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  1. This one is brilliant, fits with her character and situation. I didn't even notice it was an Instagram post, but what's funny is that DY has allowed YTY to follow her, because I am pretty sure DY would keep her account private and will allow followers only if she knows them What you mean better? Some of my choices were terrible when I compare with yours . I will agree that I am more enthusiastic when it comes to super humans genre
  2. I didn't know kid could solve cube under a minute in real life , that's pretty impressive thing for a 5 year old, I think in the first video he missed in 2 phase in solving of the cube and I liked how calm he was even though he messed it up, I usually throw the cube away if I mess up a single step while solving cube, But I hope he is doing this out of his own interest and not because his mom/dad wanted him to do. In other words you are not a nerd for Marvel/DC universe Now that we are in the Genre of character with Super powers, I would also like to assign super powers to Female leads of Joo won's drama. Here it goes Shin Yu Kyung- Like Koo Ma Ju, she does also have few dark traits in her character, So, I would choose Storm from X- Men apocalypse, I know, in cartoon version and other version she from the good guys, but in reboot of X- Men, she does have an arch, she turns from bad to good in the end Baek Ja-Eun- Invisible Powers and mind controlling, like the female lead from Fantastic Four Mok Dan- Phoenix powers form X- Men, because she also dies in the end and also has lot of uncontrollable energy in her Kim Seo-Won- Black widow from Marvel,she really doesn't have any powers but she is not less than any other super hero in the marvel, and also they both are tenacious in nature and just like Black widow tames Hulk, I sort see Seo-Won taming Han Gil Ro Cha Yeon-Seo- Scarlet Witch from Marvel, no similarities between these two characters just their taste in men, like, not in a negative way, but they both well for guy who was almost like a robot and gradual helped them in transforming their robot like character Nae-il- I am going with the female lead from Sky high movie, who can talk with animals and control nature(Layla Williams) Han Yeo-JIn- I will go with female version of Iron Man or Batman, since the list you provided also shows that superpowers can be attained through wealth also Hyemyung- Mera from Aquaman, she is also a princess who falls for a commoner Kim Do-Yeon- Again, I find it really hard to assign powers to this character also, but I think I will go with powers of Wonder Woman, again, no similarities, but I see her loosing JG in the end of the drama and Wonder Woman also losses her love interest in the end of the movie, and also both have strong personality and are no push overs Well, I have given my reason for choosing this power to Kim Tae Hyun, so I also too the characters circumstances in my consideration while assigning them their powers
  3. I see, I assume you must had hard time watching "Bridal Mask" , since it is very little or not Family relationship, I think it is the only drama of Joo won's where family relationship is limited for first 2 or 3 episodes. It's funny that KHS is the one who is reprimanding Joo won, but in reality she the most mischievous one out of the three Interesting and fun exercise, but I never heard of the American television series "Heroes", like I thought it was some kind of link to comic book series. Anyway here are my choices Koo Ma Jun- I think Ma Jun will be more like villain with super powers, like Magneto from X-Men. But the power I will choose for him is of Shape shifting like Mystique form X-Men, like, it does makes lot of sense since he always wanted to frame Kim Ta Gu for the things he has done and always jealous of him, so I think we will use this shape shifting to create more obstacles in kim Ta Gu life and in the end he might change his attitude and become a good person like Mystique have. Hwang Tae Hee- I will go with super strength, not just because of the Job he does but there is this tendency of super heroes who has super strength will be like emotionally traumatized just like Tae-Hee and having such kind of powers will also make Baek Ja Eun happy since she is always worried about him getting hurt Lee Kang-To- I think I will go Mohinder Suresh character, since Lee Knag To really doesn't fit in with super strength or able to fly, if he had those strengths we would have ended the Korean occupation in one month. So, I think we will have super power like agility, flexibility and these strengths need to be developed just like the character in the television series have developed. Han Gil Ro- Super Speed, because he has mature of child just like Dash and I think this would come in handy for his spy job Park Si-On- X-ray vision and telepathy, given that he already has some sort of spatial power, I think these two powers will augment him to become an