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  1. @tulip06 ~ the white mode crashed and died completely. so it will take minimum few weeks to get a light mode. till then, use the evolution mode - @brooksmom gave you the directions -- it is easier to read. the birthday cake was rather sweet; poor seok joon, no one in his family remembered his birthday. think cruella knew but purposely acted like she forgot. what about the chairman? he could have called and wished? ahem! his friend ki beom didn't seem to know either and was busy having a blind date. will we know if that went well? anyway, his upcoming new family are more than happy to celebrate him and make him feel special.
  2. I kept thinking someone would stand up and "I object" or something dramatic will happen like in gracious revenge. LOL... but the wedding scenery at the hotel was actually kind of pretty. it was lame that tae in's parents were randomly sitting there. she was interested in tae in but he sends her off to ji hoon and now his parents are also sending her off. this is one strange family!
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    kekekke.... and you didn't post it till I asked you. see, I told you it was hilarious and cheeky. even I might get it though I don't even think father andrea is that cute.
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    a big thanks to all the participants as well as those who voted and checked out the thread -- the badge event has been a smashing success and has shown the community what a creative bunch we are! it was like having our own mini art gallery no? inspired by the creativity from the event, the admins have decided to create an art designing team to help them make soompi forums more attractive. the admins (hanyeoun/ebullient) will be reaching out to the winners as well as some staff picks to explain more about the role - keep an eye out for a message! just as other forum staff roles (including this event organizer), it is all voluntary and based on our love and enjoyment of the dramas and the soompi community. the winners! @lyrically aesthetic @bairama and @gm4queen will receive 10,000 points, 5000 points and 2500 points respectively. participants! -- @Sushimi @ibru @phikyl @im0202 @Lawyerh @kokodus @staygold @stroppyse @Alice Wonderland @Kaizen68 @JJS's Fan-atics @frozentundra @jadecloud -- will receive 500 points. all the badges designed for the event will be folded into the members shop. they will be released in 5 releases with the top competition badges coming out first. so keep an eye out on the members shop! hope everyone had loads of fun being creative and interacting with each other. till the next event! re: @angelangie @ebullient @Hanyeoun
  5. Vote for the badges you would like to shop for! Check out events.

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    Give me badges!

    no worries; yea, the black mode will take some getting used to; the white mode crashed and died completely. it will take a minimum few weeks and maybe more until we get a light mode. right now, the evolution mode is under maintenance but try that instead if you are having trouble reading the dark mode. I find the evolution mode far easier to read and you can also zoom the page. if you want to change theme, go to very bottom of page and hit theme button and select evolution mode. EDIT: evolution mode is back online. check it out!
  7. watched today's episode with subs -- she is definitely getting married to ji hoon! unless something happens dramatically tomorrow at the ceremony. I started cracking up when abba mama and goldfish chairman were gasping that eun dong was getting married so fast - they made this comment that now that she isn't with tae in, she is moving at lightning speed. LOL. yea it is so weird as a viewer as well to see a wedding happening so quickly. today's episode was basically shopping and tomorrow is the actual ceremony. if she was supposed to be with ji hoon, couldn't we have a better build up to it? seems so abruptly done. oh well. shrug. and @shana0127, the preview looked interesting as tae in and seo ju are having some sort of chat -- is the writer going back to that pairing now? @maribella ~ kekeke... hopefully, we get the evolution mode back; prefer that to dark mode.
