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  1. not much screen time but the character is well shaped. basically he was the ex of the lead (but she has no memory of them dating) and he dumped her and went for her best friend because he is in deep debt. (so wanted a rich girl). now that best friend is married to the lead's cousin brother and they are actually sister-in-laws. since she doesn't remember all this, the relationship is good and right now all working together! 982
  2. thats my assumption too; it does sound like he was orphan and so felt grateful to ZW's mom which is why he stuck on in the relationship for so many years because of whatever promise he gave her... that makes sense because I wasn't sure what she was getting out of the relationship.
  3. so many familiar faces! @Table122000 @Ahpheng @Latte_Anyday @dito .... am reminded of WGM -- oh how I miss that show! @lynne22 ~ thanks for the author's write-up; it looks like the writer wasn't planning to make a scandalous story but something with a point. actually you can feel that; generally cheating dramas tend to bring up lot of emotion in people -- many are often annoyed and get upset. but here, we see a complex story that we can see that these relationships were already frayed. so in that sense , cheating is not the cause of the breakdown but merely the symptom/outcome. when I first watched ep 1, I was kind of bored honestly. the party scene especially felt weird and both weiwei and keuhan felt a bit screechy. but now with additional episodes, it feels like the characters have settled in and the story is starting to make more sense. actually both were very unhappy with their relationship. keuhan already realized it and was vocalizing it in many ways. he was already looking for an out in some ways. weiwei in contrast was unhappy but was not aware of it. almost in denial that all is well... my favourite would have to be no-nonsense ziting. the girl doesn't bat an eyelid telling her sister and has lots of pride. it feels like keuhan has more respect for ziting then for ZW.... lets hope so! she really is the height of clinginess no? where is her self-pride? she probably feels like a bit of a loser though -- other friends are dating and getting married. but she had been been with him for 10 years and he still didn't commit... but then again, he is her free ATM; she hasn't worked in 10 years, not much education? so how would she finance her lifestyle if she didn't have him in her life? her entire identity and purpose seems to be about him. so without him, who is she? the funny thing she believes she is realistic -- she kept telling her sister that after 10 years, it is natural the passion fades and they are just familiar. so she told herself that it is normal that he is cold and standoffish and walled up because thats how relationships are. so is that she saw long-term relationships? but yea, if anything the drama is really asking viewers to think about whether a relationship has potential if there is no progress. whether it is weiwei and her man or keuhan and ZW, both were stuck in a rut with no movement forward emotionally. keuhan had lost all respect for ZW where he doesn't feel comfortable telling her anything. weiwei cannot express her emotional turmoil or doubts or feelings to 321. the only thing they can talk about is their plan. so both weiwei and keuhan were living behind huge walls alone in some ways. did ZW and 321 not notice? or did both think that this is how couples normally are? how old are these two that they have such a book of plan? it just feels like as you grow out of your 20s, one thing you realize that you can't really plan life no matter how much you try. there will always be unexpected curve balls. one of the scenes that felt odd to me was when keuhan asks weiwei a series of what ifs that could derail this plan and she was shocked. did she never think of stuff that could happen? or has both 321 and weiwei's life always happened a certain way that they never experience sudden changes? why did they not have backup plans? and rather than him being a cheapskate, it is the fact that he hides the relationship with weiwei for 3 years that comes off as a bit low. it is going to be ironic but weiwei and keuhan's relationship will actually be more open with lots of people aware of it whereas no one knew of these two relationship. instead of being a couple, they were instead like a dirty secret where weiwei didn't even feel comfortable sharing with her roommate and best friend. this passion and willingness to be open is part of what makes keuhan really attractive to weiwei. unlike 321, she is a priority with keuhan and not a secret. also found the proposal scene bizarre. keuhan and ZW are not close friends. in fact, they are almost like strangers. so there is this huge awkwardness. so why on earth did 321 propose when those two are there? would not be surprised if that was also his plan! the way he talked to keufei felt a bit off. like he was almost cocky? and he seemed taken aback at her suggestion that one of them needs to quit and so it is best it be him... seriously no? he needs to tell his assistant to back off and not give any info to that ZW even if she calls.... and wonder if she will turn into a stalker? also find keufei and the assistant baiyang's relationship interesting. why does she not want a relationship at all? whereas he seems ready to commit to her?
  4. ooh, thats a great idea. she is a silly character but she would liven up someone like man soo. he would find her cute instead of annoying. it would be fun if this pairing happens.
  5. oh no! hope that doesn't happen. man soo is one of the characters I like in this drama... ... am really crossing my fingers that he gets some happy ending.
  6. 968 re-watching a drama after a few years, it feels like new! don't remember 90% of the drama 'birth secret'. ahhahah... @triplem ~ the secretary actor who plays min ik is secondary character here and all I can say is he was not that good looking then. hahahahha... he was bit too skinny and also seemed darker? did they put lots more white powder on him because he was lead?
  7. kekke... @sitalaiaoi ~ ah I see. my old shipper heart would always be excited if something actually happened. hahahah..
  8. can you explain? what secret? what didn't you expect? what makes you think they might still be in touch?
  9. kekeke.. that was such a funny scene. eun seok was like a fearless lion cub who wasn't bothered one bit by shady mom's threats. she even threatened to off him but he didn't blink. she met her match! she was the one who was flustered. eun jin has found that where dong joo's office is -- that girl is going to keep popping up now. poor dong joo! how will he manage? since song ah mentioned that eun seok needs to hire more designers, wonder if somehow jenny will end up getting recruited under a false name perhaps? and man soo is still protecting jenny -- he knows exactly where she is and keeping an eye but has no intention of telling shady mom yet. he even offered to pay for any late fees to clients to push shady mom's pestering... but I am wondering about this fella who died in hong kong -- so he was investing black rose and he disappeared? what exactly does shady mom do? does she have some criminal network or something?
  10. 954 @Lawyerh ~ have funny problem with the luna drama. the lead used to be a child actor and I saw him in so many dramas. now to see him as a lead feels very very strange.
  11. is there a thread on soompi? would love to chit chat... am actually finding the drama interesting and there's great chemistry... kekek... why am I not surprised? but she has gotten better with her acting. it is not as annoying as some of her earlier drama where I used to find her really screechy. 948
  12. 940 it is monday morning! what will this week bring?
  13. I love this drama , it was a white lie , sad to hear you drop it I tried watching this week the VP and DJ scenes only. gal hee popped up when she interrupted their almost kiss at the ancient house and just looking at gal hee annoyed me so much and made me want to curse. so decided for my peace, no point. dropping the drama entirely. 936
  14. 924 @triplem ~ am kind of bored; just watching one daily and "before we get married" TW drama.... gave up on secret life of secretary -- the lie was too much for me.
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