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  1. Yeah I sort of missed it. But, I dropped her since her motherhood showed after she got pregnant, before she was a badass time traveler. She is from Nae-il's cantabile, right? Did I miss any scene that showed her affinity to be a mother? Yeah, I would never imagine putting her in any of the category, she is more like that old lady who ended up not single because she is rich. Except for Han Ya Jin, I am not able to recall, any of these characters
  2. Dramacool to the rescue Jokes apart, I think the story line is intriguing and we might get to see lot of shades of Joo won
  3. It's not my personal opinion, rather I came to this conclusion by watching K-pop documentaries and few scenes from K-drama. Where an agency,regardless whether the artist is from K-pop or an actor(for actors it is mostly in Initial stages of their careers, like when they are in their 20's) are often controlled by the agency through their managers, like ranging from food choices to intimate choices like who they can like or not like. Like, the agency would like to maintain a clean image fro their artists and sometimes they even go up to extreme limits like asking them not to date a person becaus
  4. I think he can have one, if he leaves the agency and becomes an independent artist. Which can only happen when he retires. So, for now, everything that happens in his life is controlled by the agency. I think that's the reason why Joo won appears only for brief time in Ghost videos(apart from Performance) and in Iv's Vlog
  5. Well, I think it is has to do more with monetizing his Joo won's photos and videos. So, Joo won's agency likes to control his appearance on videos or photos which are not approved by the agency.
  6. Lol! I wasn't expecting Joo won to join them Since, it almost feels like his agency controls in which video we can be or cannot be.
  7. That's why I have used the "Versatile" role. Anyway, it is hard to predict what kind of script he is going to come up with, since he is kind of guy know for choosing story which are like you said unconventional in nature.
  8. I am thinking actor who takes versatile roles, since most of his roles are different from previous roles. But if I have to choose a common trait in his roles, then I would go for actor who takes "emotionless characters". I deliberately choose not use the word "King", grammatically it doesn't make any sense and I find it to be cheesy. But, yeah, I think he is an kind of actor who makes audience appreciate his acting first then look at his looks. So, we can say that an actor who completely immerse himself into the character.
  9. II Rak and Hwang Tae Phil. I think these two will be more than just friends, given that these two have same nature more or less and initially these two did not get along with the male of their respective stories, so, I think these will make an epic tag team Lee Chae Young and Jung Da Yeon(From My sassy Girl) Cha Yoo Jin and Kong Da Ha, since both are perfectionist, I think these two would naturally get close and become friends Han Yeo Jin and Shin Yu Kyung(technically she is second lead), I think these two will go on a shopping spree(not imposing a stereotypical view,
  10. Well, Han Gil Ro will teach Cha Yoo Jin to loosen up a bit and have fun by taking him to parties. And Cha Yoo Jin will help me becoming a diligent person and improve his work ethics, also he will learn to keep him room clean and be more independent in household works
  11. Wow! This crossover version looks really interesting and there is plenty of room for creativity This is rather obvious, I will go with Park Si-On and Kim Tae Hyun. But, given that these two have different specializations, so, I am thinking they would be like one time colleagues, like, Kim Tae Hyun might seek advise from Park Si-On because of his excellent diagnosis, so, he might consult him on Han Yeo Jin's case. OR Hwang Tae Hee and Park Jin Gyeom, lol, the whole station is going to feel like hell for other officers, like, these two are not
  12. Han Gil Ro is the only playboy type character Joo won has done so far. So, it will be hard to find alternative for this character Plus, every milestone in their relationship doesn't that easily, like, even for meeting Cha Yoon Seo's friends they relationship went through lot turbulence. So, Yeah, marriage is like for Si-On to perform his first surgery Oh, I wasn't aware of that. But, yeah if Baek Ja Eun gets pregnant, his whole family is going to make Tae Hee stay with her 24/7 and will personally ask his superiors to give him relaxation at work for time being, like, his fami
  13. Lol! That's given, most of the men try to exaggerate their romantic life, especially if it happens to be their first time. Han Gil Ro and Kim Seo Won, if they were in high school and if they had fling like Danny and Sandy. I find this musical to be hard, since there are negligible or zero high school characters in Joo won's drama, not even supporting characters, so, I just took this hypothetical scenario Park Sio-On and Cha Yeon Seo, although here I would like to think that it is Cha Yoon Seo's mom who had finally given permission for their marriage and also, I would l
  14. It was a good thing that challenge was based on personality, if we had gone with birth year it would had been confusing as hell
  15. So in Cantonese the show is called as "Dragon Doctor" ? Well Yoo Min Hyuk is father of PJG and he is bound to have similarities with his son(PJG) Yeah, I totally forgot about him, I was just going with the flow, he is from 7th Grade Civil Servant. Yeah, I selected him for fearlessness, resilience, and unwavering determination I see, even in Indian culture also we have some what negative views on snake, although we do worship it all over the country. I was surprised to see the qualities of snake zodiac, I thought there would be at least on negative aspect, but t
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