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  1. I am sorry I couldn't be much help. This the paradox of Korean entertainment for international fans, either we have good quality videos with no subtitles or poor quality videos with subtitles, but not both. Like, there are tons of press conference of Joo won available in YouTube but proper subtitles are not available. Either we have to rely on transcripts translated by native fan or wait for the YouTube to update their translation software in order to get accurate subtitles.
  2. All the episodes of 1 day 2 night season 2 is available on this site I heard that there are lot of pop ups in this website, so, you need to be careful while navigating on this website and it's not in HD but all the episodes are subbed properly.
  3. I think there are photo of him with his mom and dad on Joo won's Instagram account. Also, he is the tallest guy in the family,apparently he ate some of kind of baby formula when he was in third or fourth grade, which helped him in his height growth But one thing haven't change, him acting cute around his seniors, especially in presence of Noonas, which is sort of his trade mark and he is still okay with skin ship, which haven't changed from his 1 day and 2 nights show. In these pics, it is evident that he has improves in his posing and does look manly, when we compare wi
  4. Why do I feel like this is directed towards me. I am a curious person but not that curious Kim tae hyun is street smart, I don't think pulled all nighter to pass medicine entrance exam. Maybe in 2013 it was like that, but now there are lots glass that can enhance his looks as well as his eyes. Also, there is potential for him to land a gig as model for promoting eye glasses brand. So, the way I see it his glasses can be asset both monetary and beauty aspects. Well at least in movie Carter I hope he gets to wear a glass , since spies usually use glasses to scan and send
  5. Come to think of it, is there a stigma around actor wearing glasses in Korea? Doesn't it not meet the beauty standards? It looks like Joo won needs Glasses, so, he much be wearing contact lens instead glasses while acting.
  6. Wow! You really have sharp eyes, I did not realized that Joo won was wearing glasses. I too think he looks nice with glasses, but I wonder why doesn't he act with glasses on, it sort of enhances his looks.
  7. Oh, I didn't know that. I think he mentioned this in his Life Vlog when he visited to China for some project, maybe he was referring to this movie. But, I am wondering why it took 2 years to release, maybe joo won is sort of unlucky when comes to movies, since his movies either get delayed or has mediocre plots. Another reason for his small fan base is his unsuccessful movies, most them(except Fatal intuition) failed to sell 1 million tickets, which is considered as a benchmark for good Korean movie Thanks for sharing the article, it's like his drama has almost become invisible despite
  8. Not just drama, he was also part of movie "Sweet Sixteen"(apparently this movie is based on popular novel in china), he was villain that movie and did a great job than he did for "Gu Ma Jun" character,which shows that he improved a lot as an antagonist. So, yeah, he was unlucky when it came to drama, by the time his drama was done, tensions between China and South Korea were high and Chinese authorities sort of banned Korean dramas and movies and also Chinese drama in which Korean actor/actress were part of, so, we can say that between 2016 to 2017 he sort of lost one year and even one year is
  9. Looks like Joo won attended his friends wedding. It's good that he is spending time with his loved ones, it'll definitely relieve his stress
  10. Not only his warmth, we get to his rapping skills also, I did not know that he could do that. Also, they looked like real mom and son, they were that close. Yeah, he does that, like he gets into skinship as soon as he gets comfortable, especially with senior actors both male and female. Also, it might be hard for him to be in touch with his previous co-stars, but he does follow them on Instagram Also, it is his first Netflix debut, so, yeah, he will definitely get international exposure, if the movie is a hit, and then people will watch his other movies as well, he could get i
  11. Here's the link for Joo won's Happy together King of Baking Kim Tak Gu . It not complete episode but you can at least see 30 mins of the show. The episode is buried deep in the internet, I was able to download and watch the complete episode but the quality of the video was horrendous and had to delete it after that. Here is the win win episode of Joo won as guest with his co star from King of Baking Kim Tak Gu In both of these episodes, joo won was able to show case his singing skills and his co-stars were like, "Yeah, Joo won sing well". And also, in the Ojakgyo episode Uee
  12. I am doing fine and I hope your doing fine as well, and waiting eagerly for Joo won's next project. And thanks for sharing the article about joo won's movies, I am more interested in Joo won's Fire Fighter movie than the thriller movie Carter, like, the former is more human oriented and Joo won considerably does well in such kind of projects and the movie has some heavy weight cast members, so, I think this should be joo won's second successful movie and I hope we gets an award for this movie. I also hope with this movie carter he get some international fan base, which will also help him
  13. In India,both K-pop and K-dramas are relatively new as well and due to lock down effect, at least in India, which who have access to Netflix started to watch more and more K-dramas.So, yeah, India is no different than North America. I think Joo won would have bagged at least one award had he taken the second lead role. But, of course he should have waited much longer to play as lead in a drama. And I do think Bridal Mask laid foundation for Joo won as a versatile actor and made directors take interest in him. Well, for me I really didn't notice Joo won's looks when I first watc
  14. So, I think every actor has his/her unique advantage and disadvantages when it comes to fan base. Like, the actors who got initial breakthrough faded quickly and the actors who got late breakthrough some how managed to get bigger fan base for their unique acting style and promotion by their respective agencies. Yes, Joo won did had initial success and was part of main cast for dramas which had high ratings. And it is baffling for me as well to see such a small fan base and popularity. And also, we all can agree that he still has time to shine and prove himself, just like Gong Yoo(who i
  15. I agree with, but the actors you have mentioned have played lead roles from the beginning of their careers and they have head start when we compare them with Joo won. What I mean was that variety shows play a role in expanding popularity of an artist I had Kim Seon-ho's name in my mind. As you know, due to his recent casting in variety show his popularity as shot up 4 times and more than the eastablished actor like Joo won. So, lack of variety skills might not be an reason for small base, but having one does get a considerable fan base. And now that you have mentioned other Hallyu stars,
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