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  1. I haven’t been really paying attention to this drama, but I saw a soompi article about knetz praising SHS for her acting, so I decided to watch. I’m so glad I did! I haven’t been this into a new drama for a really long time. Only problem is I regret starting so early cause now I have to wait for new episodes
  2. It’s probably just me, maybe I’m a masochist, but I kind of like it when the first couples (SJK and KJW and JDG and KOB) don’t actually end up together in the end. I would like it if the two couples would switch eventually. I’m glad that as time passes my feelings towards the drama is improving. There has been lots of negative comments going around and I think people are afraid it won’t live up to the hype, but I’ve decided to disregard other people’s feelings and just focus on how I feel towards it. The teasers are looking good and I think it’ll be really fun and interesting. Can’t wait until the first!
  3. I wasn’t actually interested in this drama despite liking YJG and Mina because I don’t really like romcoms that much but the teaser that I watched really peaked my interest. I can’t wait until it comes out now, hopefully it’ll be good!
  4. Eyyy he looks so tanned. ‘아스달 연대기’ 송중기, 비주얼부터 몰입감 최고 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=014&aid=0004212768 @lightbringer06 Maybe. I thought that since it said that he had the ‘ambition’ of being the first King of Aseudal he might not end up doing it. But like you said we have to wait and see. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens, love triangle or not.
  5. I’m guess the plot will be like some of the older historical dramas. I won’t name any names for spoiler reasons but in historical dramas that came out in the 2000s lots of the time the male lead ended up marrying the second female lead. I think this will happen here too, cause the description for Kim Okbin calls her the first Empress of Asadal and Song Joong-ki is the one who makes it an empire.
  6. Finally a trailer. I was wondering when one will come out given that the drama is coming out next month. I’m getting more excited as time passes. Fantasy historical is my favorite genre, plus the King’s Four Gods which I think this drama has the same time period as is one of my all time favorite k-dramas. ETA: Song Joongki still has his beautiful baby face.
  7. *Spoilers for episode 3* The girl did not seem shocked that SH could fight, plus I think she saw him when she was younger, so does that mean she knows he is an assasin? Also I’m guessing the male lead is a product of that experiment they did which could explain his blue eyes.
  8. Looks like Soobin is going to film Happy Together https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002897215
  9. @seteney (I made sure not to quote you ) I rewatched the trailer and I didn’t hear them mention anything about marriage. I think she might be adopted though, as the voiceover said ‘think about why I brought you into this house and raised you’ or something like that. Also at the table they the lady was telling her to quit her job and take a position fitting the FT group reputation. I just realized that the older guy at the table is probably her (adopted) dad from the relationship chart (if I remember it properly), and that means the lady with him might be her stepmom or maybe her dad’s girlfriend, because she doesn’t seem to like Nana very much. The music was kind of loud and, to be honest, I am not that great at Korean, but that is what I got from the trailer.
  10. I noticed that they were trying to marry her off also, but I didn’t know that it was to that older guy next to her. I have to watch it again and listen hard. I’d like to see that, because it’ll make for some nice drama.
  11. The 5 minutes long teaser is out. Looks like there will at least be a hint of romance (the way I like it), so I’m happy.
  12. Ooh this sounds exciting! I like Kim Minjae and I love historical dramas, so I’m already looking forward to this. Plus, the plot seems like it could be good.
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