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  1. Hopefull everything gonna be okay in US, everybody stay calm and safe, too many bad things has happened, please dont add anything worse, stay safe everybody! -------- 18 years old Arthur for Dior Homme 180518 Credit as tagged.
  2. Yeap, it is his own voice! The unique one of course Joining you *evil laugh* LOL!
  3. Oh i mean when he sang Flowers Bloom in Spring, i feel he did lipsync. He was attacked because he was lipsync? Oh well haters, will attack anything yeah. But he get most watched at the end yeahhh, this means his performance was accepted and enjoyed by most tv viewers, cheers to that!
  4. Let me rewatch again, i dont know but his lips and the voice were not in sync, well i might wrong though...
  5. Cant agree more! Yes i believe you are right! As a singer you should always practice, that is your job right. As for actors being asked for singing in live event, i think they are not obliged to singing live, but it is better to give the best for their fans by singing live not lipsync. For Arthur, I think in Hunan performance, Arthur did lipsync, but in Tencent Starlight he did live.
  6. Yeah, i just havent accepted 100% arthur to be a singer, although i am very happy to hear him singing OST and perform in a stage. But he is really improved a lot. Every singer will be at their best when singing a song that match with their vocal, not all singer can sing all kind of songs yeah? So i believe when Arthur keep practicing, take singing class maybe, not just self-taught singing with his guitar, i believe he can be a better singer too! Like you said, he has an unique voice and tone, really fit for a sad, slow and calm song. Yeah, sometimes in this kind live event, with so
  7. Yeah Hunan want to make it spectacular, with lights, dancer, special effects, fire and all the wire flying things, but that is not who our boy is, like you said, just a mic and a guitar maybe, with the simple monochrome stage, and yes he can focus, raise his confident and sing well with emotional. He is not a singer, he is an actor who loves to sing.
  8. Yeah that kindergarten performance but really beautiful to watch, everyone were curious about his performance since the previous one in Tencent Starlight was very good. He really tried his best to fit the theme 4 seasons lol.
  9. Interview with NY Times Travel Part Credit to Kana on Weibo: https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/193978059.html?weibo_id=4483440403138600 Interview with cfy|NYTimes Travel October 2018 News|PART1 Theme: Take your time , I want to be a good actor . The day I met Chen Feiyu, just after the heat, the sky was clear , The breeze is blowing. In the summer, in the twenty-four solar terms, it means the heat to leave. This is the best time in Beijing. The sky is so blue that it is en
  10. Arthur's performance Flowers Bloom in Spring listed into top ratings for New Year's Eve Concert from all local China channel. Congrats!
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