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  1. Right? Because of covid strict rules going overseas they cant do S2 and with this recent collab i saw some fans of the show wishing they do a version set only in Korea with Lsg and Lmh. It would be really funny. Lmh is chill but athletic too. Yes thats a wish for me too. If he ever appear on variety shows i hope it would have to do with his favorite - online gaming and a show like Twogether. I know it seems impossible but who knows. Lmh's been surprising us a lot lately right? Hehe
  2. Dropping by first to say the collab with lsg was really great. Will back read later. Did not know they are that good friends. @CarolynH remember how we talked about Twogether here before? We imagined lmh in a variety show like that with lsg and how they will interact. I thought there will be awkward moments first but lol im so wrong. No awkwardness at all. Im so happy seeing lmh with his friends
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