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  1. [News] 2020.10.22 Kim Min Jae Talks About Playing The Piano For “Do You Like Brahms?,” Depending On Park Eun Bin, And More Kim Min Jae looked back on his experience acting in “Do You Like Brahms?” through an interview on October 21, following the show’s finale the day before. The drama is a romance about classical musicians who are torn between their dream and the harshness of reality as they pursue their love of music. The actor took on his first leading role with this show, playing the role of world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young. “When I first saw
  2. [News] 2020.10.27 “Do You Like Brahms?” Rises To No. 1 On Buzzworthy Dramas List + Kim Min Jae Tops Cast Ranking On October 27, Good Data Corporation shared the weekly rankings of the dramas and cast members that generated the most buzz for the week of October 19 through October 25. The company collected data from news articles, blog posts and online communities, videos, and social media for currently airing or upcoming dramas. Following its finale, SBS’s “Do You Like Brahms?” rose one spot from the previous week to top the buzzworthy drama list. On the ranking for
  3. 2020.10.21 Kim Min Jae's IG Update Another show has ended. Thank you Kim Min Jae for being Park Joon Young.
  4. 2020.10.19 Kim Min Jae Talks About Personally Playing Piano For “Do You Like Brahms?,” His Experience As An Idol Trainee, And More Kim Min Jae recently worked with Esquire for a photo shoot and interview! Currently, Kim Min Jae is starring in the drama “Do You Like Brahms?” as world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young. Although the drama tells a love story, it focuses particularly on the hopes, dreams, and subsequent hardships of classical music students in their twenties. Kim Min Jae shared, “I am so thankful for the love the drama is receiving, but at th
  5. No one chose Joo Won? I'm shocked. No one watch him in Alice? Because no one vote, I shall help "sell" him...
  6. Yaaa @sadthe1st Han Suk Kyu is NOT haraboji lar~! He's only ahjussi. Haraboji is ... Lee Soon Jae
  7. @partyon Don't make me choose. I've a big heart.
  8. Kim Min Jae & Park Eun Bin Did a Live Broadcast on IG - watch it full!
  9. LOL because he uses poison so "Snake". More angry daejang? Cannnn.
  10. @Min2206 Angry Daejang is so sexy. And it is satisfying to see Daejang beats up Snake... coz you know, he is so annoying and hurt our imja.
  11. Kim Min Jae is so much love in Do You Like Brahms? these days...
  12. He didn't do all of them. Some are too difficult, like the one jumping high into the air and kicking two opponents at the same time was not LMH. You can take a closer look in ep15 when he fights against his Woodalchi men. The guy in the middle was Daejang but as you can see from the picture, that's clearly not him in this shot.
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