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  1. They dont show preview in we tv sigh... What i mean for HE is nobody end up died in the end lol, especially for the main couple, since usually they are the one who bring the sweetness into our eyes mainly in the whole drama. But for this drama, i prefer the 2nd and 3rd couple though. That is why i am okay if the main couple will not have a HE, at least 2nd and 3rd will have HE... I also dont mind for any sad ending as long it fits. But my heart is just too fragile lolololol
  2. Wow you really got some info! Standing applause haahhahha! So i think one of the biggest budget beside the actor's fee, it is the set, but not every drama build a set for their drama. Mostly they rent from a studio yeah? I think they will choose whether to go outdoor into some isolated places, or they have to build the set and max the fx.
  3. Oh i thought it was very bad. Yeah for people who never knew him before, it will be so weird seeing his cryptic weibo/ig posts. If he really want to draw attention, he will be post his activity everyday and even play Dou Yin like other actor, sigh... -------- Fans put him on a big screen in Sanghai, wow! http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/157433658.html?weibo_id=4522890831572658
  4. Arthur for Dior http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/157384168.html?weibo_id=4522697201573296 Arthur for Hogan
  5. What an effort yeah? I think chinese drama is very great in building set, do they really make profit from the airing? Almost a year from pre to post production, cant imagine the budget for one drama, especially collosal drama. And based on your comment, so i think most of the set are only for one time use, yeah? Omg... Ahh ic, thx for the clarification, wow really the mvp team is back! I wonder who will be the director? And yes Song Yi and Guo QiLin are busy for their newest historical drama, and ZRY will act as guest star in it, right?
  6. Hhahaha dinner, couple days before her mom left, angie forgot "," lololol dangerous dangerous Ah that is why some scenes is not connected... But i thought it was intentional cut, and will be explained in the next eps... Oh well... I think i have to rewatch some eps then...
  7. Oh yeah i remembered, so her mom died when she was shooting this drama? It must be a painful memory So at first it was 36 eps that passed the censorship and then cut into 34 suddenly?
  8. Whatt? I thought it was only the lead couple who get sad ending, not other couple pleaseee... But like you said, at least 2nd couple will have happy ending...
  9. Whattttt??? Why? Low rating? I think this drama presents a complex story, because it is a join era from historical and republican era, so the glossaries and story somehow force us the audiences to think harder lol, and also there is a very minimum love story in here, so it makes harder to attract audiences... Oh well
  10. Ah ic, what i love from historical drama is their scenery, i really hope that they can present more outdoor sceneries though, but it will cost more budget and will harder to the production team and actors. I hope the set they has built will stay there, so other dramas can use them. Okay right now my chinese drama knowledge has been upgraded thx to you hahahaah! Did you talk about returning actors for JoL or for this Snow drama? I havent watched Bad Kids, but it is in my bucket list. I think i also see Liu Duan Duan in Snow actor list?
  11. Thx a lot for the explanation @caranita, seriously arthur has haters a lot more than i thought before. Luckily he has gained more fans today because of the hyx fandom. I think most of fans from hyx fandom and other BL fandom is amazed by his mo ran charisma and start to watch his previous film and dramas, and the most important thing is they also start to stand up and support him. Hopefully the haters will lesser in number and start to like him, at least dont slander him anymore.
  12. Cut short? Cut the eps? Hahaha i know that feeling lol! But since this drama is complex in glossaries, seems that i wont understand if there is no subs...so i will wait patiently for the subs... I am watching other dramas in turns.
  13. I think this is a clarification about Arthur being slandered in HYX shooting. Dont know exactly what is going on though... Sigh poor him... http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/157195426.html?weibo_id=4522350307026421
  14. Yes he does, because he has the Art in his name lol
  15. Compilation of Arthur's fashion doodles design. http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/157147535.html?weibo_id=4522329244654337
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