exceptional doctor. Cha Yoo-Jin- Assigning super power to this character is hard, even if he had one, he would probably use it in way which might help him excelling as a conductor. But, I think he will be happy with the "Teleportation" power, since he can use to save time which will give him more time to practice Kim Tae Hyun- Super stretching ability, since he always does operations with any scrub nurse to hand him medical tools, it might come in handy for him to pick up medical tools by himself Gyun Woo- I think I will go with "Telepathy" and "Material Manipulation" powers, I know it coincides with Si-On, but in case of Si-On I assumed that he can only read the minds of his patients, but for Gyun woo, I assume that he can read, control, manipulate. So, I sort of think telepathy of si on and Gyun Woo is different Park Jin Geom- Now, we already know that he control space and time, but I would also like to add another super power, which is "Regenerative power" , like, in drama we see he was hurt multiple times but was able to heal quickly, so my guess would be he should have some kind of regenerative power in order heal that quickly. Stills from Ghost
  4. You seem to invested a lot in the MY-JG relationship, it does makes sense though, since both are from 2050 and I too feel like JG will have trouble living in 2020 and may not lead a normal life. So, most probably he might go to the timeline where he belongs and the death of JG and TY and DY going to Spain is some kind of fore-shadowing, like JG will eventual go to the timeline in which he belongs to in order to lead a normal life which his mom wanted for him. He did time traveled using an unregistered time card, so he might have thought it might be TY's (2050), at least he had some kind of background story for this one, but the roof top scene was totally out of context, like when did they reach on top of the building , like, okay the assassin might have used the time card to bring her to the top of the building but why did he wait that long to kill her? One point does raise suspicious about him, that is, he is constantly defending Oh Young, like, I know he is her boss and needs to look after her, but a simple registry check can confirm her innocence, maybe he is in on it, but it is hard to say what his motives are, maybe he had a crush on PSY, just like Oh Young has on MY
  5. I wouldn't trust him has a manager or as a head of any institution, let alone Alice. Dude is such lousy boss, he really doesn't know what is happening in his own institution which he is supposed to be run and is responsible for its functioning. Every time his subordinated inform him something he likes What?! Why wasn't I kept in the loop? blah blah, like he is suppose to keep an eye on his employees and needs to look after them. Like, I know he is like a close friend to MY and Oh young, but still he is suppose to know what they are up to. Yeah, you are points about team sigma are spot on. Like, this team is like some underground gang members who are able to do time travel avoiding detection by Alice. So, they are not very advance but still able to use guerilla tactics to avoid getting tracked by Alice or the police. Speaking of logic, Do you know why or how exactly TY and that time traveling assassin get on top of the building? There was not further explanation in the next episode This OST is really catchy, even though I understand only fraction of the lyrics
  6. I think the writers are going with the "Butterfly" effect. Like, small changes can create different outcomes, though not desirable ones. I read this theory in one of the fan page, that, MY is going to save JG from Detective Ko, but JG wouldn't be happy about it either and at that moment MY might reveal that he is his father in order to explain why he saved him. In the preview we can see that JG is sort of giving an expression of shock and understanding at the same time, like he is in shock that Detective Ko betrayed him and he is able to understand why he is doing this, Detective Ko mentions that he is doing this in order to save his wife. So, yeah in episode 11 we can expect death of few main characters. Like, I wasn't expecting that Detective Ko will kill that convict guy who helped him find PSY , that was totally unexpected, I thought he has some bigger role to play, I guess teacher thought he had no use of him and hence, ordered Ko to execute him. He is the last guy on my list as a possibility of being "Teacher". It would be fun if writers make TY's sister as Teacher, it'll ruin the drama but it would be great twist And also, that Twice music "What is love" is being used over and over whenever there is touching scene or happy moment between JG and TY. And also, JG expressionless Roller Coaster ride was the best comic relief in this episode, it almost looked like he is afraid of the ride I don't think we will get an ending where all main couples are going to be reunited or end up together. I can see only possible relation is friendship between TY(2020) and DY bonding over loss of JG Maybe PSY has her reasons for protecting TY (2020), like, we know that PSY possesses the book of prophecy in which the last page is missing, so, PSY thought mini TY might have seen the last page, which ultimately guides the Seo Ok Won research team to stop time travel. And also, it was cute how DY and TY were fighting literally like Mother in law and Daughter in law, these two would do great in soap opera dramas and JG was like the son/husband who is unable to make peace between his mom and wife
