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  1. 524 good morning all reading about erikson. wow, that sounds emotionally dramatic to say the least. can't believe how it was for those watching like @Sleepy Owl, @joccu, @Ameera Ali....
  2. yea I didn't like him in the beginning but now I feel bad for him. I don't think him being a house husband is a failure but it is that this family can't financially afford to have only one earning member. so you have young hye pulling the weight and being rather cranky about it. he tries but then keeps doing stuff to only pile on their debt. so I think it is the financial strain the family is already under that makes being a house husband bad. if he had a successful business, sold it off and retired to be a house husband, it would be different story... that said, I don't see why
  3. we are not getting a kiss... but we do get to see her help him dress. waaah, I feel kind of bad. I was wondering what happened to the husband/almost husband of sister. turns out he was alive... but then the family of left counselor strikes again. villains!!!!!
  4. wow, they keep releasing more of the OST; didn't expect that as usually dramas have just a few songs right?.... 박주한 (Park Joohan) - 거친 세월아 | 보쌈-운명을 훔치다 OST Part.13
  5. ooh those bubble team look yum. just had leftovers from yesterday. some rice + veggies + chicken... 476
  6. wow, I am really impressed by the writing in some scenes. it really feels like it has been written from the heart and is actually quite realistic. the dad talking about why he resented the sons and how he felt unloved/abandoned by them makes sense -- and it shows how that led to wider gaps in the relationships. he needed someone like stepmom to help him see the flaw and see if he can approach it differently. it was sweet that young hye and min hee were so excited for him. hahahaha.. and young hye understands this one-on-one approach as she too has a better relationship now after that chat.
  7. 452 @kokodus ~ if there was a song that describes the mood of the pandemic, than that BTS song "life goes on" is it. some great lyrics.
  8. that is really cool! I didn't know folks do animation like this. 448
  9. tell me about it! otherwise I would have really gone cuckoo during this lockdown. it has been really hard and tiring. more than anything, the mental strain is a lot that even simple tasks seem like enormous challenges. 446
  10. +2 good morning all! @Min2206 @Wuzetian ~ lockdown sucks but at least we have soompi to help. it has been extended another week in my state but there is some lifting. certain shops including hair salon will be allowed to be open for a limited number of hours and we should be able to move around without a pass. phew!! can't wait to fix my hair.
  11. but it is a terrible drama... even with ffwd button, I still found it boring. +2
  12. I need to stop watching these miniature videos and go to bed. but they are so neat! @partyon ~ kekeke... bossam is not leaving my DP till it ends! 452
  13. eun joo may be the cursed bride. every wedding of hers whether it is to sun hyuk or ha jun will get stopped anyway. she might as well skip the ceremony and just do a civil marriage. or maybe jet set to hawaii and have a beach wedding with some other hottie of dramaland. maybe mr wang?
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