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  1. [Drama] 2019.05.15 One Spring Night Official Trailer with English Subtitles
  2. [Drama] 2019.05.14 WWW's New Teaser of Jang Ki Yong & Im Soo Jung LOL, for a split second I thought I saw Nam Gil sunbae.
  3. [Drama] 2019.05.10 tvN Releases Five WWW's Teasers in One Go!
  4. [Drama] 2019.05.10 One Spring Night's New Stills [IG] 2019.05.10 Jung Hae In's IG Update on One Spring Night's Teaser
  5. [Drama] 2019.05.10 One Spring Night Teasers Jung Hae In reminds all to tune in to MBC dramas at 9 pm (used to be 10 pm) One Spring Night's Teaser #3
  6. [News] 2019.05.08 Jung Hae In Talks About Reuniting With “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” PD In New Drama Jung Hae In talked about working with director Ahn Pan Seok once again for his new drama “One Spring Night”! MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” is about librarian Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min) and pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) who are on the search for love and are faced with a sudden wave of emotions in the midst of thus far calm, unassuming lives. In “One Spring Night,” the second project Jung Hae In has worked on with director Ahn Pan Seok from “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” Jung Hae In will transform into the upright and warm pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho. After seeing his romantic acting in “Pretty Noona Who buys Me Food,” viewers are excited to see what kind of romance Jung Hae In will portray this time around. On working with director Ahn Pan Seok, Jung Hae In said, “The projects I make with director Ahn Pan Seok are always fun and enjoyable. The director respects and cares for all the actors and staff on set, and I’m happy that I can enjoy being in such a set with him again.” Jung Hae In shared, “When I first received the script, I read while being completely absorbed in the story from the first page. The situations, characters, and actions in the drama felt so realistic and unexaggerated that it felt charming.” On his first impression of Yoo Ji Ho, Jung Hae In explained that while the situations and problems surrounding the characters are heavy, his character has warmth and thoughtfulness inside of him. The actor also added, “Since the situations like dating and marriage are realistic, I discuss things a lot with director Ahn Pan Seok so that the character’s words and actions can feel natural as well.” Through Jung Hae In’s thorough analysis of his character Yoo Ji Ho, Jung Hae In’s gaze, way of talking, and gestures have started to synchronize with those of his character. Viewers can look forward to Jung Hae In’s mature and emotional acting in the upcoming drama. MBC’s “One Spring Night” will premiere on May 22. Source (1) via soompi
  7. [Fan Pics] 2019.05.07 Candid Moment! Jang Ki Yong Receiving the Baeksang's New Actor Award from Yang Se Jong HAHAHA, these two are SO CUTE!
  8. [Fan Pics] 2019.05.07 Candid Moment! Jang Ki Yong Receiving the Baeksang's New Actor Award from Yang Se Jong HAHAHA, what are these two doing? SO CUTE!
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