  7. I really hope they will give closure to every character, I know it is too early to talk about ending, but the way story is progressing it might not be able to tie the loose ends properly. Like, it is sort of clear that JG is going to leave everyone because he is in the timeline he is not supposed to be in and it would be cool if joins MY and fight the evil Alice and Teacher teams, that would be like an open ending and cool one. But, I am worried about DY, god! I really feel bad for her, she literally leaves everything if JG needs any help or is in trouble, and I don't really see DY and JG end up together and some times it is frustrating to watch every time he breaks her heart not intentionally but it is painful to watch her disappointing and writers better have a good closure for DY. Coming to TY(2020), I guess she will choose to destroy the prospects of time travel and part ways with JG, since their not supposed be in the same timeline, So, I cannot think of no ending in which JG dying or leaving the timeline in which he doesn't belong to Yeah, I saw that drawing in TY's(2020) college book, when JG traveled back to 2010, so I guess TY(2020) remembers the last page in bits and pieces.
  8. I saw the same Instagram post, and this fan account has also been posting accurate news about Joo won and his dramas. So,. Iam mentally prepared that I will not be able watch Alice next week I heard this theory too, but it sor of doesn't stand scrutiny. For instance, when Detective Ko found out that PSY was killed with a weapon futuristic weapon. And , he was oblivious to lot of things halpneing around JG before he kidnapped Seo Ok won. So I think he is the present day Detectice Ko and not from the future and also his age doesn't permit him to come from the future. I am still curious if TY has the last page of book of prophecy or at least itvis buried in her memory and will surface. Since the last page seem to be vital for the plot and as links about the future of JG . Yeah, I was surprised too. I thought he will dodge the bullet or at least oh young will spare his life . I think is this power has some negative affects on his life, like blood from his nose and headaches seem to be Symptoms of time traveling with our time card Yeah, it felt like a parasite in host. Like it is trying to protect JG in order to protect itself. So yeah it will have negative effects kn his life or worse, it may threaten his life
  9. Lol! Kim Hee Seo and her witty replies never fails to make me laugh That's one hell of a cute family I am still having hard time seeing JG as Park Si-On, there is this innocent look on PKS every time he comes on the screen, maybe it's the Joo won's way of switching on/off the innocent look of his characters. In this picture I find similarities between both the characters, but there is also a distinction, like, PKS does have hard time showing his feelings just like JG,but JG character lacks child like innocence. What? But in the website it is showing that it will be aired next week as per schedule Well, on the bright side that's one hell of twist in the drama, like, in the beginning I thought Detective Ko will be the last guy to hurt JG, but he doing this to save his wife, so, the writers should also mention background story of Detective Ko and his motivation to work for the "Teacher".
  10. In Joo Won's defense, it is hard to do a talk show/variety show or be a member. Only handful of members are able to run successful variety shows, as you can see they are like recycled in every show in every entertainment network, like members of "Knowing bros, Running Man" are in every talk shows/variety shows of different entertainment networks. These variety shows are like, they need to be entertaining every minute of the show, there should be constant jokes/pranks need to be made in order to attract viewers and many talk shows have less life or survival chances in the rating business, like if they can get enough ratings they are discontinued. The shows which were popular for sometime usually loose their shine and eventually broadcasting companies discontinues them. Thanks for the link. Yeah, she sang better than Kim Hee Seon, it almost felt like I was listening to a professional singers. Is she a ex-idol or Was she trained to be an Idol? Since lot of Idols can acting classes along with singing, so they can have an alternative career in acting.
