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  1. am curious about why she seems to like him because she seems very suspicious of him. so it might be a way of buttering him up to find out what his agenda is. or maybe she sees him as her younger self? she keeps harping about how TOP accommodates everyone as long as they have talent. when she finds he is adopted, she said something along those lines again and she said the same sentiment when she said she was going to hire him and everyone else on the team was like "but why?" hopefully, we will get some explanation behind how she thinks. as the dad said, it is difficult to understand her "with a capitalistic mindset" -- this means ms han is not motivated by typical things. so have this idea in my head -- the reporter was wondering why yeon doo and seok hee are hanging out at prison and they suggested that maybe these two are secretly dating. so ms han already knows that they have gone clubbing together. so at some point, will they pretend to TOP they are dating in order to be able to hang out? ooh, fake contract relationship!
  2. next time! I will do lots of appreciation posts for cute guy to entice. lesson learned lawyer-nim! 574
  3. was busy looking at the chef to see whether he is going to attack her right there and seduce her into an affair. maybe some kitchen romance will be next. , there will be some fish cooking most likely when he kisses her. ..
  4. how would I know that you will all check it out. no one saw it even though I wrote about it for the first few weeks and said it was delicious makjang. there is an appeal to claypot. 564
  5. awww, thats such a cute way of describing the bus stop scene. liked how he kept rubbing his cheeks afterwards as if his cells could still feel her touch. thought it would make an excellent ad for moisturizer. hahahah... stealing gif from @Ameera Ali ~ now if they had this as PPL, we would all be buying this bottle no?
  6. I won't be surprised if shady mom still hates him even in the end but it can also go the other way. the last daily I followed was also on SBS - am also a mother - and @rolisrntex also was on the thread; we all hated the villain and in the last 30 eps or so, it was all about her arc and it was surprisingly interesting, well done and actually quite believable. so it is possible that shady mom may get some arc where she finds the heart she never had but if the writer goes that way, hope it is well written and not randomly tacked on. more than shady mom, it is for man soo's sake that I hope she doesn't attempt to kill him again. the poor guy is loaded with guilt for sharing the same blood and he is desperate to know that shady mom is somewhat human. yet at every turn, she only continues to disappoint him and show that she is a cold woman. while she may have only killed eun seok's father, she also cooly was part of several others. every time she passed info to her brother to take care of something, she knew what her brother would end up doing and she was satisfied. so her hands have blood. and this woman didn't even hesitate to hurt jenny physically as long she could control her and also put the hit out on man soo before. so we can't put it past shady mom to be bad even after knowing the truth. but there was an early scene where jenny said the real punishment would be to rip off the mask behind black rose and show the true self. at that point, shady mom has to face all the people she hurt and so it will be interesting to see how man soo especially reacts.
  7. feel like I need to book this fish table since I saw the drama first! 560
  8. @Sarang21 ~ happy birthday. so what oppa are you spending your birthday with? stay away from the fishy oppa right now. @Sushimi and @Ameera Ali have already laid claim to him but they might share him with you as it is your birthday. 560
  9. caught up on this week's claypot steaming. hahahaha.. @Ameera Ali ~ there was no picasso grilling, only plenty of alcohol, bad drugs and some tea. so basically the menu was veg this week? hahahahah...... bad jokes aside @Lawyerh ~ loved the tea cup scene in combination with the bus stop scene @Sushimi ~ even with the stills, you can feel the chemistry no? what I really liked is that both scenes aren't just random OTP scenes to soothe our fan hearts. they serve a purpose and show relationship progress. yeon do is struggling at that moment -- he has been acknowledged by ms han and for all purposes, it seems he has established himself as her kind of protege much to the puzzled expression of others but all of this comes at a cost. his soul. is he becoming a monster while trying to catch one? so the bus stop scene was both cute as well as emotional. he is able to open up to her how he is struggling and she comforts him even while getting his heart racing by calling him ugly. she doesn't have to touch his face but she is now comfortable enough to do it instinctively. in the tea cup scene, he is comforting her and providing her with that support. for most of her life, she has been fighting alone and lonely. even previously, when he showed concern like at her grandfather's funeral, she brushes his hand off from her shoulder and basically kept a wall. now, we are at a point where she trusts him and feels comfortable with him to accept his touch and the assurance that he provides. she is willing to be open and let him in. so cute scenes that pack some great emotional moves. also liked the apology scene in the car -- they fought and quickly they made up also. @ktcjdrama @Dyslexic heart ~ felt bad for wan joon that he feels so miserable to run off to paris but wonder what is his big secret. his hands really started shaking when ms han mentioned the apartment. am not sure if he actually had a woman there. it is weird he has no relations with his wife when he gets up in the morning and stares at his sleeping wife. do men stare at a woman they have no interest in? or was he contemplating something? by the way, where was this dryer that @philosophie mentioned? I didn't see anything. was also wondering why he cut up the ticket and dumped it in the tub. some cleaning lady might find it and report it to TOP? guess that didn't happen, so okay. at the end of this, I wonder if the siblings will end up getting close to each other even while everyone else self-destructs. thought it very cute that suh jin is like a baby duck and runs behind his big unnie seok hee. he reminds of her younger self hungering for connections and she sort of takes him under her wing. didn't expect wan soo to play under TOP orders by outing himself as suh jin's fake appa but the fella still cares deeply underneath all that alcohol. he is swirling pool of feeling and he is the one who openly talks to suh jin and seok hee as people.
  10. it is difficult to take eun seok seriously because he really does act like a lapdog. worse, he seems to think it is acceptable because he gets to be with jenny. ugh. and so it feels hard to digest when the other side of eun seok comes out like when he is aggressive with man soo. is it a fault of the writing or the actor? with man soo, whenever shady mom gave her commands, there was always a slight pause and "what the?" expression on his face before he quickly hid it to be bland and smiley. so from the beginning, you felt that all was not as it seems and he has other agendas in his head. with eun seok, there's a lack of expression and instead, it feels like he is sitting there enjoying being bullied. if we could see his internal groan and see him swallow the insults, then it would seem more natural. so either the character is passive or not. right now, it feels like some dual character! really had to laugh when man soo told shady mom to ask him money. she was like why and his response was hilarious -- because he is richer than eun seok, he is single and he doesn't care. LOL. both yong man and ae young have grown on me. the actors have a great range of expression and have been selling their dimwit characters but there's been growth. so in that way, they are good pair and it is good to see yong man take responsibility. had to chuckle when he admits that there's no difference between ae young and him as both have messed up. so there's recognition that this baby is indeed a chance for a new beginning for both and something unexpected but good. now that they have killed off kyung soo, it looks like shady mom will end up in jail or worse. there's not going to be an out where she just gets forgiven. with her previous crimes, there was the statue of limitations but with kyung soo's accident, that doesn't apply. so it looks like all will get pulled down.
  11. was eating fried fish last few days but no time to watch grateful family. today it is! 520
  12. kekekek.... have you seen one drama where they wake up with bad hair? even if that happens, it is usually the guy and we don't even notice his hair because he is showing off his abs. @Sushimi ~ my impression was that the director was the first child but because wang soo was considered smarter (some sort of genius), his parents focused on him. can someone correct me if the charts say otherwise.
  13. someone had posted this quote on fb today. really striking but also really hard no? 496
  14. kekekke.. when did you become a fan of makjang? but yea, makjang is the best for de-stress. will check it out if I can. just been busy.. doing nothing! hahaha.. time just seems to fly and I have no idea what I did actually. 986
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