  8. watching ep 1 and laughing at this scene where ajushhi cop do chang is stressing over his bald spot in the bathroom. watch detective (because he has a very nice watch that he spent a bomb on!! @triplem is going to laugh but that watch looks good on his hand! hahahaha) ji hyuk then remarks that maybe ajusshi is missing some male hormone. bwahahahahah... LOL. ajusshi then defends it is just stress and watch detctive says "okay, stress is good." poor ajusshi -- yes, I feel your pain, we all know what it is like to lose hair out of stress and worry even more about it. kekeke... ajusshi is hilarious "I don't lack male hormone. I have too much of it" -- then asking uncle google is who is giving depressing answer about male menopause and decreasing hormone. bwaahahahah. LOL. ajusshi to watch detective "I have enough to make my hair fall out. talk simple" bwaahahah.. ajussshi is really obsessing about his lack of hair. this is hilarious is a detective drama supposed to be this funny? I am laughing at ajusshi's tone and expressions while describing watch junior "his nickname was idiot. big idiot. he only lets go of a case after he explodes three people's heads. he changed partner's twice in one year. one was hospitalized and the other... is in traffic police now." bwahahahah... 3 heads exploding? ajusshi is now going to be worrying more about his hair. anyone else reminded of tunnel while watching? maybe it is the rather peppy music. but I am so relieved that it is relatively well lit for a crime drama on cable and I don't have to strain my eyes to see the actors. like seriously, why do they do that? how can we appreciate the actors expressions if we can't see them? kekekek... anyway, the main characters feel rather warm. so looks like enough for me to keep tuning in. who needs to watch a bleak drama in this climate?! off to watch the rest of the episode. P.S ~ chingus, if you haven't done so, check out the new badge event and cast your vote for the badges you would like to see in the members shop. the badges are all creative and fun. there is even a detective badge! must have for all of us who like crime dramas no?
  9. ah I see. then we can know more once we watch the episode. badges are just a cool new feature. so if you see the left of this post, under my name, there will be some small icons -- those are badges I bought. and if you go to your profile page, there is now a section called "trophies & medals" where you can see bigger versions of the badges you bought. basically it is just to have fun. (we used to have something like that in the old soompi platform). there are some new emojis but badges are a separate feature. in the beginning, I found his energy with seo ju really interesting and was disappointed when they abruptly broke up. she did seem like a good fit for him.
  10. @shana0127 @Saja La ~ wait a second, so in today's episode, the marriage actually happened? like for real happened? nobody burst in the last minute to say "I object!"? eun dong didn't run away at the last minute because tae in had a brain malfunction? LOL, am in shock! I thought we are just going to have some long extended custody battle and some interesting mystery with the man in black... P.S ~ chingus, check out the badge event and place your votes for the badges you would like to see in the shop. the community has come up with some really cool unique artwork that is reflective of the dramas we watch. fun!
  11. awww, @Sejabin ~ you are leaving? am going to miss reading your office gossip stories and other posts. take care of yourself. 738
  12. nothing ever happened because seok joon thought she was an idiot and he couldn't even bother to have even a small conversation. he pegged her as a gold digger and arrogant from the start and took an instant dislike to her. however, her friend knew that seok joon was on her target list. based on the preview, it looks like seok hwan is already beginning to consider cheating on eun joo. all I can say is ha! she is such annoying character that can't even care less. just feel like it is karma. and her acting so innocent. am giving points to seok hwan -- thought he would such an idiot that he would swallow the lies that eun joo says but nope, he didn't buy her calling it a "misunderstanding". he is now putting together the pieces. can't wait for him to realize that seok joon rejected her and he ended up being the second choice -- then eun joo is in a world of trouble! looks like doctor is having a bit of crush on pil jeong. wonder how it will turn out... and now that tae woo and seon joong are starting the pizza joint, chingus, how long do you think it will take for the principal to find out? P.S ~ chingus, if you haven't done so, vote for the badges you would like to see in the members shop immediately. check out the thread -- the new badges are done by your fellow chingus and are so much fun!
  13. ah okay; hope everything works out. there is an expression in my language "every house has a entrance" that means every house has its own problems - so yours is not any different. was just surprised by your black DP as you are always swimming in a cheerful pink and red. fighting! 488
  14. kekeke... I don't know if we will see him again. it seems like we have quite a lot on the plate story wise that needs to be covered as pointed out by @Ldy Gmerm and @brooksmom as we have barely covered the basics. am not sure how many episodes this drama is -- 100? 120? if we run out of story maybe, then the blind date guy may show up again when seok joon and pil jeong break up (because all couples in daily must break up once! hahhhahah)... as for his reaction breaking up, he was a bit testy but he seemed much more polite than the model guy earlier who turned really nasty on her. blind date was a better frog than the others combined! guess, it is human nature -- no one likes to be rejected but I did like how she phrased her reason and was also kind and rather gentle in her rejection - she realized she was a wildflower that likes the rain and snow and so were her kids. so basically saying indirectly that she realized that she does not need a protector but is looking more for support kind of role from her future husband. so all good!