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  1. Congrats HaoRan!!! Success all the way for you!
  2. Cap with string, tshirt with string... I am kinda afraid someone or many people will pull those string from him, and make him fall... https://v.douyin.com/JFMxsGN/ I
  3. Hi, dont worry, neither do i understand the conversation, i guess you also watch it on iQiYi apps, since that is exactly the translation lol. Thx to machine translation, we dont get the scene. Wen gecheng strangling luping because he want to stop luping asking too many questions, he knew luping just want to delay wen gecheng dragging him to meet Shanhai Gang people. Earlier on the boat, wen gecheng stab luping with two silver needles that will penetrate his bone. The same needles like he shot lu ping in the motel when he catch lu ping. That wasnt a dagger but the needle, wen gecheng try to push deeper the needles so lu ping wont make trouble with xifan and delay him. Hmm i havent read the novel, so i dont know whether all the awakeners are born to die or only luping, since he get the force acumulated in every month. Maybe other awakeners get the force not like luping, maybe in years, maybe...
  4. Yeah i think Chief Li's was just reasoning, not revealing his truth reason, since he knew Jian had already been poisoned back then, he witnessed it. Yes i want to read your opinion! Link for your blog plz...
  5. The responses in twitter are hillarious though lololol. Btw i think he lost another weight sigh... One of them lololololol
  6. Tomorrow he will be back to Beijing for Dior event? From his schedule it should be July 24th for Dior event. Edit: Oh sorry, it will be held in Paris.
  7. Finally they wear it hahhahaha! Guess that arthur didnt make the white colour, and knowing lyx like white, so arthur has to make for the white cap, that is why lyx just wear it today. Eh we can embed ig link now? I accidentally post the link... Can i? @angelangie?
  8. A day to remember for everybody in hyx fandom, they shot couple important scenes today include mo ran's death scene. Arthur n lyx off from work until 2 am. http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/158619568.html?weibo_id=4524942949085853
  9. Ah your analysis is spot on, i never think about it thoroughly, really. I think i have to rewatch the scene where Chief Wang first time saw Wang Hua as Jian Bu Ze. I forgot whether he was shocked or not, since he also being poisoned so his memory has been defected. I remember Chief Li from Hua Yan Villa, he was shocked when he was trying to recognize Jian BuZe by touching his hands. Whether he was realized that the man in front of him is not the real Jian Bu Ze or he recognized the man was Wang Hua.
  10. ZRY in TV Show The Strongest Brain I want to watch this!!! http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/158529686.html?weibo_id=4524716771841266
  11. Why Bai Cao Zhe went to Han Yue Villa and pretend to be King of Beggar, and he met Jian Bu Ze there, like what he explained in the end.
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