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  1. So excited for Soobin to be on a variety show! I hope we see more of her in the new year, and that all her projects will be successful.
  2. Spoilers from episode 6 I’m guessing it’s Derek’s mom who spoiled the dress. I wonder what her issue is. We have yet to see them interact, so I’m excited to see her and find out what’s up. Also is it JH’s sunbae who is the spy? I think some other people in this thread thought it was going to be the hoobae, but that scene at the shooting range was obviously added to make us suspicious.
  3. Spoilers from today’s episode, but I’m shocked that Derek is Sophie’s ex. I was not expecting that. But it makes it seem less likely that he would be her killer, because even if he is heartless, I doubt you would just kill your ex-girlfriend like that. I’m really enjoying this show, the story is fun and the cast has great chemistry. I especially like AR and JH’s banter. I’m really disappointed that they only aired one episode this week, but that is the problem with these public/national channels. They often have sports games interfering.
  4. I haven’t watched a Kdrama since PBIO, but this looks interesting so I might actually watch it.
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