  11. Yeah, I observed it too. For some reason IVY was sort serious in the show, or maybe she was just not into it. Joo won and Kang Dong, maybe, but it depends upon camera angle and joo won with school uniform in Alice trailer looked exactly like Kang Dong Won. But I find Kim Woo Bin and Kim Young-Kwang similar and sometimes I even get confused if the name is not mentioned, like every time I see Kim Woo Bin with a name tag I usually think it is Kim Young-Kwang Thanks for explaining context of the art, like I saw it this morning, but I was not able to figure out the context or the scene from drama
  12. That's sounds like no fun and also, why do I feel like you were describing Joo Won's childhood, Lol! It is like which he would have done in his childhood, never crossing the line Jokes apart, I really want him to meet someone who has an polar opposite, like he should meet someone who is funny and energetic,not like joo won is dull, but he shows energy only in his work, I feel like he has very low energy in his personal life and of course not so disruptive that would be counter productive and also, Joo won should also be perfect for her, not like only Joo won's happiness is important
  13. He always gets Son-zoned with Noonas ( Too cute for Noonas , too childish for his age group and too strict for younger group) Lol! You must have been one hell of a curious kid, my parents only remember about me is eating sand while playing when I was a kid Thanks for explaining the whole episode in detail. It was like almost watching the episode But, yeah Joo won's talk shows are similar, like his answers never changes according to MC or the show. I think about marriage advice by Cha Tae Yun was only mentioned in "Global Request" musical talk show, it was also for promoting Ghost. And joo won is in similar situation like in 2013, completed a drama, a movie and doing a musical. And also he mentioned about patrolling in nights when he was in the army, like he use to catch his juniors for breaking curfew and scold them, his eyes instantly changes like from normal person's eyes to aggressive one and the show runners particular highlight that one,and he also said that he use to take patrolling duty because he gets bored at night since he has been shooting dramas till late nights, so he couldn't sleep. And also, when his juniors ask him about career advice they usually end up yawing whenever he gives them advice in detail , MC called him a boring counselor Episode 4 bts
  14. I didn't get to see the whole episode of Win Win, but I was able to see the second half, like the MCs were literally face-palming by the answers of Joo won. And if I remember correctly, Director Bird was on the set too, and he sort of ran away when he was called on the set. I don't recall seeing young JG smiling, but I do see he was excited or at least showed expressions which conveys that he was happy spending time with his mom. I recall one of the lady in audience saying that his expressions looked cold in nature, so, yeah people get him wrong if they meet him for the first time.
  15. For someone who rarely cry in real life, I usually cry a lot if the drama has heart touching scenes, for instance, I still cry when ever Joo Won in Good Doctor explains why he wanted to be a doctor and how he wanted help children so that they grow into an adult and have happy life that his brother did not get to have. This scene always makes me cry and for rest of the scenes in Good Doctor and Ojakgyo Brothers, I cried only once He is really tall and on top of that he has a buffed-up body now, so natural people who don't know maybe intimidated in his press, I can say with some experience, when I met my senior for first I was intimidated by his height and I was able to barely speak to him and he was like why are so scared and I spontaneously responded it is because of his height. I think it can be TY(2020) expectation that he will be laughing when she is going to celebrate his or her birthday or writers need to come up with a better explanation that why he is able to express himself now. Yeah, I hear you, these kind of conversations are really hard to have with parents and in the scene it almost felt like the his aunt and uncle were apologizing to him for not understanding him well enough Lol! There were like tons of these kind of silly things joo won did on the show. Coming to the show review, I didn't get to see complete show, since it was subbed properly and there was lot of buffering(it is torturous to watch a video with buffer). So, there were some funny parts about Joo won, like Joo won mentioned one the MC had criticized Joo won earlier, and we was surprised that they did a show with him, and when he remembered doing a talk show with him, he said that joo won spoke about playing basketball with his older brother for 1 hour in that 3 hour talk show(Show name was "Taxi") and rest of the 2 hours we spoke about family, Lol! That scene made me laugh a lot, because MC said because of the guests like Joo won his talk show taxi was canceled(It was funny scene, not like MC and Joo won had a heated debate). And also they talked about Joo won kissing IVY in earlier stage show where they were promoting "Ghost " in 2013, audience got flustered because they were not expecting kiss after completing the song, like it was a natural thing they do on stage after finishing the song. Overall talk show was good and was fun to watch.
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