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  1. so if yujung is the chairman and the daughter of shop lady (yejin's mom) and seo jun is secretary koo's son and tae poong is shop lady's adopted nephew, it means that yujung dated/dating her step-brother/cousin brother? so from brother-in-laws to brothers, we have double fauxcest? my brain needs a break. these characters all need to find someone else in that large office to date.
  2. hi ya, let me try since I have been here for a few years. so for long time, we just had 3 reactions -- like, LOL and insightful. when the new buttons were added, members specifically didn't want negative button like thumbs down because they disliked that feature in other forums. something that many members like about soompi is live and let live vibe -- meaning if I don't like your comment, just ignore the post and don't give any reaction. most members won't even use angry, confused or unamused button even if the post has a different view on the character. also some of these negative buttons ha
  3. yea, it would be too easy if she wins I guess. he is not yet dead and is cooking up schemes behind the scenes. and yea, I FF most of the weekend scenes as well. wish PDnim would stop doing so many flashbacks. the editing is weird. this isn't a mystery series. just a straightforward daily... kekeke... maybe ji eun or jung min or chairman?
  4. what a boring episode. ji eun breaks up twice in the same episode with jung min and decides to give him a weekend to remember before she dumps him for her own greed. yea, because thats the way to treat someone you love... am just waiting to see if stepmom successfully pulls off this coup. don't get why sae hoon wants seorin to fall so much. kind of a strange way to do a last hurrah -- is it supposed to be a symbolic stab at authority? so basically he is still upset at what happened 10 years ago at the hands of ji eun's family?
  5. who is your favourite detective combo? I pretty much like any of the detectives paired with brisco but definitely logan was cool combo. like this site to check which episodes to watch; also identifies what the story is based on if inspired by real life.. 410
  6. bwahahaha... been watching old episodes of law and order, monk thanks to YT clips. turns out I am not the only one based on comments. people are binge watching all these crime docs/shows during the pandemic. many were like "I can't stop watching. why?" hahahahah... 408
  7. @Nodame ~ this is what pongal looks like sometimes, people eat it for breakfast but it is pretty hearty as a breakfast dish. prefer it for lunch. quite easy to make in the sense that it is a one pot dish. this is what the sweet version looks like; they sometimes serve it at weddings. it is pretty heavy kind of desert as it has rice and lentils. the dark brown colour in the sweet version comes from jaggery, which is an unrefined sugar made from sugarcane. it looks like this (see spoiler) and those little balls are sold in weight. the sweetness has a
  8. it is more yujung's personality or lack of sparkle in terms of dressing that she seems so bland. I remember the actress in defendant and the character she played had a presence... ah I see.... guess it is a season where the second leads get the attention more.
  9. bwaahahaha... @maribella ~ can't think of any other kdrama where the second lead is the one with a triangle. we have so many women fighting to control seo jun -- yura, yujung, lady joo, even the aunt... . no one is interested in clinging to tae poong and making him miserable -- isn't that the standard requirement for being a male lead? hahahahha....
  10. maybe it is the pretty cup? 448
  11. @MayanEcho @Min2206 ~ there is sweet and salt/spicy versions of pongal. both are basically just rice with lentils but the sweet version has jaggery/palm sugar/brown sugar. we usually make both at home for the day. plus we had crab today! the festival goes under different names depending on the region and each have their own specialty dish @kokodus ~ I just miss the general buzz that happens. 458
  12. OMO! Where is the passion? Even these fish are more energetic that those two. they are trying to be safe during pandemic times. no more than necessary kissing. trying not to breathe each other's germs if they can't help it. wonder if they quickly put on a mask and wiped themselves with sanitizer after....
  13. if she can't find another man to sell kimbap, she should choose seo jun -- at least then we viewers will get some abs in the ending scene. hahahahha.
  14. that cracked me up because fur thug sounded like he is super bored and needed some entertainment. hahahahha.... yura also needs to buy that man some new shirts. why is he still wearing that disco red tshirt and fur coat. is that his minion uniform? hahahahhah also laughed when yujung was crying hysterically and yejin's mom was like "but he is just sleeping"
  15. can understand if the other characters do nothing to yura but tae poong being the lead and not taking action to right wrongs because he is in 'love' is ridiculous. forgiveness doesn't mean you close your eye to wrongdoing. love is not an excuse to commit crimes or ignore them. if that was the case, then lady joo's actions are totally justified -- she was then right to try murder her rival and then kill of restaurant ajusshi. it also means that yura's actions are also fine because she is motivated by self-love. so yea, a big eye roll and face palm on tae poong's declar
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