsor but she is like a mother. Sponsoring and sharing is everything in her life. Through thank you letters she gets to know the address of Sunho and Hawon's house. I think one of the letters she gets is also from Jisoo. Kang Inwook (Kim Seongkyu) and friend: Kang Inwook (34)- Pianist "Why can't you take my side?! Why! Why! Why! If you had could just say one thing.. just it's ok..." He is acknowledged among musicians, but is unknown by the public. He is Jisoo's husband. Because of his musician parents wishes he went to he spent his childhood in Austria at a foreign school. He then went to Norway for high school where he saw Jisoo and Hawon sticking together. Even with the other kids they spoke in Korean and seemed to live in their own world. He hated the two of them and only spoke in English, therefore they did not know that he was a Korean like them. However, one day, he heard the Korean sentences that Jisoo was saying to Hawon. Jisoo's appearance as she slowly pronounced the words was beautiful. After Hawon left to the US he got close to Jisoo. Even after marrying Jisoo he always lived doubting Hawon. Married life with Jisoo isn't easy. Jisoo gave up piano and they wanted to have a kid but they could not. He tells a secret no one knows to Jisoo hoping she will just say it is ok. However, that secret to Jisoo is also poison and even makes Jisoo miserable. What rules his other side is the worry that in one moment he could lose everything. He has the ability to inflate nothing into the worst situation and his worry is always increasing. Choi Jinmoo (mid 40s)- classical sound engineer He is the best classical field sound engineer. He maintains a close relationship with Inwook through performances and sound engineering, and he is a hyung that Inwook can talk and empty his mind to. He is competent of course, but he is also sensitive to the performers condition and is very considerate, because of this he is Seowoo's role model. He thinks that the western-style house that he has lived in for more than 30 years is the best place to record.
  7. Watch: Chae Soo Bin Admires Jung Hae In From Afar In “A Piece Of Your Mind” Teaser DRAMA PREVIEW Mar 3, 2020 by L. Kim tvN’s upcoming drama “A Piece of Your Mind” has released a new teaser with Chae Soo Bin and Jung Hae In! “A Piece of Your Mind” stars Jung Hae In as Moon Ha Won, a kind-hearted artificial intelligence (AI) programmer who has spent years in one-sided love and has resigned himself to his lonely fate. Chae Soo Bin stars as Han Seo Woo, an optimistic classical recording engineer who finds herself drawn to watching Ha Won and his one-sided love from afar. The teaser begins with Moon Ha Won and Han Seo Woo walking together. Although they are going in the same direction, she always remains a step behind him. She gazes at him with eyes full of admiration, and her lips are curled upwards into a soft smile. In a voiceover, Han Seo Woo talks about her hidden feelings for Moon Ha Won, saying, “I really like seeing him. It’s nice to see someone being so devoted to someone else. I hope he won’t know how I feel.” Moon Ha Won looks back at her, and Han Seo Woo responds with a warm smile. He smiles back at her, and the clip ends in a pensive way. “A Piece of Your Mind” premieres on March 23 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Watch the teaser below: ETA: Soobin usually has really good chemistry with her co-stars and both her and Jung Hae In seem to have this boy/girl next door personality/image, so I think they'll have great chemistry. You can already see it in the poster making behind the scene video.
  8. https://play-tv.kakao.com/v/406919313 I found a tv spot/preview on dcinside gallery.
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